Saturday, July 31, 2021

Aronia tree poisoned and harvested today upon completion of video by mother who also stated me under MK Ultra will leave me via laughter a single branch

I think mother got toy from Eurospin in 2006 not as American claimed who latter expressed sorry for stated...he then claimed they brought one from Italy or so two years earlier and how I shouldn't even state anything in respect to toy. Aha. 
Anyhow - which toy..."toy is alive" toy or toy as a toy ? Video can be also seen at


@Ethiopia - If you can't help, allow help or let them go. Don't built cancer in your backyard that will effect entire planet in even worse ways than as we knew one..

A World War II Nazi tank discovered in a retiree's basement leads to legal spat. There was also a torpedo and an anti-aircraft gun.

From just as was told case will be...

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The diference between "democracies" and dictatorships

 When you collect certain procentage of vaccinated, the rest's rights(those of unvaccinated) will not be defended by those already vaccinated. Mandate to vacinate is issued as a result. Its same process with ethnic tunrnoround in the country - ethnic cleansing with final stage instead of manate(as the case is with vacinations) of "saw nothing, hear nothing, know nothing" process takes place. 

@Borut Pahor/ Milan Kucan - wipeout. Systematic kill of the nation.

VERY COMPETENT(TOTALLY SOBER) Ukrainian president signs deal with Chinese companies rather than waiting for slow Amero German death - rejects bulls*** basically

Where it says in a paragraph about "and shuts up about the Uyghurs", I will only say lets talk about Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, and other Muslim countris that US roamed along Russia with bombs time and again - what the hell does starved to death by WEST Ukraine have to do with Uyghurs all the sudden !!???? What have Ukraine done to Uyghurs !!????

Mate Rimac created by Elon Musk nothing more than a toy in hands of chetniks - I will sue one for every dime in his pocket

His wife with plastic lips(as abusive as it gets and with strong chetnik ideology on her mind) and made me understand what I dealth with as was abusive as one possibly could be.

I wasn't dying for 26 yeats for greater chetnik state.

Yesterday's trip to nowhere whyich had cost 20 Euros and a losss of three days with idea to remind of what psychiatrc hospital(he had one under complete control along Milan Kucan) was again organised by Borut Pahor

As I stated, in 1995 West declared on Slovenia war with its presence inside of the Slovenia itself.

At this point and time, Borut Pahor and West continue to push(DELAY) forward chosen/selected options which fit their best interests ALL IN VAIN FOR NOTHING.

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Borut Pahor had Slovenian psychiatric stuff carefuly analyse my MK Ultra urges as per car selection for what I was often told no Alfa Romeo 156, no Fiat Stilo, no Renault Megan(1996 - 2002) or Renault Laguna, Seat Toledo, Opel Vectra, VW passat to all other cars which appealed to you as every one of them is a lemon waiting on your arrival.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Church never had anyone like Pope Francis - it looked one lost its track and would collapse in two coming decades, but he turned tables around pointing proper direction on time

Hospital finally got money for renovation/modernisation in 2005 - after 4 years of delay delay delay ;) 

Was in city of Ptuj today and individual involved in MK Ultra tried to push me yet another broken vehicle which, however, Americans embraced

The number one MK Ultra car was Alfa Romeo - I made even Harry and William drive one. Everyone involved in MK Ultra became upsessed because of me in either Alfa Romeo cars or Fiat Stilo. Examples of Stilo would go into area of Pope Francis(loved Stilo caravan) and Charlie Sheen while Jamie Lee Curtis posted today in themorning prior to my departure I was unsure about(hmmmm, just as promissed Jaime, but how did you kow if not...) even news which should spike me into Alfa Romeo purchase seen on photo bellow. Jamie Lee Curtis caimed me(bitched me) that she has Italian ancestry whatever(whatever, since she didn't even knew about Alfa Romeo existed prior to me) first victim, however, and which brought tremendous luck to Alfa Romeo was Jeremy Clarkson...when under MK Ultra, I was in all Alfa Romeo factories and in Fiat and made most infuential people $$$ test drive them for what I was told "thank you" and named as best commercial for Italian cars ever(investors and customers / market) by top Italian automakers that incuded Lamborghini. Trumpet chose as his choice Lancia Delta and one of the best cars ever - well, Trumpet and his kids thanked me personally(means to me nothing really - will rather stop here) for test driving them in Italy.

Too damn bad Russians don't own paypal neteller and cryptoealletsl

 Because I swear, I would think they blocked my donation accounts = zero $ support in 26 years ;) fact not fiction

Thursday, July 29, 2021

There were quite a few that dreamed about my developing cardiovascular heart problems of which number one was/is Arnold Schwarzenegger ;)

 Ohh well Steven - although you could loose a few kg, I worry more about your mental state Involved in MK Ultra case yes, but you can feel how pathetic individual is.

Arnold Schwarzenegger insisted(guaranteed me) per his "genetic" resentment how I will end up in bed with bypass surgery just as he did - don't know how that would be possible since he never had any directed energy related or cancer related issues in his life time. Genius was also behind feet burns as was the one who insisted how was either him or Franco that someone have done something like this prior to competition...

