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Monday, July 30, 2018

I am done asking/bagging - searching for a safe place

For one time in life, I have to think about myself.

National resistance of Slovenia(Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije) is for me national disgrace

There to murder(divide and even celebrate RussoSerbian chetnik movement against Slovenian natives - actually hide chetnik's movement behind red star while celebrating stolen from people's WWII victory) - not unite our people.
Note to Kaczynski who gestured me on how Poland will not help me if I mention name MILAN KUČAN....he didn't say what you see above because he risked anything, he said it because Tito wanted him to state as seen here as his politician. 

Poland, Ukraine, Czech Rep., Slovakia etc. are today in war with Russia just as Serbia is in war with Slovenian and Croat(and Bosnian and Kosovo) people...

You can download my blog and hopefully share one with others(there are two files total - make sure to scan them for government's virus).

You have my permission to do so, but you must not charge any money for any of my material(either videos or blogs).

Če imate v rokah dokaz o mojem primeru MKULTRA, se je najbolje vsesti v avto in še ta hip pripeljati na Krko 1(prva hiša na levi strani - ograjena)

Časa je manj kot eno samo dopoldne...potem ga ni več.

For Slovenian taxpayers

Milan Kučan gestured me on how they have successfully transferred wealth(have stolen about 40 billion USD from Slovenian taxpayers) to Serbia sometimes in 2005-2006(when I returned officially back in end of 2006, Janez Janša was riding arround in helicopter with his 30 years younger fiance)

Milan Kučan have even posted his own police officer in Novo mesto police(may be his relative) to self assure on how I will not mention his name in respect to this very case - is from Celje and is one of the investigators(if you say something against me, he will be the one taking care of you").

They also had me tortured in psychiatric hospital Maribor thanks to Danilo Turk.

I am repulsed by fact that Slovenian national resistance which member I am was the most viscous against me under MKULTRA - was brought to to castle(near psychiatric hospital) near mental hospital Ljubljana Polje where Zoran Janković bragged me on how I will do exactly as told and if not how am dead(how he knows Putin personally etc.).

According to Dr. Bornstein in 2006, MKULTRA ended with my going to some other European country(most likely Poland) where I was also destroyed by system

Neighbor Miroslav Berger gestured to Dr. Bornstein on how I do have time two days when receiving letter and Dr. Bornestin gestured me on how I should still try to obtain proofs therefore...

Dr Bornstein also gestured me repeatedly on how I will state his involvement on case which he will simply decline.

Either way, I am dead walking man.

Going forward with advertisement for MKULTRA proof is a no no in Slovenia for Slovenian government(too bad I didn't filmed myself under MKULTRA and too bad am not willing to deny my existence under such circumstances)

Slovenia is a murderous Kaliningrad #2 state

Slovenian court acts very fast when convenient for Ljubljana's RussoSerbian elites - acts to KILL/MURDER

Exactly to MKULTRA scenario - it is truth - I will not get to keep even my laptop which I have purchased for 400 Euros(stolen again just as parts for the car were - by Slovenian police). They have just rated me for dead walking man and will not be allowed to collect proof about MKULTRA. Slovenian court which sends me NEW MENTAL HOSPITAL'S HOSPITALISATION letter(I have just hand signed for one) in which I am acknowledged by several Slovenian "experts" as insane(prohibits me to talk about MKULTRA - calls MKULTRA delusions) notes that I have two days time to respond on one and at the same time that one already decided on how I must go back in mental hospital.
Its how Slovenian(Kaliningrad #2) judicial system operates.

Here are details and I was right even about this - Janez Ogulin even suggested me under MKULTRA that letter is already written and will only be given to me whenever they will deem its the right time for them to do so...

NATO IS IN BED WITH RUSSIA(totally) !!! Vladimir Putin is a neonazi fascist beast just as Russia became fascist state

Don't you guys who are quietly hiding behind red stars(communist symbols) and are watching silently what is happening feel a bit embarrassed !!??????

Here is yet another proof of MKULTRA - fact for which I was told will be the case is the case...
Germany is not only financing Russian war against Eastern Europe by purchasing oil from one, they also decline to release Leopard 3 model - Russian tanks are way faster what Putin rationalized me is important when taking over larger territories(UKRAINE) and can hit on distance of 7 km(technology given to Russians by USA/Germany/GB - possibly even France) and would deliberately not release same for own tanks...meaning that NATO leaders DELIBERATELY stall/sabotage own members and allies...

