Thursday, September 30, 2021

For $50(USD), I will send you my autograph on printed 20/21 pages complain - its not just complain and its not just autograph(next to 27 years invested in seen its a most valuable contribution to this end)

I changed my mind about and will provide with signatures till day case becomes recognized as the worst case of human exploitation yet(this is not even about notorious imperialism from the past - its about turning conscious to death for the costs of unbearable suffering to help and protect patrons who pay in return instead with as seen in complain).

If you like to contribute less(up to $20) or more its okay too - Just write "for signature and complain" under description and include your address.

Will be completed over the weekend if not withing day/two ;) Thank you


 Happy James Bond cartoon evening.

Upgraded complain - I didn't get to Norwegian issue of 2001/2002 yet, but I will(have to explain how my services no longer were needed from Norwegian side

and how new Norwegian economy instead boosted Norwegian state budget as was told. Nor I got to Azerbaijan /Kazakhstan oil issues $$$ etc....that little trillion as was told that GB alone made.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

I never ever up to date was allowed to have window open of this room practically on the village

There is whatever going on infront of the house right now - noise always was the case, and if nothing was available next to our house they ensured banging went on from Krka Pharmaceutical's direction. If you are to air one during lunch or breakfast break as I did, there will be thing vandalized upon return as neighbors did(used to) get in through balcony.  Is well well monitored whole thing to keep room as little air tied as possible. Don't even think about going sleep with widows open as I did found my way into another dimension in Russia and USA etc...its actually very much fucked up situation and am pleased to write this otherwise 

I mentioned Claudia Schiffer's video because of my supporting(approving quality), I understand, under MK Ultra only German companies and was disinterested in future buying

any other vehicles - its what doesn't make any sense, but imperial need to unite under one case and if even for totally fabricated lies did and some hope will still make sense. Related to 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Children have been among the worst-hit during the COVID-19 pandemic

@Sleepy Joe in respect to closer EU and US allaince

 You are only 20 years late with news - behind reality and its not thanks to you either I took almost unlimited beating for the sake of relations improvement even between US and European states - not only Eastern and  Western Europe. I did this not you nor babies who claim these days are saving the world. 

In respect to my views on black civil rights in US

I had exactly zero problems with black people upon arrival to US. But they did get in between me and Putin(he paid unofficial visits to US beginning 1995) taking his side against me. Thats when things beginning in 1996 started to go from bad to worse in 1997.

And when you go to buy to them whatever just remember - you pay top price for the best of the best

 Its a German quality after-all. They don't negotiate about. 

SUPER SRAMOTA - Here is how Germans were proving their humanity and common pledge against me(nah its just a rotten filthy way to prove right others under torture circumstances of targeted individual and join into common pledge/pact through war against single individual) - proof on how low Germany went in respect to this case

Claudia Schiffer involved in MK Ultra since 1995 and this this because I declined French Citroen Xsara as you see in 2002 - this is how far car games have gone in respect to MK Ultra in Poland.
You see now what this was all about and issues used involved to prove me dead wrong(100% right to whomever was willing to cooperate via free torture from German side). Claudia Schiffer acted infront of others under MK Ultra totally insane - schizophrenically have convincing herself into world of own IN RESPECT TO ME NON EXISTING LIES which German system desperately needed to get a big lie(economy the least likely much much more which I opened them via sting operation of Milan Kučan in 1995) going. 

@Peter Kapš

 If I have to chew a fucking barbwire(not bite through) - make no mistake about it, I will to get to you and your son where the two of you belong and are long overdue. 

A whole bunch of them as soon as father/mather or neighbors(they called others to get it done too if opportunity opened) would get me drugged up

 would drive to this gated property and then it was a beatings time. Threats, individual would read whatever I wrote in English infront of me to my father loudly translated to Slovenian language, this dude would act aground me to "calm"(control me and steer attention away) me while father would randomly approach from rear and jab me in my kidneys from behind so I wouldn't get him - I cite, Lambert Pate, "why so angry Savo why so angry"....psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje participated at times - Bojan Zalar, Vinko...Zoran Mudza, Peter Kapš...neighbors claimed me will never give them in - Alenka Berger stated due to ammount of torture her husband dedicated himself to I cite, "Miro doesn't sleep anymore I fear for his health". Will see about that.

23 YEARS OF HAPPY TIMES - A GOLDEN AGE OF TORTURE(OVERKILL - HAZING) FOR WHICH VICTIM PAID FOR IT ALL TO THOSE WHO TORTURED !!! Seen car belonged to ministry of interior which individual would often times also transport me to various locations all over Slovenia, but there were other dudes who also did just that. I thank self identified seller for this and investigator involved who ensured I would somehow get ahold of this precious proof. I would drive upon end of the day to garage of interior ministry where car would be left. Can describe everything.

LAMBERT PATE: I demand this individual to be arrested based on physical violence he and few other fathers' friends along father performed in home settings

Finally, criminal called along STATE PROSECUTOR BOJAN AVBAR(police, ministry of the Interior, and politicians off course) for lies to be brought against me via father based on which I was hospitalized in 2011 and tortured.

This criminal was involved in case against me since 1995 and was one of the key figures in one. 

Ljubljana's psychiatric clinic went ahead during MK Ultra and have offered incentives for used Alfa Romeo and Fiat - free cash for buying used Alfas and Fiats which I adhered too

 Buckingham palace and others sipped money like rice, but on what precisely - torture as Ljubljana's psychiatric hospital demanded from every car seller to engage in own torture scenario on multiple occasions - real harrowing. Money for torture - harrowing.

