Monday, May 31, 2021

Blogger again normal after video recording on May 29th 2021. I think seen here was Facebook's job as more things was done and promised will be done via Facebook.

 Operating system(in this case looks like even Blogger - not Windows only) was modified I believe via Facebook - not once only. Drivers as was told on computers will be used to drive me insane and for seen here I was told in advance will take place by Americans...Harry(your discriminated royal Messiah from London) was deeply touched with drivers issues - he insisted on how with drivers it will show how much I understand logical process of Windows...
Video can be also seen at 
I think they can actually do everything on computer connected to internet even if remote settings are disabled as is my case. One hard drive for data strictly and other for Facebook and other social networking communication platforms.

Its interesting to NOTE how I had problem with seen here last entire week on what one stopped during recording...I didn't click any magic button for that matter, so why !!???? This too wasn't first time something like this took place during recording...

Saturday, May 29, 2021

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Upgrading complain for which I was told wouldn't go through if telling whole thing as was

Sensitive at this stage the most to Murgle - RussoSerbian interests as was told by both case will be from their side is I cite(excerpt from ):

Was it my history from eastern Europe I witnessed about above or fact that during first abduction to Europe Putin's team engaged in violence against me in my home city of Novo mesto even infront of memorials dedicated to partisans(WWII national resistance heroes - anti nazi movement in which my family members from both sides were deeply involved in during WWII) that prompted US government involve in case worst of the worst neonazi Americans(neonazi Germans also got involved and others from West did) - but stated about from both sides(Angela Merkel stated me would do so because of mistreatment against me in eastern Europe where brought under MK Ultra - its how they grant themselves the right or...or perhaps as I think it was that eastern European Murgle boys granted them this way the right - both did nothing but LIED LIED LIED LIED), did ruined my life for good - tarnished my reputation as a human being behind my back(what MK Ultra whole thing at

What reality is !!??? NEONAZISM WAS INNITIATED BY WEST AND SUPPORTED BY RUSSOSERBIAN INTERESTS(including Murgle) for the sake of as explained...

With what seems MORE AND MORE everyone onboard(just waiting for official Chinese yes to Wuhan lab theory), Donald Trump is almost about to return in real time

When people defeated themselves. Ignored truth, I laid down infront of them for long enough.
I warned you all about it; you the people ignored. Coming Biden/Putin's meeting(MEETING WITH RUSSIAN TALIBAN) in Geneva just a matter of mutual consensus as was told case will be 6 years earlier.

Thanks for supporting Boris Johnson rather than myself - I received exactly ZERO SUPPORT from my readers up-to-date during 11 year period since I started this in 2010

 Support so great I ended up removing all crypto currency wallets as whole thing stank beyond even imaginable. What other left than for me to report income(JOB INCOME and Slovenian state support) of not even 6000 Euros during past 16 years...current situation is a mirror of you the people and foremost United Nations - not only crooked politicians.


 I cite in 1995 upon giving me impossibly idiotic intrigue issues stressed in Slovenia at school of Grm Novo mesto - Center Biotehnike in turizma in the face(all supported infront of Americans with Slovenian natives), "there is president and two senators...he will ask you questions so make sure to give proper answer to one"...


Question as they referred to was idiotic traumatic impossible question which I can't recall, but I remember by body language(as ignoring yet probably a bit displaying disbelief) with which I responded drugged up and I remember Donald Trump who repeated over the curse of the years I cite, "make sure I want you to video record his facial response how he acts to it...did you see that thats what I want"...

Too damn bad for QAnon supporters(its a bunch of neonazi hypocrites who care about anyone other than themselves as much as about last year's snow) that KING OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND TORTURE WAS/IS NO OTHER THAN DONALD TRUMP

 This individual with his beloved children is to me also what "QAnon supporters" refer to as Satan. Coincidently these QAnon also known as Trump supporters or Satanists, supported anywhere from domestic MK Ultra terrorism to child(not human alone) trafficking and of which some have voluntarily subjected themselves to MK Ultra practices to undergo nonsense brainwash which would give them even perspective on how to view things if those really would be about conspiracies they allege...Donald Trump is a extremely dangerous lunatic that have over course of the years surrounded himself with semi insane people which otherwise just like their beloved leader should have been institutionalized as a serious health hazard to society. This will happen(OR NOT AS I DO NOT DECIDE AND HAVE NO CONTROL OVER CURRUPT STATE AGENCIES/ ORGANISATIONS/ OFFICIALS BECAUSE OF WHOM WHOLE THING WENT ON FOR OVER 26 YEARS NOW) once this case gets full legitimacy and will no longer be ORWELLIANISTICLY ignored. 

Of all Slavic countries, there is no country more Slavic than Ukraine and NO country in eastern Europe more ready/willing to serve world under UN flag than Ukraine

 Its a good reason why I exercised and will continue to exercise full support to Ukraine and UN better takes note of stated here. Ukraine needs your support today and as much as one can get. Best investment into future democracy wise is investment into Ukraine. Nation that for the difference knows very well what human suffering is out of own experience such as was even  Holodomor(from Apartheid to USSR - Ukraine tasted on own skin all of the above).


According to word by word as told and agreed upon right in this very house(between American CIA and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus), Tigray crises will be very bad but extremely short - resolved and created I anticipate by US  intervention as I heard within very very short period - planned well well ahead against Ethiopian state. 


Friday, May 28, 2021

The one who forgives Satan is condemned to suffer again

 This is my personal saying for May 27th, 2021...


 For you are nothing more than European Guantanamo - this is inside of European Union where I was tortured for 23 years whenever brought there for torture for the sake of BIG CHETNIK SERBIA ON BALKANS(previously known as Yugoslavia) and as a intermediary to Belarus/Russia where some more beatings took place. Nothing more. 


