Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Poland has a voice

Now Poland truly has voice. The question, however, remains what Poland will do with its voice. Related to

AUDIO RECORDINGS ARE ALL READY: Here(more of LODZ CITY) is what was identified today and I call Polish population of Lodz/Zgierz as well as Warsaw and other parts of Poland(incl. Gdansk, Lublin and everybody in Poland and Ukraine acquainted with my MKultra case) to immediatelly come forward with case to help me and what foremost is becoming a tragedy in US where

Decent Americans are fighting for Poland and Ukraine to stay alive. 

Many decent people you won't get to see no more(are gone for good) - its too late for them !!! I told you all about already(some I didn't mentioned) !!!

Many are throwing themselves under the bus for the sake of Poland  right now - TODAY !!! 

Will Poland come to their rescue !!??? 

Certainly we will soon know what kinds of country is this it Fort Trump(Hail Hitler) state or land of brave and free that resisted Hitler 70 years ago when Warsaw ended burned to the ground !!!

I went beyond to prove case which I plan on using to save world from beasts that burned one 70 years ago - including beautiful Poland. Will you help me...I have plentiful of audio recordings and some videos to prove everything stated under this news as well as all other news I posted. 

Regarding St. Petersburg(Russia) news posted the other day only that I have memory to prove what buildings looked on inside even before renovations took place and what business were inside for shorter periods...St. Petersburg(Russia) will not let go. Facts are facts. Was there and have recognized city beyond doubts.

Lodz city today - greater area.

Monday, November 18, 2019

German and Scandinavian social engineers had along discouraging brainwash via Trump's Americans play repeatedly "All That She Wants"

CRIPPLING WAS WELL PLANNED: I asked questions today at ZUS which answers, however, I knew already few days earlier

The moment I called on Friday ZUS, I recognized melody that was same melody played already in 2013. Call at ZUS was made from public library in Zgierz...

ZUS - The Social Insurance Institution is a Polish state organization responsible for social insurance matters, operating since 1934. ZUS is supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Why ZUS for me !?!???

Because of lack of employment due to being half crippled, I was compelled into asking for social assistance a Polish state - ZUS.

At doctors office today, I met yet another very interesting person involved in MKultra - VENOL included

I was nothing else than flirt when subjected to MKultra. Resented for that role by someone very important to me today for the role of which I wasn't aware because I didn't dare to even think something real between the two of us could ever become even possible...she knows who I am talking about(left many MKultra sessions giving her "yes" as promise, but was hurt inside of me because I was certain something like this could never come to false promises for which I wished for and leaving each time with pain in heart...I did what hurt most repeatedly for years).

One of the ladies whomI met earlier today(I have proofs for here stated), and whith whom I have also flirted when subjected to MKultra was identified some 10/15 minutes after leaving hospital TODAY- right in front of library in Zgierz it came to me her exact apartment location in Zgierz. 

We somehow bumbed at her infront of this very doctoral office when brought there under MKultra... Begun to flirt her and eventually became interesting to her enough to reveal me entire background about herself. Incl. her apartment location. It happened sometimes in 2010, I estimate...perhaps even latter. So there you have it - yet another MKultra proof...
When people got involved in case, their neighbors wanted to help s well...its this city Zgierz that adapted me as own child...I think they wished for me to get completely lost in this life just so I would land here for good:)) 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

If I were you - consider fact that British royals are

worthless good for nothing parasites of British taxpayers. They are sometimes good for people of highest financial and political rankings. And while they live to betray(literately to sell those who were or are loyal to them with idea to destroy them after collecting from them interests) , even those mentioned here at some point and time in their lives find themselves on their menu list.

Very strange - crazy uncles this British "royals"

From grandfather onto his son and grandsons...legacy of lunacy. Feel for Britain - understand Scotland and Ireland.

@Prince Andrew

You were gonna bring subject about this once underage girl(now very much grown adult woman who lives in Australia) 10+ years ago(speech was ready back then already), but due to cowardice in you, you waited till today. 

Poland is deciding about entire world at this moment

If Ukraine remains pushed against the wall(Russia rejected Ukraine as a related country in any way) and will continue to wait on European Union/US to decide about its destiny, one eventually will fall in hands of nazis.

Reject British royals on all levels

I understand somewhat that at one point and time when popular among other nations as well, they did enslaved China and India...I get it although brutal/savage procedure, but still I get it...

ABOLISH THE ROYALS(neonzi switchboard basically): Pedophilia an "act of honor" for this Royal Pedophile - Harry indifferent in his mental views on sorroundings

I am affraid in this case too, British society as seen so many times before is used again to spark outrage related to this family in all of us about which never ever anything was done via law enforcement. Thus infecting us all Europeans with notion that corruption is normal - just a part of life and acceptable as such for us to see in the same light Kaczynski and others betraying our countries.

Seeing what I have seen in this interview from Andrew, I see no difference between him and Trump. Humiliation and derision for honorably and human dignity to which I personally adhere(its why Andrew and Phillip - its why - you hate honor-ability to the point that you murder honorable people through violence just as is my case - people who pay ultimate respect to others for the price of breaking their spines must be punished severely by depriving them of human dignity/compelling them into subhuman conditions parallel to brainwash oriented toward hatred against people) and for which I have paid even for the price of crippling. They hate honorable just as anything alive out there that proves real quality vs what is depicted to us via daily TV/newspaper brainwash...
British taxpayers' money was and continues to be wasted on MKultra parties. Entire British Royal society is simply addicted to mental torture of selected victims while depicting themselves as in need of emotional support(we witnessed even racism issues lately - beyond hypocrisy) due to Diana's death and so on. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

I am not convinced in respect to tears shed by British Royals

I think Harry remained expert con artist(have explained very well in deepest details about what one have done in Slovenia). Public incl. myself have fallen for blatant lies of manipulators. Fake tears and "The oldest tradition" of so called British Royals...

