Tuesday, August 31, 2021

WARNING TO EUROPEAN UNION AND ITALY IN RESPECT TO NEW RUSSIAN WAR ON BALKANS: Serbian police not used to redirect on their way to Europe Afghani refugees to Croatia ONLY to spark conflict with Croatian authorities via international for human rights concerned authorities - Serbia hosted Taliban in heart of Balkans for decade on Russian behalf and with full approval of future White House catastrophe known as Joe Biden whose generosity in respect to Afghanistan territory to Russia was always overwhelming.

Russian asset to become in the White House and who met in this very house for talks with Vladimir Putin in respect to future Afghanistan fiasco(talking about Irish extremist Joe Biden who held Putin talks in respect to my case alone inside of United States of America in 1995) knew better than what we see took place these sad days in Afghanistan...removal of US troops if one was to take place was carefully planned in advance to disgrace those in face in-front of the world and all for Russian sake - it did happened and now for many a great immigration(escape for life) to Europe commenced(stage #2 sabotage of Joe Biden and AGAIN for the sake of Russia) sad to say through very much anticipated planned RUSSOSERBIAN JOE BIDEN routes. These are routes of new coming Balkan war. Unfortunately I must note, female Italian MEP was involved in this case and in this very room since 2008/2010 - Serbian chetnik fascism(specialized in Muslim Slaughter as was performed not only in Srebrenica, but also on Kosovo and all other parts of Bosnia - Serbs slaughtered also Roman catholic Croat population whenever deemed necessary for them to extend greater Serbia) also has a strong support for its extremism in Poland led by Kacyinski, Andrzej Duda, Lech Walesa, Morawiecki, and others....finally, international community should condemn what turned even into media war on Balkans which is overture into second Balkan conflict - perhaps far more serious than first one.
Italian MEP was the unofficial boss of the group before one even came to life as new political option. I spent much time in Italy next to her and group's official representative. These MEPs in my eyes were in search for war conflict and its why I warn Italian government to take serious actions against them in respect to their terrorist(they verbally war threatened with Serbs and Russians inside of this room knowing one was bugged) approach toward Croatian state. https://ba.n1info.com/ 

British Guardian appears to interpret Russo Serbian news in respect to Croatian state same as the case was Ukrainian "annexation" and Crimea issue - downplaying its sovereignty in the face of the enemy and slandering one infront of the world with what Guardian knows very well are fabricated lies against Croatian, Bosnian, and Slovenian states...

@Black Lies Matter movement

Your biggest enemy today and by far bigger than nazism for which am certain you know about is a communism. BECAUSE OUR GRANDFATHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS DIDN'T BITE BULLETS DURING WWII FOR LIES MATTERS MOVEMENT IS WHY...

Milan Kucan was upsessed with my cursing our Slovenian nation and and was certain under MK Ultra HE AND PAHOR would bring me to psychological degree I would post photo on my news site of Austrian Karnten(Koroska) or Italian Trieste area

 Where Slovenian minority(previously Slovenian territory) also lives...all those beatings/torture...understandable. Kucan had his losers seat me next to computer - infront of computer and show me photos after extensive physical and psychological torture procedures involved in case...knowing about future problems coming his way due to crime against me, was also obsessed with idea about getting me back to Poland where he deemed had found just the right female partner for me(mentioned psychologist)...

There is a fascist memorial Borut Pahor and Milan Kucan erected in Locna church - where I was brought repeatedly under MK Ultra and pointed out 4 names with my last name AVSEC

 Told that this will be done to promote nazi option via Slovenia...will charge Milan Kucan and Borut Pahor with hate crime in respect to this provocation. Wall where it all starts with Johan Avsec(NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY TO MY FAMILY) displays IN A NEWLY ESTABLISHED SLOVENIAN STATE bravely names of neonazi collaborators while praising their role against "communism".

Spy-cameras factories(incl. in Texas) I was brought to visit already in 1996/1997/1998 - repeatedly

 Demonstrated them inside of our house at the beginning, but technology totally changed over the course of years - micro-cameras are impossible to see unless you know what to look for. Russia obtained and SO DID CHINA which became manufacturer those right through this very case. Right through this very house. Those in 1996 were available ONLY for higher state officials in US...what became commercialized as micro-cameras in 2010 or so, existed for higher class in US on unofficial market already 25+ years earlier...Gheorgy Busho was the one introducing me into spy-cam world and Israelis if you already want to know...owners of factories/manufacturers know me and it was GB who gave Beijing a surveillance technology for entire city - saw one with my eyes inside of their police center a decade(perhaps a decade and half ahead - in 2004) prior to news release whenever they released news about one....

BIG MENTAL PATIENTS(not about big brother, but disturbingly mentally ill) WATCHING YOU: With head shredded(as if I would spent night submerged under the water - ear drums totally busted), father's hearing aid harassment this morning(keeps one outside of his ears as instructed by Slovenian police/psychiatrists to produce disturbing frequency as is ongoing case since return from Poland), and with set of insane conversation next to mamma where her answers equaled to brawl

She was good enough to point me out even cheese I consumed yesterday via store flyer as I drank coffee(coffee which I prepared for her she passed to father despite as she stated was very good - perhaps award for hearing aid harassment) as she promised she would - understandable for her 8 grades of grammar school education and distorted mirror inside of her head... Just as promised case will be if I get fat, customized by android whoever news roll red MK Ultra news this morning as seen bellow - IF YOU GET FAT

Jake Paul involved in MK Ultra(UNFORTUNATELY - being active in world of sports in the past, I am very much ashamed having found myself DRUGGED-UP next to clowns like this in my life time) did as he promised would...
@Jake Paul - dude, at your age - you wouldn't even walk on feet outside of ring if you would happen to find yourself in one infront of me. You are total embarrassment for the world of boxing.

