Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Will absolutely NOT open laptop by myself.

I am pleased to say that I never ever opened this laptop beyond changing hard drive. No other housing screw was ever taken out on my behalf. After seeing as I wondered on how to remove battery latch from housing(you can't as laptop's interior is accessible via removal of keyboard only), I decided to leave investigation of lan/ethernet port(possible gadget implanted used to push out of port cable on which switch to hold one in place is broken) to an expert and here is more on why:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Its tough to be objective


Jews who have seen in her something she was not will now reject her and neonazis...well, neonazis hated her from very beginning as this is what they are. What now !!????

From now on, I no longer open any packages "delivered"(ordered, but not delivered) by ebay till my videos about burglaries are posted online

Every delivery of ebay package is from now(it started yesterday) on video recorded(photos are taken as well) and will be posted on here perhaps on every second or third day of arrival(will keep evidence of what arrives frequently on here)....all packages will be open once I post all videos in respect to burglaries(destruction of my property) online(4 parts are left)...

Seen bellow is what arrived yesterday(I have original video about package from yesterday, but photos of items were taken today). This is to prevent anyone from claiming how I did received items etc...Videos should be within less than week - I have done some investigations in respect to modifications of my computer, but ONLY EXTERNAL as am afraid to go any further...

Monday, February 26, 2018

The one who broke my car was my neighbor whose name is Andrej Uhl(two houses way from ours) and not Hungarian government

You want deny that my neighbors are mentally sick people !!??? Try, but first see signature(name) on the bill on who brought car from Hungary. Sure my car was stolen from free parking lot by the Hungarian government(they robbed me of 1300 Euros in parking fees), but who went to pick one up to Hungary and in what condition was car brought back !!!


Computer(both) not fixed, however, problems seems to have been partially identified

 It appears that connected optical mouses cause Bluetooth connection.Whenever mouses are attached to the laptop, three androids can't connect to laptop(it was both for no less than four months and its HP now the one experiencing problems only as other laptop begun to act totally normal out of blue - nothing worked on one and one started to operate normally just out of blue !!?????) with newly installed hard drive and windows(fourth installation within three days)...

I did nothing but engage in computer repair since Friday...this isn't journalism, its an extremely serious criminality on behalf of global neonazi network which head is tsar Putan Putanowich.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Lost 3 days working on computer and still haven't fix one

Laptop #1 is back to normal status for the first time ever. I have just tested androids via USB ports and they all work. The individual was in here yesterday or the day before yesterday - meaning that operation with drivers via USB key can(absolutely was) also be reversed and laptop begins to function normally.

Laptop #2(brand new hard drive) yet needs to be fixed. Don't know what precisely to do with it. TOTALLY INSANE AND EXTREMELY COSTLY !!!

CIA had me watch another individual in this very same room to piss in his pants.

CIA individual told me under MKULTRA, when he presses the button on my command, individual will piss in his pants...and so I didn't know what he was talking about all drugged up...he says, " the button now"...
All I saw was an individual twist in an attempt to stop urine in his bladder and then he pissed right there....I began to laugh...

CIA individual to me, "no don't understand...thats you right there..."

I go, "can't be me since am here"

Look at the room, "its your room in Novo is what you will look like".

It was this very room.


It is normal to have substance in form of pulver(just like normal detergent - only used for removing stains) placed in shower area next to washer and remove everything else

Bubble formations and eaten skin on foot continue and its all my fold....well, too bad I don't speak Italian. My fold...I must be crazy(all audio recorded).