 Andrzej Duda has as many favors for Camp David concerning myself and  Ukraine as for the last year snow on Alaska...he just stacked his filthy nose in everything concerning me. 

Slovenija je premajhna za svoj obstoj

In prav zaradi tega je Milan Kučan zahteval konec Bosnanske federacije - prav zaradi tega so Kučan in njegovi bili in so v vojni z Hrvaško državo. Tisti ke se bori proti obstoju Bosne-Hrvaške, je smrtni sovržnik Slovenskega naroda - Slovenije.

Germany officially recognizes colonial-era Namibia genocide

 I absolutely applaud news from Berlin 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky while on plane back to Europe told me I cite, "if God only wanted, I did saved this audio recordings lets see"

 Clicked save button on android and told me, "I did it..we did it" is who and how

@Goerge Busho(BullShitto)

 You deserve to be HANGED for number of grand treason of which your greatest contribution against US was to DISALLOW even Americans born in America to be an Americans - act like FORCED AMERICANS(not only myself) into Russian espionage rings. You conditioned me collaboration with Putan Putanowich via electroshocks/violence(beatings) on American soil alone - at Camp not hard, its actually impossible to be an American like this and its why we have in US what we are American cancer - source of all problems in America concerning espionage issues.

You are Al-Qaeda - ISIS and everything else you dreamed of...and I wouldn't even go into Trumpet and others...

United States of America reading itself to sink to the bottom of the world in respect to human rights - seems with Black Lives Matters on board too

In case you didn't know, the leader of human rights issues in United States of America pledging more and more support also for Black Lives Matters is no one else than China - its why China is so resented for

@BLM - You better watch out as your racial existence is now closer and closer to the end.

Ukrainian government LAUGHED when told at Cap David on how I physically assaulted RUSSIAN Medvedev/ Lavrov/ Putin team at Camp David

 I will make video, but here stated is fact. Including Mr. Zelensky, Poroshenko team knew all about what took place when brought to Camp David on talks with Russian team who tried to lesson me there on how to behave/see things as - lesson American citizen on what to be in US what also results in yet another grand treason...related to 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Andrej Uhl - neighbor - was so confident in crime against me(he was 100% I will never make it out), that he called himself and asked me to refer to one under MK Ultra as Satan from Milan Kučan

 Hudič of Milana Kučana. He destroyed over the course of 20+ years numerous items(have stolen new tires from close to new car and replaced front wheel shaft drive on another car with semi broken one and I suspect also prepared me mountain bike for ride ready to disassemble itself when I begun to bike on Gorjanci hills) and placed me in direct danger of being killed on quite a several occasions.

During visits to Ljubljana farmers' market(Ljubljanska Tržnica), Milan Kučan accented all the time connections he had with physicians at clinics

 Mentioned how he got read off few people via health services using criminal practices and stopped here and then to ask people with who he made prior arrangement to confirm me his abilities to manipulate/interfere with Slovenian health services - hospitals/clinics anywhere in Slovenia...he repeated procedure over the course of 10 years whenever brought to his Murgle home drugged up under MK Ultra in Ljubljana. He in 2015 and 2017 begun to insist me along Pahor on importance of exercise and talked about health issues concerning cancer I will have at this stage...did talk about what he can do to mother/father...

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

They didn't mention in 1997 anything about infesting me with cancer issues, poisoning, breaking teeth, breaking spine - they talked inside of this house infront of mom/dad about how am eating too much Dunkin Donuts/sweets and huge Sweepstake I will get if I prove crime

For that matter flights from Miami didn't take straight to Frankfurt even that could...they took first to Nova Scotia...then flight from Miami would take straight to Great Britain and finally flights would take from Miami straight to Germany - along the way of this systematic/progressive criminal procedure, European officials signaled their parliamentarians/politicians and officials that it is okay since they did this already get it !!??? This is a progressive Hitlerism via "sweepstakes" getting you used to one. Your pay in the end...well that is up to discussion of ever-changing rules in this sweepstakes game. They didn't say anything that I will be placed inside of mental hospital in 1997 - spent life jobless, break me computers, cars, tear shoes/clothing/ electronic apart and so on...

Monday, May 24, 2021

MK ULTRA report on White House Camp David torture where I was brought over the course of 22 - rated as insane in Slovenia while spending forcefully unemployed no less than 26 years

Video can be also seen at 
Camp David is where I was brought tome and again under MK Ultra...where torture is fun/joy right next to US presidents. 26 years for the sake of Germany !!! 


I stepped away from seen bellow two four days latter on

Friday, May 28, 2021 after observing news related to realizing Tedros was used further to discredit me at UN also via hatred(his theory on how Tigray would become separated from  Ethiopia explained to me in details by him alone along CIA officials could have a high cost for me when considering possibility of real human lives lost in area this could be even used to depict me as supporter of genocide) issue - it wasn't about his separatist pro colonial pledge only.

And seen here was published on 

Monday, May 24, 2021

They get people like Tedros to serve with silence and once obtaining whatever they agreed upon prior to position offered(when his contract as WHO boss expires), they give one wishes which fulfill their needs - fulfilled...extortion/terrorism politic.

An article of compassion from António Guterres talks all about COVID 19 and knows nothing about his closest colleague's whereabouts. I hope China echoes this article into political arena with her presence along African coast where SILENT war for the sake of new colonization already goes on.

Bye the way, situation all over Ethiopia is horrific and deliberately so - not only in Tigray for which head of World's health organization is war campaigning for no less than 23 years now - here is what you should know about Eritrea/Tigray

CIA F*** UROUND WITH HUMAN RIGHTS IN THIS CASE WITH IDEA TO DEPRIVE(condition other governments into cooperation/submission while treating me Slovenian and US citizen as bellow animal) MORE HUMANS OF HUMAN RIGHTS...DOESN'T WORK LIKE THIS HERE MR. JOE BIDEN - they conditioned me my sanity/life with exactly as explained for Tedros...CIA DID - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LONDON, PARIS, BERLIN DID. ONLY(this was a final clause added in 2017 after screwing me entire life hehe - we came a long way from MK Ultra lies that started in 1995 heh - demands were upgraded ongoing over the course of 26 years of torture) IF WE GET...