Monday, August 30, 2021

The neighbor's rusty old junk car parked at Graben is according to MK Ultra scenario my secret escape weapon to Croatia for coming persecution against me

Its what SCHIZOPHRENIC LUNATIC BORUT PAHOR AND HIS LJUBLJANA PARLIAMENT managed to come to as solution for me to obviously again save my life - these criminals who ruined 27 years of my life via extreme torture which involved in addition to forced unemployment a psychiatry and have awaited me upon return from Poland with broken spine with more unemployment issues to which some 1000 cars where tortured were added, came up for my sake for what would result in third escape from

While I was busy saving black legacy in US during Trump's presidency, Poland prior to my arrival there in 2018 collected hefty amounts of money from people who wanted me dead(any side that offered $$$ was OK) - ahead of the line according to Andrzej Duda was Mike Tyson

Andrzej Duda became a bet dealer since match between Golota and Tyson. Became actively involved in sports bets and other kinds of criminal activities. This explains why Polish mafia became involved in my case and handled one for several years from 1996 on...something I already pointed out in Poland. Mike Tyson that was a big investor in Poland, so it paid off to break me spine.

Dwayne Johnson(KNOWING I WOULD FIGURE OUT WHO HE WAS IN MK ULTRA) prepared along his buddies a whole pallet of "save you" solutions of which two

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Nino de Angelo off course involved in MK Ultra just as my Austrian cousin who went to Poland to try hunger games his way(ended up with more than just broken heart I understand HAHAHA)

Its all there is to Biden's administration

Its how cure for bestial truth worked all along my case - upon every grisly revelation from my case news as seen here followed https://www.yahoo.com/gma/risk-very-high-another-attack-120008124.html Off course there will be ISIS even that ISIS seats inside of the White House. Antony Blinken involved in MK Ultra since 1998 at least. Was in Poland. And THE people(goat) will die and pay for the truth...Joe Biden knew about news here seen as coming, so its what his "Afghan's withdrawal"(I think US will be back before you know and its all used for stated here) might have even been about....

US Government as you may imagine STILL BLOCKS ANY DONATION METHOD - I am blacklisted for no less than 17 years now

You can try sending checks or other forms of financial contribution instead directly to my address;

My name: Bostjan Avsec

Krka 1

8000 Novo mesto,


Thats just the way it is http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/search/label/SUPPORT 


Blacks did gained sympathy from whites enough to free itself from slavery, but here seen proofs beyond any doubt vice-versa as task impossible. You ruined me 27 years of life with your DEMOCRATIC PARTY members - I would never ever consider any one of you as a solution(recognition) to problem you created as you are spineless creatures.

It was a long and painful path for me to US citizenship

 It was even longer and more painful what followed up on me on my path of proving SANITY after obtaining US citizenship. Its how Southern Poverty Law Center became involved against me ;) Heidi Beirich, Mark Potok and so on...hehehehe



Updated on September 16th, 2021


@Joe Biden - do you understand THIS implication in your case

@Bill Clinton/prince Andrew(both involved since day 1 of my arrival to US in 1995)

 You seems to have had prohibited affairs with females just to cover-up something way WAY bigger no !!????? Pressure to big to handle, so you used smaller issues as crown does these days to cover up real own dilemmas infront of the public eyes whenever they caught you(or more importantly would caught you) in your own by fear produced dream world !!???

@Bill Clinton - read this good

with Bill Clinton became third person who figured is better off with me being dead all in 1995 after Mikey came out of the jail as ADVISED by Louis Freeh despite still overseeing ex FBI director William H. Webster who liked me, but lost control over the situation in 1998 also leaving me with no hope to live for

Susan Bayh(wife of Evan Bayh Governor of Indiana) was MURDERED JUST AS WAS TOLD CASE WILL BE - her death took place on February 5, 2021 (aged 61)

She was A1A witness of mine in this case in respect to Mike Tyson who served his sentence there in 1995 and where I was repeatedly taken to meet him and finally bail him out of the jail under what Mike referred to as official excuse for reduced sentence "prison counsellor in order to shave time off his sentence"

Mr. Evan Bayh contrary to Mrs. Susan Bayh, HATED me. His promises on how I will be destroyed(was returned back to his Indiana to meet him as he repeated one of the initial points used for destruction of my psyche - he was probably fourth fifth in line he turned to destructive torture under MK Ultra as directed in East of US - with Bill Clinton became third person who figured is better off with me being dead all in 1995 after Mikey came out of the jail as ADVISED by Louis Freeh despite still overseeing ex FBI director William H. Webster who liked me, but lost control over the situation in 1998 also leaving me with no hope to live for) for whatever cost before truth would come out without his wife witnessing about me, however, landed on deaf ears on this end.

STOP WELFARING RUSSOGERMAN WAR AGAINST EUROPE: Let the Russia pay for Belarus dissidents' immigration to EU - why would European Union citizens finance German politic and restrict itself to Lukashenko's private assets only

Refugees from whatever place cost money, if a wealthy country is using them as an economic weapon next to espionage(what many are), EU CITIZENS shouldn't be paying for it. 

Seizing Russian assets next to economic blockade is a step forward to secure both - money for refugees and bring democracy to where needed - if Germany wants Russian oil fine, but let EU tax one severely enough to compensate for looses accrued with stated above. Russia is wealthier than Saudi Arabia state - there is no need to welfare German politic via its criminal policies through Russia against Europe either.

Russia: News outlets demand end to media crackdown

What did the letter say?

Friday, August 27, 2021



Updated on September 16th, 2021


OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS KILLED ON MAY 1ST OF 2011 AND NOT MAY 2ND AS WIKIPEDIA CLAIMS: I have ALSO nothing to do(other than being deserved again for US Gov. reaching agreement on the side with Afghanis due to my conduct which Biden screwed up) with whatever US Government obtained against me via technology of lies there

 Whenever brought there for US Government to obtain incrementing statements against me, first beatings took place via Afghans who interrogated and bullied per US, then as usual psychological and physical fight with their coalition forces in their face harsh enough to push fear in their bones, and pose with statements next to US military per I assume Obama/Holder...flight back to Europe is what took place on May 2nd of 2011 - n respect to title - I know because I was there. Robert O’Neill, John Cena were all involved in MK Ultra and heavy duty so - idea of Osama Bin Laden's official death also resulted in desperate attempt to save TARNISHED reputation of Dwayne Rock Johnson. Go figure out how...interesting did John Cena very worried and wary about my well being along other guys KNEW ABOUT COMING FORCED HOSPITALIZATION process and for that matter did everything he could to somehow save me from hellhole...John Cena can witness about my hospitalization as per being nothing other than POLITICAL PROCESS AGAINST ME all explained to last millimetre at https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/08/brushed-complain-here-is-what-my-case.html 


Do you remember who defended you against rape accusation in 1995 and got you going again with your life - GOT YOU FROM JAIL AND GET YOU GOING  !!?????