Slovenian state delivered on Friday an item which I haven't even purchased

On Friday February 23th, 2018, this very item arrived and was placed in main entrance's hallway just as always was the case(its
where collect whatever mother places in there for me) with mail/packages. This item, however, I have not ordered item either from online or have ever purchased one an anywhere else(in fact, there are no items like this in entire least that one could easily get from either online or store - probably none in the retail store and specialty not in small town where am from - Novo mesto). Item is obviously a magnifier for microscope of some kind(I do not care what zoom of magnifier is) which I will use as a proof against Slovenian state in respect to:

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Slovenian fascist collaborators(regular sellouts) want new war on court with Croatia - according to them, there is no need to seat at the same table and talk like Slavic civilized neighbors with one another


Cerar napovedal skorajšnji začetek tožbenega postopka proti Hrvaški - Cerar declared law suit against Croatia in respect to Gulf of Piran

Not necessary Croats are fascist collaborators TODAY and Slovenes on the opposite side of the politics as the case was >>somewhat<< in WWII(both sides had and partisans and Ustaša/domobranci)...both sides were polarized yes - with Croatia perhaps a bit more as one went as far as proclaiming itself a fascist state which mass slaughtered Serbs. However, Croatia(Ante Pavelic did) also learned during WWII that neonazi fascist membership comes with huge costs...entire Dalmatia and Istria disappeared from Croatian state borders(NDH = nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska = independent state of Croatia) and state wasn't independent as quasi(imaginary) Croatian government(in reality German/Italian puppets without any decision making) have suggested(lied) to Croatian people...


YES !!???

Friday, February 23, 2018

The only way(one and only for them to win) is via display of violence on controlled left

Done't let fascist neonazi serial killers/rapists/pedophiles hide behind police...don't give them legitimacy(never compare in violence with what shouldn't even exist on the first place as it had outcome of over 90 million deaths in WWII alone or you will lose as deep Italian state is packed with fascists just as Germany is with nazis - call their names for what they are and demand investigations)....don't give them even the reason to exist. Assemble peacefully and point out loudly in real fascists.

When you clash with police, you become branded as terrorist/radical - exactly what Italian controlled opposition is trying to brand/label naive supporters

Police officers are for the most part no different than yourself, but when you continually display willingness to engage in violence against them, they begun to distance their views from yours...get it !!????
There are two politicians total in Italy that are taking Italy to the path of is Berlusconi and second politician is Matteo Renzi...Got it !!???

Mossad hacks video converting software to make things only more difficult for Netanyahu

The only one getting screwed on here in Binjamin Netanyahu. Dummies

Thursday, February 22, 2018



THEY(and their main stream media and their fake stories, and their fake rampage shootings, and their faker than fake stories which they fabricate and even use to point at us as per us being fake while engaging in genocide against us) ARE AS FAKE AS HELL AND ARE NOT MY GOVERNMENTS !!! 



Its time for total revolt !!!

Why to be angry on Ahmad and not Bush/Trump/McCain/Merkel/Macron/Clinton etc. !!???? You bombed his village and have invited him on Oktoberfest promising him as seen bellow, so Putin's personal media can disseminate hatred on your behalf dear DEUTSCHLAND(Germany will be the last one to raise again hakenkreuz for obvious reasons, but it was the first one to begun operation as seen here - force others into neonazism).

TSAR PUTAN PUTANOWICH'S  GOVERNMENT IN MOSCOW DOESN'T CONDEMN WHAT IS HAPPENING LETS SAY IN ITALY AND WHAT WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE(it is happening against antifascists by Italian police...happening against those who are fighting against what Italian police doesn't, but should) AGAINST ANTI-FASCISTS(or elsewhere), BUT INSTEAD ENGAGING EXACTLY IN WHAT YOU SEE HERE !!!

After Ahmad lost his home(and who knows in what part of middle East have they bombed one), Ahmad gets to sleep with two wives in what Angela Merkle claims "at German expense"...
When I was filing for political asylum in Germany(also), I didn't quality for one under German law which is soooo concerned for our well being - am I right Mr. Putan Putanowich !!????

Israel will not save my life and Putin even less - not where proofs are, but even we the people don't exist(all this will disappear from internet once war commences and so will we - no liabilities for crimes nothing on their behalf).

