Monday, September 16, 2019

The only question I have for Elon Musk is

what do you see when you step infront of the mirror !!????

Was told under MKultra not to purchase Fiat in Poland

that is no good and one that looks Belarus, during 2017 Russians were along with Germans disturbed about Japanese auto makers(Belarussians brainwashed on how I would be seen as traitor if I would even look at Mazda 323 which they parked locally - same was stated to me under MKultra torture case would be for American made vehicles as well, but not German) - through brainwash demanded from me purchase of German vehicle.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Luckily for me in real life I never counted on German help

It was so horrific at times under MKulktra that I wouldn't know in my own body who I was...but allways funny to them(sooooo funny you know...terror is sooo funny...sooo funny that it turned via forced unemployment into real psychiatric torture). NOTHING TILL YOU PROVE.

If I did counted on German help(other than blocking my claim on EU court for human rights - THEY ARE BEST AT THAT NO DOUBT), I would turn into bones already long time ago...

I became a US citizen before Musk(even his year of arrival to US matches mine) and Melania Knavs

I don't know how dare you treat another human beings like this.

He built his entire life in US through to me.

AFRIKANSE AWB was knocking on my doors and baging for help almost on entry to US since day A there.

I will revive your INCONVINIENT NOW MEMORIES about who I am and who you dealt with.

YEAR 2002 - Polish state locked me inside of the psychiatric hospital - Psychiatric Hospital. J. Babinski

Elon Musk to me, "don't you ever forget view outside of this window...what they did is a crime and we protest right now to get you out of here"...



Going inside of my wallet at work had as consequence my loosing

Romancatolic cross and Maria stored afterwars in portable phone bag. Stealing debit card online login info. and PESEL at Lodzka 58 had consequence of my loosing Win8 login info which I changed...

Poland of today is by far worse than what communist Cuba was. Pokiuce here feels can go inside of someone wallet at any time.

Deeply deeply disturbing.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

He is you and you are him - two NEONAZI bogaboons arguing about who is what is

The two were in bed with one another. In Poland and in Moscow with one another. Schwarzenegger heavily involved in my my MKultra case as I already explained already in Slovenia and in super details.

I cite Trump, "I will be replaced only by the one who will cover my ass and as a president I get the right to even chose on who that will be".

😁looks like two are replacing one another for already quite some time...

I was in Ukraine many many times

I knew locations of coworkers...their homes how those looked like(even on inside) and cities and so on...its how foreign investements arrived and have proofs for here stated.


Lodz Auchan sale - several int. MKultra staffers present

Are according to MKultra employed also in Lodz - they come and go international connection for poland(possible even Auchan distribution int dpt. or Auchan supliers).

Italian girl which stood next to me in area with kitchen appliances(pans) was according Italian gov. a daughter of Italian industrialist - pan maker. American British couple(girl Brit.) in their early 40s and German guy(black beard) for whom I assumed was Turkish under MKultra with his little daughter(probably 4 years old now) were present...

Sunday, September 8, 2019

International MKultra folks started to re appear :)))

 in support. Met Italian doughter of pan maker, German guy, and Brit Amer couple in Carfour the other day :)))

Thank you for that matter. Poland just as any other country needs good people which will love one as is and help to their best abilities to our people to catch step with developped world.

I most strictly condemn Russian American neonazi views on Poland as seen here


Vladimir Zhirinovsky, veteran lawmaker: 
— “All textbooks need to specify once and for all: Poland is the main culprit of the start of World War II.” 
— “It was Europe that nurtured Hitler against the U.S.S.R. and Poland was among those who applauded Hitler. It shot itself in the foot.”
Zhirinovsky was involved in MKultra and is a German spy - I remember one even obtained either a bank loan or so via German involvement. There is a social engineering taking plkace against Russians today in Russia. Racism nazism division hatred at all time peek high and I condemn one as much as one can be condemned. Zhirinovsky has a strong connection with Donald Trump as both exhtorted Poland with thgeir views on WW2. Zhirinovsky gestured would release such news when I would release video(was twice deleted from Facebook by whoever) in respect to 2007 car assasination plot in Slovenia on which parts seller with Polish last and first name appeared on German internet - the only one which offered parts for US made Mazda market. One collected money for parts(over 500$) and begun to exhtort even Austrian aunt and ucle who was on dead bed at the time for more money. 
My mothers first words when seeing her in person after 11.5 were I cite, "you are American spy...give me your American passport now" (year 2006). Poland doesnt hate Americans - we all know who does.
I call ALL REAL Americans to condemn White House's neonazi treaitor and salute Polish unwillingness to give in into hatred which burned Europe70 something years ago.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Moving to next location where people were already identified(week ago) with proofs

Location is right next to beautiful forest. Was told under MKultra to place online this photo when doing so...
Zagajnikowa 24☺

This is where things will get interesting in my opinion as well. Was also brainwashed under MKultra that old railtracks mean my departure from Poland - not so in my opinion as I am still eager to stay(extensive brainwash with listing me million reasons was presented to me on why on other side of Oder river is better incl old car purchasing)..

They knew about my fixing old laptop for last few days

they listen/watch what I do inside the room. These are provocations which intention is to dusturb individual. And damage his property as well from time to time to remind him whats all about.

I no longer visit Zgierzan police to report on whatever as I feel would be same as complaining to build. manager about vandalised/stolen property after one mugged you and had your propert vandalised/stolen. Why to bail them out of own dilemmas...crimes will be eventualy handed over to international authorities and will go from there. Polish 911 is burglar online.

16mm lock was britched this places like this one is stupid to own even a lock. Guess why so...

Animals hired by Zgierzan police at Lodzka 58 prove to have acces to my locks which I bought

They disconnected internal hard drive on laptop during my absence which was locked inside of the backpack(hostel room) to prove me mentioned fact.

Stolen bike in Grotnikih and so on...they had and have keys. Nice place.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

TOP MKULTRA LIES RELATED TO PSYCHOLOGIST: How far did sci fi b.s. go in respect to psychologist girl

According to MKultra would only be with me if I would manage to subdue Russians - well, till she would hurt me.

Would get with me in bed just to become my blog/video editor.

Told by bunch of Femi Polish women(yeah right😂😂) whom she commanded that I am p*** of s*** whom will marry on what I will be systematically destroyed. In fact that she will replace me once I succeed because they want someone to represent them on global stage that looks and feels Polish(ended with me being s***😂😂 good for nothing who has to serve her purpose).

Forced into impossible circumstances sorrounded by sexy females and fired by her for a single look of those only if "if" would appear anywhere(😂😂sure did Polish babes spread their legs wide everywhere in public for last 3 weeks - there were sites at postal office as well as elsewhere that would turn even heads arround/forget eyes😂😂😂).

For individual which attempted to intimidate physically, Zgierzan police insisted is related to Ukrainian extremists

Truth facts: Individual is Rusky.

Zgierzan police insisted in their MKultra blunder even on how I will be judged upon according to him in case I would affiliate with Ukrainian extremist - will be a test only they claimed😂😂😂


Today on August 31st, 2019 - manager commences for the first time arguments with them due to higiene(it was living with porks, alchohol, and threats with attempted intimidation - even physical violence was involved). IT WAS SAME IN GROTNIKIH WHERE OWNER EMPLIYED SAME TACTICS FOR 9 MONTHS AND CHANGED FEW DAYS BEFORE I LEFT TO COVER UP AFILIATION WITH THEM. 