Washington toughens stance to fight atrocities in Ethiopia

Senior Ethiopian officials may face restrictions on their travel to the US, as Washington increases pressure on the government of prime minister Abiy Ahmed amid growing global concern about atrocities and famine caused by conflict in the northern region of Tigray.

SHOT IN THE HEAD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LONDON - UNITED KINGDOM: @Obama/Johnson - the bleak reality of TOY soldiers who throw themselves also under your tank thread$$$$

Your conduct is extremely costly for way too many. Everyone want to be a president, but it takes more than just to visit gym daily and sight deals out there...eventually people eat bullets for freedom. I proudly stay supporter of BLM movement.

The 27-year-old BLM activist is in critical condition

Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson is reportedly in critical condition after she was shot in the head.

According to The Guardian, Johnson’s affiliated group, Taking the Initiative party, announced the news on social media on Sunday. On the group’s official Facebook page, the party explained that the incident happened early in morning.

The day I sold by Lenovo authorized refurbished as new computer, laptop from Poland was destroyed - buyer who bought computer(involved in MK Ultra since 1995/1996 and what became his wife) told me computer I sold him have had unoriginal fan(cooling system) installed

 Strange enough laptop I brought from Poland had also since cooling problem as fan doesn't turn on. Was staffed with a bunch of trash which I removed, but fan doesn't turn on any longer and am therefore not using one. For this matter, severe MK Ultra torture took place(I was forced to observe computer destroyed and then again repaired etc.)...THEY BLAMED DWAYNE JOHNSON FOR THAT MATTER BY USING HIS DOPPELGANGER JUST PRIOR TO HIS ARRFIVAL TO SLOVENIA - I cite, "I will insist for you to have computers broken so you can get some walk to public library and back if you remember what we said about exercise"...

Saturday, May 22, 2021

MK ULTRA - MK Ultra 11 proofs about MK Ultra within 11 minutes from guy with whom I was in Buckingham palace in London

Video can be also seen at 
Mental health is when you fight for royal title from US under discrimination cause while bitching about US constitution without even permanent residence there while at the same time guy whom you have destroyed two citizenships on two continents sleeps at age 50 on the floor without ANYTHING IN LIFE.

Croatian president Zoran Milanović too was in Poland on Trump's hunger games

 Completed them in 2001 I believe and appeared in Ljubljana with white Opel Frontera ;)


As a Eastern European or other non Western partner to US, you are partner for as long as bigger deal than deal with you substitutes your service(needs they have) and the number one commodity West is on a lookout for is a neonazi pact with major global players. The moment West gets from you what West wants, you become nothing more than item for sale in NATO catalogue - and only question remains is what your enemy has to offer in return to get to you. 
EASTERN EUROPE IS IN GREAT NEED OF OWN MILITARY ALIANCE - PACT AND WORLD IN NEED OF DIFFERENT LEADESRHIP. As Donald Trump would used to say, "Russia is a bigger piece of real estate" than Ukraine - Biden too....

Friday, May 21, 2021

You will hear me on audio warning father once he starts with dementia game next to bridge on

 how I am not interests in Kaps's mind games and will eventually destroy one. Kaps scenario involved test subjects returning home from trip with father after midnight(evaluated by Kaps alone) and they repeated one over and over again 

Mr. Peter Kapš and police had chosen as they referred to me as top Serbian Slovenian clearance individual with a reason - Russians and Americans both knew/know about him but

am unsure about how much they all are aware(Peter Kapš 100% was-is as one did designed abiuse) that Aleksandar Vućić's personal selection who at one point was so angry with me that he wouldn't appear on picture(way before he became the swiftest guy in area) got his parcel at Trska Gora via Slovenian individual who was destroyed by police/psychiatry(both), so they could accommodate his increasing appetite for real estate. Year was 1998. For what Kaps gestured were dangerous to me people(there were none as he created mess), there sure were for each of them dozen of Slovenians I know of - killed to cater chetnik appetites in here...Peter Kapš have chose him as a last desperate resource(is connected with dozen of chetniks Aleksandar Vucic imported here from Serbia or Serbian Bosnia) to stop increasing pressure from people in area...individual went on to also death threaten(that he has people who would do for him etc. - I bet he does just as was done to neighbor in Trska Gora) if I would disclose stated here is how nice/sweet he was...

I researched MK Ultra profile of psychiatrist Peter Kapš who married one of the girls I expressed interest in myself

 He volunteered for Poland(3 months is what he spent there - don't think was 6), but doubt one suffered back injury. He did go through few months of adventure there and that was it for him...back in Novo mesto when compared to others(1999), I rated one as mentally retarded individual on several occasions as he couldn't even catch fish with everything readied for him by my father...drugged up as I was, I realized individual's reactions to certain issues were border line retarded(SLOW - he never learned to tie hook - he was handled/guided by anger during which he often times had outbursts on how I will have to repeat certain issues/procedures based on which he will rate me/decide about me in the future - washing backpack was a biggie for him and have boasted on how to properly wash pants or long underwear so not much detergent would be used) - he was extremely resentful for my open views, but I laughed at his threats in his face on how I will pay for being brazen via Belgrade, he couldn't control his erection when engaging in sex with prostitutes and have accidentally pumped more than one Serbian girl(couldn't pull his thing out on time since condom bothered one - this crap repeated and I had to listen awkward idiot mawning) wasn't that good - it was that dude was semi mentally retarded as I explained him already two years earlier(fish would bite, and he just waited waited till bait with fish was gone time and again - always last place)...Serbian government searched him female as idiot was unpredictably predictable - something that he could keep for a bit longer(must look good really good so he wouldn't turn his eye all the damn time in Belgrade) rather than move from one victim to another...well, Serbia was good(did good) at least to someone. Good job for both sides.