Remember who saved your life and how and how and with what you paid one back !!????

Thursday, August 26, 2021

As for the Black Lives Matter movement inside of complain - your practices are equal and in many cases worse to those used by Gestapo

Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/08/brushed-complain-here-is-what-my-case.html 

Our granddads and grandmas DIDN'T give their lives in war against nazi machinery in WWII for your mischievous HUMAN RIGHTS BASED ON LIES AND BACKSTABBING ideals - pure racist in human rights disguised ideology.

BRUSHED COMPLAIN: Here is what my case was and will be all about


Despite complains submitted to variety of law enforcement agencies as well as State agencies/courts, EU Court for Human Rights, human rights organizations/courts over the course of 17 years(since 2004 while I mentioned for the first time MK Ultra procedure in my complain in 2011) there was NO law abiding per domestic and international treaties/laws concerning human rights issues in responses obtained because individuals involved in this case were/are highest state bodies/officials - ranging anywhere from police/ health care professionals, higher Slovenian and US state(I am citizen of both) employees/officials, employees/officials of European Union bodies, officials employed at human rights organizations(Amnesty International and at United Nations), as well as European Union Court for Human Rights officials, presidents/prime minsters and all the way to to royalties on a global scale. At United Nations's just as an example, two highest officials involved in this case were/are Mr. Gebreyesus Tedros Adhanom(since 1997) of World Health Organisation and Secretary general of United Nations Mr. António Guterres(since 1995 – with his entire family).

On complains submitted, retaliation procedures followed up against me of which some easily can be classified as assassination attempts.

MK ULTRA - Will also charge Bezos and Elon Musk with EXCESSIVE food poisoning - in this case UNLIMITED ICE CREAM treats

I cite Elon Musk and Bezos who filmed me eating God knows how many ice-creams "It just so fun...hahaha...give him more its just so fun to see you eat them you do so fast hahaha"

Back in Europe, MK Ultra participants became outraged with even more weight increase I suffered as a result.

Tiny Estonian 1.3 million state President Kersti Kaljulaid nothing more than pawn in a pocket of Vladimir Putin - acts against Europe with full support of Angela Merkel

I wouldn't want to loose Ukraine over nonsense Estonian state if they feel so kin about Russia. Her bizarre remarks about Ukraine "Ukraine needs 20 years of work to join EU", should be also compared with super impoverished Estonian economic judicial standards(JUNK RATING) when one lined up to finally become EU member state in 2004.

@Kersti Kaljulaid - you tortured under MK Ultra to make myself clear. You traumatized on behalf of Putin.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Must be Jordans third time in Croatia - min.

 He would get up on yacht and get to the shore where he has a friend restaurant owner where he enjoys morning pastry breakfast along newspaper and then leaves back on yacht. On his way to US he stopped in our home ;) Michael got involved in this case I estimate in 1997-1998....

FROM THE LAND OF JUBA JABBAH: The toxic legacy of Canada's CIA brainwashing experiments: 'They strip you of your soul'

Sarah Anne Johnson had always known the broad strokes of her maternal grandmother’s story. In 1956, Velma Orlikow checked herself into a renowned Canadian psychiatric hospital, the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, hoping for help with postpartum depression.

She was in and out of the clinic for three years, but instead of improving, her condition deteriorated – and her personality underwent jarring changes.

Americans insisted that THE PRICE for membership in Democratic party for me is a total silence in respect to crime performed against me by minorities

 Insisted that Ukraine which I like is totally pro democratic party and suggested as the only solution to my dilemma a Russia politic - Putin that is...sarcastically molested me with problematic they created and I would have to deal with in the future - I cite, "exactly, but you dont like those hehehe".

Had what appeared Ukrainian and Croatian representatives insisting me to keep silent due to large names involved in case as are too big to go against - weather those representatives were authentic, however, remains a question.

Not Michael Jordans first vacation in Croatia, but it is my first NO to his demands to keep silent about black worlds involvement against me in US

During his first trip to Croatia when he brainwashed me on his yacht on how I should keep mouths shut and why one will vacation in the future in Croatia to remind me, I didnt know how it all ended and when I asked one prior to his departure to US - he smiled at me and I cite told me, "nope, you opened your mouths sorry"...

Talking about black lives rappers-sportspeople matters and so on...

Royals physically tortured to get chance for "justified retaliations" and teached on how to see self created negative news as via my blog

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/z-P2Ip4HzrE 

Serbian hermit and my MK Ultra case which was nothing but war declaration on me my Slovenian people US constitution international peace and human rights treaties

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/kmGPZ3VQFVo 
Aleksandar Vucic, to me in 2008, "You are gonna live worse than hermit in Pirot cave" - well okay then and I did, but I also point why/who per whom.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

If you were to ask me what my general opinion is about European royals I would say to you

 This are farmers who treat their farmed animals whichever way they want...thats all.


Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/BMdz5tQtLzo

@AntiEuropean Kings and other wannabes - you would all want and would IF YOU COULD, BUT you haaaad no qualities required for job I did and worse you were/are born screwups as you see today. But you all would yes...

@Ukraine - I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH GERMAN DUTCH BLAH BLAH IN RESPECT TO DONETSK WHOEVER SUPPLIED YOU WITH MK ULTRA MATERIAL in respect to my case as explained on video...they lied and pushed their views to obtain yes just as Pahor/Kucan did along Moscow statements from me about memorials dedicated to Slovenian partisan WWII national resistance.

