Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mad "tsar" Putan Putanowch(regular demented terrorist neonazi rat) lashes at American people that powerful people in US sell their anti-Russian stance

And powerful people are therefore regular Americans who disapprove his mass killings of Ukrainians in Ukraine(over 10.000 slaughtered already, Eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea occupied as we speak)...powerful people are therefore people who disbelieve neonazism(its who gave him military arsenal for assault on Eastern Europe and who is buying oil from him today, so war against Ukraine and Poland can go on) and evil of USSR that murdered numerous people(incl 15 mil. Ukrainians - Russians today in the middle of the day are beaten up to death and jailed for expressing their opinion on streets of main Russian capital Moscow...planes are shot down from the skies and politicians killed in-front of Duma/Kremlin). And its this "powerful people" that are guilty because they disprove Russian terrorism accross the entire Europe as well as Northern America...not corrupt top
politicians(TRAITORS LIKE TRUMP, MCCAIN, BUSHES, OBAMAS, ROMNEY, GINGRICH, RON AND RAN PAUL AND SO ON) and demented Hollywood blowjob divas(McGregor clown, Gareth Southgate, Pamela Anderson along with Russian spy Julian Assange and so on), but regular people who are capable to utilize basic logic operations(understanding of what they see is happening - why all this - who is behind it all)....

It is powerful people in US that sell their anti-Russian stance...why don't you believe me RRRRRRR...

Russia went from communism to neonazism - from one extreme to the other and this fact explains that Duma consists of mental patients no different from Putan putanowich incapable to govern even own affairs in their private lives...

From #1 media that covered and coves all Kremlin's blunder

There are powerful people in the US who steer the entire country on the path of confrontation with Russia, President Vladimir Putin warned, adding that the Kremlin must take this factor into account.

The warning came as Putin was addressing the senior members of the Russian diplomatic corps in Moscow. He spoke off the script to warn Russian ambassadors of the danger posed by Russia-haters in America.

"We can see forces in the United States, which would easily sacrifice Russian-American relationship for the sake of their ambitions in domestic political struggle in America. They would sacrifice the interests of the US business, which loses contracts and ties in Russia, US jobs, few as they may be, that rely on Russian-American cooperation,” Putin said.

These forces "would sacrifice the interests of their allies in Europe and in the Middle East, including the state of Israel... They would sacrifice their own security.”

He explained the latter point, saying that a lack of work on continuation of the New START nuclear arms limitation treaty between the US and Russia will result in its automatic expiry.

“We were taught that a statesperson should always prioritize core interests of his or her nation above everything else. Not so in this case. We see the forces in the US, who put their narrow group and party interests above those of their nation. Our satirists would describe them as ‘pathetic puny people’. But they are neither. On the contrary, they are quiet powerful, if they can swindle millions of their countrymen to buy stories that would not normally stand to reason,” Putin said.

The president added his warning was not meant to scold anyone, but as an instruction to the diplomatic corps to take the existence and influence of such forces into account during their work.

“Such are the facts of life for us today,” Putin stressed, before going back to his scripted speech.

The apparent improvisation comes days after Putin met US President Donald Trump in Helsinki, after which the American leader came under fire at home as critics accused him of caving in to Putin and selling out US interests. Trump later deflected the criticism, saying that people who hate him would rather see the two nations engaged in a shooting war than see him get along with Putin.

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