Psychiatrist Vesna Švab and her husband(also psychiatrist) just deeper and deeper in problems - totally lost in space


It started in the morning with mother who claimed to have received phone call from someone asking her on home number if they(she also clarifies that it was "she" and not "they":) should just take flyers to police station...

I couldn't understand irrational gestures - I have even placed my own telephone number on flier to make things easy for all...why would anyone bother with home number which wasn't even listed anywhere...mother who claimed to how she is concerned for me, changed tune to how she doesn't want to insult me and then she tried to insult me by calling me names etc...I knew immediately that "she" was psychiatrist Vesna Švab.

At about 1500 hours, I had small talk with niece's husband Mitja Veber who gestured me that murderer Valt Jurečič was his main teacher at Solski Center....nice, I don't mind him at all since all is audio recorded(also sarcastically asked me "since am so smart, why I don't go for politician" - the answer to that is because am not stupid - all the politicians went in politics for the sake of money...in my case going in politics, however, would mean to lose one...politicians who made money in politics, exited world of politics sooner than latter).

And then it went on like this
I don't know just how many people I have met so far(A LOT - probably over 100 families), but I didn't have any issues yet as seen on this photo...people were so far all nice with me.

Very long, but very very successful day

Water meter(ordered as new from ebay) also arrived opened(have video recorded this fact) and broken. My neighbor Kolenc insisted under MKULTRA on how I should go and purchase aquarium water tester like the one he has for his fish(does he still have aquarium or if he ever had one I have no clue) instead. This water tester, however(arrived one month and ten days ago) was again exchanged or repaired and may be again working(same was the case with both cameras - idea was to make me say publicly something and then again burglarize my room and change item).

My parents only drink carbonated water from the store and one with high blood pressure shouldn't drink one, but I took chance - since yesterday.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Regarding Mike Pompeo

He was present from 2004 on almost every trip to Europe along with Trump and is yet another Russian tool in collection of American traitors. His public "anti Russian" gestures should be disregarded(are worthless) because he shouldn't be in the office anyways...same as the case is with Roshen(Poroshenko - chocolate king).

US senators must wake up to reality before it gets too late for Eastern Europe or come out clean and admit for entire US Gov. to be in bed with Putin. 

Poland and Ukraine should insist on answers in respect to issues mentioned here.

Criminal Russian terrorist to finally depart Ecuadorian Embassy in London - Trump(yet another Russian tool) disinterested in obtaining justice in respect to his leaks

His news as I have stated when I started compared to mine was/is joke(is a regular scam artist who was used to boost/inflate Russian lies).
There is tunnel under this embassy which was/is used by Assange. This was at least CIA's information given to me and I repeat one again. 


Assange's involvement in world of affairs was crucial for anarchy(destabilization of the world) used to place Trump in the white house as well as for Russian aggression(occupation) of Ukraine. Assange became multimillionaire via bitcoin investments(again related to Russia).

VIDEO - Radiation source(ONE MORE) found in ground area blew away even radiation meter reader

Video can be also seen at  OR https://youtu.be/_6faFjDuJaU OR OR   OR  OR



VIDEOS - Android 170 microteslas radiation directed energy attack stalking and more(deadly radiation points in the house exposed).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

4 of 4 Android 170 microteslas radiation directed energy attack stalking and more

Video can be also seen at  OR https://youtu.be/6D4f_Y5KvME  OR   OR   OR  OR

3 of 4 Android 170 microteslas radiation directed energy attack stalking and more

Video can be also seen at  OR https://youtu.be/caErubDpVy0  OR OR   OR  OR

Not even Putan Putanowich appreciates Russian people in Russia - he wants to substitute them with Aryan Afrikaners(Germans and Dutch) .

Russians alone can't stand themselves due to racial differences(they are ready to eat one another within Russia) - why should we then !!?????

Rivlin's two faced ZIOFASCIST visit on Balkans - this may cost Israel big time(it is far from closed deal between Israel, Russia, and Serbia - just anything can happen here and this includes total military defeat of Serbia from the map on the Balkans).