@Angela Merkel - I am not your Helmut Kohl whom you have completely demented

 I will rock your life - destroy you completely.

Angela Merkel's legacy for Germany includes continuation of growth plan based on hatred against me - Olaf Scholz heavily involved next to Merkel in MK Ultra due to physical looks of local psychiatrist Peter Kapš which closely resemble one

There seems is nothing but more and more problems - ohhh, well - you can't solve them all at once(Germany ruined me 27 years of life), but won't let go either.

@GERMANY - FOR THE DIGNITY, PRIDE AND HONOR  !!! I WILL AVENGE MY SUFFERING FOR THE COST OF OWN DEATH HAPPILY !!! You will pay for your treacherous schizophrenic violent ideals.

 This psychiatrist for me to explain to you right here is as good as dead walking man whom I will never ever let go. He will respond to crime against me just as your Josef Fritzl finally did to Elisabeth Fritzl. No less and I am accusing you of further contempt for justice concerning me even further to as stated in title built further economy on sadistic past through hatred against me with your eastern partners. 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Father chops brand new watch belt(band) and same day as one attempted to break computer by leaning himself on one during drive

Video can be also seen at 

He chops everything one can gets a hold of leaving behind nothing but repair replacement. From shoes to watch bands. He just as was audio recorded attempting to break inside of the room at 6am today also attempted to break me laptop when seating in the rear seat on passenger side - he leaned his entire body against backpack where laptop was on drivers side as if one was body rest - also caught one. After breaking things he mocks destruction by making interesting 

It could be also how radiation effects me during use of fathers car

They seems have covered every aspect of life. I have no idea if this is how normally works on cars, but radiation in leg area inside of this VW car with only 40.000 miles(Ruskies drove one among others as well and have had a lots lots of complains - funny no money for coffee in 1995 when in my city, but soon everything begun to bother them) seems rocks quite high. 
Video can be also seen at

Rusija ki je 860 krat večja od Slovenije(z Belorusijo 870 krat večja) je za Ruse premajhna a Slovenija katera je prevelika za Slovenski narod je dovolj

velika prav tako za Ruskega. V celi Rusiji ni 100 Slovencev v Sloveniji pa uradno že več od 3000 Rusov kateri kradejo vse kar pride pod roke njihova Ruska opozicija je uradni Ruski zločinski oblasti samo podaljšek pod lažnjivo pretvezo kateri oškodovanim nikdar ne vrne ničesar - pač čaka v senci v primeru da uradnim Putinom ne pade v roke(morda mimo Pahorja celo spodleti) plen sam od sebe iz neba in pa seveda "potrebna še kako pomoči" se pravi "prebegov" knam v iskanju svobode. Njihova opozija z Putinovo glavnino sta dve različni si strani na popolnoma istem usranem kovancu. So pa ve zelo dobro za koga in kaj - po kaj v Slovenijo.

In 1995, 1996 Milan Kučan sting which created whole case - Donald Trump didn't even participate to make myself clear about it

 Trump became participant in Slovenia in 1997 after this sting operation as whole case gained astronomic value. I state this, because Trump loved and loves nothing more than to steal credit for stuff he has nothing to do with if valuable. Trump became a successful provocateur agent in 1998 and since, but nothing earlier with him. Related to 

This was the case I was told that forced Putin and finally Lukashenko on its knees before West.

Father attempts to break inside of the room at 6am where I went to sleep over(all audio recorded and not his first) - smashes stuff I used to block door by using significant force with idea to desperately break in

 Zero pain in legs. I was told by Ursula von der Leyen and others whole thing will be video recorded in real time for purposes of sting operation inside of the Hollywood where I understand some deep racial views are running. Therefore yet another sting operation - possible.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

World is as evil as never ever was before

The only way to bring one back to normal is to AGAIN release even greater evil for people to feel unbearable pain and need for normal.

Donald Trump whom I have made already seats in the White House(all this time make no mistake about it and despite all) - as you see US Intelligence already made total accord with Eastern Europe and China in respect to all

There is no one that can stop him - no one that will step forward and surrender tapes I asked for and eastern leaders along their governments agree on whatever is offered to them because for them, silence is GOLDEN.

None of them will risk as seen above or at 

Mr. Tom Cruise of church of Scientology will explain to you all how he attempted to save me from radiation by what he told me will be a EMF blocker

 I cite one during his 2017 visit, "this is what hurts you...will leave one to you here and see if you can find one before your neighbors get ahold of one but this is your last one they are expensive - they have stolen one I left you already"

Driving one insane(nervous) naturally increases need for appetite(next to all other toxic b.s.) and there you have it ;)

 @Angela Merkel - Seems I will never ever have anything to do with me(a)dtronic. Radiation does a great job at just that - not only about sleep deprivation. You will never ever intimidate me into obedience via here mentioned intimidation harassment methods(my room my rules).  God forbid I ever get in your hands again, but thank you for everything. 

Exactly as was told case will be - just like on the radiation grill

This sound deprives you of sanity. Makes you nervous. Will not tell by whom, but was told will not be allowed to stay inside of my room. Father contributed once it started with barrage of coughing - coughed for about two hours. Thats how they drive insane. They/he did this repetitiously numerous time.

In my eyes, Britney Spears is a political stunt used to gesture how West isn't much different from what used to be labeled as bad bad east

She was a stunt with he father from day 1's involvement in this case 

She had plenty time and millions to handle her issues, I had nooo cent in my pocket when she even insisted me under MK Ultra was my fold. A heavy political tool nothing more.

