Friday, July 20, 2018

Have found Borut Pahor's Belgrade tool yesterday(ex schoolmate Robert Malnar who was used to intimidate/stalk/harass/police locals in respect to my case) in this very house when inquiring with locals for info(audio/video) on my case

He stepped out of the house with nothing but short underwear pants on him just as he promised he would do under MKULTRA(this would suggest sexual relationship between the two on which the two insisted under MKULTRA)
Serbian woman was presented to him under MKULTRA by Vucic's team sometimes in 2000/2001(Vucic populated/raped our Krka village with Serbs and thave appointed even in local Fishing club Serbs as president to have complete/total control of my life in my Slovenian hometown) and these people insisted on how they would not only abduct me, but even assassinate me if I would disclose what he was used for(he was part of Serbian Russian torture staff under MKULTRA and to even intimidate locals).

Is she even his real wife is questionable as I have found Facebook profile with exact same name but one is pointing in direction of Gabrje/Brusnice area..
House where I have found Robert Malnar(my ex schoolmate from Solski Ceter Novo mesto). Robert Malnar I am talking about has suffered severe burning as child. 

This terrorist is also armed and dangerous.

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