He visited Jasenovac memorial together with his Croatian counterpart what was the right thing to do...he urged Croatia do deal with fascist past of which symbols are sometimes displayed in public by extremists(much lesser than in other parts of the world, but still he is right about it), but he totally failed to address with the same Serbia a day latter when meeting with Serbian chetnik Aleksandar Vučič - Serbia is by far the most fascist and hateful country in the world and not only on Balkans. Serbia has ethnic problem TODAY(not only have they had one much prior to WWII with Croats and other nations, but we are talking about today) in 2018 with native/ethnic Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians, Kosovo people, Macedonians, Bulgarians, Roimanians, Hungarians and so on...Rivlin as if he doesn't know what word chetnik and Vojislav Šešelj represent appears to me the state of Israel as more and more hateful(hostile - ZIOFASCIST state) nation toward Slavic nations(not only toward real Semites) and its something Croatia, Poland, Ukraine and others(whole Europe) should take note of it...we should reject double standards from anybody - specially as those are used via global main stream media owned by Israel to promote Russian and Serbian aggression against other nations.

2 of 4 Android 170 microteslas radiation directed energy attack stalking and more

Video can be also seen at  OR https://youtu.be/MlDNFWiSGnw  OR OR   OR  OR

1 of 4 Android 170 microteslas radiation directed energy attack stalking and more

Video can be also seen at  OR https://youtu.be/9yVyS_EL388  OR OR   OR  OR

Poland not happy with Russian aggression on Ukraine - condemns Moscowian red-coated gestapo's annexation attempt of Crimea

From thenews.pl:

Thursday, July 26, 2018

WWIII is a perfect game for you and your family

WWIII is widely and wildly advertised on Facebook, so get involved...pick sides which you will support to bomb your towns now...
My question for Mr. Zuckerberg is what have you done more in this world...good or bad !!?????

Pompeo played along with Trump and Russians all along as well

Yet another loser involved in MKULTRA. Hopes he bites the dust with Trump as soon as possible.

US politics is rotten as ever...hope things get back on track. Thorough cleanup is necessary.

Flush Pompeo down the toilet as far as am concerned.

Didn't like this type of attitude - NOT A GAME FOR PEOPLE MR. POMPEO(perhaps for you Pompeo, but for us is matter of life and death) - Pompeo defends Trump foreign policy in hearing, even if he can’t say what it is

Senators have the right(a DUTY) to ask...

Mike Pompeo shows finger in Putin's nose - states that US will never ever recognize occupied Crimea as part of Russia

Looks like special incentives for terrorists from Moscow and Belgrade are off the table. 

I have great videos coming, but can't do all at the same time...

Neighbor was so good that he repeated yet again stalking(yesterday) with use of direct energy weapons and I just happened to have detector turned on and have video recorded attack(followed me for about one kilometer and blasted me with radiation that went up to 20 microteslas).

Neighbor Dane Kolenc trained his son Matjaž Kolenc on use of such weapons and one knows about them even more(both are at home running "businesses" - they do part time or I should say along what was described on this news site).

Dane Kolenc became a trainer for others in field of these deadly weapons and I was suggested under MKULTRA on how he and his son will simply obtain new residence(with new names - new IDs) in Serbia if necessary via Serbian terrorist Aleksandar Vučič.

Lets see what will it be.

Novi letaki v Slovenskem jeziku - new flyers - just more work, but it will pay off big time

I printed them today at the local postal office(I demonstrate just to make sure, so no one will come up with idea that I am distributing something else to the people)....
Printed today in Novo mesto's postal office. Natisnjeno danes na pošti Slovenije.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Video v Slovenskem jeziku - Nagrada za video/audio posnetke(dokaze) o spodaj opisanemu(MKULTRI) izživljanju znaša dva miljona Evrov

Video in English - Reward for your audio/video recordings of MKULTRA torture is 2 million Euros

Borut Pahor(SLOVENSKI STALIN) is a burglar expert

Specialized in burglaries per Belgrade/Moscow. They have teams specialized in house burglaries to eavesdrop and surveillance people.

Slovenia shouldn't be in European Union nor in United Nations...

No right to electronic equipment of any kind and attacked heavily inside the what should be home

Two laptops turned into deadly radiation machines - same with three new androids...attacked with directed energy weapons at times that I would need 11/12 hours to gather myself(overcome confusion and physical obstacles)...

Surveillanced via micro-cameras 24/7...

Where the f*** am I !!?????

This is Slovenia !!?????? No it is not...they only do and have DONE things like to Russian people in Russia under Stalin and in old Jugoslavia(Serboslavia). Its where Pahor got an idea and compass(direction) for so called "independent" Slovenia...