TSAR PUTAN PUTANOWICH DIDN'T ONLY DESTROY MY LIFE(HAVE TURN ONE ITO BITS UNWORTHY OF EVEN CHICKEN GROWN FOR FAST FOOD CONSUMPTION), BUT HAVE ATTEMPTED AND ATTEMPT TO DEPRIVE ME OF MY OWN HOMELAND SLOVENIA VIA SEVERAL(all to save his ass and glory of his murderous American and German partners from whom he obtained via me personally superior to ex USSR technology in fields of psychiatry, police forensics, and eve military)  !!! 


They alone have removed their own video from internet, but its too late - I got one for you with my video comment in it

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

This two types of weapons were developed already long time ago and represent only two of at least ten unstoppable for NATO options which Russia can use to delete entire US as pleased(any time 24/7 and within seconds if necessary)

40/50% stronger than tsar bomb(100-Megaton Nuclear Torpedo)...

Developed in year 2012/2013...Americans boast about single nuke capable to destroy entire North Korea, but keep silent about this one here.

Donald Trump Jr.: There s something really cute about poorest of the poor kindly smiling at you when walking down the street as multimillionaire and US should just learn from it because its cute

I agree with Mr. Donald Trump Jr. 100%

You don't want to keep your factory in a country where someone dared to even report your workers(you know, "poorest of the poor" working for slave wages way beyond what otherwise top US could produce = $1/per hour) being beaten up for non top performance...You don't want to keep your factory in a country where someone who dared to even report your workers's wife is still alive...I mean she lost husband(one disappeared), job, and sees now kids perhaps 3 times a month, but thats just not enough...its cheaper and more "liberal" in Africa or India...America can learn from it.

What Schwarzenegger and others suggested me about ongoing torture against me is good for(why not stopped).

We don't need to go in issue per why because we know who runs so called "human rights organisations" as well as courts etc....

I cite Schwarzenegger, "it will go on only to continuously remind parties involved into global imperial neonazi agreement of our past and pledges we have made with one another"....

And so this is what this is used for...nobody knows nothing, but crap must go on for me to remind them all about ther deals(promises).


Don't you worry kids, mother Russia is coming home !!!

UNSTOPPABLE(not better than ever as it is impossible to beat its glorious past, but simply the best of the best) !!!

NEONAZI AmeroGerman AngloSaxon hypocrisy knows no borders and now is time to pay for one

Due to chronical amnesia and evilness that NEONAZI West is suffering from, counter measures against which Russia warned are now in you remember !!?????


WHY TO COMPLAIN NOW !!???? And bye the way not as article suggests in parasitic NEONAZI IMPERIALIST BUCKINGHAM PALACE's newspaper, but instead Russian part taken away from Germany after parasitic Germany took one from Poland(parasitic Germany took from poland entire coast which Russia managed to return to Poland - this part of parasitic Germany wasn't even connected to German lands via land, but instead sea as parasites have embeded themselkf in this area via genocide against Poles) - in respect to article where it states I cite, "Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave annexed from Germany by the Soviet Union after World War 2, is situated along the Baltic Coast and has been called the "most dangerous place in Europe”

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

IMPERIAL NEONAZI AmeroGerman AngloSaxon politics are using any opportunity(anyone) to destroy Slavic lifeline on Balkans(will stop at nothing - same as is happening in Ukraine, and Baltic states seems to be the case also with Serbs in Serbia and on Kosovo).


Nato's systematic plan is not in place only against Slavs on North(Russian state that keeps entire Slavic world in place - in existence as without one we would be all deleted at once), but also in other locations...pretensions for AmeroGerman lebenraum are great on Balkans(with fall of Slavic world, Romania, Italy, Greece, Albania and others would also disappear - what may appear as small is actually huge as is supported as Aleksandar Vučić suggests by all the NATO memeber states - in reality nothing more than reformation/expansion of what used to be known as Rim/Berlin/Tokyo pact - zombie NATO member states serve nothing more than new neonazi interests/appetites) !!!