It took about 5 years more for mother to get Aronia tree from or on behalf of Russians which freeloaded in our house for decade and half already, but Ruskies got Aronia trea just like everything else right through me

 It was Finland that gave Aronia tree on behalf of Sweden to Ruskies(to Russian freeloaders) in 1996. And just as I stated right through me Avsec Boštjan. Related to 

Just tried one for the first time and its nothing special as far as I am concerned...make sure to watch because next to at least one hour of daily walk and other exercise with proper food and with system topped well with water prior to food consumption as long as one is natural(also stay away from ice cream and other artificial additives - cakes/cookies etc.), you will be as god as new within no time....

HERE IS WHAT IS HIDING BEHIND BLACK HOLE: 'Warping space': For the first time, light has been spotted from behind a black hole

& Enjoy the light then(if you like COVID restrictions and joblessness won't be such a big problem after all and if not ohhh, well)...yeah, and for the "first time" imagine this...
Warp...must be truth if Einstein stated...

RUSSOGERMAN POST WWII PLAN FOR EUROPE AND WORLD: Dutch were very unhappy with Slovenia/Croatia in 1995 - its state existence ruined plans according to few who were direct with me

I cite what appeared to be Merkel(1997,1998,1999) alone,
"we will be deciding about issue in respect to agreement we had with Yugoslavia prior to its disintegration" - she meant global agreement to which Yugoslavia consigned just prior to war outbreak on Balkans. She referred to financial aid which "socialist" Yugoslavia was about to receive - money to which Slovenian statesman France Bučar still in Yugoslavia(in 1988 while article bellow can be seen United States even offered money once Slovenia decided to depart Yu for one to stay in US with Bush's father as main actor - no wonder his son proceeded politic as one of the top Putin's priorities was recreation of failed chethink state known as Yugoslavia) OPPOSED(something unheard off)
In the 1980s, he started collaborating with the alternative journal Nova revija. In early 1988, he was invited to speak at the European Parliament; he caused a scandal in Yugoslavia by proposing to block all economic aid to the socialist countries of Eastern Europe in order to force them to adopt economic and political reform.

Merkel further insisted under MK Ultra on how stuff is done to me from German side, so eastern European "leaders" would develop sympathy for me. Something I have to acknowledge as wrong and yet another malicious lie used as a pretext for torture and destruction(war) against my little Slovenia !!!

You can get article translated to understand what situation of Slovenian independence was during its independence process, but all in all - main decoding factor for West turning its back to Slovenia/ Croatia/ Ukraine was Russia which West needed to proceed with its global geopolitical plan.

IF THEY ARE SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS, THEN WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HITLER: From greater frame(zooming out), I concluded for thing to be nothing more than German politic

I don't think I would get to video record Chinese AliExpress violating laws/regulations, talk about Polish crime where Jesus Christ is for sale, nor would we witness under normal circumstances Lukashenko crises... talk all you want with proofs(the more about poisoning the better) at hand per what took place as there is someone who coordinates all this and pays for it all ;) 

Germany eventually implicated in its war black mercenaries(from Mike Tyson to Dwayne Johnson, Obama etc.) from lines of so called Black Lives Matter movement - meaning one is literately engaging in war via human rights issues against human rights issues and managed to trigger American minorities in taking political stands based on well aware lies against foreign nations - not only own citizens.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Upon partial return for totally useless tablet, Chinese AliExpress stole another 3 Euros

What is money and time anyways...

And I do not support racism of any kind - I met really great Chinese people and love(admire) Asian feminine Physique 

Chinese women are very beautiful.

CANCER END GAME: Cancer issues close to being completely eliminated in my case - I feel now as a result only 10% of what used to be the case.

 Add to stated here also real honey and thats that. Haven't felt as good as I did today despite very short sleep(will explain in coming video) in a while - not a single time within one year at works

Involved in crime with axes inside of our garage was also Milan Kučan

Related to

It was end of 1998 - Americans told me will install interior micro cameras for my sake - my safety because of mentioned incident. Just so you know how detailed my memory is.

Borut Pahor along Ursula von der Leyen claimed me how I must sell Chinese imported tablet as fast as possible as soon import taxes will go back to old VAT import taxation

 Therefore no more 35Euros flat on value up to 150 Euros, but back to old taxation...anyhow, you will see. They lauged alot on destruction of laptop and purchase of Chinese tablet issue, but all in all it was Germans who managed to push me away from EBAY into tablet purchase via AliExpress from China. I will demonstrate you how Ebay accomplished just that. People's Republic of China a so called communist state was/is in total agreement with West in respect to my case just as I stated. Collected money(bribe) for the sake of crime against foreign individual which even supported one. Not about communism or capitalism or even nazism as you se...its more about what methods used and behind which of mentioned political brands, the system(state) is hiding its real face.

After publishing first message concerning Polish psychologist and during typing second one, it felt as if computer would be plugged straight to current without adapter in between

 For this psychiatric stuff from Ljubljana Polje promised me computer will be destroyed - this laptop is remotely controlled.