Lodzka 58 - can call one instead small Russia

Epic failiures listed one after another incl. today. Upper floor as well as lower one about 80% Russians from Ukraine. Single story building adjacent to one I think is of real Ukrainians which fear Ruskies(cant blame them for in Poland hey😁😁😁).

Manager(Polish) 100% on Russian(lets just say Putin's side as is shame about what goes on) side. They are connected to someone "special" in vicinity.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

BIG neonazi plan falling appart fast - Trump in search for Melania's exit plan from political stage

Trump is agenda coming to a dead end; his problems not - those just begun. At no wonder, news seen here appeared. One could also indicate "all or nothing" option as I was told case will be, but first scenario is far more realistic.

END OF RACIST NEONAZI BIGOT DONALD TRUMP(he did pulled Polish state with him to bitter end do).

MKultra now mixed with real physical violence of some involved in one, denial of the right to register, no right to mail is a bit too much even for me

I do not endorse Poroshenko or Israel in any way with this video. "When if not now" (very self insecure and dirty - outright shizoidic controlling environment via caughing, load of females challanging even in totally unaceptable circumstances with all sorts of sexual issues - many from MKultra scenarios, baggers and so on) is also postponed to when done posting all audio recordings online if ever at all.

Burglarisement turned red button on in me as I do not wish to re experience Belarus 2017 yet again when brought for more torture to Poland from country which tortured in Poland and elsewhere via single female. Creepy light in room deliberately so you can get real feel about Russo Polish shizo state.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Zgierzan police uses Russians from Ukraine to engage in domestic violence

Mentioned police officer(his son is in Norway) have build case with Ukrainian citizen which ran from Ukraine 5+ years ago. He(I understand - both were involved in MKultra) even obtained some papers with Polish authorities about being persecuted in Ukraine(not difficult to do as all depends from region and people involved).

Is desplaying angry shizophrenic behavior in hostel which expanded today in his pushing my head with his(got in my face as have used his forehead to push mine on several occasions since insults nd threats didnt work).

There are at least three  other Russians from Ukraine at this place with him and manager itself serves their purpises to best of her abilities(she even gestured under MKultra in case I would turn against Russians things wont work out for me).

When you pass beyond verbal violence, I no longer can guarantee your well being as far as resteaining myself from use of force. Was adviced to keep distance or otherwise.

Considering fact that ZGIERZAN POLICE used these very same individuals for MKultra purposes, it is safe to conclude they allow themselves quite a lot.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Good chance exists Donald Trump alone(Putin 100%) is as well schizophrenic

Just read article

I cite from article, "national emergency, 300-500 billion, trillion...".

No doubt THE CHOSEN ONE " president" is mentally sick, but I had no clue its so severe. China(enslaved by Western capital since times of opium war) eventually managed to become develloped over time thanjs to work. Coming up with agressive racist statement like this rathervthan increasing import taxes if needed, clearly suggests above stated.

American psychiatrists have already defined Donald Trump as national emergency and if American people won't act soon, there will be one in the country.

America became supervcwealthy country thanks to China which performed for one as well as for Western Europe a FREE labor/workforce. American companiues Hewlett Packard, Compaq etc. FORTUNATE to invest in Chinese heaven. US military built parts in China foir most suffisticated weapons, Trump alone took stolen from US taxpayers money to China yet he insults one with schizophrenic statrements rather than act as required.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Trump is blackmailing British Royals

They lure people like Andrew to video record them as is evident from media and entire families are destroyed. Andrew FAR from Trump/Epstein dealings. Nowhere even near.

Trump(far far worse than Epstein) was warned by FBI on time and have left - others didnt have clue what was about to happen.

He too will pay for his loyalty with death - Epstein and many others not alone

I campagned for Trump in 2015/2016 as well - cost was enormous, but not as big as the one now coming for him. What Mr. Cohen stated are plane facts. Mr. Cohen is listed as good to go(killed unless somehow miraculously saved - deserves to be saved in my opinion) inside of prison system.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Was offered to stay at present location for longer time

very nice of my landlord. Thank you

VIDEO FACTS ABOUT CASE - Who did poisoning radiation in Grotnikih bent new glass frames(why play with glass lenses which were ruined - Kaczynski dreamed about one in 2003 already) stolen bank info punctured bike tire during purchase process of tires via internet Colorado Criss's(I understand Trump's son out of wedlock) adventures

Video part one(1) can be also seen at

There is possibility owners of this busenes have used another facility to confuse me about developpment of one via MKultra(entire history of building which I claim to know - I can break one with detailed description of what went on in there before one turned into what is today unless I was lied about), but keep in mind that I identified neighbor accross the street and am willing to take chance on one(ask questions about how it all developped into huge building). Video part two(2) can be also sen at

Police officer from Zgierz's headquarters(his son is in Norway he didn't mind to reminded me when we met at police station in 2018) took me several times across town in 2015 via MKultra procedure and have insisted on my using bike as well as being video monitored 24/7 in the future when brought to Zgierz. About Chris's(go to our original audio in English at Mc Donalds in Zgierz - its how Chris remineded me on agreement between the two - if Donald is his real father and US government didn't lied) new short hair style KEEP IN MIND THAT I MOST LIKELY WOULD IDENTIFY CHRIS'S MOTHER IF PHOTO WOULD BE SHOWN TO ME AND MORE !!! There is nowhere to run.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Rather than being thrown out of EU, Poland should face severe financial fines for criminal conducts

I don't care about brainwash in Poland in respect to exclusion of EU member state for violating laws/treaties which I was forced to go over when I thought I have the right to apply for protection in one from Slovenia/Serbia/Russia...if Poland beleives cores of EU that apply to normal logic can be defied in a face of the people domestically and abroad of EU, one should also pay fincially for it. If inconvinient for Poland, one should seek membership in another union whatever and wherever that may be(out of EU and in union where stuff like this is legal).

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Poland is siturated with Russians from Ukraine

From Ukraine yes, but nit Ukrainian. They pose in hostels and at work as Ukrainians misbehaving, but Ukrainians alone are affraid of them.

Their job is disinfo(spread lies)  dissemination about individual(also propaganda) within Ukrainian society in Poland.

When with Americans in Zgierz, they had hard issues knowing who is what - at least they acted that way. Alchohol and staring down in floor when offering handshakes which they dont confirm with firm hanshake, but rather loosy one(open palms too)....then laughter. Repeated to me with every "Ukrainian" in hostel since day A in Zgierz. Its well organized bullying rather than help on which Americans and Polish police insisted would be(here is whom they entrusted me under MKultra) Done in a such a way that if one wouldnt know who is would turn against Ukraine on a heartbit.

Valerio(Belarus KGB hosted again in Grotnikih) stated about them in 2015 loughingly I cite, "good luck with them.. we are not worried about them even a bit" - he knew very well what he was talking about. REAL Ukrainians complained to me in 2010 or so they were interogated by Russian FSB already on Ukrainian trains/busses when returning back to Ukraine.

Yes yes from Ukraine, but not Ukrainian.

Rooms are cheaper in Germany too

Not only cars, but rooms are cheaper as well. Easily you can find room/studio in Germany where minimum pay is 40 Zloty an hour(9+ Euros per hour min 1557 Euros per mnth) for 150/250 Euros per month. Not bad when compared to 11/13 Zloty an hour(job requires also 12 hour work from 6am to 1800 first and then from1800 to 0600 hours next day and then 2 days off and so on➡️no work regulations, but instead injury is enforced) and 150 Euros room along which some 50.000 or more cars passes bye each day...

