Monday, August 30, 2021

While I was busy saving black legacy in US during Trump's presidency, Poland prior to my arrival there in 2018 collected hefty amounts of money from people who wanted me dead(any side that offered $$$ was OK) - ahead of the line according to Andrzej Duda was Mike Tyson

Andrzej Duda became a bet dealer since match between Golota and Tyson. Became actively involved in sports bets and other kinds of criminal activities. This explains why Polish mafia became involved in my case and handled one for several years from 1996 on...something I already pointed out in Poland. Mike Tyson that was a big investor in Poland, so it paid off to break me spine.

Dwayne Johnson(KNOWING I WOULD FIGURE OUT WHO HE WAS IN MK ULTRA) prepared along his buddies a whole pallet of "save you" solutions of which two
PRIMARILY OPTIONS were via vin Diesel and Dave Bautista who according to media are not so friends with Dwayne Johnson, but in reality are. Dwayne Johnson now that equals to Joe Biden and Mike Tyson. According to Dwayne Johnson, entire money Dave Batista has(its not even that much, but enough as Dave claimed me to make it FOR THE TWO OF US through the case) is the money which Dwayne Johnson secured one and is as such practically in his pocket.

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How much did Poland collected for crime against me will never ever be known(Americans claimed entire country Poland was build on this MK Ultra torture - all investments / everything borrowed money to technology to market have gone through this torture case), but at least some criminal some statistics will come out. 

Is the only person I would work with from mentioned above, but as I stated circumstances dictate different trend for now.

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