I love Europe - everything European from Spain to Italy France to Britain Germany Poland Czech Romania Greece Ukraine Baltic states Scandinavia Balkans and Romani people - basically everything one has to offer and whatever left for history to remind us of one...


 Dutch will come out with $$$$ proposal, but make sure to leave no argument for your territorial national rights in respect to Crimea and Donetsk. Dont let them purchase land in South Africa for the cost of theft your Crimea.

THE NEW 1938 POLAND IS UKRAINE TODAY IN 2021: For Europe, Ukraine opens international summit calling for 'return' of occupied Crimea from Russia

Merkel once again delivered her insult in the face of Europe, but Ukrainian president Zelensky rejected her anti European NEONAZI ideas with, "special, but you are not so special" thank you note. War for return of occupied parts of Ukraine goes on and is there to stay.

Ukraine and its Western allies on Monday agreed to work towards "peacefully" ending Russia's "occupation" of Crimea, without spelling out how, in a summit that sparked anger in Moscow.

Angela Merkel "a close ally of Ukraine" went on to blow $6.75 billion on Putin's pre-election challenge securing one social payments for the cost of verbal assurance to Ukraine how everything will be okay and one will not become occupied as the case is with Crimea/Donetsk


From experience of my own, the name of the real German king(and special friend - naive, stupid, stupidified - beaten up and finally murdered via lie technology - left for dead) is "CONVENIENCE". Thats why I would suggest Ukraine to embrace the same and in the future send south allies who have nothing to offer in mids of the war Ukraine have found itself much for the sake of Europe. The NATO's news canon about  big bad boy Russia about to invade Europe is with German politic quickly countering its logic and demonstrating European(sae as mcase is with Ukraine) member states their real value in eyes of Berlin and its why call on other European member states such as Spain/ Italy/ FRANCE if there is anything European left in them to do exactly the opposite of Merkel(Holland). Act European and on time - demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine - support European Crimea and not Merkel卐's "Europa fur die Welt" for which we all know burned entire European continent and world just 80 years ago. I finally call US to kick Irish terrorist out of White House and provide country-American allies with president worthy of "American".

Monday, August 23, 2021

My "roommate" inside of psychiatric hospital in 2013 left me a beautiful reminder as per also whom

He was involved in MK Ultra with several other individuals

Compliment given dring MK Ultra concerning Great Brittain from British and Americans was that Britain during my MK Ultra case because of me took forward with speed of light in financial and geopolitical terms when compared to its past

 What Charles resented, but I had no clue that to me(I never took any credits for absolutely anything under MK Ultra - ever) as I had no other interests pertaining to MK Ultra case than to be left let go or perhaps score some lady next to sympathy with royals...it wasn't enough. Their Extra came with hefty price for me and costs amounted to their "saving" operation for me to abuse unmatched - abuse unheard off.


I asked them NOT TOO, but they did

 I never ever gave credit to royals for communicating with eastern Europeans because whole eastern European concept was based on lie/slender against me which commenced at memorials dedicated to partisans in 1995. I never ever gave credit to royals for communicating with eastern Europeans because of physical violence against me which went on all over eastern Europe, I never ever gave credit to royals for communicating with eastern Europeans because nothing ever came out of eastern Europe other than news about Stalin/Tito such as imprisonments/beatings/ torture - great(great if you liked lots of repairs and styli if you like trash can designs) eastern European cars for which one had to wait year or two if buying new one or work which paid entire 100 USD for a month of work based on 80 hour of weekly work schedule - was my actual case and job was physically exhausting...

I asked them the same in respect to others(including those in US) whom they used over the course of two decades to destroy me, but they claimed me was all HELP to me...Americans even told me since I asked Americans in 2012/2013(perhaps even in 2010) TO NO LONGER ALLOW THEM APPROACH ME(anywhere near me as they acted openly abusive/violent in their dealings against me) that are often times engaged in lucrative business deals with Americans - London royals didn't profit via this case only with eastern Europe, but torture became great sport for making money also with US and for US with London...

Beacuse of Slovenian criminal policy against me, I am compelled to carry on my back again 3kg and up front 1kg - Slovenian murderous solidarity with Poland/Czech rep. just as they expressed one with Slovenia continues to go in Slovenia


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Afghan withdrawal crucial to finally somewhat stabilized Afghanistan and stability in region, but Biden wants it all - got his extremist Garry Adams out and catered Putin's needs best to his abilities

If US embarrassed itself under Trump, Biden sealed deal from the opposite end for country to be finally left ruined from both sides(what is coming after Dems. and Reps. !!???). Finally, burning America to the ground with worst national policies ever, never was so fun for some folks as to what we have witnessed for the last two decades. Anyone out there even cares any longer !!??? Sad. Off course Afghan withdrawal is one of the worst mistakes US made since end of the WWII, but the way whole thing was done with people falling off planes - one could be proclaimed as national disaster.

Saturday, August 21, 2021


Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/8sTBzm0F9AY

@Buckingham palace - what a coincidence SCHIZOPHRENIA and myself and Philip mother Princess Alice I was promised case will be with me and so on heh !!????

It wasnt for you, but British people who demanded you help me and during your operation of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN(even compared me with dog), you acted as clumsy and awkward as possibly you could have screwing me in back on more than 1000 occasions is why...thats why.

No REAL supporter of mine ever engaged in nazism fascism hatred of any kind EVER !!! - They were/are all angels

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/WhrhCXGrspE
The best people in this world were my supports of which none EVER was a bad person.

My father's coughing habit resulted in physical confrontations between him and MK Ultra participants/visitors because of his obnoxious criminal behavior - can be heard at the end of the video on distance of 20 meters behind 3 doors what means when he coughs - never covers his mouths and amplifies coughing as much as he can to traumatize people near at any time he is pleased(50 years of this bullshit which psychiatrists encouraged heavily - whatever they noticed in one already completely unacceptable for normal human beings to be near they simply encouraged same with mother)....

Just as everything else, this too was all audio recorded

 Everything https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/08/imbecile-and-story-about-his-honey.html 

I do become(turn myself) into idiot presenting their whack job via translation to world. Thats all there was for 26 years - whenever not drugged up, stuff was repeated in my face of whatever I was brainwashed when drugged up...26 years.