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Putin can also boast about having Europe’s Largest Prison - its really a city where Russians are ongoingly beaten up(abused/tortured) before facing "trials"(already worse than USSR was or not yet !!!???)
200 hospitalized at once...forget about "superweapon", Putin has more going on...

Failled Russiaan president shizoid blows several of his scientists which were testing something Putin already gestured publicly two years ago was in service

If it wasn't for few deaths, it would have been quite funny news. Seems that Moscowian shizoid is more and more depressed with his pilled up billions of Dollars which he has stolen from Russian taxpayers and via bribes from abroad. After riding bike with several well tatooed and titted duds in Crimea, he is fresh fore new beginnings(😆😆). Kalaboommmwhshshsh

Not everything is so wrong in Russia do...some save themselves from doomsdays by landing in cornfileds and are afterwards regaled with Putin's medals 😂😂😂😂

Laptop battery seems was mugged as well at Grotniki's immigration center and external hard drive sipped with sugar/sand

brand new laptop's battery bought in 2018 used twice the most has now 10/15 time before dies and sugar+sand were used to fill well protected external hard drive. This is specially protected hard drive which had no sand or anything even when opened, but when first layer of protection was removed, it was quite evident what Russian Chechen terrorists anticipated. Both operations were done for me to use them in future - I have no way to identify damage in Grotnikih on either of the two, but before use, I did luckily checked situation(hd would go bad if used).

Battery cost was 50 Euros(yet another 200 Zloty) aznd is composed of 18500 cells which seems were replaced by whatever - will open one(they also broke tip of battery to let me know what to expect and by whom was done - detected already in center before I left) and see what is in there...

90% of Chechens liked me and were good people(they even gave me food); however, 10%(not even 10% - perhaps 4individuals) complied with orders against me from Ruskies(Kaczynski). Those few had control(piramid)which was used to create fear environment over them as well.

When first brought to Zgierz from US, old Zgierzans wanted to lynch me without knowing anything about me

Two fascistoids brought me here in 2002(was here with Trump once only in1998) with their state staff members and all I heard was growling/yelling, "they want to kill him". Where is he...who is he what have he done etc...

Zgierz/Lodz were massacred by Germans(horror is what it was and elderlky couldnt get WW2 autrocities out of their minds) so I understand reaction. As much as this older Zgierzans searched for terrible neonazi(I was way younger than their SS counterparts from wehrmacht), they couldnt find one...and the more they searched the less neonazi was left till smiles replaced angered faces. I became a local sensation which attracted curiosity of numerous people from abroad and domestically.

As far as myself being German

Have nothing to do with one. Was seen as one by Slovenian Serbian shizo state since early childhood because of portion of family which lived in Austria - was also beated up by gangs of kiuds because of this often times as instructed by class teachers alone.

Shizofrenia is a rampant problem accross the Eastern Europe and problems are best hidden by those which suffer from them by pointing fingers in opposite direction from truth. Poland/ Belarus/ Russia/ Ukraine suffer from almost epidemic proportions of shizofrenia due to what they claim was WW2 struggle. Entire shizo villages exist in Belarus where I was brought under MKultra in 2000/2003 - I was told by Borut Pahor alone will be falsely marked by one so I could relate psychologicaly in the future to people who trully suffer from one as I would become prominent figure...

Germany did nothing good for me. Germany; however, created a lots lots of problems for me. While gesturing Polish women and CHRIS FROM COLORADO(Trump' s son out of wedlock was offered refuge in Germany in case one would need one in future - this is how much Germans were discusted with Trump's treatment of me) that one would take care of them if needed(Germans even stopped Ruskies from raping/killing few Polish women), but have never ever done a single thing for my sake - a fact.

As far as buying car in Poland as was anticipated

You first have to pay 130 Euros to junkjard when impoirting one from Germany due to garbage which country pilled up over decade and half. But its well worth

Warszawian fascistoids kept two options open in my MKultra case and will rather have me lose money(they try to cash with exhtortion whatever they can get) than to bring ine to Poland

Kaczurinski which somehow managed to get case to Poland(this was the death sentence for me and there is no doubt about that - whoever Scandinavian/ British/ Dutch/ German is that you betrayed me this way for everything I have done for you) had two things on his mind:

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fascistoids from Warszaw come clean about their suicidal intentions

will see if nation will continued to follow their steps. POLAND UNDER MKULTRA REFERRED TO ME AS RACIST/NEONAZI - DEMANDED FROM ME TO IMPREGNATE NON WHITE WOMEN, HAVE THREATENED ME WHEN REPEATEDKY VROUGHT TO POLAND BETWEEN 1998 TO 2015 WITH ABDUCTIONS TO RUSSIAN REPUBLICS OF CHECHNYA, KAZAKHSTAN, ISRAEL, IRAN, IRAQ, SYRIA, EGYPT...have had police officers pointing guns at me in abandoned buildings, have had Zgierz police engage in harassment/physical beating at Zgierz police headquarters and inside of the old courthouse(applies all to Zgierz), have had group of 14/15 years olds beat me up physically(kicking me in stomach - 2015 MKultra) incity known as Biala Podlaska(they greeted me in 2017 when I was on my way to Belarus to file political asylum...and much more if you can imagine more MKultra

Single 17 years old("IF" on the first place) is not OLDS

While wrong "IF", Donald Trump regularly engaged with his partner Epstein in beyond insane sessions. Forget about 17 years olds; look closer at incest picture to understand real genious behind Epstein. The only difference between the two - Trump avoided main scandal on time.

World has to stand up against fascism/nazism to which we witness

Russians, Americans, Poles, Brits, French and others all need to stand up against repeated dark suicidal path from the past. Numerous people were murdered because of Trump, Putin, Kaczynski etc.and the worst of the worst is yet to come...

Hitlerist in the White House is getting ready to shut off internet -

What Libertarians/republicans gestured Obama wanted to do with freedom of speech is becoming reality under fascistoid in the White House...make no mistake - Trump is desperate to do so because he knows his end is near and will take such steps to kill more and more outspoken victims AND eventually try to wipe US as we know of map.

Ambitious criminal which crushed Slavic relations for his personal ambitiins is riding bike with hooligans in occupied Crimea while police deals with Russian protesters in Moscow

Wanna be Russian tsar which murdered over 13.000 Ukrainians, ripped Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine from Ukraine is riding bike with smile on his face in occupied Crimea while facing greater and greater backlash home and abroad. Is determined to set even example for Americans on how Trump should handle them in the future(turned Moscow into neonazi alike occupied territory where Russian citizens aline are frequently facing police - id checking on entry/exit to/out of city).

1.6 meter tall Putin riding bike with manly biker which ensures his safety(holds him, so future tsar wouldnt fall off bike😁😂😂😂). Wav what a sight...

Saturday, August 10, 2019

North Korea gets Trump on stamps😁😂😂😂

I have noooo idea why that woukd be(told/described you I was brought to North Korea to Kim Jong first time in 2001 abd was one if the first Americans there - ever)

Ourcreturn was more than welcomed as Trump brought goodies with him from American taxpayers. Those included military arsenal technology - make no mistake about it.