Pain from legs(lower legs area) gone for third day as I sleep in other rooms

But they are always right because I still get radiated for being inside of my room - so they always prove me their right. Even sound in head is gone once outside of the house, but you have to go sleep some place and connect to electricity internet right !!???? Its what made and what makes them smart. 

WILL NOT WORK FOR ANY WESTERN COMPANY TILL THIS CLAIM GETS THROUGH COURTS: I know that MEDTRONIC is in search for sales representative in Slovenia but my name is Avsec Boštjan

I think I made myself clear about this very case.

 Although, prince Harry claimed me in 2015 Norway didn't in his eyes discriminated against me and he in my place wouldn't see things like this and like that, I share deep anger feelings(have my own convictions about how West treated this case and have used one for) in respect to stated and proven on this website. So happy MEDTRONIC to you all.

Because I was already clear about Medtronic specifically and because you just somehow do not understand your wrongdoings is why. You instead accepting truth continue to engage in dialogue through violence.

Girl from Arnhem who witnessed stated here can step forward

 Has home in exactly on map outlined area with as was told only small housing property in area. 

I never turned back to girl from what most likely is Arnhem as you Angela told me I threw her under wagon like everyone else

 in 1997/1998 - William would come to do trade in Slovenia(had me right next to him) and profits with eastern Europe according to him were simply unbelievable - skyrocketed. However, for each occasion whenever brought one of the patrons who brought me took financial responsibility for Slovenian caretakes to compensate - yes, Slovenian caretakers(MK Ultra staff from Slovenia) on each and every occasion demanded money for taking me around and patrons took turn on compensation issues. 

Hočem da Slovenski narod sliši in vidi zakaj je Ljubljanska psihiatrija uporabila na meni tepež

AUDIO RECORDING OF MILAN KUČAN(or at least my warning to you guys about Slovenian opposition on behalf of UDBA attempt to set you up) CALLING ON GENOCIDE OF WHITES IN SOUTH AFRICA WANTED: I was told under MK Ultra to take photo of where I warned Westerners about coming setup in 1996

Its was right in-front of the barn next door - I was probably observed by two local guys(grew up with them and I knew what case will be) of which one was/is police officer and am certain also was audio recorded. Audio recording of my warning Merkel who walked next to a Dutch female(now age 60 more or less and lives not far from German border with beautiful view to distance) and Norwegian/Swedish girls exists as even Aleksandar Vucic warned me about it as per how do they treat you for giving them basically world on the plate and if they treat you like this how would they treat us etc. Putin, Lukashenko all came to same conclusions, so I know audio recording exists. Year probably was 1996 not 1995 

Saturday, September 25, 2021

And was for that matter acknowledged as traitor in Slovenia alone

 I get it now but will never ever get German Norwegian British etc. conscious for that matter. My life under MK Ultra for the cost of saving them turned into hellhole.

In 1995 the first one who told Merkel on how Slovenian opposition along UDBA is trying to set them up on what they set them up

 Was I. Ask Merkel ;) and others

For audio recording Milan Kucan on multiple occasions, Norway pledged 2 billion USD to me in1997

 For beating up Lukashenko and his KGB in 2003, they started to "train me" boxing under MK Ultra imitated replicated and attempted to dedignify me of just as case was with every accomplishment. In 2010 Norwegian King who pledged 2 billion Dollars reward, however, told me under MK Ultra when I came to Norway to apply for asylum protection will get me instead locked into Ljubljana psychiatric hospital which promise he kept by paying official visit to Slovenia in 2011 during which visit he inspected psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje and got me locked in there via Milan Kucan friend Danilo Turk. Dodgery or coin$$$ spinning West did to me in return...thank you very much for your conscience. Very nice dealing with you.

Mr. Milan Kucan was audio recorded who knows how many times if

 Not also video recorded in 1995, 1996, 1997 at the begining of this case inviting in killing of whites in South Africa. With NATO intervention prior to which mister Kucan obtained his ideas from Russo Serbian convicted war criminals who used to come to Slovenia to collect envelopes with $$$ for the

In Holly 1995 when MK Ultra case started, pro Independence movement and Kucan Pahor led UDBA made an

 Arrangement for UDBA to remain upfront and so called Independence movement to support one from rear leaving behind nothing but all dead. British smelled rat immediately and have pushed on surface their lies, under surface successfully used their lies to contribute to better world via

@United Nations

 I have a proofs(physical and I can witness about what took place) at hand that Milan Kučan directly supports genocide of white population in South Africa and is using next to Putin and Lukashenko just as the case was yesterday, a Borut Pahor(now president of Slovenia) at your assembly to push its murderous agenda forward.


Is was extremelly effective due to his controlled "pro Slovenian independence"(like Bavčar like Janša) stands during war stage in Slovenia in 1991 and his physical facial Slovenian appearance. He is a king of the crooks and only step away from your death in case you trade trust(your conscious) with one. He will get you murdered per Milan Kučan just as 1, 2, 3....

UDBA is a failed Serbian chetnik utopia previously known as Yugoslav federation secret police supported at large by Russia and was used in post Yugo war years as remaining instrument of Serbian state on previously occupied Serbian territories. I will have video about so called pro independence clowns coming with audio recordings of those who witnessed crooks.

This individual next to Janša hunted me since 1995. He has a 27 year old MK Ultra record with numerous attempts to set me up and seal my faith for good.