REPEATED - MK ULTRA - Worker, his ex boss killed with cross bow, AND company where the two used to work identified

Identified and confirmed are: Description of company interior where gentleman and his boss used to work and type of work he was employed in, important years for company, what boss looked like, pointed out man has a family...
Not confirmed yet: gentleman has wife and two sons now about age 20 and 18, description of house of his wife(I think he moved to her), renovation year of house and what house used to look like in the past, 
Video can be also seen at

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Father's neurologist truly is Croat and was one of the nicest people involved in MK Ultra

I am simply sick and tired of this whole political Ljubljana Moscow Belgrade game. This neurologist came to Novo mesto in in 1998 as observer and then permanently settled in here in 2000 I think with first employment at Krka therme in Smarjeske Toplice. It was actually like part time that went into full time....nowhere is written about her coming to Novo mesto as per when and how...nope, I didn't recognized her on first site few minutes ago when browsing internet but it did came to me who she is...she sure is from Zagreb area.

Company owners and this guy - both involved(from Switzerland) in MK Ultra paid visit to this very house in Novo mesto and straight into this room(Huber company thats made bye A. Merkel) and Merkel had me pay visit to their factory in Dittingen

 Thanks a lot

About father playing demented the other day

They demanded from him for this very procedure to say(state to me) to me once back in home(he did) I cite, "as I walked back home I kept asking people about my son Bostjan and all I heard from them to me was nobody knows Bostjan..." with goal for me to turn and against him and against mother. Residents of Šempter and Otočec(some eve at Žihovo Selo) involved even females to entertain father during torture so they could get to me via this last issue ;)


IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE: Biden calls off key sanctions on Russian pipeline(gives 卐 卍Putin卐 卍 a boost) as Blinken holds first meeting with Moscow

I told you everything what case will be what Biden's agenda to US was/is...Joe Biden is a neonazi f*** wind in bed with Putin just as Trump was. He elbowed Ukraine with his "protective actions" for "her sake" via which he anticipated would charter new OFFICIAL Ukrainian Russian border recognition for the sake of Russian occupation in Donetsk/Crimea(basically would get thank you from both sides for causing bloodshed - Biden is product of Trump's cluster and vice versa as both supported one another over the last 26 years). Biden counted on this news site to become Putin's extortion tool against Russia - counted for this news site to become extortion tool against China and finally have hoped to continue to use one as EXTORTION TOOL against USA alone. His talk about Putin being a killer was just a time share purchase for which he got benefit of a doubt instead from this end.

Related to and and


Biden calls off key sanctions on Russian pipeline as Blinken holds first meeting with Moscow

REYKJAVIK, Iceland —The Biden administration on Wednesday decided against sanctioning the company in charge of a Russian gas pipeline, just hours before Secretary of State Antony Blinken sat down with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the first face-to-face gathering of a Biden Cabinet member and their Russian counterpart.

Trump movement is a movement of(as Obama calls) a movement of "Madmen … racists, sexist pigs" - rightfully sure so, BUT

 Its a circle of people who just like myself(MK Ultra brainwash but of different nature/goal) were/are subjected to MK Ultra practices - used for them to see things manipulators would want through them world to see as(its why I am applying stated to broader circle and in some cases voluntary MK Ultra practices with idea to project to world artistic view of reality) - unrealistically insane yes(watching for subliminary signs such as ties etc. which elitians who run this are at times even publicly encouraging crazy conspiracies as are less evident based on added paranoia lies - truth is less visible if mixed with lots of crazy conspiracy lies), but this encircled by manipulators circle is advancing its views via social media and employment instability - basically, via human resource departments where life(human stability) is decided - human resource department in a total control of those with $$$$ that financed Trump's political career. As much as Obama's definition about Donald Trump being is factual estimation of Trump's mental abilities, his talk about aliens(even that is only about aliens) contributes to Trump's views(YUGE LOVER OF PARANOID ALIEN THEORIES JUST AS JOHN DENUGENT AND BUNCH OF OTHER NEONAZIS WHO WANT YOU TO DOUBT ABOUT EVERYTHING NORMAL IN LIFE - THEY WANT YOU TO LOOK FOR PROBLEMS AND CHALLANGE AUTHORITIES WHO AT TIMES ARE INVOLVED IN CRIME AGAINST YOU WITH IDEA FOR YOU TO CHALLANGE SYSTEM WHICH THEY ALL WANT CLUSTERED - SELF DESTROYED AND ITS HOW CURRUPTION WORKS) making things he calls rightfully as crazy/insane/ racist lunatical even crazier - as are more tolerable.

What my biggest problem with Janez Janša is

 He is on the wrong side of the history concerning Slovenian nation either way one would turn coin...sides with white guards(identical movement to Serbian chetniks or Russian white guards - is a nazi affiliated garbage loyal to failed dynasty Karađorđevic-Pavlović), creates provocations for which he knows he has no answer(he is a Yugo provocateur), behaves like a whimpet for political system with which he collaborates against Slovenian nation(set wrong example via own corruption) and with his criminal behavior removes credibility from real concerns our nation is facing. His conduct does opposite from what case should be otherwise and is tarnishing reputation of Slovenia worldwide.

What my biggest problem with Serbia is

 Ethnic cleansing or to be very specific - a direct attack on territorial integrity of Slovenian nation via exactly(100% same) same recipe as was used AND IS USED in Bosnia against Bosnian people.