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

F-35s Belong in a Museum: Europe Has Some Wild 6th-Generation Fighter Dreams

Perhaps someone would demonstrate to Sejm this news.

Repair costs related to two parts as told by scammers worth six time value of the car

Video can be also seen at
Original audio recording in Polish language in which you can hear inspection technician(all in Polish language) suggesting value of catalytic converter exceeding value of car for twice and mechanic with whom mentioned gas station tried to set me up with for me to even leave car behind after local business hired by Trump's team caused sabotage on vehicle.

Video is now fixed


4 of 4 Destruction of car or how saved money used for crippling was used and detailed psychology of MKultra torture impersonators revealed

4 of 4 Destruction of car or how saved money used for crippling was used and detailed psychology of MKultra torture impersonators revealed

Here is what went on with car etc. I have no intention whatsoever to engage in any sorts of arguments with people who alone are in need of voice to stop whatever needs to be stopped(talking about psychiatrists in Poland which didn't like not even a bit about what went on with me under MKultra)
Video can be also seen at
Before I play you in next video "Repair costs relted to two parts as told by scammers worth six time value of the car", you can hear(if speak Polish language) in this video, how costs for which I was told will exceed 6 times amount of value of car didn't go beyond 30zl for transmission and 250zl for catalytic converter. 

Crazy stalkers on Facebook and even blogger appeared - its been going on for some time now with blogger(Facebook have seeen this before - not on this magnitude do) and its trully impressive in a negative sense

Video can be also seen at
Blogger person or people seems to be particiular motivated in ATM issues - specialised in stealing cards etc...stealing/theft of ATM cards comments started with theft of drivers license, but theft of information which pertained to login info from debit card was also implemented at Lodzka 58. Not funny stuff...

Laptop ended whenever left in car ended 100% of the time if parked infront of the stores or in the city streets with detached hard drive

Car parked in the front raw infront of postal office on ul. Dolga was opened...left in laughable condition with trunk, so I could not miss under any circumstances an intrusion which took place while I was in library next door...the latest victims seems to be either ruined battery(new one - bough just prior to arrival Poland and almost never used as I used other compuer) or modified Windows to the point when computer CHARGING(remember what were tgheyr doing to my phones via charging issues) system is again driven insane to the point I feel will completelly destroy me battery or laptop alone...this was recorded right after I left computer in the car on the street for about an hour...
Video can be also seen at
Game with started as soon as I got laptop together at Lodzka 58...

Burgaliresemtns of vehicvle and play with laptops hard drive and either batter ot Windows's charging issues Whatever comes as new is destroyed/modified prior to arrival...violence goes on.

About Kaczynskis and Polish delegation which visited with our international economic team St Petersburg - 2001/2002

They just like myself became insane about beauty of the city. Kaczynskis both sing song to St. Peters burg to Polish delegation. Suggested that all Poles became super excited about one - many wanted to stay there and its where he is hiding with his Russian wife make no mistake.

This individual along with Morawiecki and Duda - all were in St. Petersburg and all had advanced knowledge of 2010 Smolensk - have murdered 100 Polish patriots !!! He also reclassified my small nation(1.5 million of Poles located on Balkans) into another Slavic group so ethnic cleansing could be completed for the sake of new Serboslavia - Yugoslavia is you like.

First location in St. Petersburg

This goes far far back...I am not sure even if place still exists. Place was located 5 minutes from statue/square

Monday, November 11, 2019

All the best to those who

 knew and know(remember)

To those unwilling to forget(allow to repeat). To those who dedicated themselves against foreign and now even domestic enemies/threats which US nation faced/is facing.

LOCK HIM UP - Crowd of real Americans sends message of reality to Trump on this veterans day

Never seen before, bigot from the White House receives reality in his face during his blah blah:

Cant wait for the day when US veterans will be rewarded for disgrace this individual and few other caused to this country. May those who gave their lives for above seen evil in WWII to never repeat, rest in peace. Amen.

Why nationalism must be rejected - prohibited in Poland

Because Germans have tradition of neonazism. Poles whose nationalism is equaled by West with nazism do not. Thats all. 

Don't allow them to mix oranges with apples. Select them out.

Related to:

Kaczynski's two party HATE system in Poland supported 100% by German state(knows nothing about)

--7 Years old girl screams "leftists/communists on trees instead of leafs"


#1 wing Kaczynski inside Sejm

#2 what we see on streets paraded with exact Kacznski's mottos(from antisemitism to all other forms Kaczynski supports inside of parliament - Sejm).

Question is what to do to stop future Reich's orders from the other side of Oder river used to destroy Poland, so those wouldn't repeat:

Bye the way - do you see now what main stream media news is used for !!????

We live in a matrix of lies folks. And it is thanks to main stream media.

Details on first location - first building in St. Petersburg

St Petersburg is a big city(just look on the map)...look on the map. What you see here, I have done with other cities as well...there is guy who worked in UK whose location I have identify but yet need confirmation for one.

Nothing no government can't say any longer about my credibility

Do you see what this is !!???? I just go by google maps now...professor was involved in case already in 2001/2002 if not even earlier - via Putin.

1 of 2 Other possible locations incl. his previous employment for which I was told under MKultra

before news passes me I have to hurry up...professor received movie role because of me just as Putin received his right to participate in my case...