There is nothing to be glad about in respect to torture and which most likely outcome is not difficult to anticipate. Kids who know very well about what took place will tell you just that. Still, you are always welcome here next to your dad, off course mother and kids. Even your brother if he ever made it out of the world of total hypocrisy. But nobody will handle me through sensitive issues and specially not those(not Bidens nor Windsors) who own me $$$ ,) 

YUGO FUHRER BORUT PAHOR'S PRIVATE YUGO MEDIA KNOWN AS "DELO" NEWSPAPER REPORTS: Pahor at the UN: "The culture of dialogue has fallen dangerously"

Borut Pahor's sense for dialogue came with preliminary attack on me that consequently left be nerve wracked even today two days latter when writing this.

From United Nations where Borut Pahor(Milan Kučan) have magically appeared on day after attack and where UDBA assassin now talks about dialogue rather than his whereabouts during his 27 year MK Ultra torture whereabouts which ruined my life for good. Two weeks after Serbian chetnik Aleksandar Vucic who had few days earlier visit from Angela Merkel calls basically for new Balkan war - Pahor now cries for help in front of UN accents what he refers to as "importance of working together"

His methods of "dialogue", however, indifferent from Lukashenko and just one week earlier one met with Ursula von der Leyen - main Angela Merkel's ally who assisted Lukashenko with war on Belarus population. Idea for war on Belarus population on hos its done, however, was created as Ursula von der Leyen stated me through my case during which psychiatric Ljubljana Polje along police and judicial system RUN FOR LIFE EXPULSIONS FROM SLOVENIA commended in 2008. Repeated in 2017 and again in 2018. Manial bestiality of psychiatric Ljubljana Polje upgraded violence against me since return from Poland into pain causing radiation procedures along what I should be my identifying "to obtain physical proofs about MK Ultra" even via car purchases open fields of torture all over Slovenia.   

Slovenian Yugo UDBA assassin wasted no time on day of attack on me - president Borut Pahor met United Nations secretary had his speech at UN

 Now you can se just how bestial procedures against me are used and by whom how here is how and what attack on me which lasted since return from Poland was used for. 

Not a single trace of pain in my legs while spending night in other area of the house just as yesterday

 Ursula von der Leyen stated me under MK Ultra I cite, "that type of radiation can kill you".

Pain in legs torture to brink of pain handling went on in my room for the last year as upgraded method of waking me up on daily basis, but not to degree as three days ago. SLOVENIA AS A STATE AND AS NATION TO GO !!!!! Serves purpose of extermination camp and as such must be deleted from map.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Sure there was another sale of vehicle involved where I was tortured - Kočevje

 But which city/village in Slovenia didn't psychiatric hospital Ljubljana along police exercise torture against me !!???? More cars identified - resulted in reminder of more torture done to me...this is a bestial state bestial nation which as I stated shouldn't be anywhere on the map. Anywhere

I was not born in Poland or in USA of which citizen I am and which assisted along Czech republic and Slovakia(Slovakia boasted about Russo Serbian cooperation and signaled on how my asylum application will end there far in advance of what became 2018) my native Slovenia in ethnic extermination against me - Kaliningrad #2

 Nobody had more problems with EU than Poland which everything with exception of free EU founds bothered her. It doesn't matter whether its Germans or Americans or Russians that press radiation button as was told case will be - its in Slovenia I fought for my entire life and which at this point I do not recognize as either independent country nor as a nation. Germans insisted BY OBSERVING ME 24/7 USING FOOD AS NATURAL ANTIDEPRESSANT would have to reduce my eating habits via extreme stress or simply die as amount of problems they will pile on me  with exceed needs of 50 elephants. 

I declare myself as a prisoner of Slovenian state / proglašam se za zapornika Slovenske države od začetka njenega obstoja

 I declare myself for prisoner of Slovenians state since one was founded in 1991. 

I now DECLINE TO SEE THINGS NORMALLY AS THOSE WORSEN MY SITUATION ONLY in eyes of international public. Nothing is normal here. Slovenia was and remains nothing but SerboRussian chetnik state Kaliningrad #2

@psychiatric hospital Ljubljana and Slovenian police

 You are just a prison guards with 24/7 surveillance who steal sleep at any time convenient. For 27 years now. Just want you to understand I see through you - understand who you are beasts. Same shit as cows inside of the barn where from one side food is pushed in their mouths and under belly connected pumps pump milk out of them. Since its founding in 1991, Slovenia is a regular stall - not about politicians that much, but more about where country headed and is at since day 1. 

I am asking US main stream media to refer to RESIDENT ALIEN Harry Mountbatten-Windsor as one became when he applied for US residency via marriage to US citizen properly per US Immigration protocol - not as prince etc....


VATICAN AND BRITISH ACKNOWLEDGE LONDON BERLIN PLAY: Very reasonable Pope Francis tells Slovakian Jesuit is I cite, "Still alive, even though some people wanted me to die.” - just two days latter 'Harry Potter' star Tom Felton very much look alike Pope Francis collapses while playing in Ryder Cup celebrity golf tournament

Rather than to lock himself into self isolated world of mental suffering prior to silent departure(Pope John Paul II did), Pope Francis sends message of his purpose to this world - remains strong/determined toward his legacy to bring word of God to everyone regardless of his racial/ethnic background and is asking you for support by your acknowledging his front line fight for you. 

Andddd for what it appears to me personally in his message as warning alike for something very nasty heading my way - his message was released night prior to my experience for what media states was on 21st. 

Upon return from Gorjanci(Sveta Gera) same day, I got immediate taste for reality even after moving to a room next to mine

From one room to the other makes no difference, but I did avoided what otherwise became new normal. Video can be also at 

We don't even heat house yet. I avoided pain, however, by moving into this room yesterday.