2 meters tall 120kg sports individual(got status of sportsman inside of metal hospital) who chopped mother in pieces and stored her inside of the fridge and became my roommate inside of the psychiatric Ljubljana hospital

 was involved in MY PERSONAL MK Ultra case since 2000 and rated due to his support for me as a nazi. Based on famous "philosopher" Slavoj Žižek involved in my MK Ultra with Ljubljana's psychiatric stuff inside of our garage in 1999 or so when play with axes commenced(they dreamed about how I will ax family members and have introduced axes in MK Ultra game as they referred to one), I can assume exactly what too place with individual and his mother. HE TOO LIKE FATHER HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WITH LIGHT INTERESTING ENOUGH WHEN TAKING THOSE DRUGS...LIGHT BOTHERS HIM AND WAS VERY AGRESSIVE AT TIMES WHEN INSIDE OF THE ROOM WITH ME BECAUSE OF WHAT HE CLAIMED WAS LIGHT(thats why he was inside of the room with me - aggressive weight lifter who took at the same time heavy psychiatric drugs inside of the psychiatric hospital and real drugs outside of the psychiatric hospital - they have had indirect crack suppliers in vicinity of hospital)...

Polish psychologist Justyna rated me as a criminal during her work inside of the Polish correction system(prison)

 I cite(under MK Ultra), "You have developped common elements of criminals already and will categorize you in such group"...but she was the one who would from few feet behind observe beatings/abuse during MK Ultra. ot only in Poland, but also in Czech republic. 

Took orders for abuse from complainees and follow up on them and have others claim me how she stopped many how she observed and even retaliated for abuse against me...

Justyna wittnessed psychiatrist Prokselj and another girl in city of Novo mesto build LIES via heavy abuse against me for which she very very well knew were lies yet for the cost of rightfulness of lies(shame Serbian mother of girl alone created), she knew nothing about it when I was hospitalized by this very psychiatrist in 2015 - was seen as St. Maria by Serbian community for reason noother than Slobodan Milosevic in 1998/1999(near Sempeter/Otocec) who preferebly would see me dead as he alone told me...

Serbian chetnik psychiatrist Prokselj(half Serbian I assume who was in search of her own identity since she felt must protect Serbian chetnik leaders which arrived to Novo mesto - found her identity in self envisioned lies and solution in hatred) in fact imitated with Justyna's permission a Justina during MK Ultra sessions to disburse one from liabilities for crimes knowing a) will be the one who will institutionalize me in Slovenia on what if I wouldn't give in(surrender to physical torture pain and threats) , I would go and get b) in Justyna's hands in Poland where Justyna then would lobby for Prokselj Tatjana....

Monday, July 26, 2021

AliExpress today finalized computer related vandalism procedures which led into theft of money via China

To be completely precise with psychiatrist Peter Kapš

 He became extremely abusive inside of our residence(inside house). Kapš attempted to intimidate me under MK Ultra with use of violence and on few occasions next to threats and intimidations did used one against me, however, his violence outside of the house produced at Trska Gora in year 2005 as my reaction on his repeated intimidation a physical attack attempt on him which I repeated perhaps twice more infront of others(it worked) till individual was removed from MK Ultra - they did removed violent criminal for perhaps even two years on what he apologized and was despite my protest injected back into MK Ultra program in what I believe was 2007. 

Biden seems bribed China too in respect to my case, but all in all is not doing well

 Lost along Putin(Russia) in crime against me big. It will be same with Chinese case which will end on court involving MK Ultra torture issues - not tablet alone...

No right to AliExpress appeal and must wait another 2 to 5 working days(in addition to one month and half already and appeals I have made) for paid tablet theft steal

Video can be also seen at
Nowhere to submit proofs I took time for...very nice.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Very discriminatory(hateful) feedback from Chinese AliExpress corporation - not about seller on AliExpress who sold wrong size wrong hardware tablet, but AliExpress alone

Video can be also seen at
My laptop got broken so Chinese tablet could be sold to me as is seen here and evidently there is a whole a lot more to crime against me than just involvement of Joe Biden/ Donald Trump/ Mike Tyson and even European Union as was told case will be under MK Ultra which went on after breaking me tablet to increase according to plan import dues for tablets/androids in value up to 150 Euros to 35 Euros flat fee(charged me more than 50% of tablet value for import of one into European Union state - up from what used to be 22% or what in this case would/should have been 12 Euros) - obviously CHINA is on board with them. China managed to ripped from me(for now) no less than EU108.68($128)

Dissemination of lies against me via torture in front of memorials dedicated to Slovenian partisans, classifies in my view Russian issue into the category of WORST OF THE WORST crimes.

 Ruining me on global level via lies/torture to degree of institutionalizing one to exercise top physical torture against one does not apologize/excuse what Putin attempted to use(same case as with Sergei) for his crime. Although Russian girl was beautiful, its not the same thing, but exactly the opposite. Same category as Russians who tortured engaged in idiotic behavior to be acknowledged as such and could further lie against me - and torture...

Not only British/ Spaniards/ Italians/ Americans - I have to say Polacks, Russians, including mother/father in Slovenia/niece etc. all knew about Britney Spears' secret which I don't mind if real, but if one is fake

 Its nothing more than a waste of time and worse - Russians claimed me with almost identical issue waiting on me in Moscow as Britney Spears did....just a bit confused about it all. No doubt, underground MK Ultra scenario book in respect to this case was/is and will remain bestseller for privileged portions of global societies - its not about whether this case was/is real or if one was monitored George Orwell alike...