Russian tanks are not a problem; explosion of neonazism/fascism across the Europe is !!!

This is a typical ZIONAZI politic...divide and conquer or rather known as "Israeli's willingness on just how far one is willing to go/tolerate to cater their neonazi partners in attempt to destroy us"...

This same individual made some rather positive statements a bit earlier in respect respect to ZIONISM, but it seems like for all the wrong reasons as the biggest problem we are facing today are the people as seen bellow...

For Slavic related issues, I strongly recommend you use of Yandex

The worst spot for information is totally modified ZIONAZI search engine known as Google...

Yahoo is almost as bad with huge lack of info in it...

I couldn't find desired information from both within a week after information was published in main stream media news(didn't happen first time) meaning that ZIONAZIS are censoring big time... they are at it together as they always were...

The worst enemy is the one that presents himself as per being something that is not - what biggest problems of "church goers" and "communists" are

Slovenian military is even freezing to due lack of equipment(few are deciding for military career while many are leaving, legal system is totally crippled as you see from case of my own and is suggesting to the world that Slovenia is incapable(incompetent) to rule own affairs, police is protesting policisti-protestirali-pred-vlado-stavka-se-nadaljuje-foto-videoCroatian and Slovenian neighbors(borders goes between middle of the villages) need passports and to report themselves to international crossing points to visit one another(public transportation system is crippled/ruined - you now need taxi to get to Novo mesto from Zagreb) and we have war with Croatia in tiny gulf of Piran

First attempt to enter my room is now reported

Yesterday at about 0505 hours, objects placed against the door have fallen and have created enough sound to wake me up. As I glanced monitoring system, I realized video recording of all cameras was stopped.

Security system(DVR) is turned off randomly via what I believe is a switch implanted in one. System can also be frozen and video recording stopped.

I will not waste my time with individual in blue uniform from yesterday as he alone admitted to be loser and is used foremost for me to waste time. Novo mesto's police(personal police officer from Borut Pahor) have also proved in the past that justice(law) is not their primary goal(when I wan cases against police officer of this station in the past on senate, police ignored the law and have instead sent me at my door steps psychiatrists). I will rather concentrate therefore on continuation of publishing more proofs about "president" Borut Pahor.

Pahor and CIA threatened with collateral murder in 2006

At the end of MKULTRA, CIA attempted to protect Pahor at all the costs and they came up with news on how things will change in the world thanks to me, but that It will unfortunately be too late for me as I will rebel against Pahor(typical MKULTRA procedure traumatizes individual via heavy issues/ordeals on what subject is faced with final issue to intensify suffering in one - every psychiatrist involved in MKULTRAS can confirm stated here - they have inflicted no less than 11 years on me what is stated here and have engaged in unprecedented amount of violence against me about which they know nothing today even after being totally exposed)...Here is the news (they plan all events 15/20 years ahead folks and have existing government intranet communication system that runs parallel to internet networking and is accessible to governments only) that new neonazi JEWSA government planned on coming with already in 2006 at my expense. Unfortunately for CIA, my JEWSA's Guantanamo citizens***t means to me as much as last year snow...My only concern for Pahor's life is a concern for public safety and demand for reparations for genocides exercised against me.

They keep on disconnecting cameras(DVR) to me this evening via remote control

Infrared guided DVR is continuously disconnected as one is hacked...

Monday, February 19, 2018

VIDEO: 2 of 6 Attempt To Kill Me Via Government Sponsored Burglaries

OR OR OR OR OR                      

In this video, I expose Benjamin Netanyahu on who he truly is and how he operates behind the scenes. This video is related to VIDEO: "1 of 6 Attempt to kill me via government sponsored burglaries" - no wonder we have school shootings all over the place and even people eating one  another with politicians like this...FOR MY STANDING UP AGAINST HIS GENOCIDE AGAINST ME !!!