SUPER SATURDAY: Imbecile and story about his honey

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps and police appears to have AGAIN counted on some sort of violent reaction from my end as explained on this https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/08/mosquito-net-hidden-during-chinese.html very video(SAME TECHNOLOGY OF VIOLENCE-HATRED), her actions are beyond toxic and its why I do feel endangered next to her pointing issue at me. She and father who demanded from me to search for his hearing aid machine inside of the trash bin this morning(prior to departure to store because one claimed have observed one on table all day long yesterday on what one disappeared) , are a real threat for no less than 50 years in this case. "Poor demented" father used to physically engage against me with help of Slovenian police and his friends to the bitter end and beyond insanity(into oblivion and back my dear friends - claimed in real time was victim of my violence against him) during MK Ultra in this very house, so I have noooo clue how any of this would benefit me as Hollywood writers claimed...mother got her 20 Euros and the car keys from freeloading imbecile upon return home...

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/jWP49884NLY

Employees of stores such as Lidl, Eurospin, Tus supermarket as well as Mercator, Hofer, Spar stores did harassed with property destruction during MK Ultra...

Related to 

It was 2015 - year when taken to Hollywood for the last time with idea to intimidate me with psychiatry since I declined Serbian chetnik Tatjana Prokselj threats on hospitalization in case I would dare to mention MK Ultra again

 For the last time did Hollywooders tried to intimidate with what became 20 years of torture with main accent of future hospitalization as in 2015, I didnt mind to engage in threats in respect to psychiatry any longer(they intimidated for 20 years with psychiatry and counted on total breakdown three years into what already became hospitalization and heavy torture). I laughed them relaxed in the face WITH WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WHEN I AND MY CREW ARE COMING THROUGH(something like Busta Ryhmes song). 

Voice from behind asked at final dot in Hollywood if any success with intimidation - I cite, "how is indicating will be with him in which direction" on what woman answered "no chance, he is going through there is nothing we can do we tried everything". Voice was princes Harry who traveled to Colorado through Hollywood and here and there....

I believed under MK Ultra that Nacho Figueras is rejuvenated prince Andrew

 Wasn't sure whether very friendly Nacho Figueras that is prince Andrew somehow either lost weight or perhaps rejuvenated himself somehow, but it meant to me tremendously slot since I figured out will stay around me in this world much longer - idea about

Friday, August 20, 2021

MK ULTRA I identify ebay seller from Lithuania Kaunas

Seller worked in US for 4 years and is about 6.1 tall, blonde hair - talking about owner in whose Kaunas's store I was and his visit to Novo mesto.
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/sOHMDZ0jebQ 


 There was more than just one CASH WASH DONE in respect to Iran and much much earlier as they started to plot money laundering between Iran and Slovenia around 1999/2000, but here  https://www.rtvslo.si/slovenija/stirje-politicno-odgovorni-za-iranska-nakazila-prek-nlb-ja/455136 is partial truth on why THIS VERY ROOM became so interesting to foremost Milan Kucan and his trainee Borut Pahor. I am assuming on how second cash wash was a cover-up for initial cash wash operation - possibility has it money laundering went on for several years. Cash blah blah(talk I heard between them and Irani) had on mind all the time one billion USD.

I insisted on and poke fun(had to be often times dismissive monkey - they wouldn't listen otherwise) to get it done at original British catfish till Charles had "that Silurus glanis" introduced to British waters in 1995

Outcome was "hurrah man" - I bet all these guys were involved in MK Ultra. Latter guys(also blame Grandfather-of-four Steve Stewart who went through good at first and then worst of the worst MK Ultra times with me). At least you know why that fish bit your hook...Silurus glanis is a king in family of catfish. Great sport and tasty ;) Cheers


 I will never be capable to repay you back for your help and your father if real - nobody did anything like this for me under MK Ultra during which I have feeling I wasn't allowed to be 1/5 of human being. There were angels there, but nobody would do anything like this.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

I never ever noticed broken rib, but was insisted during MK Ultra for Mike Tyson to have broke me one by punching me

 If truth what told under MK Ultra, then this was my first bone fracture injury in life time. Wouldn't go into any further details about "if" in respect to Tyson as individual caused more trouble than what one could count.

REPEATED MK ULTRA EARTHQUAKE RELATED STUNTS: Slovenian state playing with artificial earthquakes via earth detonations effecting home in Novo mesto per Moscow Belgrade - NOT GOD


Told to report about God's feedback on culture of toxic what would get attention from Pope Francis, but in reality was meant as cover-up operation for the sake of Moscow/Belgrade to depict me as an liar(discredit me) - biggest problem for Moscow yet is that Russians conditioned home with my future news writing with what they threatened will be future earthquakes. Proof is here.
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/FTxMZp-ckvU

Andrijanic family insisted me to have nothing with Germans and others when those paid visit to Novo mesto to finally meet my family stay with us

 This was I consider UDBA alike patronship for which they claimed me they dislike to have anything with them as well, but would take care since they are well known as hospitable family...from this day friendship with Andrijanic family ended. Will not proceed with one.

US Democrats initiated physical torture in Slovenia - encouraged violence took full responsibility for one since 1998

Republicans allowed, so makes no point for them to point finger at anyone as biggest traitor is one who claims sides with you to betray...

  Kamala Harris was #1 initiator who guaranteed worry free abuse of US citizen along Obama/Holder...brought me and load me on planes often times like an animal also in cargo area if military planes. 

It was as Kamala gestured from side a retaliation for "you know what" she signaled ...

Heading up Gorjanci, I saw German reg. number white Westfaliav van which brought me from Germany first time to Slovenia in 2001 I estimate

 Please be human enough to avoid me on day such as us today as evidently Pahor used opportunity to poison me even more and Merkel tried to cover up his ass and Trump's ass - they all cover one another with more crime against me known as proofs...