Purchase of properties along Krka river(WATER WAS #1 in Bosnia for Vucic/ Karadzic/ Seselj/ Milosevic/ Mladic) financed by Serbian state alone while using Murgle to purge worker/labor market via Human Resources departments(either a must comply or simply be replaced via political turnover - banking institutions) in companies where even directors on occasions were murdered.

And placement of agents on strategically important/interesting locations(hills/border/remote areas for which they knew would play important role) on which occasions at times Slovenian owners of properties were also murdered. Filled police force with their recruits.

Torture of me personally in Yugoslavia which continued even in Serbia and Bosnia populated with Serbs and in Slovenia alone after Yugoslavia already long ceased to exist and attempted to use MK Ultra torture(this very case) to reinstate failed system from the past.

Milan Kucan and his team went as far as inventing Serbian minority status in Slovenia for which I can tell recipe is opposite as to what Slovenian minority is facing in Austria...whatever stops Slovenian minority in Austria from increasing/existing is what is used to free on Slovenian market/territory when it comes to Serbs thus forcing Slovenian nation according to Adolf Hitler plan into total oblivion(has less rights in own country than Serbian minority).

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

I will not comment this news

 From(released hour ago): 

In 2006, Russian pushed me from scarp in Trska Gora when on our way back from church of St. Mary's birth - nobody gave a f**** about concussion I suffered(broken skull not a problem)

After check at hospital I was good to go home same evening - observed strangely on how I will act once awaken from drugs and that was it...thanked for being nice toward guy who pushed me.

Polish individual(blonde a bit lookalike Musk) did his filthy job in this very house at probably 5/6am(in the morning) after walk to Sempeter bridge(perhaps even Otocec) as neighbor Dane Kolenc's habit was

Kolenc would go out for a walk at 4am, so people wouldn't see one. He paid Pollack who came to Slovenia(it was painful, and I would break him head but drugged up you are just observant of whatever is done to you) on what  I was taken to Ratez - Milan Kucan(heavily involved in Ratez - he knew all about one and its why Ratez) was involved. It was 2012/2013. Owner of the house involved in MK Ultra since 1995/1996 and moved here from city probably in 1998/1999 - female was interested in me, but I declined interest if her feelings were honest at all(there was a lots of anger in there do). Related to

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

7.5 kilometers march not bad for 89 years old man who just few days earlier had trouble to walk to the end of the village and back(not 1km)...

 I had no idea about mental disease that works in a such a mysterious patterns - all recorded/timed with police... 

@Dwayne Johnson

 Everyone want to be the president...donkey who eats his grass all day long and cow next to him... dog infront of the house or cat sunbathing on porch...everyone of them would want to be a president.

Nobody does more damage than people who seat inside of the political party for 20, 30, 40 + years and rock the boat in critical moment - with exception of those who

bring entire political system into critical situation for the sake of their special interest$$$$. They gamble/speculate / give opportunity on what boat is as stated in titled rocked against I right those of you who came here to collect over the course of 20+ years !!????

At here mentioned company where supposedly would get job, Kučan even came with scenario on how one would cause me enough car damage(parked outside on the lot) that whole month of work-two wouldnt compensate with with work pay

 Related to From death threats to sabotage on cars, and totally inline with Polish police-politicians who dreamed about abilities to stop car engine during driving with integrated Bluetooth device into engine in case I would dare to purchase Mazda 626 - MK Ultra Lublin...

Father who played dementia yesterday threatened me before he started to play one on bridge at St Peter near Otocec

 He knew everything like eagle up to bridge on what he played crazy game. He knew details few would know on what he proceeded to play MK Ultra - taken to the city center where he sold grandfather's house 40+ years ago, he managed to cross distance of 3 kilometers(good portion uphill too and this after he already walked 4.5 kilometers that same day with me) faster than I did distance of 2 kilometers in the evening...meaning that he wasn't just dropped off at Trdinova 4 in city center, but he instead got someone else to drive him aroun. Man is 89 years old. Related to

Joe Biden pulled some really dirty tricks behind Obama/Johnson backs, but US Democrats did defeat me(in a sense that they defeated themselves with stuff they never ever should get themselves into)

 Know that I regret what is coming next for USA. Biden was a right hand of Donald Trump. US Democrats knew all about what was to come after Trump against me....

Three police officers involved since 1995 and one since 1997 when he went to police academy(is of Serbian origins)

 The one of Serbian origins is I think from Žabja Vas - even moved in there likely 1996 with sister/brother mom or all three from apartment building. I think mother remarried or father whatever went on. Related to

If we were 26 years without job, will stay these month or few more too

 Its okay. Better than to be dead right before the happy end.

POSSIBLE JOB OFFER IN LJUBLJANA NOW DECLINED BY MYSELF: Because of death threats I received from Milan Kučan in particular that I would get job offer in Ljubljana which would be used to kill me on the road

 I decline to engage in any sort of job offering employment anywhere away from city of Novo mesto. People from other parts of ex Jugoslav federation come hwre for work and Kučan brought in here a bunch of chetniks whom he secured work in Novo mesto to literately administer me with violence. At this stage despite and specially because of forced unemployment(additional 7 months of forced unemployment I suffered because of this crazy game) Pahor-Kučan exercised against me, I stop this upside down world on my own. Will appeal to police and human rights organizations first instead.