French fascist whose government along with German brought refugees to Europe with idea to redistribute them to neutral countries for the sake of intolerance(hatred) via court in Strasbourg now calls Europe for what he refers as a wake up call

Europe should not be compelled to treat the enemy (China or Russia) of its friend (America) as its enemy. <<have you heard this Poland and others who were told to promote German(not even French or British) rather than Chinese/Japanese car products on its soil !!???? 

More details on MKultra - St. Petersburg massacre

His apartment was on second floor - upper floor and I remember interior of apartment unit as well. Professor would use here seen pattern to get to the bridge in evening hours when city would tun down for cigarette or two(he did smoked, but in private not in school :))))
They have brainwashed me as well on two other locations, but this one is just really really real tom me. Yes, I can describe the interior of the apartment. 

Massacre in St. Petersburg - MKultra(the truth)

When walking streets of Petersburg in Russia sometimes in 2013, we visited with European economic delegation also apartment of this very professor - he had young female back then as well. Will not go any further on whom...the point is that man who got involved in MKultra sometimes in 2005/2006(I met his female student who claimed was threatened/tortured with iron - her history of abuse has roots in family's domestic abuse case prior to professor and was used only to file report against one for the sake of the future reference) did contributed a lot to France and Russia by getting himself involved in between(a transaction agent who didn't become as wealthy anywhere even near Vladimir Putin)


Fox News won't do much for you, But I could if you are in game to destroy noneazism across the US and world. It is getting late won't make anywhere without me.

You too know about this case. Very much indeed.

Well - good night then :))))

Did you involved in MKultra case know that MY MKULTRA CASE was used to write dead sentences for many of you who participated in one !!???? Its what I was told, see, and can now even tell about it as is publicly visible.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

REPEATED - AUSER TIMES NO LONGER WILL POST POLITICAL JUNK - Will not cover truth about genocide against myself with cheap junk American news where anything goes

I will peruse my dignity against United States of America and Polish neighbor in every way possible for the rest of my life. Persecute one publicly via courts(and there will be more you will see) till I am dead. 

And why not - it is the greatest story ever told(not as laughing sicko Angela Merkel gestured when tortured in front of her will be seen as "Baron Munchausen") - the ugly Truth about one today(70 years latter) !!!


America worse than Hitler's Germany

US Government allows Donald Trump publicly expressing derision for basic human dignities including this very case, so his news for the price of psychotic outbursts can go on....WORLD MUST REJECT AMERICAN NEONAZI INDOCTRINATION VIA MOST HORRIFIC(mentally sick) ENTERTAINMENTS WITH WE ARE BOMBARDED ON DAILY BASES.

People don't understand that in no way Trump can be won

Can you win engaging in public arguments/talk with sadistic pig/sociopath/rapist/pedophile and beyond - like Donald Trump is !!????

Answer this question to yourself before you hit button that will take you into world of 2020 competition for more lies...

AUSER TIMES NO LONGER WILL POST POLITICAL JUNK - Will not cover truth about genocide against myself with cheap junk American news where anything goes

Political news did nothing for me other than created problems. If people become somehow interested in something more about this very case, I will assist(no free as the case was up to date - have never ever received a single dime/penny of financial support from anyone). But in no way will I continue to feed politicians through news that should remove them from political stages already long time ago. 

Will proceed with claim right on here by posting more proofs about most horrific MKultra case that eventually cost me lose of 25 years of life.


Insanity game(underground war which is growing into open civil war conflict) goes on. Is covered by all news outlet meaning they all are controlled and case of my own can confirm this as fact. Truth about establishments' crimes and peace none of the interest to society. 

I can assure you 2020 will end with victory of Donald Trump because this is what talk with what shouldn't be discussed with(people like this you handcuff and trial on court and not even impeach) does.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Killing for fun accross the US goes on

Nobody objects either

All normal all good.

Yeah, he got lost and eaten by woolves. Accidentally Charles Levin was involved in my MKultra case as well and thats a fact.

Friday, November 8, 2019

He wouldn't come to Poland, but would go to Russia - is okay with with invasion on Ukraine

Congratulate Hitler for burning Warsaw and Putin for murdering over 13.000 Ukrainians...what other would you do if wanting to burn Slavic relations - he is right from his own stand of view.

There allways were people like Kardashian/Kenye West

Fourth video in progress

Audios will played after one to confirm my account of story 100% s converter, but is not on car today yet despite my having appointment with local mechanic who already repaired this very car about 10 years ago. What happened with car...

4 of 4 VIDEOS - Destruction of car or how saved money used for crippling was used and detailed ADVANCED MKultra psychology of impersonators revealed

Know that account of story is so brutally real(so factual) to the point that when recording(just writing portion of text as seen bellow) here stated in a local public area, I was reminded with disapproving looks and all sorts of actions on how if my account of MKultra ordeal would be too factual, one wouln't go even through. That type of brainwash too happened during MKultra :)))) Still I can't reveal the whole account...PSYCHOLOGY OF MKULTRA IMPERSONATORS EXPLAINED IN MOST PROFESSIONAL WAY ONE COULD POSSIBLY GIVE WITNESSING ACCOUNT ABOUT ONE.