@Britney Spears

 Since 2010 when Kanye delivered me from airport, things headed for the worst. I have no idea what London paid for all other stuff, but people have the right to know I was mistreated badly. From death threats to regular beatings on the side(not inside of your house only, but also in restaurants and on vacations abroad) - was all normal. Kids know very well about what went on - you alone asked me not to release seen here for the sake of your career till you finish one. Really thank you anyways.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

My sister(whose daughter and her husband insisted me under MK Ultra should throw myself over the bridge to liberate myself from brain implants - at the tip of persecution) also made sure to prepare at the night of extreme attack by dumping over cream cheese cakes

 Related to 

Cream cheese cakes go along donuts very deliciously along insisted me like insane about cream cheese since my return yesterday evening and again this morning :))) golden mamma. 

Mother advised about my cooking NO LONGER

I will not go into extreme of curing my depression with sweets next to home cooking, so someone can use on me sleep deprivation what turned into pain causing radiation. Mother told me at the beginning few days ago that cooking can be also done and brought from hospital SO BE IT. Despite "undefined dementia" as they refer to one as, father has excellent ability to tie fish knots and land pikes even from shore in almost impossible to fish conditions at age 90.
No more grills(yesterday), special soups, steaks etc. Happy mother fucker day lets be fucking animals craving to be judged by filth.

Norway pledged me in 1997

2 billion Dollars for this MK Ultra project if I would manage to prove one.

Norway handled this case entirely up to 1998 as far as $$$ and potential matrimony(Britain was used as a main transporter to Europe), but one became far to lucrative important for Germany and Britain. Fight broke out between Sweden, Norway and Great Britain(Swedish and Norwegian royals pledged retaliation against London for London's thief/mischief tactics used against me and them) in respect to this case in 1998 for the sake of ownership of one and EVERYTHING went down the hellhole for me since.

@Lojze Peterle, Janez Janša, Kacin and other traitors - Gospod Janez Janša je udbovec ki je popeljal Slovenijo na pot samouničenja

 You think you will continue to play war through me with Berlin and Moscow/Berlin !!???? Its over with Slovenia too as far as I am concerned. Mam poln kurac gledanja petoklasnih lesenih politikov nihčetov kako se rinejo v življenu naprej preko mojega trpljenja.

2 of 2 Happy fucking psychiatry day - torture is good long live the torture

Video can be also seen at 
Not Van der Linde, but Ursula von der Leyen

Amnesty International is a Russian instrument of ethnic cleansing supported by the West.

New regulation prohibits Britney Spears from here on involvement of any kind in this case

 @Britney Spears - If you will, I will press charges against you.

Any kind of manipulation in this case with anticipation to regulate one will be declined straight in the face.

This clearly is a torture cult - can be also seen where(the direction) one is coming from CLEARLY SO. Also released ahead and as promised 10 hours earlier.

1 of 2 Happy fucking psychiatry day - torture is good long live the torture

Torture exceeds reduced amounts of sleeping time and I am laughed in the face by human rights organisations, and European Court for Human Rights which operate on behalf of German state and even for the sake of sake of NOW Brexited London
Video can be also seen at 

Here is what next day same night upon publishing this awaited me(I went for a walk to slow depression anger issues) again in room next to mine.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 I will sue you for 100 billion Euros in commission you owe. Up from 50. You alone 100 billion.

Epstein rape scandal is just nothing - tiny little baby compared to my case is what Epstein is

 The question is what was is hidden under RAPE scandal. CIA/FBI can assist with it as MI5 is busy with other stuff. Charles eventually day dreamed on how would get me into a residential house in UK with popular American model....clearly insane/sicko pervert. Obsessed with idea to get me in his pocket(private drawer).

I made one trillion Dollars to Great Britain or more !!????

 Let the truth out. Its on hand of Great Britain - I will not bother with your royals any longer. Made perfect sense for you to disappear from EU.

What intrigues me about British the most is fact that not only I was listed as good as dead, but even my entire tiny country - same as the case was Crimea in Ukraine where they would ALSO gather for Western European Eastern European economic talks.

I encourage Britain to come out clean about how much money$$$$$ they made with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan alone(oil) via MY CASE

How they got to know top politicians and why I had to be guilty and murdered after all !!!

The filthy British secret out please.

Not a single European state made as much money through me as Great Britain did and for that matter I got DEATH SENTENCE FROM ONE.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The number ONE man behind BLACK crime against me(became a crime spree sponsor of one since 2002), however, was prince Charles and Company

 He along Vladimir Putin terrorized me on how I am unwilling to commit myself to Russian or eastern European intermarriage due to my being a nazi - Charlie became wise(Andrew always was street smart). Then he(Charles was always INSANE weak Russian tool ready to betray - sell) used opportunity for my declining Russian females to insist on my marrying models like Naomi Campbell, and other royal made black British stars - used Hollywood and rapers to engage in beatings against me and eventually got Harry in there through one cause that united them all - hatred against me. Proceeded to push forward Wendi Deng Murdoch and played Chinese card against me as my being racist not to marry Chinese ;) whomever I was unwilling to marry, he pointed against me as per my being racist. 

@Black Live Matter

 You declared war against my nationality in 1995 which goal was delete one  so be it. Your goal as your representatives have stated me was to erase us from the face of the earth.