Britney supposedly was American/British response on Russian issue(if real at all) to which, however, I never ever agreed with and was done against my will Just as the case was with everything else. Moreover, it could have also been Amero British cover-up operation for Russian issue as they worked and work together as one therefore reducing the crime nature of Putin's team.

Britney Spears may have a big secret in respect to my MK Ultra case, but will keep silent till I learn everything about it

 I recalled few things that confused me quite a bit today. Quite a lot actually. Her father appeared to really like me...

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Polonez Caro Plus (1997-2003) - Še za motor katerega sem Poljakom dobil preko Japonske leta 1995-1996 v upanju na rešitev tovarne Polonez(enako kot je bil predhodno 1995 z tovarno Škoda na Češkem) so bili na koncu krivi Nemci.

 Za zaprtje tovarne tovarne Polonez na katero Poljaki prisegajo bolj kot na Boga so mi Poljaki prvo priznali se jim finančno ni isplačala - kmalu potem so bili za njeno zaprtje krivi Egipčani na koncu pa pa še Nemci in tako je vse skušaj leta 2002 šlo v maloro....sam pa sem bil na koncu kakor mnogokrat prej kakor pozneje za vse kriv sam - preklet in ničkolikokrat pretepen populjuvan z verbalnimi grožnami v obraz in popljuvan...toliko o Fujitsuju katerega sem prav tako zlobiral na Poljsko...izpovejo se lahko - lahko priznajo kriminal katerega resnico ne bojo nikdar in nikoli več zajezevali z prihodom v javnost a da bi moj primer potrdili kakor resničnega o čemur so tako bajno sanjačili z ostalimi akterji nebojo nikdar in nikoli imeli časti.

Premijski razred glede zavarovanja avtomobilov v Sloveniji so določevali Poljaki in to glede na moč motorja ker se nam Slovencem pač dopadejo Italjanski avtomobili katere Poljaki SOVRAŽIJO

 Cene avtomobilskih zavarovanj kakor nikjer drugje po svetu so določene za naše voznike(kupce vozil) preko moči motorjev

LATIN KING: If Latin people ever had their king, its Pope Francis who always looked on greater Latin Society via totally non discriminatory views - there was no difference for him when it came to helping people of either Indian origins or Spaniards

He felt at home in just about any Latin country - weather that be in South America or in Europe. It appears I spent lots of time next to him under MK Ultra. Pope Francis loved to travel...loved/loves Mexico, loved/loves Brazil, Spain, Italy(connects in his mind all the time Italy with Mexico because of flag he adores as he trusted me), and France and Venezuela/Ecuador and USA(something that angered me because of what was done to me in US and since he kept accenting me "great American way of life" - Francis knew nothing about what truly went on with me in US) and so on...yeah he loves his native Greek alike Argentinian/ Uruguayan flag and for that matter Greece...Pope Francis not shy when it comes to other than Christianity religions and have with his humble humane approach toward people rather than religions gained respect also amongst Muslim believers/ Hindus, and perhaps even Chinese communist party members...if Latinos ever had King, it was/is and will remain(at least as the first one) Pope Francis. Into action meeting different people in very unlikely for Popes places interacting with poor not only wealthy and looking out to help whichever way he could(I remember him bargaining for quality of life improvements in impoverished communities with local and federal politicians - he bargained/ negotiated help for $$$$ assistance for these communities etc. - @Francis is that why you had me along so often ;) ? ).

Knowing whats next for me in respect to cancer games(poisoning), mother planted in garden DECADE(DECADE AND HALF AGO OR SO) Aronija/Aronia tree - reminded me of one today but will not touch any solution to one


Its Russians who even took credit for one. Glorified Aronia tree and wise Russian motherland on how up North next to Finland and Scandinavia Russ is growing smart trees unlike us down here...Mother thanked them in 2008 for it... 

Friday, July 23, 2021

Free cure for lymph nodes related cancer without extra costs and problems

Video can be also seen at

TECHNOLOGY OF LYING: 1997/1998: Following Mike Tyson and even parallel to one(idea was to coverup with involvement of lies for Mike Tyson), abuse via Bill Cosby and his friend Phylicia Rashad who would come for ongoing home visitations during private torture/abuse sessions

 Ultraviolet Bill Cosby(talking about his house - his home residence) who enjoyed(was thrilled and thrived) torture as much as very few involved in MK Ultra and his friend Phylicia Rashad - he was very cautious to have her next to him before he would start as he claimed, but garbage went on also prior to her arrival - insisted me he had already problems for similar reasons before...

Specially her fan due to her physical beauty(I grew up watching The Cosby Show in Slovenia), I would quit wanting to know anything even about her after she repeatedly claimed despite my MK Ultra claims on how I like her how I don't since I am Cosby would brag garbage nonsense about my being racist I would repeatedly point at Phylicia Rashad disapproving his claimes on what she would counter me with I cite, "no you don't" - something Condola Rashād(her daughter just as many others did) repeated to me via automated system car assembly alike - truly didn't care about daughter, but mom was hot to me at the time. 

