Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Milan Kucan was upsessed with my cursing our Slovenian nation and and was certain under MK Ultra HE AND PAHOR would bring me to psychological degree I would post photo on my news site of Austrian Karnten(Koroska) or Italian Trieste area

 Where Slovenian minority(previously Slovenian territory) also lives...all those beatings/torture...understandable. Kucan had his losers seat me next to computer - infront of computer and show me photos after extensive physical and psychological torture procedures involved in case...knowing about future problems coming his way due to crime against me, was also obsessed with idea about getting me back to Poland where he deemed had found just the right female partner for me(mentioned psychologist)...

@Milan Kucan/Borut Pahor - we will see about that...we will see who will get whom where after everything you two have caused me.

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