Zahtevam da Slovenska policija preda video dokaze o bestialnem fizičnem izživljanju nad mano od takoimenovane skupine "IZBRISANI" katera je bila vpletena v premer proti meni of leta 1995 - finacirana od Srbske četniške države in okrepljena v uničenju Slovenije v Sloveniji od strani Milana Kučana - Boruta Pahorja

 Operacija "Izbrisani" je bila podrprta od strani UDBE na povelje velike Srbije katera je preko namernega diskriminiraja Bosancev, Hrvatov in ostalih nesrbskih ostankov iz federativle republike Jugoslavije pričakovala da zaradi uradnih državnih institucij kjer so bili in verjetno še vedno so samo ostanki omenjene organizajije bo pridobila njihovo naklonjenost proti Slovenski samostojnosti - se pravi da je Milan Kučan dal povelje namerne diskriminacije proti Hrvatom, Bosancom, Makedoncom, Črnogorcem z idejo da bi slednje kakorhitro povezal z ustanovitelji operacije "Izbrisani" in tako povečal možnost v prohodnosti preko nje za državni udar v Sloveniji. Omenjena inštituciija IZBRISANI je leta 1995 prav tako pridobila totalno podporo od temnopoltih Ameriških zvezd Hollywoda in sveta Športa - prav zaradi tega dejstva pa sem jim sam prav tako napovedal nemilosrdno do kraja vojno. Njenega ustanovitelja Aleksandra Todorovića. Nasilje katerega so izvajali nad mano(popolnoma podprto od Ruske države) se je ustavilo leta 2015 vendar obstajajo nešteti video katere ima v lasti Slovenska policija.

I am asking Slovenian police for surrender of videotapes on which my father jabbed me in kidneys during MK Ultra torture inside of our house

 Father was engaging in this practice next to Slovenian police and "friends" who engaged in conversation interrogation brainwash during which I had to stand up defenseless and during which my father as they trained one have dealed me occasionally jabs in kidneys(punches). Would come from the rear and then hit me from the side(disappeared and they took over so I wouldn't search for one inside of the kitchen and leaving room areas) what would agitate - not only hurt. Here mentioned practice which went on since 1995 to 2017(22 years whenever subjected to MK Ultra) was also used in local forests. Climax of Slovenian police perversion was reached in 2012(17 years after engaging already in most severe DIRECT PHYSICAL violence against me during MK Ultra) when father accused me among others(claimed I have communicated with German neonazis at night in German language as instructed by above mentioned) of physical violence against one(without a single trace of violence or proves for one) and whose claim was supported by police and judicial psychiatric system involved also in torture.

Monday, September 20, 2021

@Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez were and are in my book okay people - specially you Jenny ,)

Busta Rhymes searched from prince Harry a license from Knight rider for his "Turn It Up (Remix)", but so diiiid many many other that otherwise wouldn't get one and soooo

They paid price, by complying with whatever Harry(London) requested in return and there you have it contrary to message in ....

Major catastrophe in Tigray which requires immediate intervention - Dying of hunger in Ethiopia's blockaded Tigray

Ethiopia is very wrong about this and have had more than enough time when comparing hardship of Tigreyan people to properly respond - one have chosen instead genocide as an answer. If you can't help, let go or face wrath of international society. Whether that be military intervention or whatever, people are dyeing.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Trump associated himself with Mark Phillips after his staff observed me associating Mark mistakenly with Trump and he did

took advantage to expand problems against me what appealed Mark Phillips enough to even confront me(humiliated me). It was mistake he was warned about way to late about as I would never ever let him get away with it. Thats how you quickly and for good landed on my "never again point of no return MK Ultra" list.

Finally, forcing me back to Slovenia via unemployment in 2006 after Lukashenko's beating in 2002(perhaps even in 2003) was clearly a death sentence for me

This is not how you treat #1 without whom you would still be on location known as nowhere. Unless off course, you want to get read of one for good. I wouldn't even get into 2009 situation or what led into hospitalization in Slovenia during 2011. 

Mark's problem from my point of view was only he looked like Trump. 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Google very much synchronized with Buckingham palace scammers timing wise

Video can be also seen at
thieves who call themselves as royals have no respect for work. They pride themselves with opportunistic stealing - theft. Are much much harder brought in-front of justice than common thieves(criminals), but whose crimes are much heavier burden to society as human characters/ good will/ friendships, and most of all human TRUST suffer in process when dealing with them.

Friday, September 17, 2021

I was told under MK Ultra will charge $50 for signatures signing books all day long - ability to sign that will exceed demand

Nope - not really. Not even a single one once this nightmare is over.

BIOMARKING ?: Brazil's Bolsonaro going to UN meet despite being unvaccinated

 I was told won't be allowed to escort parents inside of the health facility because of my being un-vaccinated. So I red this news and thought on one word 


Video can be also seen at

Your zest(appetite) to murder based on firm acts of genocide for the sake of reconciliation in the name of totally fake human rights through which you watch from above with your masters on mortals like myself with absolute derision for life and human dignity as you imagined with Moscowian partner Vladimir Putin and his associates , eventually will pass you bye. But for that you have to pay dearly first.

Dead end either way...but dead end make no mistake about it.

Radiation two weeks ago was toxic enough for my mouths' lips as was told case will be would  push through strain of skin into form of elderly 90 years old man(hope you enjoyed

views on crime as was explained case will be reminded in the morning by mother who pushed her lips together with sarcastic smile and see just what can be done with human prior to what queen Elizabeth referred to no to only Biden are newly developed miraculous cancer medications with which I would be left from dead)
and so was poisoning as explained took place and for which Belarus Sergei next to his Lukashenko explained me walk and drinking water while occasionally stopping(laying down) due to pain in kidneys is important....

Southern Poverty Law Center issued me under MK Ultra even informal apology - probably in 2005

Finally in early 1996 Mike Tyson told me(reminded me of what went on next to his private sessions) under MK Ultra he requested via FBI involvement of Southern Poverty Center against me with idea to destroy me totally.