Borut Pahor gestured on how he will use this case to example to others what will be done with them if they will oppose creation of new Serboslavia(Belgrade).

No longer will use laptops as both laptops are severe health hazards

Have no computer to work on...you are welcome to donate whatever..

I have handed laptop to Slovenian criminals in blue uniforms on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 and never ever heard from them again

Perhaps criminals want to keep also laptop...its really nothing but thuggery and criminality when it comes to Novo mesto's police station. Slovenian police should be thrown out of International Police Association and Slovenia(Kremlin - Belgrade satellite) out of European Union.


Android has 170 Microteslas of radiation(all three androids are ruined beyond belivable)

Video coming...my measurements were wrong(although alarming) as I failed to measure also telephone(3G - internet data) signal...

This telephones blow radiation equivalent to microwave inside of the kitchen....when I use them, my blood pressure explodes and is same with laptop - I was also told this is what the case would be.

There may not even be chlorine in our water system any longer as I reminded myself on how they warned me about changes which would take an effect...there is most likely another chemical that is used and possibility exist on poisoning(high blood pressure skyrocketing) via deodorants(its also what they have talked about).

Monday, July 23, 2018

Rear of the head hurts badly

High blood pressure is blowing...I have to go to town(walk 4 km) because local Intesa sanpaolo bank doesn't allow me to use either debit card(prepaid visa card) or even personal account for paypal/ebay(its what Serbian woman claimed I could when I opened account there - her story changed now into no).

I was hit this morning(entire night) with direct energy weapons - boy, I tell you I barely function

I don't know what to say here any more...head hurts.

Neighbor was so good that he hit me several times with microwave weapon even when I video recorded whole thing(not to prove that something is going on or to help, but to confuse on issue per what was/is used).

I see this as extreme form of violence.

At one time meter indicated even over 1180 microteslas, but I didn't have meter ready on max settings to record radiation

It is reasonable to believe that they operate whole thing remotely. Video coming...

Have found location that blew over 528 microteslas

Thats about 5280 times more than what your laptop should radiate...
Radiation then almost disappeared - went down to 30 microteslas and so I think there is something inside of the wall(in garage under my room upstairs) that is remotely operated.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Ukrainian people should acknowledge fact on how there is nothing to be proud about when it comes to so called "white nationalism"(white is broad term used when nazis need broad support from otherwise have considered even as material fit for extermination - this is what we Slavs were listed for time and again) and embrace prosperous Western type of democracy along with Poland.

David Duke and Don Black lambasted anyone willing to assist Ukrainian people during Russian aggression against them...the two murderous neonazis who were involved in MKULTRA were constantly along the table when top US Government politicians dealt with Russians...mutual plan was to rebuild USSR regardless of sacrifice Ukrainian people have suffered from Russia in the past(two criminals criticized and blamed for it all a communism and Stalin, but not bloody reality which brought and would bring even more suffering/death to Ukrainian people)

How packages were opened

Klobučar have most likely supplied my personal packages to Mitja Veber and Dane Kolenc and from there those either did or not arrived to our house(often times destroyed and often times those didn't even arrive).

Borut Pahor has also personal criminal employed at the local postal office(main distribution center for Novo mesto region) and neighbor Dane Kolenc is the one who played/plays with fruit poisoning

Exact chemical used to boost high pressure was most likely also chlorine.
I remember very very well neighbor Dane Kolenc(with his son Matjaž) one evening going out to the Krka bridge and use exactly what you see bellow to poison greengage fruits and apples. It was when Dr. Bornstein(we were returning from Otočec recreational area) warned me about danger, but I really didn't care about it all...intelligent Dr. Bornstein insisted to tell him what color sprayer was to make me remember incident and to suggest me to not eat fruits along the road.

Russian terrorist Butina met even with U.S. Treasury(not only NRA), Fed officials(criminal Lavrov fricks out when she gets caught - ORDERS USA to let terrorist go immediately)

Russian terrorism became so flagrant that Kremlin lost track of its mind(they became totally deluded on reality and are holding on to US just as drunk holds onto fence)....

Kremlin is trying to protect(shield) top AmeroRussian terrorist(traitor and total disgrace) whom I have exposed personally...

Eyes of the terrorist are huge, but this murderous Russian spy is not running from Russia - rather FBI/CIA and international publicity for the sake of US(tarnished reputation as the two countries are in bed with one another and world knows it).

