Monday, March 14, 2022

What meant to be "tourist from hell in Turkey" where brought either by Germans, Americans or British

 It meant that my search for 10 wives ended with beatings which that time, however, commenced by British royals who very soon learned about my talent of turning Turkish minorities against Turkey - I myself started civil war in Turkey and because of this talent which British royals commenced, I received from prince Charles and prince Andrew on my surprise a recognition - a gratitude and incitement to "do some more of that you know"(as both referred to civil war in Turkey)...the one behind it all and on whose behalf British royals acted, however, were Russians - Putin/ Lavrov/ Medvedev...British royals did fortheir Romanov cousins only whatever they were told/approved of by their cousins from Moscow - Romanovs   

 I indeed became a tourist from hell in Turkey whom entire Istanbul feared and hated with exception of those smaller guys you see there who were Turkish minorities and would come to Istanbul for well paid(people from Bulgaria and other parts of Europe went to Turkey for work, so I know its well paid when compared to even some European countries) work. Mr. Erdogan begun to fear me, but came to conclusion since my actions in real time totally deferred from those under MK Ultra and since I

supported Ukraine and since I was well self aware Slovenian that not only time will demonstrate all about who is what is, but since I was so evil to Turkey under MK Ultra that he alone will have the opportunity to reject assistance to Ukraine and others against whom Russians were preparing big war...West didn't waste time and have in mean while prepared coup aghast Mr. Erdogan - idea of the coup was to systematically destroy Turkey. Meaning to prepare main coup on what more and more problems withing country would follow against way in hell would I attempt to create problems against Turkish people without circumstances mentioned parties created - Merkel begun to congratulate me big time in my war conquest against Turkey from which all I really wanted were 10 wives...

If anything, Erdogan is a hero in my eyes and Turkey as is and as was a great country 

Minorities have all the rights in Turkey, but they do have to strive toward Turkish way of life 

Russians and their Romanov cousins  from Londonia selected me based on war in Turkey I created to become a leader of crusaders which European idiots did bite - so they could lynch me(they did) and Ukrainians and Pollacks and everyone else in Eastern Europe and Turkey alone and make money with it...well, its not my crusade to die for Putin and British $$$$ any more.


 Charles and Andrew(while Charles not as much an had few ladies, Andrew was a regular rapist/predator who did nothing but alchoholise himself next to ladies) who had women in each city all over Europe and Morocco and in Thailand - laughed/derision my idea about having 10 wives...what they referred to a "relationship between us" was a heavy mentally ill abuse/torture. Nothing more.


Under MK Ultra if heavy drugs are used AND ACCENT IS ON PSYCHIATRY, one develops rejection for coming up about it all in real time - my case have proven that when I rejected my own self prejudice to keep silent about MK Ultra, a psychiatry did followed up on me and indeed tried to desperately silence me through mental wards and super poisonous pills for which I even doubt were real psychiatric pills...symptoms I experienced eating those pills, no other person have and I though my body will explode...made me feel like I want to jump out of my own body(skin) due to physical pain I was said that half Serbian psychiatrist Zoran Muđa practiced with military grade poisons during his service in Yugoslav army where he served as officer, but whole thing sure was not his fold...


They now negotiate with American terrorists from homeland - give them space on media rather than to get them arrested. I am American citizen too and these people tortured, but for America all is good - normal even as massacre throughout Ukraine goes on...

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