Tuesday, April 30, 2019

MKULTRA - About owners of Grotniki immigration center.mp4

Video can be also seen at  https://video.fc2.com/content/20190430TpPytVs4 or https://youtu.be/sVLOcrXuobE  or

It was Polish state immigration which assabled on behalf of Kremlin/Trump entire team from the past and as my not being disfunctional Russian dicklet as the case was/Is with what I have seen, I gladly release these good hearted family from liabilities of any kind related to me personally. I wish them my best.

MKULTRA - About state employee from Lublin which is working in our immigration center near Lodz

Still not done with it as I want to point out exact locations of people which accomodated Russians in Lublin.

Nancy Palosi knew all about this case

will release entire Orwellian ordeal in respect to previous news which was response to my videos released earlier today. I have proven my case beyond doubt, so people can evaluate what our politicians are entitled to via tapayers money.

$2 trillion for infrastructure

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said https://www.yahoo.com/...

My response to Schumer and Palosi(the two democrats for sale which repeatedly bailed "inadvertently" Trump out of his blunders - this news is yet another cover up for truth behind courtain) is that two of you along with Trump are severely cracked in the head. Your "deals"(world of lies/scam behind real lives are wasted as mine was) have cost that is by far too high for humanity(never mind American taxpayers alone) to go on with it. Your Orwellian Dollars a hot air from your asses which also needs to be recognized as such on courts of law/organisations that deal with criminal conduct of politicians.

Obviously the three think that world doesnt know what trilion is and what life money wise is in US for averge taxpayer.

Monday, April 29, 2019

The case was organized in a way that would be seen

Through Trump/Kaczynski eyes(they created MKultra assistance as well as instructions on how I will see/explain ordeal) and therefore I whom the two have ruined 24 years of life should even express gratitude to the two...

I decline to see it that way and demand justice.

Note to CIA

Trump didn't produce anything I would want or embrace as my own.

It was nothing but scam and I am unwilling to pave road for continuation of one.

The sooner you resolve crises US is facing within, the sooner we can move on.

This case will either go forward through

UN, ICC, or EU Court for Human Rights or will not go through at all.

There will be no private side hush hush deals.

The longer you will block case, the longer it will take(if ever at all) and the worst one will become.

Nothing Trump or his associates have to offer is or will be acceptable.


I don't see anything Donald Trump had in his mind for me to see as. I don't like his lawyer option(believed will get things done his way or no way - I can tell you all his was is a NO way here), I don't like room am in(I hate one even that one is three times larger and remodeled) with Belarus KGB Frick, I don't like any idea of this perverted demented now even White House garbage.

I don't like it and will never ever accept any(even what otherwise could have chance, I reject and will reject more and more) of his guided paths as are self destructive.

Donald Trump have done whatever he has done without my consent and will never ever receive from me either consent or pardon. I was clear enough about what I aspect.

Duda thinks he is selling cars here, but he us mistaken and so are others that care like minded.

Fort Bastian Auser maybe(depends on others), and as far as For Trump I personally GUARANTEE YOU

Its that time of the year - CIA for whom you gestured how is trying to overthrow https://edition.cnn.com/ US Government(@Trump - didn't know that Kremlin's KGB boy in the White House whose wife is daughter of UDBA assassin are US Government)  and I both know written here is a plane fact.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Joe Bezos(160 billion USD) and myself

47 years old(hungry, malnutritioned, radiated, unsleep, and all you have seen) bagging for sanity on streets of Polish Lodz after being tortured for 24 years is what Donald Trump created. Is a beast make no mistake about it.

@Macron...pay bills first and then talk about Schengen. Germany violated one way before Poland even become member state, and you haven't even mention one.

Macron was involved in MKultra case since early beginnings of one and seems to have suffer deep amnesia which allowed him to set some memories aside(I met his father, Mr Raphale, Loreal owner and her hairs through his involvement - I should say they met me as I didn't have any option/benefits from them, but they profited big time through my case in which top politicians and buisenes people were involved)...

America will prove its constitution and order as is declaring one to world once Kremlin's Gambino who seats with his princess in White House faces justice as of right now whole world can see a disgrace hovering over US flag.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Lets just wish new elected Ukrainian president best of luck

Doesn't matter to me if he is Jewish. What matters to me is how much Ukrainian spirit is in him. https://www.nytimes.com/

I did wished for Poroshenko, but whatever it is it is...we shall see soon how funny(😁) comedian is or not...Russians tanks and nukes on the other side of occupied Ukraine are waiting and Putin deals traitors a Russian passports(such is the issue my friends - more important than what you are is who you are).