American KKK boss coming to Poland for which he claims loves him😁😂😂😂😂

Well in that case Mr. US president, the only thing left for us is welcome you 😁😂😂😂😂. Poland seems also finally found real friend in US president even that is concerned at the same time with German reparations for WW2 and Warszaw's aprise 😂😂😂.,157,m/donald-trump-us-president-to-visit-poland-again-in-september,957033.html

Will bring "more" troops along with him to Poland(from Germany😁😂😂😂😂) as well - because Germans dont pay is what neonazi biss says, but Poles do😁😂😂😂😂

Germany somehow will not object to his offer(cl😂im).

Simuilar to Epstein death, US rapper got arrested and then released at KKK boss's request from Swedish jail

Trump's friends not neccesary look conservative. You have neonazis wear liberal outfit to steer problems on behalf of their boss very very often. Hope FBI looks far back Trump/warden's relationship(even 20+ years) in relation with Epstein's death

Wonder who is next on Trump's list😁😂😂😂Ohhh, he will call for your release - make no mistake about it. Investigate death of someone if he managed to connect dots somehow to you before commiting himself killing.

Strange man like Trump would even hear about someone like Rocky😁😂😂😂😂😂

DEAD: Trump gets his paedo camrade Epstein murdered(knew a bit too much about Trump) and blames Clintons for it

The only problem despite most likely setting them up with lies prior to execution is that Carter/ Clintons never murdered. They fought against MKultra and are promoting normal of assoult rifles free country.

Not even closest paedo friends with whom Trumpus shared some very intimate memory behind scenes(American KKK boss is a paedofile himself as you know) are safe from his tantra. Trump is nooot choosy on how to get read off when his life is in question. How many were murdered so far under his presidency and likely even under Obamas(Obama was a pigeon compared to this neonazi beast) !!??

Trump's loyalty to you as a friend only goes this far😁😂😂😂 sorry


Lodged in forest till 4th of this month(4 days). Was told by employer(by supervisor and several times by main person in HR/operations - kierownica Dorota) that pay day is on 14th each month for term from 1st to 1st. In fact supervisor Mariouzs explained I will only get paid for 140 hours thus month since I started on 10th - double razor was used to kill via lies - first lied about delayed pay and then read vwhat next followed.

After opening account at lical bank which gives extea 150Pln if yiu depisit 1000 a month from empliyer, I hurried yesterday on 8th after night shift to city Aleksandrow Lodzky by autostop to change bank info before 14th when pay fdasy would be as told... Its where headquarters are.

Last night, howevet, coworker cynically begun conversation at the bvegining of work kniwing about my event without my ever menteniong to anyone visit to Lidzky how pay was already given shook me due to privacy conerns and foremoist due to load of money I lost.

Money lost because new landlord lied abour registration(I paid money for rent without having ability to register myself at local government office wherevtold in face I should just go from Polkabd) and money list vecayse I was just 4 days from capacity to buy myselkf a regusteation and van(vehiclke) which would delay need forvrent for another two monthgs(560 Zloty wad instead thrown in a teash bin pkace where I can witness to domestic disputes of residents and ve subject to more radiation - directedvenergy attacks).

All together over 1200 Zloty in cash alone was list becuse of lying. Thank you Dorotha.

I was encouraged under MKultra to take paid vacations rather than subjecting myself to heavy labir work and circumstances which usually are used to fire people, but I felt and feel despite what Poland have done to me it wouldn't be right. I felt and feel such act would a an act of theft. I feel that Poland encourages criminal activities in residents(remember what cop gestured me when wallet was stolen and what wad done by police to get one ?).


Lots of angry angry people...hatred like you wouldnt believe.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Postal office in Zgierz refused to assist in respect to glasses

Claimed that in no way anything can be done about it on Thur. 31st July when baging them to stop return to China shipment they lied lied lied. Well you can see here what happened cas I breceived email just yesterday. Mail was in Poland in fact till yesterday. Beasts as I pointed out.

Third private lodging in Poland where I was tortured under MKultra ends with more lies - claim I didnt ask for three montgs kease after four days of rental, so I cant register myself at local city registration location.

This is a new contract - manager which had me in this guesthouse for torture no less than for 10 years I was brought here for MKultra torture knows nothing about my asking here for 3 months contract just 4 days ago - finally got ahold of her today after several phone calls and personal attempts I have made. She lied on phone that I never asked her about 3 months possibility and I need to get out after month. At city office yesterday I wad liued on hiw her number doesnt work and owner not manager has to type contractfir noless than 3 montgs for me to register. At same place where I wad previoulsy even told to leave Poland Trump style.
Women pose in Poland with children for all the wrong reasons I realised(they bombard streets wherever I go). Luckely women West of Polish border give birth to children too.Its okay. Iam begining to understand the drill. This is third landlird in Poland to pave Trump Kaczynsdki's exit path from Poland for me via violence. Iam not surprised.I preferred firest over this place where I was lured by individual from previoys hostel and where I wad reccomended tocomeby Zgierzpoluce officers. I expected this to happen.

When brought to Poland between 2002 to 2017(was brought to Zakpane/Nowy Torg since1998) for MKultra torture, they didnt keep me in Grotnikih

we were there for sleep only, other than that we spent time on streets(stores, hostels, lodging even in local foreststs), and enormously lots of time in company where I presently work.

They designed everything in this company.A solution. From you must impregnate me(will be my husband) by Gruzian lady(then replaced by few other female bullies), terror transport from one to Belarus and Ukraine, to all other forms of abuse you possibly can imagine. They fasmiliarized with factory operatiobs and Americans even guessed if I should talk about it(its called indirect talk infront if victim so one would brought what most likely sounds in this case incredible claim - not affraid to bring one) on what one of them went off with, "suurrreee"...the counter logic was, " if you will talk about this abd that twpo jobs likevthis you are out etc."

The Fuckillioner now even in White House who knows few billioners swam out if his incompetence via this very case - its how IRS pardoned animal for his incompetence in buisenes world

Years of his losses and gains match my appreance in US. Its why I was so important to this nobody and nothing. A window into the world of international busines and politics. totaling $1.17 billion in losses for the decade

Yes it hurts the knowledge that I literately created parasite and am alone in this situation. That I admit. People who were in this exclusive circle all became filthy wealthy yet I was left behind like a stray dog.

Just waiting for US government to bring animal down

It wont take long when it comes to uncle Sam

A white supremacist, white nationalist, neonazi, fascist...well, more than anything he is an old deranged(miserable) lunatic angry at life to exist. He lives to hate hate hate(for whatever to be called you have to be someone something - he is a nobody who steals ideas and work from others and yet needs to learn that Belgium is not a city). Lives to cause pain/suffering to others because he was allowed time and again to get away with crimes for which others would serve 1000 life sentences. He needs to cause pain/ suffering to others so one doesnt feel alianated in his world(is mentally ill as it gets - a real threat to sanity).

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Those which question my stay in Poland will have a very hard time

to stay in one.

"When are you leaving or why dont you leave" questions will give you a life time lesson in this case.

My Christian cross is upside down.

Report sent to police, several organisations, company itself abd is about to hit tables if several European institutions as well

As I stated was at Zgierz police yesterday already.
Exit plan from Kaczynski's immigration center in Grotnikih for me was to pile up million issues on me via employers and landlords about which I would complain(or keep silent in fear due to what took agfainst me place inUSA/Slovenia) and what would give Morawiecki/Duda chance to suggest(tutored by Trump and paid in for by Netanyahu) how life in Europe is over for me...wrong. I am strong, eager for life with future beautiful wife/children, and refuse to be sold for sheckles to anyone by those which are again awakening old tradition from Poland while crying about Warszaw's uprise.