Despite stated here in relation with present landlord, I have to mention that individual as well as him mom helped me as much as possible in identifying from the past them as well as others involved in the case. They both knew about coming bi****ng from me as there was no space left between us for anything more - either truth or 100% problems from landlord(he had to comply and he has to comply with orders - he was placed in between without option and wouldn't want me to be even his future tenant after MKultra ended in 2015) side as well as others.Thus, I consider him rather as a form of help and not animosity - goes same for the neighbor who became aware of future ordeal which was prepared for me. They had to their part which if in their pants, I or any other person I know off wouldn't do any different.
1 OF 4 Destruction of car or how saved money used
Part one can be also seen at  or

2 of 4 Destruction of car or how saved money used
Part two can be also seen at  or

3 of 4 Destruction of car or how saved money used
Part three can be also seen at  or

Part four can be also seen at 

HORROR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOSCOW: Neonazi which invaded Ukraine with German oil purchases and Western military upgrades for the sake of own tsarist ambitions have young and elder Russians reenact WWII victory parade which Russia accomplished in war against Hitler

@Russia...once you clean up mess you have created in Ukraine, world will again believe in your parades related to victory of your grandfathers who gave their lives to defeat Hitler - till then, you and your parades look like a bunch of undercover neonazi shows on display operations. Your lovely leader whom you have embraced for the sake of territorial ambitions in brotherly Ukraine, have stripped you TEMPORARY of any rights to celebrate what should remain as the biggest honor of all Slavs.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I AM ALREADY DOUBTFUL ABOUT BAKALAJ: "It will destroy effective Congressional oversight for years to come."

@Bakalaj...No no no are mistaken. Neonazism targeted entire human  race and didn't have intention to back down/negotiate with anyone ever(at any time whatsoever) in respect to any issues concerning its domination of the world. 

Its goal was and is concentrated on everything non white(incl. on at least of 90% of what they suggest us today as white to get their idea going) on this planet(incl. and specially yellow race which represents the biggest threat to white European Aryan man). Hitler when started would also want world to see him for duration of years to was too late even so !!!

What happens if witness loses protection case vs what should be immediate arrest of Trump and his sons for here seen, you can only imagine...witch hunt on entire American population is what will take place. A BIRTH OF BIG NEONAZI GERMANY IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Not only would American people have no right to open their mouths any longer, but Trump would get to pick on and kill people publicly by naming shaming them via twitter or whatever...state of terror.

Watch truth about Rand Paul(one of the staunchest supporter of neonzism in US - so called LIBERTARIAN) and not only Trump

Do I know what I am talking about or not 

Rand Paul claimed Americans I am neonzi - he claimed this to his neighbor anesthesiologist(got in physical confrontation after one realized the truth about me and Rand Paul per who in reality is who) who became involved in MKultra this way and used as staff member during first trips to Europe. Rick Perry, Ron Paul were in Bush/Trump's can see clearly that Rand Paul is willing to die for his little Hitler

I also vindicate from liabilities older man psychologist hired by Trump to brainwash me into failures

The thing is he did his job to best of his abilities for also other reasons not associated to Trump. I will say nothing who what. I let man get away with it as is, but not Trump who had totally different agenda behind him for me and Poland alone. 

@Donetsk...For all of Slavs.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Working on 3/4 hours long in details video explanation on what I will play audio recordings to prove previously stated with facts

Video with best yet account related to MKultra...don't bother to act in any way as is nothing anyone can do at this point. Coming movie is already insured meaning that issues which you have considered under MKultra "if" are already revealed ahead of possible event online with today's date ;)

I sure didn't left even a single issue out of procedure.

Monday, November 4, 2019

I was told under MKultra more plots will be done to my Skodicka

Go ahead...make my day. You know where is parked.


Have enough evidence to proof Trump/Duda's plot behind car

Was not about even leaking transmission was 100% about deliberate act of sabotage as told today upon examination of transmission by mechanic. Sabotage was 100% done by mechanical shop which I pointed out. It was not three car keys that were stolen, it was a remote controller for car's alarm that was stolen(central locking system) what gave and gives perpetrators importunity to enter vehicle as pleased. This one was stolen by neighbor. 

In mean while, I am busy repairing car rather than searching for employment and even a decent place of stay

Looks like criminals hired by Trump accomplished goal of compelling me in stay inside of the freezing place where personal property is destroyed for another month(cant register car otherwise).

Trump should be arrested at this point. Not impeached.

By tomorrow, however, I will have court subpoenas delivered to two people involved in this crime. Americans also confiscated one month rent at another location where lured...ruined car($$$), stolen money via additional rent($$$), and keeping me out of work environment via crippling and issues mentioned here...

Art of the deal and filth behind one revealed.

Individual drove car for already several years - not from 2017 but much earlier already

Catalytic converter was removed from vehicle already in 2013. Possibility exists that one was mounted occasionally back due to technical examinations which take place on yearly bases, but in Poland is enough if you know technical examiner. Technical examiner at company where I took test is an old old employee there. They had me in this shop under MKultra as well as he wouldn't let me pass examination under any circumstances. Possibly thanks to Americans which pushed nose in absolutely everything possible to ruin me in Poland if I wouldn't comply with German interests. Total corruption. I remember computerized machines in his shop already from 2015 if not 2013...too many proofs at hand for me not to claim American conspiracy against me even in Poland. Legacy of terrorism(CORRUPTION AND CRIMINALITY) against Americans alone is what Trump left to US.


They blamed Jews for it all - no no no

Evil Jew rans whole thing in the background...its Jew that pays to minorities to outsource kill whites(term white went as far as including in group discriminated and brainwashed Latinos) in USA. Not German...NOT CARTER...NOT BUSHES...NOT TRUMP !!! A JEW IS GUILTY FOR IT ALL(small, but with much money can buy all no !!???).

