Tuesday, August 31, 2021

There is a fascist memorial Borut Pahor and Milan Kucan erected in Locna church - where I was brought repeatedly under MK Ultra and pointed out 4 names with my last name AVSEC

 Told that this will be done to promote nazi option via Slovenia...will charge Milan Kucan and Borut Pahor with hate crime in respect to this provocation. Wall where it all starts with Johan Avsec(NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY TO MY FAMILY) displays IN A NEWLY ESTABLISHED SLOVENIAN STATE bravely names of neonazi collaborators while praising their role against "communism".

Because nazi option will find its way back is what I was told - ON BOTH SIDES OF MY FAMILY, GRANDPARENTS WERE INVOLVED IN RESISTANCE AGAINST GERMAN ITALIAN OCCUPATION DURING WWII. My grandfather in fact supplied partisans with neccesary medications in Kocenski Rog and was at mercy of Germans and Italians night and day as one worked as secretary of Novo mesto city. Once already selected to depart for Auschwitz concentration camp fathers family was saved by uncle who, however, did served as home-guard. THE MAIN POINT HERE IS THAT MEMORIAL AS EXPLAINED ABOVE DECEIVES/BREAKS OUR TINY NATION APART - HUMILIATES US INFRONT OF THE WORLD RATHER THAN OFFERS WHAT OTHERWISE CASE SHOULD BE - SLOVENIAN UNITY. More than communism(or nazism which must be disallowed), patriotism based on national awareness is needed here - unity is needed...for Slovenes to even condemn or love communism, they first must experience one which never ever was the case - Yugoslavian federation was based on ethnic cleansing principles of which main goal was creation of big Serbia at extermination expense of other nations with those whose members served during WWII on side of partisans having advantage over others whom political system often times sentenced to exile or death...who played what role during WWII matters(many Slovenian home guards didnt even have choice other than to be recruited into German/Italian forces), but unity based on patriotism in which Slovene would see(recognize) fellow Slovene as a human being first - therefore before either a communist or capitalist(we dont have any nazis here, but we do have Pahor's provocateurs) is what is really needed in Slovenia...

Photo about memorial is coming...I was shocked upon observing yesterday what sat rigt in my backyard and was prompted on how to observe GREAT NEWS FOR ME under MK ultra....shocked.

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