Polish postal office in Zgierz delivered on door steps and then returned frames from glasses back to China

Here is order and what google maps are saying. Note I was at pistal office at least three times before package arrival - have written my name and my address twice in book and have added to one package number as well just to deliver one to door steps, leave note, and return package back to China claiming it was wrong address. Year with scratched and ruined glasses is a joke for Polish postal services
and order from Aliexpress

Incident report in respect to August 6th, 2019 - STICKERS ISSUES AT LEGS COMPANY IN ZGIERZ - Related to police case D-309/19,PR 1Ds:388.2019

Demand for immediate investigation of bellow described incident:

Related to case D-309/19,PR 1Ds:388.2019 opened at police headquarters in Zgierz by Jakup Oleinik on 21.03.2019(case explains total destruction and harassment at Grotniki's immigration center where I endured severe torture for almost one year after filing for political asylum in Poland- no less than 10 months during which 4 telephone devices were either destroyed/modified, cables/backpacks incl. socks/underware destroyed etc., directed energey weapons and poisoning were frequently used).

Police report submitted to Zgierz headquarters, own company where incident took place, and other agencies/organisations

On August 6th, 2019 at company LEGS in Zgierz(Benzantronowa 4, 95-100 Zgierz), incident took place which involved myself and several other individuals(coworkers) of which one was/is from Ukraine. 

While working in packaging dept. at approx 20:00 hours on above date, I was placing packaging boxes atop of one another and was acording to work protocol gluing stickers of weighterd boxes on them them as a final act of work operation as designated to perform by shift supervisor.
Problem with coworker who was designated to oversea my work by shift supervisor and who took charge to work behind computer only(have refused to engage in any kind of physical activities that would require lifting boxes, allowing me to move weigthed boxes, or even place stickers on them) was that he had repeatedly mistaken last box(of approx 15 box per round/order, one was/is allways left wirth fewer pieces than are placed in other boxes and such box must be properly stickered as one differs from others in weight and in number of pieces) with other boxes because of refusing to follow above mentioned workplace protocol. He continued to perform same mistake even after I offered him help by gluing stickers on boxes and have at one point at approx 2000 hours went ahead as far as using sticker with fewer killos and pieces to stick one on box which had full weight and number of pieces on one on what he asked me where is such sticker, he then proceeded to point me one improperly placed on top middle box while blaming me to have performed poor work. I KNOW SO BECAUSE I WAS THE ONE WHO HAVE #1 SPLIT 15 STICKERS ON TWO PARTS OF WHICH STICKER ACKNOWLEGING FEWER NUMER OF PIECES AND KILLAGE WAS LEFT TO HIM(did so because he violated work protocol yet again, so I wanted him to deal with his own issues rather than to take innitiative in  something I was told not to even touch). I KNOW SO BECAUSE #2 HE PLACED STICKER ON TOP BOX WHERE I HAVE NOT MANAGED TO STICK EVEN SINGLE STICKER YET. INDIVIDUAL USED BLUE TOOTH EARPHONES AND WAS RECEIVING INSTRUCTIONS FROM THIRD PERSON WHO OBSERVED WORK OPERATION VIA FACTORY'S SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM. THIS FACTORY HAS MORE VIDEO CAMERAS IN PLACE THAN ANY FACTORY IN POLAND. BESIDE SECURITY VIDEO SURVEILLLANCE, CAMERAS ARE PLACED ALL OVER THE FACTORY ON WORK LOCATIONS AS WELL - FOR VARIETY OF REASONS AS EXPLAINED BELLOW.

Anyone outhere pm on whose gonna get killed next weekend(perhaps day)via mass shooting please

I want to make a bet wheather will be rightist/leftist - want tomake bet on how many he will kill or who will be killed when...make bet$$$$ if he will then kill himself before police gets him....

Soooo funny MKultra...what is not to love about employment game. Soccer/football are boring and I need REAL thrill/action....reality show with real bangbang...need to bet on real tears😁😁😁😂 not TV shows😂😂😂😂..

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

As a US president you are not to enforce your own views

Not where I am coming from as we hear all the time from these presidents...not about you, but instead about nation as whole. Nation as whole can only function of each individual has the right to function according to his/her choices for as long as those dont break laws.

Top white and black racists take on one another - God bless America.

How the two became presidents remains unclear.

There wouldnt be Obama without Trump and there wouldnt be Trump without Obama.

I support Mr. O'Rourke for US president

He called things as should be called. Straight with US economy on mind(not suicidal Trump alike lunacy).

I beleive Trump is wracking US intentionally(is mentally sick deranged man who earned money by betraying US constitution/patriotism). Sold US citizen into slavery and subjected one to torture - offered me as a bait to Eastern European hyenas for torture in return for personal gains.

Lifted close to 9 tones yesterday(20% to higher than 170cm)

At age 47, 6" tall, and weight 73kg. After 4 hurs of sleep feel like top 20 year olds. Not McDonalds(Trumpus) or Putan. With more education than two combine. Real stories from real people.

8877kg was lifted at work(12 hours overnight shift - 6pm to 6am).

Monday, August 5, 2019

AGREE WITH MR. O'ROURKE: Donald Trump HATES US constutution/ he hates Christianity, and he lives to hate

Best pres. candidate so far:
DonaldTrump bashed evenChrust under MKultra. Christ according to Trump was a disident like myself. Trump is ODINIST and beleives Christianity is not our real relugion. Odinism is a Nordic pegan religion embraced by neonazi extremists for the most part.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Back in hostel, but in a single room this time

Outdoors were okay because I gathered even more valuable information. Well worth the efforts

DEAD: One of the first people involved in this very case and his daughter both killed via helicopter crash

FIRST BILLIONAIRE INVOLVED IN MY CASE AND INDIVIDUAL FIRMLY ON MY SIDE SINCE 1996 WAS CHRIS CLINE - he was a Ft. Lauderdale resident and have pledged to take whatever steps to save my life till I begun to view world through racist views - told me that its nothing hge could do foir me if not changing those, but MKultra bosses had other plans for both. Realizing who is what is(am certain), costed Chris and his daughter lives.

Trump murders like almost no one else(is in line with Putin's credentials).

Chris Cline met partners via this very MKultra case(and was greateful to me personally - wanted torture to stop and get ne normal employment) Cline was ANTI RACIST and was HATED as such by Donald Trump.

Ku Klux Klan boss Donald Trump claims Polish people like him

I can tell you Americans brought to Poland by Donald Trump spoiled Poland, but question is for what reasons. Warszaw's uprising was all about ethics and when I remind myself of what country is pushing forward today and the case of my own, can't help but wonder.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Situation with glasses - update(all audio recorded)

After I visited local pistal office(#1 branch Dolga street, Zgierz) on several times and ensured they have written my name, my address, and package number, and instructions on how mail will instead just wait for me at the pistal office - glasses were delivered at my address and note fir pickup was left there on Friday July 26th, 2019.

I enquired about glasses on Monday at local pistal office and pistal clerk didnt want to know anything about it despite tracking online abd assurance from Chinese lady on how package was delivered to me at home on Friday already. After severe arguments( this very clerk was involved in MKultra - she and few other postal workers), supervisor lady told me that package was in fact delivered to my address on Friday and existed therefore(countrary to clerk).

Building owner gave according to him and apt 10, delivery note to Apt 10 on this Monday (July 29th) after I had phone conversation with him. Apt 10 gave note to my roomate is what I was told on Tuesday by apt. 10 and roomate, but he took note to another room.

