Sunday, September 26, 2021

I never turned back to girl from what most likely is Arnhem as you Angela told me I threw her under wagon like everyone else

 in 1997/1998 - William would come to do trade in Slovenia(had me right next to him) and profits with eastern Europe according to him were simply unbelievable - skyrocketed. However, for each occasion whenever brought one of the patrons who brought me took financial responsibility for Slovenian caretakes to compensate - yes, Slovenian caretakers(MK Ultra staff from Slovenia) on each and every occasion demanded money for taking me around and patrons took turn on compensation issues. 

Little did William knew about mistreatment that went on while he was busy signing deals/contracts. It was by Milan Kučan selected people he and other patrons were paying for - it was nothing but beatings which despite my holding on too as he asked me to once he realized what went on(William told me to keep silent and patient for him to sign as many as possible deals on what he promised with get me out of cahoots) never ever changed - so I finally drew conclusion out in 2002/2003 that all of you were up to no good and whole thing was for me just a waste of life. Then yes, I decided to threw you all under the wagon by

displaying obnoxious behavior as a warning - but never truly threw you under the wagon as you all know very well. Frankly in 2016 since I was deeper than deep in cahoots, I had to change strategy(state what Pahor, Kučan, Putin etc. wanted to hear from me and departed to Belarus) or face death as you super billionaires all who left me in there for dead know very very well, but nobody ever threw anyone under the wagon. You used me again as a human test piglet./dummy.

William, however, faced increasingly other problems next to mine - inner family circles. In 2002 I started to intimidate him about his idea to buy used older cars and used them to transport to vacations to Adriatic his wife Maxima and kids as "crazy - insane unsafe etc." and all turned into worst. Idea which now I like even myself ;) 

In the peek of idiotism, I was acknowledge in 2010 by some whose names will not name as someone who doesn't even know what goes in and compared to Lewis Armstrong, but insult were to many to count. Nice reminder Guardian "journalists"

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