Southern Poverty Center where also brought and which people such as Morris Dees, Richard Cohen, Mark Potok, and Heidi Beirich would even pay me visitations to store in Downtown Miami or whom I met almost 100% whenever brought drugged up to Miami One Stop Career Center State Agency for Workforce at 3050 Biscayne Blvd in Miami, FL 33137

Mike Tyson told me under MK Ultra in early 1996 requested via FBI involvement of Southern Poverty Center against me with idea to destroy me totally

He eventually wanted me to acknowledge him as a #1 responsible for me being destroyed. Knew exactly what went on as one described me bestial procedures 

@Elton John

I will pray for you my friend I call world to show support for John as incident is unusual to me as it gets.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The main is left out of complain


From day #1 at local state employment office(One stop workforce along Biscayne Blvd.), SUPER HEAVY MK ULTRA INVOLVING ELECTROSHOCKS school of making nazi commenced. It was torture unlike any other I endured in US led by Southern Poverty Law Center and FBI which latter contemplated on creating terrorist out of me. Its when I packed my belongings in 1997 and almost left to Miami International airport. The technology of making nazi was indifferent almost from torture at the memorials dedicated to Slovenian partisans in Slovenia - difference was that heavy electroshock beating was used turning one into beast which responds on certain moves or words back with use of racial profanities.

Black stars in US claimed against me under MK Ultra(torture therefore) racial prejudice against them and at the same time(the least - others also physical etc.) pointed me out their economic supremacy when compared to myself which they demanded from me to accept and see myself from within.

They were involved up to throat in above stated brick breaking alike electroshock MK Ultra procedures knowing just how wrong and criminally Equal Employment Opportunity as well as all other civil rights acts were violated in which name they continue to raise their screaming voices through street protests to overshadow painful truth as seen above.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

PLEASED TO SAY: Updated complain which will be complete today :)))))))


HOW GREAT I spent decade watching(admiring) black Hollywood actors prior to arrival to USA in 1995 because upon my arrival to USA

 it all turned sour.

THE good thing, however, it WON'T BE ANY-LONGER SOUR just for me do....

Pope Francis goes on to pay attention in Slovakia to excluded Roma community - Pope visit a sign of inclusion for Slovakia’s excluded Roma

I can only say the best concerning Polish and Czech Roma communities I had experience with over the course of MK Ultra and in post MK Ultra period. I cherish his efforts to open heart to those left behind in our communities with idea to create more open and equally accessible society to all. Nice.

@Mike Tyson in respect to prison scam


My POST MK Ultra period records shows that those who played MULTIPLE SCENARIO mind games with me under MK Ultra, have 100% each time lost case against me in finale as I always managed to pull information out they could not dispute regardless of lies and such is also your case Mike. IN 1995 AS YOU TOLD ME, YOU HAVE HAD PRIOR TO MYSELF TWO OTHER INDIVIDUALS WHOM YOU USED AS MK ULTRA TOYS ,)

IT WAS HIS JAILED FRIENDS I RECALLED WAS TOLD BY SEVERAL PEOPLE MIKE TYSON WOULD )))*REPEATEDLY*((( RETURN TO VISIT IN INDIANA PRISON: Mike Tyson was NOT liberated via my MK Ultra case from jail - it was Trump who used one with idea to as he referred to "evaluate one" and Tyson did yet another filthy job for no other than Bill Clinton

Going over facts, Mike Tyson was released from Jail on March in 1995 - when I still

worked board trans Atlantic ship. When paying visits to Indiana in 1995, however, weather was warm - sunny summer warm. Next to total MK Ultra scam with idea to confuse me on timing and to MAINLY cover up for Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson likely even rehearsed whatever US democrats used to bail him out under real circumstances - I 100% was not first MK Ultra victim and Tyson was forced to promote Donald Trump's hunger games in Poland in 1996 to pay back his dues to Donald Trump for prison rescue. Trump appears to have ran already MK Ultra game in US big time with not so innocent Mike Tyson(individual criminal as one can be).

Most sincere condolences to Boris Johnson's loss in respect to his irreplaceable mother

 She was one of the finest and nicest sweetest ladies I ever met - angel. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

US DEMOCRATS COMMENCED MY MK ULTRA CASE: 1995 and 1996 were almost entirely of governor Parris N. Glendening and few other individuals of which all were alost US Democrats


Namenjeno v spomin gospodu Janezu Janši ker skakati preko vrste pred druge ne gre in da bo narod vedel kdo je kaj

Prisvajat si zasluge drugih ljudi kot politik preko omalovaževanj pred tujimi diplomati(kateri še celo crkujejo ob strani nehote komur koli karkoli slabega) in za katare se trdi so sonarodnjaki pač ne gre gospod Janša...še v trgovini pred blagajno je vrsta.
Video can be also sen at 

Where Serena Williams, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Evander Holyfield, Dwayne Johnson, Barack Obama, and others who would arrive to Novo mesto city to engage in torture often times lodged

Playing tennis, enjoying saunas with ladies brought from Ljubljana area, and engaging in physical MK Ultra beatings - terror. Paying(corrupting) locals to allow and engage in one as well. Related to as connection in between those issues(I learned in 2013 once I begun to campaign for South African whites stationed inside of white concentration camps known as white squatter camps is extremely powerful - its when black terror hell broke loose 8 kilometres from my home in Slovenia - violent became ultra violent in 2013).

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Lee Oxley Du Prez

 She ended instead assisting impoverished whites in white concentration camps down in South Africa - forgotten AND left far behind - you INSTEAD OF HER left with me from South Africa with words from your mother as I recall in 1997, "Thank you sir...thank you very much"(RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR HOME MUSK - in your neighborhood which I know from A to Z from house to house)...