Apt 10 then got note which was not my note from another apt., but with what I checked at local pistal office since I didnt suspecy pissibility of beyond insane at lical pistal office on Thursday just to be first told by again how my package doesnt exist since notes belonged to other guys in building) and my online tracking info was insuficient on what male supervisor told me tgat my package was shipped back to China already on Friday since I didnt list apt number(everybody receives mail via one common for all pistal box). Then story changed that I didnt spell street correctly - in fact that street which I specified(copy pasted one from Google maps, so I know it wss correct one) exists in another city in Poland(with building A and even Warsaw sent one to my proper address and was even delivered !!???) and so it has to return back to China.

All above stated is audio recorded.

You can see that others didnt even specifiued buildinbg number propery and they get their mail.

What do I need glasses for - I am better off blind heh.

And niw I have it - one year practucally withiut glasses. Blind like a mouse. Work in Poland fir broken socks, stolen bikes, stolen documents, was without even telephone for two montgs, and destroyed/stolen whatever glasses...and to listen coughing arround me wherever I go.

I am very happy at lical forest. In tent and fully armed with single tea spoon🙊🙈💂ohh, no. You will not see me paying fir this type of services any time soon. Got good night sleep after while.
It was building 20A, unit 1a - you can see that others from same building dont have problems like I do.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

After two months of heavy labor work its time to move to local forest where rent is cheaper(not free, but cheaper yes)

After stolen license and everything destroyed(incl. glasses), I moved to a local forest which will allow me to hopefully afford myself at least somewhat usable glasses and a registration which is according to Polish government a must in Poland and free.

Glasses frames I bought in China(glasses will buy in Poland if I will be capable to afford them) and for regiusteation I will pay on black market probably 300Zloty - then I will have to pay for driving license transfer another 100+ Zloty and so on...all together some 700 Zloty :)))

Poluce officers which promissed help and some other peopke whise names U will not mention to spare tgem of shame gestured how they no longer will be capable to help me because my status woulkd become homelkess.

Must say I would be complete idiot if beleiving to controlled by Dinakd Trump puppets even fir a singke second...yiu do s## like tgis to person to tell him he no longer have to count on you - I would be an animal if I beleived yiu for a second - waiting in shadow to see if claim would succeed via human rights and then use opportunity.

Monbthlyvrent cists here 550Zloty in a hostel - a single room arround wierdos involved in MKultra which know nithing about it, but beleive I owe them.

Best regards from beautiful Godly Poland

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

14 days to first pay and no desire to find next place of stay

You wouldnt have one either if they would drag you from hostel to hostel and torture you via MKultea - told you in advance on what they will do with you "if you will dare to rent and so on"...

Polush police ensured that even driving license was stollen, so no vehicke would be purchased - idea was to prevent me from storing personal belongings in one. Just as the case was with stollen wallet, building owner appeared today to ask me if I got my package which he suposedly gave yesterday to apt. 10. Package arrived on Friday(he didnt bother to notify me and at local postral office they knew nothing about one either till I started severe arguments with clerk and have demanded postal office chief's assistance which after half an hoyr confirmed my claim - confirmed because before I spoke to obe, seller from China tracked my package all the way to Poland and as much as Poles lied about one, one was delivered on Friday). Owner bullied with heated issue and wanted a handshake.

What was in package !!???? Frames for new glasses which were destroyed on behalf and via Polish police as well.


Only 10%is written on here on what they have done - cant afford to write other 90% due to employment issues. What is going on witb UN!!????

Monday, July 29, 2019

Am asked often why am here

I am here because you brought me here against my will for no less than 21 years.

Now deal with it because I have no immediate plans for leaving.

@Kaczynski - I know that truth may be painfull.

Its like this

I now fully understand importance of present and previous landlors...they are not less guilty than others who at time of search for place of stay wouldnt rent me a place do(we are talking about hostels here). I get it. Kaczynsku's police is in control. So is what Duda/ Morawiecki/ think.

Here are facts on what now:
Will not rent via exhtortion options like this. Will make sure no Ukrainian(forget about Ruskies) is even near next place.

Confession to make:
Was not in church now for at least 6 months...was seldome in church due to MKultra brainwash in Grotnikih on how I have to pay/contribue each time lots if money...the worst is that you cant dedicate prayer to lord due to constant sound in head...even worse perhaps a knowledge that someone(just as the case was in Belarus - 2017) is trying to sell your God to someone else. Praying along with people who know not better than coughing after commiting horrific crime which ruined 24 years of my life is not for me.

Go figure yourself who they are as a people/nation - whatever. There is such God that will hear their prayers("holly father, our secret is okay vecause we had to do it this way"), but that one is not mine.

MKultra is a Satanic ritual in case you didnt know. Those who participate in one are Satan's believers.

Situation with "Ukrainians" Dabrowska 20 where I stayed for a month

If this is who they are.

All of them are commers here alrwady for years and according to Zgierz police and them alone a members of Ukrainian intellegence which if truth is EXTREMELLY WEAK/FRAGILE.

Here is why how:

Day A at this place and same individual as tonight poked bag of sugar with knife have done to a bag of flower when I was making pancakes. Mocus from nose was spread all over my clothing during first handwash...clithing was thrown behind wall when drying one...main doors from building locked in the face today when I returned from Lodz...oil stolen...when I demended return of one the next dayvwas replaced with cheaper one and list of these "UKRANIANS" for which POROSHENKO knows extemelly well goes on and on. Their net is huge in Zgierz and extends to work location.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Why lack of posts on here

because I can not afford work via readers support and foremost due to lack of human rights organizations involvement in this very case.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What rental receipt looks like in Poland

Paid till July 31st. Would pay him extra for registration but was unwilling to communicate. Just two days latter I attempted to register address at local city office. When there I enquiered about possibility of doing so with owners help(either signature or lease or whatever). He asked me on phone to return in 5 minutes from city office to residence where we would meet and he would help. Once there, he instead looked at paper and left. Then situation repeated few days latter when waiting on him for half an hour in vain for nothing...another time he pushed me with car door when we conversed about job possibility and so on...

Very important day behind me - day which marked my past and will play main role in my decision process in the future

As you know( I did not publish audio from last interview with Polish immigration yet online), I have not applied in Poland for political asylum yet as I gestured few weeks ago I would. In short, I will also not apply for one.

Today when enquiering for possibility to obtain Polish issued ID such as drivers license since Slovenian was stolen along with wallet, however, I was told by Zgierz employee which works at city hall(room 5 - dpt. for assistance to those which are denied equality residential rights - incharged for inspectors which enforce Polish laws) that I should just leave where I wouldnt have problems to register adress with governmet - out of Poland basically. She gave this type of answer after using against me bully approach which didnt differ in any way from thief which came to visit me with stollen wallet to Grotniki immigration center. I didnt need to go in details why such answer.

Thanks to her, I got answer on what to and not do which consumed from me entire month.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

Second rental owner refuses to assist with "zameldowanie" issue(report place of stay according to Polish law and as required)

Both were reported to authorities today. 

If they have problem with authorities, they should solve those on their own rather than implicating in their issues renters. Or tell person in advance that one will not be allowed to report his place of stay to government.

They both participated in MKultra as willing to help, but seems had totally other plan$$$(NOT SO MUCH PROBLEMS WITH AUTHORITIES WHEN CONSIDERING THIS VERY FACT, BUT THIS ISSUE IS RESERVED FOR EU COURT) coming along. Ohh, well.