King from Murgle didn't want official King title, but on the side he wanted to be seen with his pigeons as King / Obvestilo neizbranemu kandidatu

Big(in brain size as well as physically) as dick, Milan Kučan copied Polish recipe for $$$$ to which he initially objected. In early beginnings man rather resembled mentally retarded individual observing wealthy Western elites whom he as it became evident more than anything resented to have...bitter angry as one was, he would travel Slovenia and issue orders on whom was necessary to poison or murder from behind in some other form. Then a miracle happened(some three years down the road) as embicile learned from Polish colleagues that he could have all three including claim credit for businesses....he just needed me first on picture through which businesses would secure money(or already did) and then follow up with his appearance and like mafia collected anywhere from free services and more than not likely money for his partners/party...this chocolate village is one of the examples Kučan first objected too(all secured via my case) on what as owners kneed down to his Belgrade-Moscow requests due to terror, he begun to promote one. Everything jump started from ground zero about this company was-is from USA. He then(he took credit for business - Jankovic/Pahor etc. are clients here now they actually have monopoly in there now and going in there could well result in something extra in your coffee/chocolate you didn't even paid for - related to hospital cancer bill) thought me inside of this village on how nice life is next to him / demonstrated me nicer way to view torture as...

Its one word that comes to my mind whenever I hear word "Poland"

 Word is "VIOLENCE".

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Obama supporters UNDER NEW ADMINISTRATION shrinking fast - with nobody exempted from "COVID19"

Not so much about Trump or was/is it...

My veins were BURNED by laser sometimes in 2013/2015 by a Polish individual who came to Slovenia and performed work on the side

Work to harm was performed in a house in vicinity at request of perhaps even neighbor Dane Kolenc(with total approval of Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor who mouthed afterwards) always complained about his varicose veins...they now hurt sure.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Priest Janez Cerar involved in MK Ultra - theory about Pope Francis now valid as he called one to Slovenia(its why I know Francis was real Francis)

 I never ever make assumptions. Each step even if logical when it comes t mater as seen here, I double check. This parish(church) was given(assigned) to Mr. Janez Cerar as permanent station bye Pope Francis after renovation probably sometimes in 2003 - renovation finalized(he might got one even in 2005, but was completely renovated in 2003 - @Pope Francis...not 2005 as you proudly announced me during your visit there).

MK ULTRA - Worker, his ex boss killed with cross bow, AND company where the two used to work identified

Identified and confirmed are: Description of company interior where gentleman and his boss used to work and type of work he was employed in, important years for company, what boss looked like, pointed out man has a family...
Not confirmed yet: gentleman has wife and two sons now about age 20 and 18, description of house of his wife(I think he moved to her), renovation year of house and what house used to look like in the past, 
Video can be also seen at

Dead because one was unfit to face public scrutiny according to Agata Kornhauser-Duda and her hubby Andrzej Duda - such a big case

 Agata Kornhauser-Duda had her ways with mother - mentally tortured my mother with issues as per whether she wants to help me or not and conditioned mother with her views(what embarrassing not embarrassing is etc.) life of my father.

FORT CRIME: Trump's new add points out again at China - well, Donald Trump involved in hunger games in 1996/1997 also Chinese president Xi Jinping who since had his spine broken just as the case was/is with mine



Fort Trump(Poland), on the other hand, brokered(literately extorted foreign governments worldwide into NEONAZI cooperation and this included China) DEAL$$$$ based on Donald Trump's HUNGER GAMES in Poland.

Polish presidential couple Andrzej Duda and Agata Kornhauser-Duda both DEMANDED my father DEAD prior to public revelation about MK Ultra torture concerning my case

I take my words back in respect to Agata Kornhauser-Duda as is indiferent from her husband Andrzej Duda whom she alone acknowledged as insane at one point in their lives.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Milan Kučan(in my opinion) wouldn't be as efficient and HONEST with me at times as one was if he too wouldn't lobby for Putin

 He is one of those dudes I cite, "we had no choice but to cooperate with them against you since he tralalala against us"....related to 

Joe Biden already set trap for himself as I told you month ago case will be - he covered up for 26 years and got chance to finish final act known as END OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

 I told you one will drag US on its knees and step down

My case was pushed aside - sold out(reserved for final fall of America) by those "democrats" who collected lucrative contracts/deals and not only in Hollywood/politics/sports, but also in minority rights movement....tactic was simple yet effective - delay justice for so long that truth finds itself in a dead end street REGARDLESS EVEN OF HOW EVIDENT ONE BECOMES(once ability to use effectively justice system is gone, it doesn't matter how truthful and horrendous truth was/is because justice no longer can be implemented - tactic accomplished by involving via corruption most prominent figures from Dem. party used to condition corrupt views to broad party as in its best interest for one) to the degree when even I alone couldn't save country any longer....yup, we are waiting for Trump's return thats all.

For the same reason Milan Kučan stated me in 2003, he no longer would even attain public parties since

 Related to 

@Milan Kučan

 Še največ boš pa razložil zakaj je bilo potrebno zganjati pred partizanskimi spomeniki nasilje NAD MANO. To je bila popolnoma tvoja zasluga. L.P.

War of pills was war of Milan Kučan against Slovenia

 Related to 

@Kučan/Pahor - in this country is either you or myself and if it comes to the worst it will be my grave just as you have done to others, but for that cost you and yours will pay too.


Mother-father afraid of Kučan - Milan Kučan has private police department near his house

 Mom mentioned that police would appear infront of the house if I would talk about Milan Kučan....that I should leave things I can' solve...

Milan Kučan was OBSESSED with idea(prospect) to have cars sabotaged to people.

 He was the one with whom I would at times also visit Ljubljana used car market. I cite, "now we sold you a car and now lets get him car repaired hahahaha"....

