Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Personal Putin's outlet Russia Today(RT.COM) states "Not Munich, Pearl Harbor or Yalta, just Helsinki"...but is it truth !!?????

The atmosphere to which we witness in public today, points out that public perception(view) of people involved in MKULTRA for the sake of global neonazi takeover plan is everything but what they gestured would be at this point/time...people are totally uninterested in their plan and more than willing to lynch them instead(just what exactly will these leaders do when truth about my MKULTRA case comes out)....

We are now at the stage when just as in WWII, truth about mass slaughter of Jews and Eastern Europeans came out to the West(its when Americans and Brits begun to read about what truly is happening behind German neonazi curtain in Europe) and you know what happened next...so "Munich, Pearl Harbor or Yalta" NOT, but Helsinki yess(perhaps even much more important as people globally and not corrupt media send their signal - message of their own) !!!

Not even 25% of Italians support what they supported in WWII(far far from what Macron, Berlusconi, royals, Merkel, and other anticipated case would be) and we are talking about Italy...forget France where most of people hate Macron...Poland is on alert and so are Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Great Britain, United States...Russian people are fed-up with dog alike treatment and want real changes(NOT aggression on brotherly neighbors, terrorism, unemployment, $139 per month wages/pensions)...China understand Putin's politic as "easy come, easy goes, and its whichever way wind blows"....
Not Munich, Pearl Harbor or Yalta, but Helsinki yeah(not "just", but instead "but" - make no mistake about it) Putin.

I bet on people and myself...truth no longer can be stopped and was(and would be) negotiated for...what they ran from so much is now becoming real obstacle(sleeping giant seems to have woken up now and real confrontation will begun).

From rt.com:

US pundits used terms like "Munich," "Pearl Harbor" and "treason" to describe the Helsinki Summit. In reality, it was a pretty harmless encounter which changed little.

MOSCOW - Gary Kasparov, the former Soviet chess grandmaster turned anti-Russia rabble-rouser, probably best conveyed the madness. "I'm ready to call this the darkest hour in the history of the American presidency," he tweeted. Now, just imagine reading that from Iraq, Vietnam or Hiroshima.

Please visit above link to access Putan Putanowch'sa personal news site...his article sounds to me very very cynical...

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