The art of the deal

I believe in fact Duda learned from Donald Trump's "Art of The Deal" on how to close faith of an individual by offering one chance to redeem himself for something he have nothing to do with through something that will even cripple him on what victim is self destroyed thanks to brainwash he receives along MKultra procedure - its why it was okaay for Trump's selected few Americans to openly incite against Poland inside of the Poland when subjected to MKultra.... It works the same way if I would do the opposite and start to curse all Americans because of Donald Trump and few other pro neonazi German clowns which ran operation from US side...

Nothing against American people on general

I think most are great people, but there is some trash out there that is polluting American society(trying to do the same in Europe) to the bitter point.

I have met lots of good(very good people) Americans, but their voices are voiceless.

I equal(link) Donald Trump's views to terrorism. Its what neonazism is. I also pledge myself to advocate in future voices of normal Americans or Germans or Swedes and whatever normal is out there that opposes evil which I have experienced and even brought with me back to Europe.

Internet for which I am paying(via sim cards 3/4g) blocked at location where I am

Takes about minute to loaded page(way slower than  dialup). But works normally after 22:00 hours. Same tactics used by neighbor as case was in Grotnikaah. The argument is made via violence.

Ask Americans who landlord and neighbor are. They know all about it. Video will come on this subject.

Two months like this.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Who am I

A Slav first, not proud as Slovenian but Slovenian, then European.

Perhaps even a slave as you gestured name Slavs originate from, but NEVER EVER GERMAN. Lets say the one who escaped you.

I am glad to be outside of the big Germany

Call Europeans to take their countries back before they too face what their ancestors(if not destroyed via social engineering) are facing accross the US.

There is a great reason for evers shrinking Slavic society in US/Canada

It will become worse with time I anticipate. Carters are indifferent from Bushes or Trumps as you see...our lives worth less than lives of slaves on slave plaintains.

Understand now a bit better points of view from other Eastern European politicians


Got exactly what I wanted to know this morning

Multiple confirmation of West collaborating with Duda for thr sake of German solution...delivered to me on table by those who participated in MKultra gesturing on how they will be decidng about my faith. Jimmy Carter is okay with death, Trump okayed Paris climate deal, Schwarzenrgger/Stalone meeting photo and few more - all used to swing mood.

Was told in Slovenia to go see if anything can be still done for Poland

They consider one as dead - eaten on in and out by PiS. Sold to German interests.

I charge US(big Germany) with intention to exterminate me as per being member of Slavic community(Trump and Bush both proved legitimacy of my claim).

As far as Duda/Kaczynski - go Slavic community) already knows who you are and what you have done not only to me but also to Poland. Germans targeted Poland and Czech republic. According to Merkel, they went on everything or nothing. Its why such support for PiS from West.

The retaliation(my insult of her) of Agata Kornhauser was necessary

because Trump gave/financed(filled your private pockets Duda/Kaczynski) crippling. It was people after which demanded if I am correct - according to Zgierzan police and Duda alone...

The longer harrowing of me would go, I bet more people would seek justice against me.


You harrowed me with Kaczynski for 8 years and watched me on the internet crying for help like this for 13 years...tortured in Slovenia by psychiatrists to the point when I wouldn't want to even stay at home due to physical pain endured due to whatever they used on me(asking mom to tie me on bad if not taking me back to mental hospital due to pain because I feared I could fall into delirium due to physical pain/fever - miracle internal organs didn't explode) and all you thought was money and even need for PERSONAL retaliation as explained couldn't stop this by telling people truth about how mentor Kaczynski became multi-millionaire - off course not....

Okay then. You ruined 25 years of my life for the sake of corruption.

Duda also dreamed about commissions pertaining this very case - $$$money

So you go ruining my life for the sake of the money. Ruining my life and lives of others....

Poor idiot I and many others...Poland society split on half while you're waiting for money. This is what German bounty on my tail did folks. Greed is good, but not to this degree.

You will get one way jail ticket with your victimized wife Mr. Duda - the least. That I promise you. Whatever it takes.

Agata Kornhauser-Duda was also one of the ssweetheart "victims" of mine under MKultra - fake as hell and disaster for all others

Duda used as a pretext for his crime against me(insisted that I insulted her) and am certain to ruin as well some other decent lives - if for nothing else then to get a pretext for his crime against me(even support from victims whom he hurt via his political PiS party) !!!

 Trump insisted on my "ohhh what you did boy"...and whole thing(my insult) was I understand also video recorded...

There is not even 20% of Americans that would oppose arrest of Donald Trump today

Trump is a wrack for Christianity, a disaster for the economy, ruin for democracy(a racist bigoted chauvinist liar traitor sexual predator pedophile who mistreats women).

#1 lunatic in the history of US. A wrack and death of US constitution.

Public poles - well, they write them.

Gavin Newsom is yet another Beto O'Rourke who threw himself under the wheels for the sake of the Trump to get Ku Klux Klan train going
What are the chances that something bad may NOT happen when Trump suggests !!???? None...

Obama ensured his presidency and Schwarzenegger, Gavin, Beto alike folks as is written in the title...who knows, perhaps Trump even proves via Gavin a teenager Greta wrong if she is on the first place in the game for real...

California suffered as well for the sake of Trump's self-promotion...bad bad bad self-destructive American politics. No, Trump will not be impeached. The establishment is as corrupt as it gets. If people of United States won't take justice in their hands, one as we knew will cease to exist...