The criminal in blue uniform by the name Valencic from Novo mesto's police who visited today to INTIMIDATE/INSULT/THREAT WITH DEATH VIA REPEATED FORCED HOSPITALIZATION on behalf of Slovenian president Borut Pahor, didn't have a single legal reason to stop bye as there was no court order or have had proof of any kind that would suggest on how I violated the law by demanding president Borut Pahor to be arrested(make no mistake, I want and will continue to demand for him to get arrested/grabbed and sentenced to jail for life).

My blood is on your hands Mr. Pahor

And I have to say am very proud about myself. I lived to live and not to serve what I was served to(or "with" if you like).

F*** justice(world) like this...


Police officer Valencic just stopped bye who came without any proofs(or warning in advance) or even knowledge about what I have written to parliament(and journalists) and publish on this very news site to complain to me on behalf of president Borut Pahor.

I cite, "They called us from Ljubljana because president Borut Pahor got your letter which possibly contains inappropriate content and have upset him".

Police officer  Valencic is not interested in knowing in what exactly I wrote as I was about to demonstrate him(I offered him a letter) the letter which I sent to parliament, journalists, and Borut Pahor alone, but have instead proceeded to suggest me(terrorize) possible new hospitalization. Demanded to know who my physicians were and if I eat pills...even if someone decides on my behalf(if am competent/allowed to decide on my own behalf). He also knew all about my medical history.

This is a very serious provocation and its obvious what comes next. It will be my last one...

Regarding my ex psychiatrist Prokselj Tatjanuska(Tatjana)

In 2005, the two(she and neighbor Dane Kolenc) have had sexual affair. Kolenc's wife almost got divorced from him because of cheating, but local government translated to her that she trained him mentally for this task(I guess that she is sexpert too).

Sorce: police officer(higher ranking officer) from Novo mesto unit who was incharged for this case at the time. He was about to stop the whole thing, but couldn't...

I couldn't even cheat if I wanted too

Here is what is going on
5 hours of abuse coming(all in video recordings). Nothing but documented proofs of abuse.

They destroyed me eveything

They have modified me even micro SD cards to work at 1/4(not even 25% = same cards and I know so as I just got another new card) of normal transfer speed(movies recorded are not readable and so on).

I consider this to be series of assaults on me and not burglaries. Microscope arrived today which also was more than obviously modified...several hundred Euros of damage.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

I was stabbed in the head with electrodes without any doubt.

Butcheries are happening as I was told they would do. I was suggested(asked) under MKULTRA(Miroslav Berger) I cite, "if you would wake up in the middle of the sleep and would laugh, you would know you have brain implants right !!???"

Weber/Veber, "we can make you go eat, run on toilet whenever we want"(have experienced first time in my life unstoppable dhyeareah about two months ago and have just pisseed in pents due to uncotrolab le urge - I have never ever had any of this two in my life and I do not suffer from bladder or any diseases)...

Neighbors, "via brain implants, we can wake you up at night in case they come to pick you up...would you like us to do this...if you won't be good, we can also make you sleep and you will not even know when they pick you up"(this is how they brainwash people under MKULTRA into compliance and just two weeks ago, I had inside of the brain aching me to the point that I woke up from firm sleep...have never happened before).

THE HAVE TAKEN ME TO NUMEROUS CLINICS THROUGHOPUT USA, SWITZERLAND, ISRAEL, GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN, AND BELARUS(not only Slovenia which used American technology which they have obtained through to me)....


Have suggested me(terrorized me ongoingly and have even written on psychiatric paper how I mentioned to have brain implants) as one of the reasons per why I was hospitalized, but have never given me the opportunity to scan my head under my conditions. 

You think it is okay for them to do stuff like this !!???? Treat human beings like this !!???? I will not be silent about abuse...f*** psychiatry and scum that is using political games to get this shit going.

I go to clean(piss from my pants as I wouldn't leave room) myself now...this happened right after I completed work on holsters used to keep defense tools(just as promissed it would under MKULTRA) !!! THIS IS A DISGRACE...INHUMANE BARBARSIM IS WHAT THIS IS !!!