TOP EUROPEAN UNION NEONAZI DISGRACE IS ALSO IN BED WITH MURDEROUS KREMLIN: Juncker a personal friend of terrorist Putan Putanowich(just talk to Putin about Russian aggression on your country and don't worry).

Juncker(and Mogherini was) was also one of the clowns who would pay occasional visits to this house in Novo mesto where they held global neonazi meetings(plans for NWO). And as truth is coming out, drunk is lately more and more unstable on his legs...

Bizarre Kremlin's terrorist, however, claims how some powerful people in US sell their anti-Russian stance (related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2018/07/mad-tsar-putan-putanowchregular.html).

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin want to create a new world order - thank you

Real question is will Trump even last to next "summit" with Putin because people are wide awake. Not exactly what Moscow cronies(terrorists) in US have predicted...

From what I remember(what I was told Trump will do), Trump is dragging USA down economically and diplomatically for the sake of Russia...this is how far whole thing went...I do love IRS to thoroughly investigate Bush, McCain, Trump and other cronies in respect to private investment in Russia. WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH !!!

Mad "tsar" Putan Putanowch(regular demented terrorist neonazi rat) lashes at American people that powerful people in US sell their anti-Russian stance

And powerful people are therefore regular Americans who disapprove his mass killings of Ukrainians in Ukraine(over 10.000 slaughtered already, Eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea occupied as we speak)...powerful people are therefore people who disbelieve neonazism(its who gave him military arsenal for assault on Eastern Europe and who is buying oil from him today, so war against Ukraine and Poland can go on) and evil of USSR that murdered numerous people(incl 15 mil. Ukrainians - Russians today in the middle of the day are beaten up to death and jailed for expressing their opinion on streets of main Russian capital Moscow...planes are shot down from the skies and politicians killed in-front of Duma/Kremlin). And its this "powerful people" that are guilty because they disprove Russian terrorism accross the entire Europe as well as Northern America...not corrupt top
politicians(TRAITORS LIKE TRUMP, MCCAIN, BUSHES, OBAMAS, ROMNEY, GINGRICH, RON AND RAN PAUL AND SO ON) and demented Hollywood blowjob divas(McGregor clown, Gareth Southgate, Pamela Anderson along with Russian spy Julian Assange and so on), but regular people who are capable to utilize basic logic operations(understanding of what they see is happening - why all this - who is behind it all)....

Mariborčanka Polona Lah pove, "sLOVEnijo ste zavozili, pokradli in jo spremenili v ZLOvenijo'

40 Miljard Dolarjev je pokradel takoimenovani "Slovenski parlament" Slovenskim davkoplačevalcem in jih poslal kot nagrado za vojaško agresijo na Slovenijo, Hrvaško, Bosno, in Kosovo v smer Beograda...Beograjski lopovi za vrati parlamenta v Ljubljani pravijo da ni denarja za Slovenske Otroke...niti kovancev za varstvo otrok ne...

Trump campaign aide Carter Page was recruited by Russian terrorists

International neonazi terror network now butt naked(exposed)...seems that FBI/CIA had different plans than their corrupt Russian bosses.

Joe Biden sends message to neonazi terrorist in the White House: 'We're in the midst of an all-out assault on human dignity'

'We're in the midst of an all-out assault on human dignity': Joe Biden Good Morning America

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Message to London

Do not despair...see how much you can cash for Buckingham palace, Windsor castle and so on...if things get really bad, you can still sell Canada or Australia and then even your Range Rover(I really don't care - this was your verbal agreement and court will decide how much one is worth under circumstances you placed me in)...

Nagrada za video/audio posnetke(dokaze) o spodaj opisanemu(MKULTRI) izživljanju znaša dva miljona Evrov - Reward for your audio/video recordings of MKULTRA torture is 2 million Euros

Not as so called Slovenian communists gestured(Miroslav Berger's colleagues - just give us at least 50/60.000 Euros and you got it), but instead two million Euros.

This case is already at ICC and will be filed also with other courts. As soon as my case is admitted and I receive settlement, two million Euros are yours.

VIDEO IN ENGLISH http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2018/07/video-in-english-reward-for-your.html

VIDEO V SLOVENSKEM JEZIKU http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2018/07/video-v-slovenskem-jeziku-nagrada-za.html

I will more that just gladly award(and protect you if needed) someone who is brave enough to just give(secretly drop me as no one will ever know who/how/from where - whatever) me such important evidence in my hands because it will also add to value of my case.