Ja, thank you too 


MK ULTRA - Involved in MK ULTRA Car Citroen Picasso, family from nearby, neighbors, and more identified

Point out level of daughter of education and as educated for(hairdresser), year of house construction, year when son already worked in Canada, point out daughter worked at Prepih for already 20 years part time - two years prior meeting husband from whom she divorced(actually just a year - perhaps even 9 months to be totally exact), what soon looks like(tall about 185cm and light haired blue eyes - physically was very strong and I think was waiter in Canada) and neighbor's home in Ljubljana also how one got many neighbors across the years, another neighbor participating hunger games in Poland, and so on....

Related to where original audio recording can be heard.

@Pathological liars since I knew Elon Musk since day ONE OF HIS STAY IN USA AND WAAAAYYYYY PRIOR TO ARRIVAL TO USA(all the Afrikaner girls whom I latter met it was you they chose for overseas task) FROM SOUTH AFRICA

I see now I dealt and am dealing with super heavily mentally injured(ILL) people.
@Elon Musk - you remember when you had me inside of your first race car !!???? How could anyone believe a maniac hijacker torturer who does other human beings stuff like this he felt embarrassed uncomfortable as worker employee...go check yourself inside of ward as you are in urgent need of psychiatric attention. Dangerous to those around you in fact.

AUDIO IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE ONLY - Involved in MK ULTRA Car Citroen Picasso, family from nearby, neighbors, and more identified

One neighbor was involved in hunger games in Poland and ended as it appears with cancer problems to now day day...another neighbor originally from Ljubljana not on audio has a neighbor in Ljubljana(used to have) related to Milan Kucan - one got married into Kucan's family. Their daughter for whom I even point out went into school for 3 year hairdresser was to become my bride(I was interested first), but one looked just like Tatiana(Tania) from Belarus(became in real world even my girlfriend and whom I wanted to marry in 2017 when in Belarus) involved via Putin's team since 1996 and my view on Russians due to violence under MK Ultra consequently deteriorated so much that I declined to see her any longer...


Spears family on their task to help me out as much as possible was in 2015 at large intercepted by Serbs in Slovenia via remaining UDBA and was left THANKS TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE(ALSO PER DONALD TRUMP WHO CAMPAIGNED AND CAMPAIGNS AT LARGE FOR MOSCOW/BELGRADE) as such as the only option pertaining to my case.

 Family, otherwise, very very dear to me for special reasons.

MK ULTRA - Second owner of Citroen C5 involved in MK Ultra identified and have confirmed his involvement in MK Ultra case - HE IDENTIFIED ME


I point out also who is behind it all, how, and why....

Here is what angers me the most - they told me I will never ever again be capable to purchase used car despite everything and will instead get personalized drivers with new cars etc...its what makes me extremely miserable as I hated and hated nothing more than controlled life.

Friday, September 10, 2021


Russia and Belarus Inch Closer to "unite" in one USSR #2 mini state.

Just as I explained - after bloody revolution Lukashenko alone created along Western allies, its time to unite Belarus with Russia and boost otherwise garbage ratings of two top state presidential failures. Belarus revolution a free gift to Lukashenko and Putin.

WHERE IS REAL HELP FOR UKRAINE: In the face of shelling in eastern Ukraine(wounds again troops and civilians in war which already displaced millions and cost over 13,000 lives) and major war Russian war preparations, Angela Merkel announces along Von der Leyen a parade in Belgrade on the 13th this month meeting chetnik Aleksandar Vucic - Russia at the same time proudly brags about gas pipeline completion

Mr. Zelensky who justly suspects even war against Ukraine as Russia starts military exercises, it appears to be shadowed again by no one other than Berlin WHO PROMISED just two weeks earlier pipe wouldn't interfere with Ukrainian territorial national integrity. Merkel tells press as major news I cite, "I am feminist".

From Russia may launch all-out war with Ukraine, says President Zelensky



TWO WOULD LOVE NOTHING MORE THAN TO ESTABLISH ITSELF FOR THE SAKE OF EROSION OF THE SOCIETY AGAINST ME VIA FIRM ACTS OF GENOCIDE - MURDER AND RECOGNIZE IN THE NAME OF HUMAN RIGHTS TO BE SEEN AS CREDIBLE SOLUTION TO PROBLEM WHICH YOU CREATED WITH GOAL TO BREAK ENTIRE SOCIETY NOT SINGLE INDIVIDUAL ONLY(nazi Germany along nazi Londoners lost WWII, but Britain was on the right side - using black civil rights movement, nazism could easily spread unto eastern Europe too as US, UK, Germany are controlled by nazi deep states)

STRONG NO TO EITHER SO CALLED "WHITE" OF BLACK HATRED. As Charles AND GEORGE BUSH stated me REPEATEDLY, blacks aren't problem as is easy to handle them - its that other whites and Asians....understandable :)))))

Thank you to Reuters for this truth which was case against me since 1995.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Videos about how trips to Belarus ended in 2003 with Lukashenko fight are out(one circulated) and I do like to get ahold of one thank you

@Jean-Claude Van Damme - it would be really nice if you could please hand me that video about Lukashenko or to have one published for me. Thank you

LEE HARVEY OSWALDS IN THE WHITE HOUSE(27 years of incompetent losers - bums) AND AMERICA BEST: How trips to Belarus ended in 2003 exact incident description of meeting with Lukashenko and two KGBs who brought me to him for MK Ultra terror game

You had your awkward nervous laughters and thats OK because I will keep few special memories about some of you for the rest of my life too ,)