These Westfal Germans are in my eyes no good either way as they observed in Slovenia beating only to which they also consigned. ..cvetja v jeseni nebo...za pretepanja enako nazaj. Med pretepanji ste se videli v drugih  od Poljakov do Rusov v meni ne, sam pa sem placeval ceno zanje in za vas z pretepanji katere so ste izvajali sebi  v ponos zabave...mene nikdar nikjer ni bilo nikdar in nikoli nebo.. .


 Live your life with kids as they will be allways using you to get through to me. You know how it works. They never, but NEVER loose.

@Joshdrinkwater, @drink pint if water every day in morning walk one hour, @ drink water at night have glass next to me cancer bul$hit stage4 BUT THEY NEVER LOSE

The one who popped gas inside room was mother

 Windows were open is why I know who how. She is Milan Kucan job, but at the same time also Jelko Kacin. They all are same s*** indifferent from one another. Neighbors brainwashed via torture on their why mom claimed will leave once I learn to cook for myself...

In competition not even with myself

 But with chemical agents/ military grade gas poison, poison in food, and radiation - 4 years. To prove what ?

Marc Cuban tortured in Slovenia

 Used to come here to torture physically. Is here to coverup crime against me for mentioned not to help...

@Marc Cuban

 You better don't even come close here ever again....go back wherever you came from you f*** demented pervert.

We will measure cancer via urine left in portable John

 No you don't, but you do see amount of chemical poison in one. Gas poison. You do see that ratio in one. Manyak you https://www.rt.com/sport/532437-kristina-timanovskaya-poland-races-belarus-olympics/ and your Lukashenko Pahor Janez Jansa Igor Bavcar Dmitrij Rupl Putin and other eastern European trash

And Will compete with poison and sleep like an animal live like zombie ?

This shit goes on since 2017

 For you to know.

For this too

 I was told will be a form of help get night exercise 

Not my father whom they wanted me to blame. Lukashenko loved military grade gasses - also was told case with old Skids junk will be. Start day productive as dead before one even starts.

Neighbor squeezes military grade gas poison inside room at exactly 2am

 Heard someone downstairs noise on what blood pressure again exploded...another day in Paradise after 4 hours of sleep ..

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

MK ULTRA EARTHQUAKE RELATED STUNTS: Slovenian state playing with artificial earthquakes via earth detonations effecting home in Novo mesto per Moscow Belgrade - NOT GOD

Told to report about God's feedback on culture of toxic what would get attention from Pope Francis, but in reality was meant as cover-up operation for the sake of Moscow/Belgrade to depict me as an liar(discredit me) - biggest problem for Moscow yet is that Russians conditioned home with my future news writing with what they threatened will be future earthquakes. Proof is here.
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/FTxMZp-ckvU

FIRST IRELAND(Putin) AND ITS TERRORISTS - THEN USA AND REST / Why Biden was so set on withdrawing from Afghanistan

PATHETIC INSANE TRIO AND TIME TO REPLACE RED STAR WITH RED SWASTIKA: Lukashenko demonstrated world is an insane deranged lunatic indifferent from Kim Jong-un

 Both clowns, however, are happy to entertain Putin - the great dear leader. Will blow themselves up to prove him loyalty. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/08/act-of-war-lukashenkos-military-enters.html 

ACT OF WAR: Lukashenko's military enters Lithuania by beating immigrants(pushing with batons in their hands) into its territory

I would only remind of Lukashenko's border guards and border guard during exit of Belarus in 2017 when attacked by one of the thugs infront of police statin and fact Andrzej Duda/ Morawiecki entrusted me with in respect to Baltic states I cite, "we will support their national integrity with great reserve - in case of war only if not violating rights of Russian federation" <== something for West to consider very seriously whenever weighing in on proper response toward aggressive Russian neighbor during critical situations. Latest Lukashenko's human rights fiasco(very ill) indicates a war on United Nations in which individual is not choosy about use of violence - not only against Baltic states.

Because Joe Biden's friendship with Vladimir Putin and Don King's visit to Trska Gora in year of 1995(upon my embankment in Miami - USA)

 chances are that Don King and Mike Tyson acted against me PRIMARILY on behalf of Russian KGB. Either way(Biden or Trump way), Putin got whatever he wished for at any time from American administration - I got death sentence in return. In 1995, relation between Biden and Putin was on a much higher level than Trumpet/Putin.

Putin and his patients threatened will have all involved in Polish hunger games and MK Ultra case disappear with via main stream media

 Have seen few, but I will answer on news to Putin with https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/08/serbia.html wheather for incident where wrong peoples names-identities are announced or real incident where above stated participated, it was you Putin and yours who selected everything just as the case was with Vucic. I am Slovenian - Not Russian and not Serbian. No need for you to worry from this end about "proofs" necessity from this end. I considered and continue to consider your actions as an act of war on me and against Slovenia.

@Serbia and Slovenia

 Don't send any "witnesses of mine" this way as none of you was witness of mine of any kind. I refused to have absolutely anything to do with you during MK Ultra one way or the other and endured physical beatings due to refusal to acknowledge Aleksandar Vucic's personal selection of his Polish games volunteers as mine - they had to repeated selection process on few occasions because of stated here, so their video recording would finally came out as right....

This Russian was in Poland during hunger games and came to Slovenia - this is a commanding individual(exception to many others seen over the course of time)

There were few truly exceptional Russian individuals involved in Polish hunger games, however, Putin didn't want tem anywhere near me or anyone else for that matter. As for muppets who believed it was all my fold after suffering spine problems - I do not care much about...

Segei from Belarus got in Slovenia royal treatment in return for torture

 If he didn't engage directly in physical and psychological torture, he would bring me to location where others would where he would step aside for Pahor/Kučan's job to be done. 

He engaged in a petty thefts during summer where he would steal from farmers anywhere from corn to turnip to cook for himself healthy(when they finally got him, they brought him home all stated, so he no longer had to expose himself to public). Killed fish with spear gun and by shooting one with spring made gun from shore infront of Slovenian wardens and police.

Busta Rhymes is in my book very OK dude - consider one good person

Whole thing twisted in lost of fog as I recall EVERYTHING, but okay. Makes sense to me/ I understand.