MK ULTRA EN ESPAÑOL: Amigos de la región de Andalucía España involucrados en mi caso de MKUltra se encuentran conmigo frente a la iglesia de la Natividad de la Virgen María, Trška Gora - en la ciudad de Novo mesto, Eslovenia

MK ULTRA IN SPANISH LANGUAGE: Friends from Andalusia region in Spain involved in my MKUltra case visit Novo mesto city and and meet me at Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Trška Gora
Video can be also seen at

Muchas gracias  / Thank you very much

MK ULTRA - Father admits was in Russia in Moscow and on other unspecified locations

Video can be also seen at

Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Western man who did suffered for my sake in Poland was American psychologist Daniel Smith - Rex

 That one is welcome to write memoirs. He did paid price(nobody can pay him for hell he have gone through) and acted for my sake in / under every circumstance future dictated and ended with broken spine.

There were also others who loved me and I bet love me, but Smith followed my future path to the bitter end and for me not money. He did for free(because he believed in me because he loved me) not for $$$. Not for career not for whatever interests, but me. He acted like a brother, father, and foremost friend.

Related to

TO WEST: There was no Americans(nobody from West) who MAINLY went FOR MY SAKE(my sake only) TO POLAND, but Mike Tyson and his crew did go there to earn $$$$ and hide/cloud/stink truth about crime one committed against me

I too was brought from West to eastern Europe for Torture for interests of the West and not for my own pleasure. This is important to declare as Western brainwash also anticipated my seeing participants from West as going in there for my sake - not so. Some who went there for camping ended as a super billionaires without single scratch while others as wealthy with some scratches - there was also people from West who suffered heavy misfortunes as were used for sacrifice, but no one ended with 

2 of 2 All about my MK Ultra cancer 4 stage phase 4 faza 4 for the sake of Putin Lukashenko Prince Harry memoirs and MIKE TYSON Black Lies Matter excuses which started whole thing not my presence in Poland

Video can be also seen at

There, however, were people from Slovenia who did go there also for my sake - for the sake of solidarity to witness(CONFIRMED) what I depicted as an active warfare against one on behalf of Russia/Serbia. This is not to say that people didn't worry about my well being - they did, but no one went there because of me(if people would worry about me - there wouldn't be no coverup and case would have been stopped long time ago via law enforcement) - for my sake.

MK ULTRA - All about my MK Ultra cancer 4 stage(phase 4 - faza 4) for the sake of Putin Lukashenko Prince Harry memoirs and MIKE TYSON Black Lies Matter excuses(human rights) which started whole thing

Get poisoned(murdered) so you can write your memoirs and lie
Video can be also seen at

I know for fact poisoned because it was all timed - guaranteed under MK Ultra as far as how long my body will be capable to resist "radiation"(its was and is all about PROGRESSIVE food/water poisoning for the most part - in Slovenia and specially in Poland). You can exercise, eat as many as blueberries and sardines as you want, quit coffee and sugar completely but poison will murder you regardless. Such is the case here and infront of entire international society which spent lying(saving me) for no less than 26 years via torture/lies against me for the sake of Black Lies Matter movement.


@Harry - and you can have your father Charles write "wholly truthful" story on Crimea where we used to go to for negotiations with Russians prior to attack on Ukraine and where your family guaranteed Ukrainian people during Putin's provocations on how you will never permit Russia to take their homes/homeland away from them. Wholly and truthful yes.

@BLM - When you claim you are affected via deprivation of human rights yet you do afford crimes like this systematically even for the sake of $$$$, you know you are worse(minimum indifferent from) than what world fought against 75 years ago.


Personally I wouldn't let even single liter of oil flowing from Russia anywhere into EU. I would go as far as closing airspace and border with Russia and Belarus - but its Ukrainian call. Ukrainians decide about Ukrainian national sovereignty.

I AGREE WITH CHINA: WHO Does not respect common sense - China rejects WHO call for another probe into virus origins / Further over 4 million Chinese petition WHO to probe Fort Detrick lab on COVID-19 origins

1.2 million displaced by record flooding in China / Weather officials say that the conditions are the heaviest rains seen in China in 1,000 years, according to Reuters.

I have seen white neonazis working very very well along/next to black neonazis and vice versa PROTECTING ONE ANOTHER AGAINST smaller defenseless - felt hatred as its lies climbed on me from all possible sides

 Against smaller Slovenian national. They worked as one when it came to lies/cover-up and this is not what our grandfathers/grandmas fought for during WWII. Its not what post WWII peace treaties signed by nations globally adhered and/or adhere too. Instead of one problem we faced 75 years ago, problems doubled even into Black Lies Matter.

Mena Suvari couldn't accept rejection("no" for an answer) - created numerous problems - traumatized me under MK Ultra

Mena Suvari is beast - not victim. She was perhaps a third most efficient crime engine against me who even associated Estonia and Greece against me as per my being a racist toward their European heritage for rejecting MK Ultra matrimony with one - her father psychiatrist. 