Murgle - its where I was brought already in 1995 and declined in the face of all the politicians there to want to have anything to do with them

 Small artificial stream was built BECAIUSE of myself in Murgle. It was an ABANDONED project as was told(started one few years earlier and abandoned one), BUT because I liked water so much - project came back to life and was completed. "I" was only used by politicians as a pretense to get to state $$$$ for things they benefitted from. Still, stream was best investment Murgle ever committed itself too.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

MK ULTRA: How Buckingham palace antagonized me with forced unemployment in Slovenia via EU funds

Recognized and confirmed: Age of building, friendship of Vesna with girl participating informative self employment preparation program, Vesna admits to have been around building with friends for some time prior to official opening, Vesna recognized my knowledge of her husband(complete description of one) and his attempt to  move to Novo mesto 10 years ago - open office in the business building. Recognized guy from Kamnik as from him having confirmation about house in the past and him performing the type of work for at least ten years.
Video can be also seen at

Borut Pahor/Kaczynski's health related issues about how I would be used for eastern Europe to obtain latest medical breakthroughs/licenses is related to for which I have actual proofs - proofs in forms of audio recordings from people who met via this case career criminals you only hear about on TV and in some cases they alone got onto the wrong paths just to be caught. I was used by Buckingham palace as a test dummy - as a live bait for criminals and as a human experiment  test subject concerning health issues. SHAME ON BRITISH COMMERCE CHAMBER WHOM I HAVE OPENED DOOR TO EASTERN EUROPE - THERE IS NO SINGLE SELF EMPLOYED INDIVIDUAL(absolutely every corporation) IN GB THAT WOULDN'T GO THROUGH THIS CASE TO FILL HIS/HER POCKETS. Fill economy pockets via this very case and for be left at the end in a ditch for dead.

Health related threats crime stated above is more than credible. Based on audio recordings I obtained in respect to my being used as a bait for criminals and regular directed energy/biochemical attacks(poisoning - sine breaking procedure) which took place against me since 2017, it would be insane from my side to ignore one.

For what Pahor promissed me and other Slavic politicians is that I will live as long as West will continue to pay

 basically buy my life 

This issue concerns likewise Andrzej Duda, Morawiecki, Lech Walesa, Vladimir Putin, Aleksandar Vucic etc...I suppose this is how Jesus #2 was to be made(Trump poked fun at Jesus) as they were assisted by London crown/Berlin to whom they opened doors just to get to me. Those had business people(even after thrown out of US and denied the right to file for protection anywhere on West) follow up on me even in eastern Europe with "we will invest if you help this guy"(they knew about just how sick eastern European Hitlers were in respect to my case - Merkel laughed at their hatred)...

About Borut Pahor and his friends(company who had total oversight of my MK Ultra case and why I was institutionalized and much more)

 Criminal insisted is necessary to break me spine, infect me with cancer because this was the way for east to obtain FREE health care related medical technology from West. 

I cite Borut Pahor proud of Belgrade, "I did this already it works well its good...I have better solution than to simply kill him"...

It sure is what powered Krka pharmaceutical and far beyond - its what Belgrade obtained from West in respect to cancer disease issues...

Niti ni samo o temu da bi človek v tujini učil se samo tujce klet - je zverin v Sloveniji kakrčnih svet ne pomni samo da piščanci ki klekate pred njimi niste in ne boste name imeli nikakršnega vpliva.

NOT COINCIDENCE: In a deadly Jewish festival(Lag B'Omer) week which left at least 45 people dead/150 people injured, more than 1,000 rockets were fired from Gaza, targeting major cities and the main airport of Ben Gurion - what a way to express condolences/grieving with families who lost family members

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Judge NOW ALREADY Rules Derek Chauvin Could Face LONGER THAN NORMAL Sentencing Since He Treated George Floyd With ‘Particular Cruelty’

Ahhhhhaaaaaa....... afraid. Very very afraid.

TIMELESS卍: Faithful to the US constitution up to the moment they need to lie - time bomb USA(where big lie became the truth due to number of liars misrepresenting the constitution in US congress - on both sides of isle)

 The lie, however, becomes real problem when those outside of the palace buy one. Donald Trump will be back before you know just as I told you case will be. Related to

Texas officials back pardoning Floyd for 2004 drug arrest - Gov. 卍Greg卍Abbott卍 will have the final say.

In my view related to and as is related to their freedom(justice), their human rights and their way of lies.

“I think this is a phenomenal opportunity to fix a miscarriage of justice in George’s case,” Tera Brown, a cousin of Floyd, told commissioners before they approved the resolution. 

Texas officials back pardoning Floyd for 2004 drug arrest

HOUSTON (AP) — Top leaders in the Texas county where George Floyd grew up supported a resolution Tuesday calling for him to be posthumously pardoned for a 2004 drug arrest by a former Houston police officer now facing murder charges in a separate case.

When filing for political asylum in Canada during 2009, Canadian immigration officers demanded for me to return to Canada and bring over to Canada few thousand Dollars as a guarantee - then failed to follow with official protocol as required, had me waste almost whole day at crossing point and

 Failed to assist in Vancouver very next day and I suppose waited to see if I would return back in the morning alive - was approached twice at night by what appeared as classic robbers.

Russia now(openly enters with Russian military occupied by what used to be known as "Russian separatists regions") concentrates 37,500 troops in occupied territories of UKRAINIAN Donetsk and Luhansk - clearly is about Russian war on Ukraine not separatism in case that is not bad enough since one involved ethnic cleansing/genocide against Ukrainians and Ukrainian Tatars

Russia concentrates 37,500 troops in occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Russia has concentrated 37,500 troops, more than 480 tanks, 720 artillery systems and 673 air defense units in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. This was stated by the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev, Ukrinform reports.

Why British royals have done absolutely everything for me to hate them

 Because they first ensured I would state what their financial pledge(obligation) along German, American governments was to this MK Ultra case. 

Princess Anne upon torturing me for days at the time(same as Phillip would), figured out on how I am dangerous and can't be trusted around

Americans laughed when stating and reminding me of deadly plot I commenced against her(DRUGGED UP AS IT GETS) with her servants of which in this case was man as seen on screenshot - her close confidant. 

These people are criminal schizophrenics themselves.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021


 Is GREAT BRITAIN - BRITANNIA. This is where you are 100% DEAD. 100x times faster than even in Russian homeland and - killed in United Kingdom not even in Russia as Russian. London sens also own people to die in Russia in same way - or in Poland unexplained...

