Sunday, July 22, 2018

Kremlin is trying to protect(shield) top AmeroRussian terrorist(traitor and total disgrace) whom I have exposed personally...

Eyes of the terrorist are huge, but this murderous Russian spy is not running from Russia - rather FBI/CIA and international publicity for the sake of US(tarnished reputation as the two countries are in bed with one another and world knows it).

What real intentions of CIA/FBI(real or fake) are will be seen from this very case as individual is nothing more than dangerous/subversive rat which represented Kremlin in USA and even Russia against abducted and tortured American citizens in Russia(such was the case of my own). Related to

When you flash cockroaches at night with flashlight, what do they do !!???? Am I correct Kremlin(regular ISIS is what you are - terrorist pit) !!????

From number one Putin's personal outlet located in Kremlin's basement

Russian prosecutors have named the former US ambassador in Moscow as a person of interest in an investigation – and Michael McFaul appears to be quite unnerved. He seems to think Russian President Vladimir Putin is after him.

McFaul, who served as US envoy to Russia during Barack Obama’s presidency, proudly claims to be Putin’s personal foe. But now he is apparently pretty spooked about the possibility that the Russian leader took a personal interest in him and spoke about him with US President Donald Trump in Helsinki.

and so on blah blah blah....

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