She traumatized me for many years and was even associated with Angela Merkel as well as many other most influential European politicians. Her actions were used for nothing more than to cover-up crimes per US Government which wanted for crime against me to become as sporadic as possible(widened) and this way avoid DIRECT RACISM/DISCRIMINATION charge against Mike Tyson & Co. 

For her I was brainwashed by Estonian politicians is only Estonian in Hollywood - don't touch her....and its world is upside down. 

@Dubai - THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND BEST REGARDS !!! Dubai is making its own fake rain to beat 122F heat

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

For Slovenian Angela Merkel I learned real Merkel authorized her to pass me messages - meaning Slovenian side was in agreement with real Merkel

 Polish replicas, however, had gimmicks at times which suggested total insanity. Nothing(real Merkel otherwise very nasty at times - deadly traitorous as was case in 1999 when she sent me to death sentence giving Poland to own my case after what she stated were two prior reprimands) rea Merkel would relate too. Russian Angela Merkel, however, was related to upon which experience I was brought straight to Slovenia and not in 2017 as news suggests but way way prior(2010, 2013).

 Sergei from Belarus also had scenario about eating raw dog after he insisted must kill one with bare hands like animal and eat under MK Ultra(he handed me a piece of probably what was barbecued whatever meat without seasoning whatever and off course video recorded me for his great dear leader in Belarus and/or Russia) - behind Trska Gora...Russian Merkel was far far far too insane concerning my tasting soup made out of human supposedly in 2008/ 2010/2013 in Russia - Russian government knew well ahead of arresting insane couple about what went on...Russian government did for the most part nothing but traumas - worst of the worst traumas in which often times real Putin was just steps away observing. Cannibalism was not the only Russian issue - was taken to Russian prison camps in Siberia where threatened would be left - incarcerated in Moscow - The same happened to workers which were cemented and was explained in details case will be with me way prior to official release - gangster who initiated cementation of workers was off course the one I liked under MK Ultra - referred to me as my friend...but hey, its Russia what do you or expected anyways. Land of opportunities for insane according to my views and if one wouldn't' be, I wouldn't be brought there by Americans on the first place.

Slovenian side(Borut Pahor) too had own version of frau Merkel and one is not ashamed to show her - Irena Vodopivec Jean involved in MK Ultra

 Have also fallen for her. But Polish one now - they have had two versions if not three versions of Angela Merkel and those versions were really really bitches behind back of real Merkel. 

Real name of COVID 19 is NSA USA

People talk and when home jobless, they talk even more. NSA have done waaaaay more much earlier and there is no government in the word that wouldn't have for at east two decades already. 
Here is old Russian video - example...

Prior to our departure

 Father had aboundant lunch and is again served with one. Clustered/staffed and murdered with nothing else than food as was told case will be. What went on during my stay in Poland 2 years again mother knows...just saying because it's nasty to watch father murdered before my eyes.

Group which didn't want my father on picture involved

 Polish president Andrzej Duda and his wife. Both deemed one shouldn't be on picture....was advised by psychiatric hospital staff the same how is my best interest. Unspecified dementia as father was diagnosed translates to his testimony about Serena Williams, his repeated stay in Russia on multiple locations occasions, people winter swimming under our parcel/house...

Mom who locked on our way to city father upstairs just now, left key from outside inside of the doors...what for ?

Americans repeated on million occasions father must go before case becomes "recognized"

 Among Americans who had biggest problem with my father again we're Dwayne Rock Johnson, Obama etc...

Mike Tyson invested on 9/11 in China to avoid the worst - be seen as ultimate black racist via this very case as case was/is

 ;) in 1995/1996 it wasn't Trump either - it was Joe Biden along Vladimir Putin who threatened me with death in US - for not accepting Russian "integration process" is why. But Trump and Biden are two different faces on the same coin.

US Government pledged COVERUP assistance to Mike Tyson and its why this fight lasts for already 26 years.

Upon posting this message, I got immediate call from Poland(+48 41 336 70 55 telemarketing) which always was case concerning sensitive news about Poland

Poland talked to me about this very scam and other issues concerning China as per why support for Trump...

@Poland - you sold my spine to America and poisoned as 26 years of torture wasn't enough...Chinese "tablet" policy against me is a super miniature when compared to your issues. You have no one to point your finger at - you even had fake Merkel involved in MK Ultra and you went on elections with idea to hurt/damage as much as possible as it was Walesa who had after "election loss" main brainwash as per why extremely generous otherwise offer of COVID 19 deal from German side was still bad deal for demanded not only for retaliation which was pay for my stay on Poland during which I demonstrated your people and people from abroad human accountability from crimes I don't have anything to do with on first place(cost was my spine) as whole thing came from your side, but to further once you received money from Germany for me to acknowledge one as dangerous. Walesa = Duda/Kaczynski/ Morawiecki. Actually a psychopathic LIAR Lech Wałęsa(presented himself as ex communist and collected bribe from Americans) is worse even than Kaczynski as for Kaczynski everyone knows who/what one is.

