Friday, August 27, 2021

OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS KILLED ON MAY 1ST OF 2011 AND NOT MAY 2ND AS WIKIPEDIA CLAIMS: I have ALSO nothing to do(other than being deserved again for US Gov. reaching agreement on the side with Afghanis due to my conduct which Biden screwed up) with whatever US Government obtained against me via technology of lies there

 Whenever brought there for US Government to obtain incrementing statements against me, first beatings took place via Afghans who interrogated and bullied per US, then as usual psychological and physical fight with their coalition forces in their face harsh enough to push fear in their bones, and pose with statements next to US military per I assume Obama/Holder...flight back to Europe is what took place on May 2nd of 2011 - n respect to title - I know because I was there. Robert O’Neill, John Cena were all involved in MK Ultra and heavy duty so - idea of Osama Bin Laden's official death also resulted in desperate attempt to save TARNISHED reputation of Dwayne Rock Johnson. Go figure out how...interesting did John Cena very worried and wary about my well being along other guys KNEW ABOUT COMING FORCED HOSPITALIZATION process and for that matter did everything he could to somehow save me from hellhole...John Cena can witness about my hospitalization as per being nothing other than POLITICAL PROCESS AGAINST ME all explained to last millimetre at 

 During this 27 years old ordeal(the worst nightmare ever), I have made exactly ZERO MISTAKES

Am walking out from one with not a single scratch to my public image - persona. Everything I have done, was based on proper responses and in sequence as case should be with normal human being. Regrets I have none, choices I didn't get to choose - others did for me.

Throughout this time, I have never ever lost a single battle and not a single war.

Dave Batista(since I mentioned Cena) involved in MK Ultra and its how road to $$$ opened to one

 Related to took me everywhere, but gained lots of pounds since two years after fight with Booker - I no longer recognized man. Dave is a very nice good hreated person and great friend of John Cena regardless of what media whoever claims. Two were inseparable for decade  and half...

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