This owner just like the other one prosperred very well(not as the first one from Grotniki who made millions out of my case - one became wealthy because of my case, but still he made money) and tells a lot about Polish system as whole. Kaczynski planted his own people in the case and is creating his own story. Question is if someone like rzeczpospolita exists in Poland on the first place. Whole thing looks more and more as COSA NOSTRA and this is what Kaczynski dreamed about. Becoming dictator in Poland.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Never liked Walesa who developed conspiracy theory to destroy real truth about plane crash in 2010 and truth is here

Both were implicated in MKultra and both are pigs involved in 2010 Katyn plane massacre. Zaskakujące słowa Wałęsy o Kaczyńskim. „Ja go kocham jako człowieka”

Plane crash investigation delayed for no less than 9 years...where in the world is that possible other than in Poland !!???? In the face of the today's world.

Cant help myself but to think over and over about

stollen mp 3 player by lady infront of her house(she cried just how she will help under MKultra to Americans) and stollen sd card via stollen wallet where I had stored videos and audios about MKultra proofs - many from people who trully wanted to help. Police which have stollen wallet sent instead of investigating(decline to file case) thug with stollen wallet at center where he lauggedin my face and extorted for more money and became motivated in my telephone with which I took photo of thug.

First job and then visit to Lodz airport for Polish political asylum purposes

Money in number one here now.

UN have done nothing so far in respect to this case.

Large area all the way to Zgierz Lakes identified

natives confirm my story accounts(who cares about buildings, its people which confirm my accounts about what went on in Zgierz and why etc.).

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Second Ukrainian roomate identified - moved in today

Accross the street people and building owner as well as what buikdinbg was used were identified several days ago - day before I moved in here just by observing buildings and people - when you walk bye or drive byeand you kniw who is whast is all audio recorded.

Pointed out from where gentleman in Ukraine is(10km proximity if his town) and close to his proffession(he also has license for drivinbg trucks and have worked on them, but is a mechanic by professdion what I consider as close enough).

Friday, July 5, 2019

Wife of new roomate recognized yesterday

She lives in Lodz and as I returned from Warsaw, I described him his wife for what he gave me confirmation(surprised).

This was done on second day of my stay in this hostel.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Was told by Polish immigration when requesting for passport yesterday that I didn't even apply for political asylum in Poland but instead for international protection and as such couldnt be even considered since I am EU citizen

Passport was returned to me. Was told Slovenia a very safe great country while Poland is being discussed a lot in EU.

Told that I can apply for Polish political asylum only in respect to protection in Poland only and for that matter that Polish government alone has to benefit from within.

Political asylum in Poland will be therefore my next step. Monday or so and rzeczpospolita(not you Kaczynski/ Morawiecki/ Duda) will be deciding about one.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

About anger

Have seen a lots of people in my life to live in anger. Father was one...Trump is another one...have seen workers and people on daily bases to live life in anger.

Well, anger is a tremendous weakness which I cant afford.  Weakness because one is related to mental instability(inability to rationalze situations properly - frustrations, shame), laziness, and so on...

Iam a fun guy to be arround who however will not allow to anyone imply above issues via viollence into my life. If you do somehow manage to penetrate through my system, you most likely will never see me again. Its just not the way for me and will never become part of me.

Tomorrow Warsaw(Taborowa 33) and then full time job

Will get passport tomorrow. Things worked out for me very well so far despite all. Pleased with new place.

From tomorrow on, I will stay in Zgierz city in hostel

where I was systematically compelled via economic struggle(theft of wallet with ids, theft of bike, destruction of equipment, and other financial issues on which Polish system worked very hard on).

I will be staying in fact in room with an individual who presented himself as double agent(Ukr. and Russian) under MKultra when guided thgroughout Zgierz hostels by Russians - core idea was to get me out of Zgierz at all costs. Individual presented under MKultra yet another Polish ind. who gestured on how he already assisted in abduction to Russia and will do so for the right money again.

Valerio(Belarus) along with other Russians which freely incited in paranoia under MKultra, however, gestured on how they will have at least guy two in every hostel thgroughout Lodz/Zgierz that would be affordable for me.

This is not joke...I have recognized today employees owners of hostels and hostels back to 2003...hostel owners further fear from renting me because of Zgierz police involvement and have again proof in hands for here stated...rooms avcailable for rent became unavailablke for the rest of the year when I appeared...

Here is my new place where I will stray from a very very good affordable place in my opinion - center of city embedded with job opportunities and its what I need. Russians did nothing but incitement in paranoia with their Polish police collegues. 2017 Warsaw Terespol Warsaw Lublin Lvov Minsk Vitebsk was same s****.

Very happy for new place...

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Nothing is changing or will change

I am determined to stay in Zgierz and build my family. I dont give even a thought to myself about leaving. Was a buisy week and weekend and I plkan on keeping it that way for some time. Money is much needed for survival.

To United Nations: Polish PESEL number not accessible to me because when

I requested as told by Zgierz city from immigration bureau in the building and owner of place two weeks ago for written affirmation about my stay here, none of the two would issue me one.

This is extremelly criminal and illegal procedure as you cant obtain employment without one. After tomorrow as you know is my last day here due to lie via which Polish immigration have written to itself after declining me the right to work and protection for no less than 11 months.

Everything destroyed, bike stollen, wallet with drivers license stollen by police alone, thrown out on street via lie, and rejected the right to obtain even social security number. Nice

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Ulica Dzialkowa in Emilia identified and I was even recognized

By residents.

I caused pain in this street and those which trully created one via myself hoped for the worst for a very long time.

So many years of MKultra and being brought back for more(via repeated sleep deprivation) brought the worst out of me. My KGB roomate would off course disagree with me.

I will do my best for this and other communities in Poland. I am not running from anything. Its the opposite.

Beautiful community in street Dzialkowa, but I even broke one on half via MKultra. I will be more than happpy to become part of one and help to heal wounds. Very special people.

Bought second bike in Emilia today

Slept 2 hours in tent on sand because I arrived at 0130 in Emilia and owner left for work before 0500.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Spent till 0230am at police station just to meet two police officers today which had idea for me to give them my Lenovo tablet

They wanted physical inspection of aparat with which photos were taken of individual who arrived with my stolen wallet at immigration center according to the two.

Monday, June 24, 2019

They first traumatized with directed energy weapons

language lessons to thge point I would become scared to even study Pokush language...then the other day I found myself scared of going even in bed to sleep because I knew what will happen yet again...even 3 hours of sleep couldnt convince me to go and sleep. I eventually did same as Americans did - bought stupid tent with hope to catch some sleep in between when away from camp...

I am told about Polish police that are criminals who

dont care just as tge case wad with my wallet/bike. Told by people that it would be best to just pay money to thug and get documents vs wasting time at police and even paying afterwards 10 x times more money to get documents.


IMPROVED AND ANSWERED: I never quitted voulunteraly from persuing the right to use political asylum option in Poland as it states on letter received from refugee board(Rada do Spraw Uchodzcow).

Now sent to Rada do Spraw Uchodźców and to Wojewódki Sąd Administracyjny. Related to 

Next will be sent to United Nations, Amnesty Int., EU Court for Human Rights and so on.

Letter from Polish Immigration Refugee Board given to me on this Tuesday

Never ever have I agreed to resign from persuing the right to obtain work permit in Poland via political asylum option for which I have filed year ago.
 It is also written in blue on how I am allowed to stay in center till July 2nd, 2019.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Would love nothing more than to marry Polish psychologist Justinka.