When subjected to MKULTRA torture, they laughed at me like mad each time I suggested them on how I will disclose them to the world(report them to courts and human rights organisations).

They didn't fear anything as there was(and still is) nothing that stopped was like a pack of mad maniacs suggesting me on what to complain about on what above answered concerns were answered to me with, "no you don't understand...there is nothing you can will disappear and everything will start over...its happening all the time and people don't know names, their age, and not even language when they wake up"...

People wake up from commas several years latter and speak other languages

This is the stuff am talking about...its a criminality without limits that main stream media knows all about, but then again nothing...they claim is mistery(SECRET). No its not...its killing of the people. Its called psychiatry(violent world of lies and dementia - world where unlimited amount of violence is introduced in individual's world without any fears for perpetrators to face legals system). THANK YOU UNITED NATIONS...ALL THIS IS HAPPENING BECAUSE OF YOU !!!

They have talked about making me disappear rather than to face legal(court) system

Came up with idea to use anywhere from doppelgangers to silicon masks and have suggested all sorts of scenarios on what will be done with me if I ever get to this stage(won't be any financial compensation for genocide via legal system, but rather death)...

VIDEO: 1 of 6 Attempt to kill me via government sponsored burglaries

NEONAZI United States of Jewmerica(on behalf of Netanyahu, Merkel, Trump, Bush, McCain, Macron, and Tsar Putan Putanowich who signed the deal = basically those who have gathered in and have used this very house for 8 years for meetings behind public eye for great global neonazi plan and those who banned me from work in my two professions when in US so i could be used for what is written here, block me since 2006 from any kind of employment in USA and even other parts of the world as it was time to get read of me, blocked me from unemployment compensation = case almost identical to Chinese Deng Guilian who list her husband, children, and work after her husband complained about Trump's slavery conditions in Chinese factory or have given Novo mesto's police a high tech equipment(super surveillance system just as they have given to Slovenian psychiatry division brain mapping technology) with precondition to get me murdered when back in Slovenia via most sadistic methods possibly imaginable.
Involved in this case(patronized in Slovenia) were Slovenian psychiatrists(Zoran Muđa was primary individual on what others got involved in it as well as he alone who was primarily in-charged in this case on government behalf in this part of the world, no longer had time - US Government which engaged in meetings with Putin traveled more and more often and I was brought along from  Miami as a sort of tool/gift for my parents to tolerate this scum in our house...BLOCKED/BLACKLISTED from employment on international level and used for human experimentation s as well as is stated here)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

According to MKULTRA, my abduction to Israel would take place either today or tomorrow

My niece(Anne Frank) was here with her husband and children and as I prepared myself a coffee, I have refused any eye contacts or talks with this people what according to MKULTRA would result in almost immediate abduction(individual have suggested me abduction very same day) because we wouldn't cooperate on same issues. My niece have had on final stage even complained against Netanyahu as one being abusive(that he became extremely assertive/disruptive) and begun to suggest on how she would testify against him, but only if we would find common language which I totally refuse(cooperate with someone who have electric current run through my head while engaging in mental torture !!???? I don't think so...job is completed here and I don't need to enemy allies).

My computer and androids hacked

They have made my work hell as most of my new items no longer even work.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Don't think that when you don't see me on here that I sleep...

10 hours long video documentary coming...not one, but mountain of proofs and explanations(even on who wanted how and why).

And don't think(to top global neonazi club) that when I do my stuff, I don't see your intentions(stuff you try to do)..I do... I do...

This house in Slovenia hated you and hates you with passion all along your stay in one. Its called KARMA !!!

