Saturday, September 25, 2021

Mr. Milan Kucan was audio recorded who knows how many times if

 Not also video recorded in 1995, 1996, 1997 at the begining of this case inviting in killing of whites in South Africa. With NATO intervention prior to which mister Kucan obtained his ideas from Russo Serbian convicted war criminals who used to come to Slovenia to collect envelopes with $$$ for the

sake of massacre in Bosnia and Croatia, east finally agreed to stop inviting openly in massacre if whites in South Africa and on closer cooperation with West in respect to human rights in South Africa. Kucan Pahor could well well themselves next to Putin Lukashenko in Hague court for crimes against humanity at home and even abroad. We will see how song goes.

Just for you to understand know in 1995/1996, I did sting operation known as kill the white man in South Africa when brought to Slovenia all myself - not British babies William not Harry. They claimed was a human rights success like no other. Audio recordings of kill the white man wanted.

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