Joe Biden assisted Vladimir Putin from behind curtin since 1995 - closest associate of Putin

 Closer than anyone else from US Gov. Closer than even Trump. No, this is not a joke. Don King/ Mike Tyson in 1995 against me had much deeper than personal racist issues which others related to two were throwing themselves under tank threads against me for...Tyson was in Belgrade and in Moscow... don't even get into Biden - these people fit in category of Russian spies which engaged in anti American activities and racism on US soil and abroad against Americans...Biden selected Afghan disaster for his exit and Trump told you it should be all ready bye August...the last Bidens gift to Putin is exit from Afghan https://www.rt.com/news/532336-kabul-airport-video-afghanistan-plane/

Monday, August 16, 2021

Ohh here is the man whom I ruined show and twins with whom I declined to marry / John Stamos says the Olsen twins choosing not coming back for the 'Full House' reboot was 'blown out of proportion'

After divorcing wife(blondie) of 7 years whom he also married "just for me not to get one(ggrrrr<3rrrrrr)", he got himself finally dark haired one as he claimed me is soooo happy ever since...because...I don't know about all that blah blah John...I think I will have to come to Hollywood after all to visit you if for no other reason...and she is younger from what I see not bad at all as I wish you and your beautiful kid a happy and productive life.

There is also few hotheads in Slovenia in respect to EU membership - just as the case was in Poland and is with "POLEXIT"

 Nobody will miss you. You can go to Belgrade and wait for one to become EU member state as they are in waiting line due to aggressive war toward others politic and human rights violations for already some time OR you can go to Russia and wait for one to become applicant for EU membership which is in their agenda in next 50 or 100 years....but nobody will miss you.

As far as Britney Spears in Slovenia

I had few Slovenian Borut Pahor Milan Kušan thugs get in my face when drugged up gesturing me some perverted ideas that included even death threats and someone on how he got permit for her to live here as per my being exception to the rule...

Let me explain to you taught boys - if I find out who you are, your and your kids and grandkids new homeland will become Russia. If you somehow do not understand here stated collectively as a nation, you will have long long car line all the way to Munich and airport Pučnik expanding due to increased return of Slovenes from all over the world - permanent return to Slovenia...your Western market too, 

@Britney - nah, you were not(you were a happy slim rabbit) /

Keep sliming because I know you gained few extra pounds due to some depression period in life at no wonder https://www.yahoo.com/
And what is "toxic" ?

@Jason Mamoa - YOU MUST say "b" word at home from today on

 Its an order ;) https://www.yahoo.com/ 

Entire family of Steve Irwin involved in my MK Ultra case

Related to:

Steven loved water more than I did. Involved in case since probably 1997, I enjoyed his company too much according to those who ran case...always relaxed and kind. Glad to see his daughter taking his spot with great hubby.

There was a lots of madness that went on in Australia, but just as the case was elsewhere in the bigger cities...they had to match as I heard royals whatever went on elsewhere in the world per REQUESTS....

Borut Pahor's technology of beatings and psychological abuse till retaliation was promised from my side(therefore creating physical confrontation obligation in victim)

involved in city of Novo mesto and its vicinity some 1000 people AT LEAST. Slovenia wise probably at lest 5.000 people. Then you know what went on...Borut Pahor(Slovenian police coordinated them and coordinates them via also obvious psychiatric supervision) dispatched these people in action(they would approach me ongoing at exact given circumstances as were used under MK Ultra) during well anticipated crises to raise tensions the least - these tensions included directed energy attacks or I should say sleepless nights...

Psychiatrist Peter Kaps who had his sone involved in MK Ultra engaging in physical and psychological abuse with idea to get me in physical confrontation in Trska Gora repeated his MK Ultra luck earlier today

 All for nothing. Just as psychiatrist Cveto Gradisar's son and others Peter Kapš tutored. 

The idea of MK Ultra repetition was to provoke me confrontation(Kapš and hi son tortured at Trška Gora - bullied with issues till they got response from me in which I promised two beating in real time when we meet on what bullying continued "we will see...we will see'), have one video recorded, and involve selected police as was told by someone case will be...

Did you know William and Harry PRE inspected many projects prior to their release on what those were often times financed(if deemed good enough)

I participated in background on God knows how many videos in US and in GB. The problem was/is not for my sake as was told, but always with the same reason - for artists to get $$$ and my getting abused with insane issues - to get traumatized.

Hollywood as was told by those build one, was experiment community project for quite some time

 I have no clue if written here is written anywhere else, but Hollywood was #1 social engineering city in US alone.

All my life I dreamed about moving to Hollywood - NOT

 "Its a nice little village we get aloong and look after on another" - <== not really, but thanks anyways....

HERE IS HOW I GOT TO POLAND IN 1995: First meeting on Obama Eric Holder goes to 1995 in Chicago airport when two sent me to poland with idea to soften my brain per Kamala Harris father

Video can be also seen at 

Sunday, August 15, 2021


Related to https://www.yahoo.com/news/50-000-camper-turns-tesla-115400239.html fear from what US Government have done to me is HUGE, but also evident. Nobody wants to disappear in sleep. Thank you Elon.

@Russia / German chancellor Scholz jumps the gun on EU expansion eastward, which may provoke more states to follow the UK and exit

 Thats right. To crack your neck(turn you into totally obedient colony - even more than you are today), EU is expanding VERY SUCESSFULLY FOR THAT MATTER its membership toward east. But hey, you got Crimea and Donetsk at least for a while...you will loose both and beyond(nobody wants you anywhere near - no Slavic state its all gone) and will never ever be capable to blame Germany for it as you are violent as it gets, but you got them at least for a while. Nice. Good job Putin ;) Related to https://www.rt.com/ 


Reminded with I cite, "because you did that...remember" 

Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/08/obama-holder-racists-displayed.html 

Obama Holder displayed EXTREMELLY racist issues against me already in 1996 and infront of many other individuals

Video can be also seen at 

MK ULTRA - To set the record straight about Lennox Lewis involvement in my MK Ultra case in early stages

They ate good, slept good, had private gyms for committing real crimes against me and I had less than nothing - still, I was guilty in US and even abroad.
Video can be also seen at 
Lennon Lewis did apologized to me, but where are limits between drugged up on brink of totally unconscious and conscious when it comes to US laws/constitution for people like myself !!????