I have no idea how all this will end, but I think she is the greatest catch. No one has more to offer to Poland than what she does. I see fakes everywhere I turn, but no such thing in her. Amazing lady which for the difference of others even wanted to look bad...

She was abused, used, often times discriminated against, and left in the middle of the lies. She survived all and continued to fight for me. Nothing like you in this world.

Iran will with its insane politic soon learn about Kremlin's imaginary friend as

no one more eager to wipe one of earth than Putan Putanowich. Syria will repeat soon.

Immigration center owner changed with franzy Sunday Saturday work even courtains inside of the room

Have washed building, painted one on inside - painted rooms and hallways, replaced doors from units and even doors of toilets/shower areas...have even istalled TVs in every tvs cable just two days ago...what happened !!???

Warsaw with insane Fort Trump ussues the most serious threat to civilised world and to Polish nation alone.

Racism, nazism, hatred, lies, thuggery, bigotry, viollence, torture, crime and so on hiding behind EU chapter/articler 24...TIME TO STOP KREMLIN'S DEJAVOU IN WHITE HOUSE and inside of the EU.

I CALL UNITED NATIONS IMMEDIATELLY FOR HELP: Fort Trump became desperate enough to even go as far as seen here via GOOGLE

American husband of Melania who hired MKultra brainwashers which would interpretate me under MKultra views which would result on a long term in self failiure didnt stop short of using google in decisive moments either...



Video can be also seen at

Not even bike is allowed on lication distanced 2 hours of walk from nearest city with job market and is what took place after wallet was stollen....on my way back to center, lady walked along with child ahead of ne and she revealed me to have same legament knee inury as myself which can be relieved greately by bike and was...well, no more I guess. POLISH IMMIGRATION VIOLATED DOMESTIC AS WELL AS INTERNATIONAL LAWS IN RESPECT TO PROCEDURE ITSELF AND WILL NEVER EVER OBTAIN WHAT TRUMP ANTICIPATED WOULD BE MY RUNNING IN WARSAW TO OBTAN PASSPOIRT BASED ON VIOLENCE....NO WAY AND I STILL REMEMBER WHY I FILED FOR PROTECTION IN POLAND. BAD NEWS FOR KACZYNSKI MORAWIECKI DUDA AS AM STAYING IN POLAND DESPITE ALL. I NEED UNITED NATIONS/EU COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND ALL OTHERS TO GET INVOLVED...this are clearly most severe violations we wittness.

My request to Polush immigration was related to private lodging option which one offers(750Pln/month) - not ending ending immigration procedure per Fort Trump

Lets get things straight and call them as they are.

I CALL UNITED NATION FOR IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE: After organized Polish police theft at flea market individual arrives with stollen wallet and demands more money talks about my new job wants to know how much I make and if its hard while insisting on money for stollen documents

Video can be also seen at

The day individual arrives my new employers tells me in the morning on how he got police call claiming that tgey found wallet :)))) once I arrive at police for wallet they know nothing about it, but dude arrives in the evening with stollen wallet...crazy yess. Police refused to investigate next day when I stopped bye twice claiming lack of police officers that could file case at police headquarters in Zgierz :))))
I did called 112

I CALL UNITED NATION FOR IMMEDIATE HELP:Wallet stollen on Zgierz flea market police refuse

Video can be also seen at  or

Police refused to open criminal docket ticket for entire week and have even sent individual at the immigration center gate in Grotnikig with idea to provoke into physical confrontation via stollen wallet as you are about to hear/see.

Important audio recordings stolen today by owner in Ul. Cicha contained several audio proofs related to police theft of wallet.

Audio recording of today in ul. Chiha was protected with additional audio recorder and proofs about today exist:))) but

other precious audio recordings along with mp3 player high quality were stollen.

I won again despite all ;)

House which owners(their age along with house when one was built) have identified on what audio recorder was stolen as one have fallen me down infront of one

All the way to 2003 and even age of couple. MP3 audio recorder is most likely even at the police station as I doubt she would have done something like this along with owner accross the street without agenda.  Was well observed via cameras - enough to even observe me loosing small mp3 player on what she pulled car out where one have fallen and disappeared. Imagine how pathetic this type of attitude is from people on whom you suppose to count on in the future for help. Polish family.

I am staying in Poland despite all - nothing changes

Will prepare legal letter tomorrow and send one to Warsaw, to EU court for human rights, UN, and so on. Will use free legal aid this time. 12 months the right to file political adylum was declined to me in Poland by Kaczynski, Duda, Morawiecki along the right to work...

But nothing is over as they anticipated case would be. I was given 12 days stay dead line on Wednesday. Threatened under MKultra on how some police officer would simply shoot me in what would be portrayed as self defense case if insisting on staying within Polish immigration system - forced into homelessness and how it would happen...nice wishes from Pokush government I have to say...


Google accounts locked paralel to police theft of wallet, police theft of bike, employment issues, total deprivation of sleep via directed energy weapons that resulted even in my developing phobia from going to sleep in center, involvement of an Ukrainian(important since I advocated Ukrainian nation - individual 100% was and is related to Poroshenko who came to rescue along with Belaruskies to Donald Trump and Kaczynski/Morawiecki/Duda) individual in repetition of MKultra who was involved in extremelly of violent acts, and most important as anticipated via Polish immigration would become acceptance of my resignition from from Polish immigration procedure - pokush immigration sent me a letter on which one claims on how I requested STOP asylum procedure(I never ever did).

Audio recorder was also stolen today in Ulica Ciha by house owner - infront of me while I was talking to neighbor located oposite from her house - he saw it and even lied about construction of her house to create confusion for theft to go smoother. SAD SAD SAD AND THIS ARE PEOPLE I SUPOSEDLY WOULD EVEN RELY ON IN THE FUTURE - NOW WHEN COLLECTING CONFIRMATIONS ABOUT PAST.

Monday, June 17, 2019

After 3 hours of sleep and 1 liter of really strong coffe(just to keep me awake) + time spent on sun

I feel again well...I made it from Grotniki to Zgierz this morning on bad bike in just 25 minutes(broke all previous records of what otherwise would be competition - what you think about that Chris😀).

Zgierz Police unwilling to communicate - dismissive

Not interested in my case. Refused to even hear what I had to say when I stopped at approx. 1555 hours.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Got 3 hours of sleep last night and

head feels like is about to explode...all day long - will get up at 3am(in just 3 hours) and go to wok with dont even have idea what type of lunacy did Polish police created. You give your best to the point you are on brink of stroke and heart attack(cardiac arrest due to unrest) and this is as far as they take whole thing(left without CDL license and even glasses)...SICKENING !!!

My brain area big time swollen again(will I get any sleep at all).

Nope, I am not leaving Poland - not even Grotniki/Ustronie area

If worst come to worst, I will lodge in Zgierz temp. - but will be back 100%.

Was asked by few people today...I once was thinking about even leaving, and have spent next day not feelng well...decided not to even give it a try agai(about leaving one). I like language/people...and will fight for these views.

Its critical sure to steal me even work qualufication related document(specially when police does it), but no...I didnt even think about it again. If I would only not be her biggest sorrow/pain...


Yes I made some mistakes here and there, but also pointed out details that made owners surprised - all the way to 2002 baby. Again recognized...
No doubt I prevailed. Dont like using fulish word "won", after 25 years of my life went up chimney. Thank you to all who helped me out today by answering questions off course.