Neighbors capitulated - its over for them now

They realized that their programming fr my failure was all for nothing. As I still managed to video record surveillance system yesterday(once again) being hacked, DVR begun to run as crazy what even prompted my curiosity about what exactly went now) , I realized that system was restored to real factory settings(meaning that they restored one to its original settings via remote  settings as this thing is hacked just as my computer and other equipment is) and is now functioning as one should on the first place. I have spent no less than 3 months and half infront of security system(8 cameras) which wouldn't even video record more than one camera no matter what I would do. All video recorded.

RT.COM says that news about Russians killed in Syria are disinformation by anti-govt forces - Moscow(yeah, sure they are)....

Off course it is disinformation...and while I can still understand situation in Ukraine for the sake of our people(I sure do - they gave their lives for freedom of their/our brothers and sisters), I can't relate myself or see one same as the one in Syria...its a totally different Ukraine, we have had and have a patriotic war going....patriotic war which deaths, however, shouldn't be confused(mistaken) with some sort of mentally sick "tsarist" loyalty based on new global neonazi contract that was signed in Syria via death of 200 Russian soldiers. This are two totally different issues between which I totally decline to relate to. Its more than a loyalty to Russia that Putin is asking for...he demands dog obidience which took us already back to the middle ages !!!

Russians didn't gain even a dime with this type of politics, but Putin hopes that will...not from me not !!!

Would it be too much for me to ask French for the death of 200 French soldiers in order to allow France to liberate Normandy as Corsicans are genetically not even related to French and nor are Arabs or Africans !!????

Neighbor destroyed following items from yesterday to today

Like I have stated, I would have to be not only millionaire to finance personal destruction, but also would have to have astronomical amount of time to reorder destroyed items.
I ordered 3.0 as seen on ebay listing and not 2.0....item arrived on Monday or Tuesday...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Continuation of notification procedure regarding neonazi Orwelianism in Slovenia(regular cover-up of genocide for the sake of the state Israel, USA, Germany and so on)

Not even a single journalist will be capable to say "we didn't know"(forget about media houses, every single journalist in Slovenia will be contacted in respect to parliament)...what you see here will continue...

Jewish state of Israel became exactly what you see bellow - nothing more than extension of neonazi Germany - Wehrmacht in Middle East

Thats all there is to it...nothing more. They collaborated before in war against Slavs...we have seen it before already...its nothing new...

Just google "Hitler's Jewish soldiers" and you will see what you get out there...


Continuation of notification procedure regarding neonazi Orwelianism in Slovenia(regular cover-up of genocide for the sake of the state Israel, USA, Germany and so on)

No such thing as "we didn't know"...all the Slovenia media houses will be notified on next stage in respect to my contacting Slovenian parliamentarians yesterday. here are just few....

YES, IT CAN BE DONE NEWS: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has arrived in Zagreb for a two-day visit aimed at mending ties with his country's former adversary.

Two most important(in my eyes both very charismatic) leaders from ex-Yugoslavia met in Zagreb to make things better(improve situation) for people...its a big step forward from my perspective(a bit late, but better than never). What we need are real leaders willing to take step forward for the sake of the people and not corruption and these two might have just proven to be the right material. After-fall, If you won't give it a try, you will never have chance to find out what otherwise outcome could be(its more than just risk at stake here, its our future/existence we are talking about)...
As long as you have will, you can't go wrong with anything in this world - not in marriage and not in state matters as seen here...there is a long road ahead, but each day from here on will turn out to be more and more positive for two nations(hopefully all Yugoslav nations)...

U.S. Strikes Killed Scores of Russia Fighters in Syria, Sources Say....

Its not about "if", its what I have warned all along is happening and what will continue to happen under "tsar" Putan Putanowich...I do have all this problems for good reasons folks...they want me scattered all over the place, so they can have their news going(basically to stop me from reporting)...
Putan will use Syria as a tool to condition Russian military with Western neonazi alliance. Thats all there is. Here is what you top Russian military personnel and Kremlin will hear, "we better cooperate with them as you were able to see just what they can do"....

My answer to that manipulation would be, "you spent a bit too much time without KGB's knowledge in USA, Germany, and in Israel" !!!