Not shocked about hatred in Germany, but I am shocked about German government being allowed to allow existence of groups like PEGIDA/AFD

What exactly happened to post WWII peace accords to which Germany had to agree to even function as a state !!????? German government seems now openly gestures its intentions on German territory

The biggest problem to which we witness is in fact classic looking Czech family which became deprived of reality while in US

Is a completely disbalanced family. Ivana alone looks like late Michael Jackson with her 100+ facial surgeries...Trumps have found themselves in a society in which they would love to climb up ladder by betraying entire Slavic society. Its what they brought with them(PROBLEMS) from US when in Poland and to Czech republic...IT IS IMPORTANT TO ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE AS NATIONS/PEOPLE. IMPORTANT TO REJECT HATRED/DIVISION.

Trump received cheers and waves from the Madison Square Garden crowd :)))) Son Eric EXCITED - we have seen this before too :)))

Prior to his departure to Don Black/David Duke's neighborhood in Florida, Trump reminds us of tradition that murdered quite a few real Americans. Nice :)))) 

Either google did this or someone has a password and access to account

Did changed password but have no idea about this one....
Related to

You cant do more for people than accepting minimum wage job(3 Euros an hour) for which you know will cripple in you in a very short time and purchase with savings a car

for which you don't even check the presence of the technical manual because the person whim you have supposedly hurt is involved in one.

The best job in the world and the best car I ever had. That 1999 Skoda Felicia is my pride(my joy) and will never be for sale - is a swift reminder to Warszawian politicians on who they are and where their place is.

You cant do more for people than accepting minimum wage job(3 Euros an hour) for which you know will cripple in you in a very short time and purchase with savings a car

GOOGLE automatically duplicated this news...I didn't.

Duda was and is just a Judas - not a Jew

His supposedly Jewish wife is not even Jewish. Kaczynski who dreamed about making this country white like a snow(make one so white that when Jews would visit one, they wouldn't see themselves in one in any way - its why his racism/division of society specially in Zgierz/Lodz) told me in his own words that Duda was chosen to full Israel when historical question about property returns surfaces...anticipated along with Slovenian Borut Pahor from me to bark at Israel(on Jews), so they would look the other way.

How Andrzej Duda saw my crippling case as

Most of the Polish people whom I met were in game to help as much as they possibly could. Few along with politicians Duda, Morwaiecki, and their mentor Kaczynski saw it different.

Will repeat his words, "car will be used to deprive you of everything you will do for people at work...all the credits you will earn with people will be stripped from you via this very car"....

Mr. Duda(its how political MKultraa works and one should be aa great lesson on what often turns) anticipated my turning against Polish people as a nation. Duda with his mentor Kaczynski my wandering around the world and cursing Poland basically...freshly painted house next to the little home where I stay should via pathos represent me I my head Poland and I should see myself next to one in a small house as a poor broken bastard falling apart :))) Its what Mr. Duda anticipated case would be. There is nothing normal(forget about nice) hiding behind his tie and smile. Anyhow...

STUPID ASKS: My Hospital Was Bombed by Putin and Assad. Why Won’t America Hear Our Cries?

Well...its because Putin and America work together for one thing :))) And Assad is a nobody a nothing. He is just a puppet on stage next to American and Russian tanks. Thats all. Don't you worry much longer...they want you all out of the picture for good anyways.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

I also prefer people from from Guinea or Ivory Coast to "clandestine networks of NEONAZI Frenchmen"

I like French people. Think its a great nation, but what few caused me is just as bad as it gets(Macron now silent like a mouse about this very case was/is one of them). Comparing his taste to beautiful Ukrainian and Bulgarian people can explain to us Slavs what we truly present as a people on a greater neo-Nazi scale in which Moscow has implicated itself via Putin.

British Royals not fit to govern British affairs - family deeply divided sending racist/homophobic message across the British population specterum

I see the racial issue of Meghan and Harry indifferent from what others feel about homosexual and other inequality issues. Because if you can't accept son(now even grandson and grand grandson) as your own due to his racial background, you are expressing publicly intolerance for a variety of other issues within society. British Royals are on board of neo-Nazi ship along with Trump and Putin. Just as Trump in USA, Putin in Russia, they contribute to the erosion of British society toward dark past.

Bad bad bad !!!! Unfit to govern even own family affairs - forget country issues.

I am for America

I am for the trial of both individuals. Black and white racist(grab both criminals and take them on trial before what you see bellow turns into a total massacre - both sides are deserved). What do you stand for !!????

Black Panthers(most deserved for destabilizing American society) president continues to agitate - incites(plans to revive) in hatred

Looks like a black racist is not done yet and would like to steer some more problems which he foremost created within American society. And so here we go again...looks like it will be another round. More hatred...more anger...more dead - its about Barack Obama.

We can't allow O'rourkes and Trumps teach us tolerance for what resulted in death of over 70 million people just 70 something years ago

Open condemnations of American neo-Nazi president surprisingly didn't get any further from Beto O’Rourke who gave cruicial moral support to Trump by quitting what one didn't even start yet, and so we can't allow neo-Nazi dialog on political regardless of how low(perhaps even interesting to some to observe American president in a form of human being as Trump) to go on either way.

Impeachment is an excuse for what should be arrest(people like Trump faced Nurnberg firing squads - not impeachments) and even this one is uncertain will take place due to totally controlled opposition.