My message to Chinese Aliexpress today - if same happens to you, purchase from ebay and avoid what Aliexpress collects on the side from "ebay owners" + collect your refund immediately

 After rejecting few crazy(INSANE) proposals from Aliexpress alone(not about sellers, but instead Aliexpress - Chinese trade engine), my message to Aliexpress today was as follows:

"Smaller size 8 inch not 10 inch as seller advertised and assured me is via messenger. Tablet also came with 64GB memory and not 640GB as advertised. Didnt check other parameters as far as number of cores/processor or if tablet is functioning. DEMAND ENTIRE refund for tablet AND European Union IMPORT taxes in amount of 110 Euros.

My comp. was broken so you can have circus here and I waited in vain for its replacement from you so you can have more circus. You are corrupt enterprise affiliated with American criminals. "

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

In 2021, Russia finally presents as a newest fighter jet a copy of American F35 - admits past planes were nothing but a design failures

 Whole thing started(as always case was concerning public exposure of murderous Russian presence in Slovenia) with zircon missile as an answer to facts about Vladimir Putin exposed in videos and

After conversation with Slovenian girl tonight in respect to Pop TV

Ultra violent at early stages with violence peek in 2003(involved in MK Ultra since 1995 - beginning of the case). However, there were numerous individuals with related issues for which they knew little to nothing about what truly went on - more than to "know", in field of today's journalism is about "allowed to know". Pop TV took initiative in latent stages to somehow help. Despite past, however, I can't take actions against one without knowing exactly who/how/why. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Lennox Lewis was a real friend during MK Ultra - I could almost say the two of us were a soulmates

 He was pleasant and sensitive to be around. No one I looked forward to be more arround under MK Ultra than Lennox Lewish. Friendship ended in 2001 at Miami Beach - Oceanside after his wife exercised as a precosious step a barage of lies - she did so because she feared I will take Lewis away from her and foremost because of females which advised her about my past during which according to them(I probably did) I have done same to other females. I trully loved Lennox Lewis. She latter tried to make it up realising wrongdoing, but it was all too late from my side. Lennox in 2001/2002 took her side.

Sergei from Belarus apparently had same problem with tablet(he have also gone through problems with laptop and tablet when I was subjected to MK Ultra - obviously sadistic torture not ice cream) from Chinese Aliexpress

 I figured out since no one from Aliexpress attempted to reasonably communicate with me, best is to direct crime to government agencies(Slovenian and European) attention. This is not the way to treat people on the first place.

REPEATED: MK ULTRA - 1 of 2 Neighbors of Church of St Mary's Birth at Trska Gora Identified and all about how Black Lives Matter turned into total LIES MATTER MOVEMENT via this very case by Mike Tyson Don King Barack Obama Dwayne Rock Johnson and others

Video can be also seen at 

The latest poisoning(I must admit) from 7 days ago, left me with a lots of initial pain all over the chest - lymph nodes

The only thing I remember from MK Ultra was a Slovenian police who even told me will plant poison inside of plastic container where I would store coffee upon return from Poland if I would bring one with me...they were very very specific about it as far as dictating me not to wash one as poison would be glued on the bottom of container. And well since I ran out of coffey and there was cofee inside of container I rinsed one up to consume whatever coffee I purchased in Slovenia  I as a result got next to severe pain the next day news about Mark Hoppus - mother knew all about it a and begun to talk about my lymph nodes even that I never ever have spoke to her about them in life time. It was not coincidence American side displayed article as was American side which fantasized along Russian Slovenian tremendously a lot about cancer related issues for which London royals anticipated would force me systematically into world of self isolation - self care due to explained....Germans and others didn't mind poisoning let me be clear. Go figure out whom to blame as we live in a cancer scorn culture - not only poisoning with cancer culture, but scorn for cancer/spine related issues.

In Poland, poisoning/directed energy attacks/ attacks were trusted to Polish police - in Czech republic it was Czech police and in Slovakia it was handed to Slovak police and so on...police got drug dealers in this MK Ultra case which one even trusted to handle in a big way - they use those for action to very today and to wash its image and to destroy me if I would somehow associate with them...but all in all - entire crime was handled by police. Reminding myself about Ales Hojs who had me brought to Belgrade straight into Serbia mafia hands time and again during MK now difficult to understand what went/goes on by whom/how.

MK ULTRA - Father admitted was in Russia on many locations ;)

 Have seen variety of people swimming under our parcel just as one have seen me winter swim....

MK ULTRA - 1 of 2 Neighbors of Church of St Mary's Birth at Trska Gora Identified and all about how Black Lives Matter turned into total LIES MATTER MOVEMENT via this very case by Mike Tyson Don King Barack Obama Dwayne Rock Johnson and others

Video can be also seen at 

On coming Mike Tyson/Don King's truth(more than dirty Obama/Dwayne Johnson facts), Donald Trump confident enough to cash new presidency

 @BLM(Black Lies Matter) - live by the truth or die by the lie.

Time for you now is running out faster and faster. Your faith is still in a hands of a very wrong people and as much as I want, there is nothing I can do for you like this.

Remember what I told you upon Biden's victory case will be half a year ago !!????