A Neo-Nazi Runs for Congress From Illinois - We were together with them inside of the concentration camps and we liberated them from concentration camps, so they could come back some 70 years latter to erase us and from concentration camps and from existence

If you think(and you may because its Jewish Holocaust all we get to hear) that what you see on here were Jews only, you are sadly mistaken. In fact for the most part it was us Slavs who were in here. When my 8 years old father have stolen good looking fishing rods from German officers which were stealing fish from beautiful Krka river(German scum used to kill fish with bombs and primitive hooks were made in those times by needles), he too and his(our - his side while mother's brothers were even killed in WWII by German beasts) entire family were on a list for neonazi ran concentration camp. It was my grandfather's brother who saved them from deportation in last minute.
Mrs Goršek(very close family friend - I spend childhood with her grandson and kids) from city of Novo mesto just as many others wasn't so lucky...she(was a small girl and so was her sister -  entire family) was deported to concentration camp as child because Germans needed better conditions for themselves than those were in Gottschee(Kočevje) or in Austria or Germany. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Entire Slovenian parliament contacted and will continue

Additional 76 representatives contacted so far as confirmation are still will be more and more and more...its just a beginning.

Slovenian politicians were notified officially(yet again) about my intentions

And my intentions are clear. BOLJE RAT NEGO PAKT !!! I do not allow(I refuse) to be treated like this as a Slovenian citizen and as a journalist. I was threatened to be taken to Mental Hospital Vojnik and was brought there under MKULTRA on several occasions in case I would dare to complain as seen here...but then again, this never was an option for me - not even under MKULTRA !!! They talked to themselves. A real human being(specially a journalist) will do what the right thing is to do...I will not quality walk into gas chamber(crematorium). Will not serve as some sort of repression tool(on just what can be done to an individual if we don't keep silent - quite the opposite - I call for total revolt against neonzism) for Putans and Trumps...I will have plenty time to be quiet on the other side of the world(not now) and so its not why am here.

I am greatly ashamed of what is Guantanamo(American) citizenship and am frankly asking myself what is neonazi US embassy doing in Ljubljana.

Videos are coming about total abuse

All about ebay damage caused to me by Slovenian president Pahor via neighbors and my niece's husband...some 20 articles stolen(never arrives) and much of the items destroyed via repeated burglaries.

Reporters are now more than just welcome to stop bye to take a tour of this place

The craziest(most insane and ugliest of the ugly story you could probably have witnessed to in real time) available real time. All you need to know about Hutlahyahoo

We will see whom will you torture to death and acknowledge as mentally sick(eat my life - deprive me of my own family and drive me insane via genocide).

We will see now

You are just a pack of heavily mentally sick mutants that are supported by top government officials(corrupt tsar Putanowich alike criminals).

Not because of her physical look, but because of her mental sickness is why I publish her(my niece's photo) public photo

Word is off course about my niece whose name is Urška Golob Weber/Weber and here is her photo or at least what psychopath Netanyahu have managed to instill in her "little"(little because parasite Mitja Weber suggested me in 2006 without any provocation on how he himself is a Jew on which opportunity he also used words "your little head" - individual was insultive as one could possibly be and with great reason - he wanted credit from Israel for "work" well performed - what a bravery) head. Thats why she is insane about Israel. This is why figs and dates...
Do you recognize her !!???? Yes, you is my niece and her name is Anne Frank Urška Golob Weber/Veber. And she is mentally sick much more than what you possibly can imagine, Endangering me and her own children. My niece's real photo is not necessary because what you see here is her exact replica(to the last millimeter) and its what Netanyahu have used for MKULTRA torture against me. This is why problems with my family. 

I will inform entire Slovenian parliament about the matter today and by tomorrow/after tomorrow Ljubljana police will informed(Pahor may stoop one in Ljubljana but only with continuation of help from Slovenian parliament), so no one will be capable to say "we didn't know etc." as they just love to act stupid(know nothing...).