RUSSIANS IN UNITED KINGDOM ARE MURDERED BY MI5 - NOT PUTIN, BUT PER PUTIN: British Prince Michael caught strangling Russian resistance to new neonazi gangster/mafia(aka Romanov) state

Caught with pants down and what I claimed on here(have described all - the took military technology blueprints to Kremlin to start war against Ukraine - eastern Europe, so they could play entire world the way they want - including Russia) for no less than 8 years.
Forget about gold trade - its all about wasted lives of remaining Lenin's democratic ideas which ROMANOVS(gangster clan from Russia) despised so much in their eagerness to kill whatever remained human in enslaved Russian population which at the time lived to eat potatoes before dyeing in endless suicidal(betrayed time and again and tutored how to kill own people all over Russia) wars which they fought against Germans(Romanovs were ethnically German with a bit of English). Vladimir Putin was PROUD of his great relation with British royals(boy, he boasted about it - he incited few and assisted them to become criminals and collected approval from Russian state on his new effective tactics abroad on what he also cleaned out what turned over the years into decimated opposition - he would only, here and then, to protect royals from public suspicion sent few of his people to cruise island and that was it) as those who tried to escape his back stabbings made it only to die in agony on crazy island per his orders. The difference between them and regular gangsters was/is the size of operation - its where/when state stands behind actions firmly or even goes against them. 

The royal code / turn every human being into brain chipped obedient plants who would think whenever and whatever told to think. Plants who would live seldom exceeding legal retirement age(preferably homeless under the bridge at age 40 and up this avoid social responsibilities/waste of any kind) thus leading the world financially where workers otherwise are entitled to health care and retirement till you suffocate them all via corruption/division/ wars.

Queen's first cousin allegedly trading on links to Putin and monarchy, UK media report

Its not and never was problem for evil to invest billion or billions where those never grew/grow - this concept never ever was a problem for those who do just that and there is plenty money for stated - make no mistake

 The problem(money) becomes a real problem when something is growing out of despair and in DESPITE - they created...this is where/when real problem begins.

Germans even discussed about my HAVE TO PURCHASE NEW TABLET because he whoever will break your computer and next one too you will buy but wouldn't destroy you tablet

 Such a good new technology that will come out will be a fan that will go out hahah specially if I see you having any dirt on table dra dra dra...promised stated as soon as computer would sell and as one did few days ago here we are...I have told already what scenario will be.

@UN - and what is the purpose of your existence to this world !!????

Monday, May 10, 2021

More people identified and I thank all

 Sad day for me - regardless.

Slovenian Manager from Ljubljana also involved in MK Ultra(I identified one thanks to his ex worker who adhered his boss) was killed for fun with crossbow in 1996

 Nobody was ever charged for this political assassination for which some in company alone didn't hide mentioned ambitions(they threatened me too and leadership was replaced with all new fresh from those who represented Belgrade/Moscow during which opportunity I was also briefed in the face on how things were) - up to date. He became an enemy of Belgrade and Moscow due to his light completion and pro Slovenian views.

Mr. Tutin was murdered(aka "died") in 2004 from what I have heard today

 Slovenian with classic Russian DNA whom I have at request of Putin and his team refused to acknowledge as an enemy in 1995/1996 and have eye witnessed Russian brainwash perished long time ago. His last name was Tutin what closely also resembled name Putin. Russians were scared of him because of stated above as hell. His political views were also as Russian as it gets...

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Jeremy Clarkson Alfa Romeo GTV6 - told me bought upon return from Poland(they got him deal - Charles did)

I supposedly was at his purchase deal - remember he had me at some car purchase in 1997 or so...sp probably that was it. Pope Francis favorite used to be Toyota Avensis - Caravan(am not saying no longer is - during his younger days). I think he got one in either Menchester or Birmingham.  Kind owner who sold him that car...

MK ULTRA - Friend involved in MK Ultra Trska Gora and few others along his sister identified

Message here is I thank you to all of you who rushed to help me.

Video can be also seen at 

Auto show by Top Gear dedicated to me personally - reserved for my return from Poland to Slovenia for which it was anticipated car purchase

Thank you to Jeremy Clarkson(involved in MK Ultra since 1995 and one of the nicest people) and his dedicated fans(seen right in this video) that met him over the years via this very case - yup, I am not crazy and all of people seen in his video here were involved in MK Ultra.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

It was Saturday or Sunday evening in Philadelphia/perhaps even New York city where we arrived day/two earlier from Arizona direction once again in 2002(I think)

Finally telephone rang and well familiar voice asked if there was anything else we needed/would come handy..."rain coat as is raining like hell here" I was transported to airport and on Sundays since all stores were closed down due to also hour latency, only one store did favor to someone well known and have sold him a really expensive raincoat complete(jacket and pants). Price, I think was $250 what few can told me yesterday, there is old raincoat in boiler room...

Friday, May 7, 2021

@"princes" Harry/William

 How many more will have to die because of your "mommy's death"(its behind whose death you are hiding your political greed which demanded and demands more and more human casualties/hatred) !!????? Asking this because honest to God, you are the insanest mentally sickest duo next to your daddy(uncle) and grandma in the world. 

RAIN OF NUCLEAR BOMBS IS NOT JUST RADIOACTIVE RAIN: Will China sent SS Queen Elizabeth to the bottom of the sea upon entering China sea - have China already prepared a resting place on the bottom of the ocean floor(LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION) for this newest state of the art soon to be pile of junk metal - excellent place for coral/fish

Hostility against Asian culture in US is never been as high as is now and Bidens/Trumpets bark on one for the cost of own violations of international peace and human rights treaties openly like never before...can they sink entire island !!???? They look less threatening too - I wonder how many are there parked along British coastline...