Here is my reply to labor inspector in Lodz on her answer to my complain - whatever left from savings(car) was in most part already stolen from me

On fourth as the car scam was designed and for what I was told the case will be, I will lose registration of place of stay(zameldowanie - as you know it took me 15 months in Poland despite the law to find pre selected landlord used for exactly here explained issue and beyond if I wouldn't manage to resist crime - this location was used to financially and morally destroy me completely). Well, in Poland I was told law requires for car title transfer registered place of stay as well as full technical examination. Car at this point is not even mobile as there most likely is no transmission liquid left inside of the transmission. So you can see that LANDLORS(all of the as they were used to shovel me from one place to another via violence) were used along with others to murder/kill. Torture in worst way possible, cripple(I doubt that I will ever recuperate from it as I found myself with same pain as was during employment), and steal savings in record time. Push rope around one's neck.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Why Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign Failed - its simple

Because he was in it to give Trump support in crucial(impeachment) moment. Not first and not last traitor I have seen. Thats all

American Ku Klux Klan crime boss moves from New York to well known neonazi area - close to his associates which participated from early beginnings in this very case(David Duke did and so did Don Black)

As you know, Big Apple resisted big time to neeoneazim prior to WWII. Not best place for little Hitler in contrast with what you see is bellow. Impeachment will not even work because both parties are led by indifferent leaders(controlled opposition) and as long bigger stake is laid down on the table from Russian side.
Both of these beasts engaged in torture under MKultra. I spent no less than 11.5 in Miami. Florida is packed with supporters of what you see here with the exception of few places such as Naples etc.

I hope Ku Klux Klan boss bandit gets arrested - not only impeached

American KKK crime boss had his people orchestrate whole lemonade in respect to car

From point of sale to gesturing me the same night on how I should just leave car nearby gas station. Luckily my audio recorder was again on. Entire day yes. Video coming on this subject.

There is actually nothing American in this individual...he is a German disgrace to America. Did nothing in Poland other lobbied for Germany. Its why Merkel is wary of his presence.

Ni signs of bad Russians on sight in respect to car issues - only Trump's team

Grotniki was run by Russians, by Americans which were used to translate future torture via MKultra terror. What followed after Grotniki involved, however, solely Trump's Americans(people who would give anything to have Poland sold to Germany and this includes Kaczynski's elite squads which pledged to give full support to American crime boss) and corrupt Polish landlords/business owners.

Americans didn't even know what went on...they were first brainwashed on how they are engaging in MKultra out of pure humanitarian issues from which I would benefit on what those if they wouldn't comply with American psychologist hired by trump to destroy me in Poland were simply removed and replaced by bad apples. 90% were good and 10% poisoned as it gets with single idea on their mind. To bring me to Germany basically. Not surprised Trump congratulated German invasion on Poland.

Destruction of car was done on behalf of Americans at AUTO-MARK shop when searching for catalytic converter - not LeClerk store

All explained the incoming video. I have proof for it in fact. Owner too bribe from Trump for his bloody deed which involved drainage of transmission liquid from under the vehicle. American individual even worked in this park for few months and American made cars were repaired and sold by local businesses.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Done three days prior to end of the "zameldowanie" (registeation if vehicle will now be even impossible)

Moving out on fourth abd will loose ability to register new residence therefore...paid 100pln to get technical done which couldnt pass vecause of registration...will loose car and money for parts and for regusteation. Its where abd we destroy you is what I was can see now just how dangerous Kaczynski is. German agent Russian agent...German agent Russian agent...

Who is traitor in this country !!??? Who sells Polacks to Russians and Germans and to Israel if he onky could...

Just as promissed under MKultra and as American criminals dreamed about

Catalytic converter(katalisator) could be used to get you to particulat shop(part of the town) on what we(Polacjs not Russians) would let teansmission oil to lick out on parking lot from LeClerk did happened. I am stuck with car freezing at the gas station...Donald Trump's criminals working hard in free Poland.Nice.

Polish police well...they do it instead of thugs or use thugs to do it for them...was same with bike. Could be done with brand new car as well.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Translated car sale - Trump's art of the deal :)))))

TRANSLATED: Skoda Felicia year 1999, engine 1.6 with everything paid in for another year(could only understand as insurance/technical examination as there nothing else could be) for sale by First Owner

142.000 kilometers, 1st owner, car from Poland
Car without any halls due to rust, central locking, servo, air bags and so on...

Reality: 7 days to complete the technical examination or face fines(examination 1/9th of car cost), different from factory specifications wheels with tires(another 2/9th of car cost if 40zl is each), Catalytic converter stolen from car(technician gestured me more than the double cost of the car, but isn't that bad) due to what mechanic gestured me most likely is silver. He also wrote approximately 2000 kilometers less than what car has...and so on :)))

IN POLISH: What Trump/Kaczynski's car salesman advertised as car listing and what he changed listing immediately(within 5 minutes) into upon car sale

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It was the second desperate attempt of Kaczynski/Trump to turn me against participants hurt in MKultra procedure(push them away by turning me against them) as Serghei from Belarus was yet another individual whom I have insulted mercilessly when subjected to MKultra. Idea was not only made me miss train as was case prior to this listing, but also sell me car(listed under Serghei's address) which would ruin me. I am instead looking to long friendship to all parties involved - return specially these people TRUST IN POLISH state which Warszaw's politicians deprived them off.

Trump not so lucky this writing letter to attorneys to learn more about issues involved in this very case.

ps. I would have done it again...already if I would make Serghei happy - demonstrate him my trust was well worth....

I don't think I will give my Skodicka away

Felicia is a nice name for my auto mobile samochod...will get some flowers in or on oone and continue to ride problems. Nothing in life is really easy. Good things don't happen easy...she is worth it ;) 1999 was a great year...still is ;)

Stolen catalytic converter from one is worth more than car alone is what I was told(twice as much just to give you an idea - 2000zl local technician who did technical inspection/examination of the vehicle).