In meanwhile another 10 car sellers involved in MK Ultra were identified

 Involved from all over Slovenia ;) Thank you guys and girls.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

I WAS AGE 19 IN 1991(MK ULTRA - Truth about Satan Lucifer myself and saviors of the world saints)


MK ULTRA - Truth about Satan Lucifer myself and saviors of the world saints

Here is how I became a biblical Satan or Lucifer if you like and how saviors of the world became saints as you know.
Video can be also seen at 

2020 and 2021 might have been the worst years for truth reports concerning crime case of my magnitude....anything(ANY GOVERNMENT INVOLVED CRIMES) goes past like this as if nothing ever happened...


Regional government pulled trick on filthy weather modification games led by federal government(it wasn't about helping me only - they screw them up really good) - they knew very well where water will add up to catastrophe is why/how

The killer for weather modification crime is this very case that no longer can be denied. I met these people and I visited here seen bridge area prior to floods - locals knew what(who/Steinmeier) was coming/this is how why...Miami Beach condo few weeks ago now this...which were the people government wanted to have washed away(goes same with Miami Beach condo) band which to stay is easy to tell...

Portion of German government pardoned from this end(myself) - not the one which may be along Putin/Vucic involved in here seen catastrophe

Although in a way very very unsuitable(DUE TO DEATH TALL AND SPECIALLY UNSITABLE BECAUSE I HAVE HAD AND HAVE MOST OF MK ULTRA INVOLVED FRIENDS NEAR RIVERS ACCROSS THE EUROPE) way , I have to thank German government(government of I have to thank Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader, Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia and candidate for Chancellor Armin Laschet) FOR repeated whatever I was also told and demonstrated over the years also by other governments time and again(with idea to make me publish here seen video which I finally did) gestures in which one even self discredited itself publicly this time under worst crises to help me out with issues involved in this MK Ultra case....thank you.


Truth about Satan Lucifer myself and saviors of the world saints

Here is how I became a biblical Satan or Lucifer if you like and how saviors of the world became saints as you know.
Video can be also seen at 

2020 and 2021 might have been the worst years for truth reports concerning crime case of my magnitude....anything(ANY GOVERNMENT INVOLVED CRIMES) goes past like this as if nothing ever happened...

Programs modified to boost complete cooling fan failure and for me to look even weird

Video can be also seen at

Aliexpress protects unreasonable ripoff trade on its network after wrong size costly android tablet was sent to me.

Video can be also seen at
Tablet has all together 64gb memory NOT 640gb as advertised - what bothers me is attitude from Aliexpress - not so much seller for whom I know is related to Americans...with sales like this, Aliexpress may endup closing online sales across the entire European Union - not only in Slovenia.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

WHY THE WORLD TURNED EVIL(who from where): We the people wanted inside of the European Union so London royals/Merkel and others can befried Belgrade chetniks/Vladimir Putin

 So dictator from eastern Europe can obtain whatever their needs are from Western elites in respect to murdering us here...this is why we went inside of EU.

Involved in MK Ultra but not fair procedure

Hurah everything arround him was involved in MK Ultra hurah

So many photos so many proofs OR ARE THEY PROOFS !!???? Proofs or hurdle !!???

"SAVING" PRIVATE RYAN TOOK 26 YEARS FROM ONE: Don't think whatever Americans have done to me in Slovenia and accross eastern Europe where brought back from US for torture(13 years from US alone and despite US citizenship) that same can't be done to you

in Germany, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Austria etc. by Russians/Pollacks or case in which home house in Novo mesto was turned into torture camp proves no place on earth is safe that can be used to hide from government crime....if Slovenes, Russians, Pollacks and others allowed to be done at their locations to Americans etc. and they did, trust me Americans and others allow them THE SAME on US soil or in Germany or France etc. too...this case is far more than about Mike Tyson/ Obama - Hollywood.

It proves physically anything can be done to any one of us at just about any place in the world and who knows at whose request at any given time...your government won't protect you. Its also why this case was used it international ties or crime boost, but in respect to consequences of one above(covered/protected by United Nations one is as anti human as it gets) stated is fact undisputable...

Mike Tyson and myself separated in MK Ultra 1999, but it was Obama wo brough garbage back on picture in 2001/2002 claiming on how I will be saved thanks to Mike etc...

I had a bad relationship with Obama alone back then - it was noting but a pack of hyenas which lied simultaneously with what went on against me whenever brought to eastern Europe for torture. It was people like Nicholas Cage who would claim will save me from them by pushig me into their hands and demanding from me to submit(surrender) my soul in hands of evill - or that I can't be saved and so on...these people were creating drammas inside of Hollywood - built/manufactured nothing but lies for which movie scenarisrs wrote scenarios. Number one writter of my dramma was no other than Steven Spielberg. Involved in case since 1995.

In 2001/2002, I questioned brazen/criminal attitude of Obama alone on how he who acted violently/criminally toward me inserted back someone who hurt me so much as solution to crime against me...

Mike Tyson ENJOYED psychologically hurting me under MK Ultra via his first daughter for entire 4 years(1995 to 1999)

 His first daughter married in 1998. No one ever mentioned secret daughter...ended with words to me, "look at yourself now no one would ever even want became fat loser" changed me profoundly and it happened because of black woman - his own daughter.

Barack Obama and Dwayne Johnson with whom Mike Tyson was very close with supported his abusive attitudes.