NO REPARATIONS FOR ISRAEL: Per Polish convenience, I was also "Anti-Semite"(pushed forward in face of Israelis/Jews) - not that Poland which feared post-Holocaust claims owed to Jews had anything to do with it....

@Israel - It was not about nazism nor communism(communism never ever existed in Poland or anywhere in eastern Europe anyways as days of Lenin and Stalin were long long gone - it was all about just as is stealing/theft and backstabbing). Anyhow as the big day arrived for Jews, Polish God didn't/doesn't see them in independent Polish state either... Polish media knows nothing about post-Holocaust claims owed to Jews....nice. Obvioulsy not about whether Poles did murdered Jews or not during WWII - they are in it today and not only against Poles, but also those whom they claim to be related too(like myself for an instance as a Slovenian)

@Israel - Auschwitz is made in Germany in Poland, so I charge them with crimes indifferent from nazi Germany because of stated above. Its more about today as is today about back then...

Miss Konhauser and her hubby who loved Jews so much not so pro Jewish - correct me if I am wrong ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Mother and father to go sleep with al windows closed - not only doors locked '"because someone could get in"...

 The two have seen with own eyes stuff written about on this news site - no doubt both fear.

Involved in MK Ultra - Slovenian olympian Janja Garnbret and some other eastern European looking alike sports lady

 Otherwise very appealing lady along her other colleagues was translated to me via Borut Pahor and Milan Kučan as THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE for the future of Slovenia option in respect to facial

characteristics recognition of this nation. Two instigated for genocide via social engineering(jobs) sympathy also at Italian neighbors which at initial stages supported two assuming I was prejudicst against dark haired people, but at the finals have rejected idea about further ethnic cleansing in Slovenian for the sake of what Pahor refered to as more Slavic state from what Pahor referred to as German looking people(not Slovenians as we are, but German looking people who needed to cleansed out of here) in Slovenia. 

Support for Pahor's plan about final ethnic cleansing arrived according to Borut Pahor and Milan Kučan from Serbia, Poland, Russia and even Ukraine while he claimed Czech rep. as the onlz one had second thoughts about it due to own light hair population there - all according to according to Borut Pahor's brainwash which stared in my case since earlier than 1996...

THIS IS HOW FAR MY RESENTMENT AGAINST OBAMA GOES AND HOW DEEP ONE IS: Obama's initial job in Poland was to cover-up for wealthy people of color ONLY as a lawyer

 As a lawyer to make myself clear. 1995/1996. Thats how Obama got on picture as he alone told me is the case in 1996, "NO HELP FOR YOU" is what he answered me when asking him for help !!!! Latter for me Obama insisted for me to to be even designated for destruction. His pal were Eric Holder and third individual whom yet I have to find...

IN 1996, POLLACKS SELECTED ME AS PERSONAL PROMOTER OF ANDREW GOLOTA: Two different Lennox Lewiswiss one in Poland and on in Miami

There is this totally different world of boxing under the surface regular people knew nothing about....
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/RGnUD9Z91VI
Know nothing about because its nothing but violation of US constitution, violation of international treaties pertaining to peace, and I wouldn't even go into other issues such as human rights...dirty filthy as it gets underworld where real Dollars spin into fortunes and total tragedies... 

For someone like Don King and Tyson who started racial war against me, my role as Don King#2 wasn't such a bad deal at all - it also way way out for the two in a certain way - the two, you see, at least hoped case would be....

In 2015 American hermit River Dave demonstrated me in 2015 his appt. building in what most likely was Concord, but

 He really wants place of his own. He will take and will be more than greateful for whatever he is given, but he really wants his small place along river I think https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wmur.com/ 

Friday, August 13, 2021


Irish lucfer had lots of ambitious plans for his views against me involving nothing but malicious lies to cover-up his party's(not political party, but those who finance both parties from behind scene) heinous crimes and expand "good US relations" with what media depicts due to fear for reality to be seen as is in reality with "highly unlikely".

Just as I was told case will be ALSO WITH "MY" HOLLYWOOD FRIENDS IF I MENTION RACIST ISSUES INVOLVED AGAINST ONE - David Lidstone(river Dave) NOW ignored/gone from front pages

There is no doubt on my mind, situation in US stinks.

I cite brainwashers, "if you will mention his problems which involved racism directed in one from people of colors, he will be gone from front pages and Hollywood people will stop supporting him at once"....

STALIN'S SOVIET ERA OF POISONING AND POLITICAL ARRESTS IS BACK: Alexander Kuranov, 73, and otherwise close Putin's friend now arrested - just before his retirement age

 Alexander Kuranov(he probably will confess POSITIVELY about it too) is booked in jail, but I think will serve one on some remote Russian location next to who knows whom while

playing tennis and eating pizzas...his case, however, will provide stern ground for arrests of some very credible people in Russia https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2021/08/12/russia-arrests-hypersonic-aircraft-chief-on-treason-suspicion-a74769 

CULTURE OF TOXIC: Joe Biden's Americans insisted me under MK Ultra Chinese tablet will be a no good tablet for me to video record radiation attacks

Video can be also seen at  https://youtu.be/l5rJez6yHNk OR  OR  

David Lidstone(river Dave) told me his father would do some river life with his family - learned from him

 In 2000, I estimate, Black Lives Maters movement learned about river Dave(his involvement in my MK Ultra case) and came down to his place with idea to just murder him because he was a bit too white for their taste - thugs were from New York/Pittsburg area. Police stopped what could easily result just as it did in other cases - a possible fatality(two individuals involved in MK Ultra took matters in their own hands and were involved as was told literately in fatalities in US - police did tackled them) and my Hollywooders assisted David Lidstone, so he was capable to move on with life. David Lidstone as he told me has or had sisters...