Donald Trump had Americans(few of them) organised IN FOLLOW UP on first job I held in Poland

This is what I got(due to misleading advertisement on OLX) upon my arriving to the location as seen below. The individual was involved in MKultra, my SIM card yet again either somehow wasted or destroyed(if was my SIM card at all - at Lodzka individual cut out of card essential information from another SIM card, so I couldn't use one - frequent trespassing and vandalism a regular thing in all three post Grotniki's locations) what forced me to get one replaced in city Lodz(huge mall next to Castorama still without SIM cards - American cried to me about it already in 2015 about it) and what resulted in cost of what most likely was some 30zloty ride to nowhere. Either landlord or neighbor via landlord would frequently leave me gas inside of the apartment on, so I could smell my own money evaporating in air while showering myself with ice cold water - saving on electricity and not only gas - while breaking spine at local work and being tortured via directed energy weapons atop of it so others can treat my savings as explained here). Americans(Trump's selected deputies which even blackmailed own people involved in MKultra) impersonated all stated here because it could be like this and like that...not for Poland or USA, but someone else. Normal Americans wouldn't be anywhere even near around after they would learn about what goes on behind AMERICAN GERMAN IRON curtain of death.

Obviously had to look for work which is not requiring much physical effort related to hurt spine. An so was driven to English and even cab(taxi) employers for which I was suggested would destroy me if I wouldn't cooperate with Germany - could be like this and like that is what I was told by Americans which had me beside. Here the REAL answer comes out(already explained) on why Americans wanted complete control over MKultra and were investing waste amounts of effort in me. Some Zgierzan employers gestured directly that is expected of me to act as German spy translated to me under MKultra due to financial issues.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Car is also without catalytic converter

The technical examination technician told me it costs twice as much as car costed me.

Nevertheless, I may even keep car. Will explain all in video.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Don't confuse few with majority in my case

I love Zgierz and I love Lodz. You can't love Lodz if you don't love Zgierz.

Job I had in Zgierz(first job in Poland) was by far best job I ever had. It made me feel great to go at work where I was capable to demonstrate to locals and beyond(Ukrainian workers) everything West gestured(conditioned with) them as over the years(basically as being worthless).

NOTHING NEW NOW IN WESTERN COLONY KNOWN AS RUSSIA: Putin's beyond primitive media continues to promote Nazism according to prescription from the West

Ohhh eyed white(snow butt) Russian cuttie returns with a special "'Guard said he’d ‘f**k each and every one of us’" prison message to Russian society encourages Russian white portion of the population(proud about her by NRA embraced hair - imagine) to feel great about themselves(must not be so bad if American prison guards would every one of us) and sends message of white innocence straight back to America...aha...perhaps China(India and China) should take note of this and start to pay more attention to Russian taxation because there is no real love in Moscow.
On above photo, Swedish neonazi organgutans in blue uniforms posing for controlled media what most liley was accomplished via MKultra, so foreign media can disseminate Swedish tragedy.

I don't care if its republic or democrat as long as is normal

You both are in war with evill today. Same evill gthat costed world 70+ million lives(incl. your grandads which fought on front across the ocean) just 70 something years ago...JOIN YOUR POWERS AND SMASH UGLINESS ONCE AND FOREVER !!!

Poland must attract Americans which love one for what one was/is and its many Americans with this type of background.

Just like Beto O'Rourke, I embrace Kamala Harris as well

There is no place for neonzism in this world. America should be ran by strong, young, and intelligent people which reject hatred(corruption) on all levels.

Thank you Kamala Harris for standing up for basic human values.

Eric Trump when in Poland incited young Poles into nazism

He OPENLY posed to young Poles whenever one had the opportunity as someone who is looking toward neo-nazism. His words, "why not...why not...because you don't know...let me explain..nothing wrong with it...

like fatherlike son.

If Donald Trump could, he would issue an order to shut American workers in legs too(not only Mexicans)

Donald Trump HATES workers. Bragged about how Chicago and Detroit(labor societies where people of all backgrounds got along very well) should be destroyed entirely industry-wise(GM, Pontiac etc.). He hates labor unions. HE HATES AMERICAN MADE and at no wonder plays with the sanity of young/old job seekers which are abused rather than exposed to normal working circumstances in between.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Activists hope to take impeachment fight to the streets

It started to boil in America

Decent Americans(real Christians) reject idea about Lucifer as president.

Harniated disc not a problem(not an emergency) in Poland

Was scheduled a week go for an examination with orthoped for March 1st, 2020.
 Off course choice is mine...I don't have to go there either while staying at home(hoho, either this or accept same line of work t local employment agency is Donald Trump fixed it - there is ZUS option s well, but in the situation I was in, I already lost 2 weeks) and paying for bills on my own(well with money which I managed to save within these three months). And murderous hypocrisy of US Government known as see nothing, hear nothing which hd advanced knowledge of this event is praying that Trump would somehow anyway manage to destroy me - save the country of biggest disgrace in its existance.

Americans involved in MKultra incited heavily against Poland because

Kaczynski wanted GERMAN AGENT. Not all Americans. Chriss from Colorado was more like Tiffany...he really didn't care about other than doing whatever told. Have rejected American psychologist whom Trump hired to do directly total brainwash on me on how I should translate to my mind events in Poland...with exception of few others involved, most of young Americans were willing to come to the rescue. Anti Trumpers stayed away from whole thing altogether as they knew it only meant trouble.

What I can say about Poland

that I love people...beautiful people just as Ukrainians and Russians - people unwilling to accept hatred as the way of life basically. And P<3land is full of them.

IN POLAND: You are made patriot, so you can be sold for groshe to those you know...

German agent Russian agent German agent Russian agent German agent Russian agent German agent