Jarosław Kaczyński: jeśli nadal będziemy tak rządzić, za 20 lat dogonimy Niemcy/ 79/5000 Jaroslaw Kaczynski: if we continue to rule like that, in 20 years we will catch up with Germany

Man is nothing but a pathological liar - plane crash 2010 and everything else about him and his brother(his Belarus wife who was suposedly on plane in which some 100 Polish patriots were killed and of which investigation was delayed for no less than 8 years - 8 years folks !!!) is nothing more than a lie.
PiS(maybe piss)...Polish party like no other....

2 of 2 My tablet became a guided self destructive tool in hands of Russian terrorists

Video can be also seen at https://video.fc2.com/content/2019042662c95x6N or https://youtu.be/qXP3w-2_5Qk or at 

As I have explained, the idea of what you see here is to transfer me to another location as Russians(Kaczynski) had ability to cause all seen already in the past. Instead other methods were used and in crucial time what you see here was brought up(knifing even shoes etc.). I on the other hand have no choice to either publish stuff seen here and visit police station or risk to have even seen deleted.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

MKULTRA - I recognized MKultra scenario from 2015 in advance as well as employee in a Zgierz city hall

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/krm7c1LgCik

Police will forgive me one more day as I must return tomorrow

Needed this stuff online regardless and for what took place yesterday in evening hours, I couldn't complete what I posted online today...unfortunatelly.

What sense does it have to go to police without proofs as are seen now online(partial as main video related to postal office in Grotikih is missing).

Electricity play and also to be used as MKultra proof

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/GM_T7YH7Wk4

Owners of this place are decent(nice poeple) people who had very very little say in it all - nothing really. When politic as high as this gets involved in it, you either listen and do as told or you may become next in line.

1 of 2 Open mail packages in Poland

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/IFLz4JE94s4

And the UN

Where is it when you need one !!????

When you move away from camp to local forest

and they delete you stuff even there, you have to admit is a bit extreme.

If I don't take proofs to police today, I may have nothing left to even report about.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Neo-Nazi linked to group who said Prince Harry was a race traitor for marrying Meghan pleads guilty

Where Poland is heading under Law/Justice party of Kaczynski, is beyond scary not only domestically but also abroad. Hatred now more important than prospery in Poland(jobs are for Germans and hatred for Poles).

From Yahoo news...

Two teenage neo-Nazis, linked to a group that called Prince Harry a "race traitor"  for marrying Mehgan Markle, are facing jail after admitting terror charges.

Warsaw maintains total control of Grotniki area

Family connections go from here straight to Duda/ Morawiecki and others...

And I wouldn't be here today either if this wouldn't be the case.

Polish people in Grotnikih alone love me, but sellouts who pull strings at esential points such as is library etc. have their plans as planned by Kaczynski's mafia.

New SD card arrived after

9 days...from300 km far...you couldn't trace one online cas case should be...mailman took one yesterday for or a ride and was told to bgo wait for him despite my instructions(5 times) to postal office that I will retrieve items personally...

Card was opened 64gb card(class ,10 garbage which couldn't transfer from internal memorymore than 2 files out of 25 - total 1.2 GB) which is a piece of junk. All video recorded and will be posted online if not as well deleted...

Same was in Slovenia, so am asking myself where am I.

It is easier to push delete button, cut with knife, and smash

Than to saw, pay find, wait to receive, repair, and record...

@Kaczynski...you are a mad man(THE WORST accident that happened to Poland) along your Fort Trump and Putin who will never see me on the same side of the table.

This tablet is

Nothing but Bluetooth at service to those who modified entire system to ruin my work. Bypasses software and you don't even know when is on.

Can walk on street with garbage and others can delete files from one as pleased.

Left without laptop, two androids and tablet within 9 months...

Over 150gb data deleted within past two weeks

Battery again depleted today(from 37% to 1%) to nothing within 5 minutes...last delition of pen drive via Bluetooth occurred in the dark in local forest...

No place other than to police which planned it this way on behalf on Warsaw(Mm MKultra scenario) to get me transferred...every package is opened prior to one arriving my hands...all broken is what I get - via Allegro packomat or postal office or via office in building...no money and all broken...inside or outside of camp its all the same.

Time for Lodz to stand up to Warsaw.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Don't ever try to tell me better with your idiotic caughing plan a(whomever that serves) sneezing and so on

This environment became increasingly disturbing by some even beliving to have influence in my work via above mentioned issues.

Let me repeat...if you had, I wouldn't be where I am today and you wouldn't be where you are.

So CHILL out and mind your own whatever.

@violent thugery...Using heavy radiation and night disturbance(play health related commercials concerning cardio arrest problems and cancer) and gesturing me on when to go sleep/how to live my life...

Will not appear at the police station just yet althrough everything is ready

Job must be completed as they could transfer me to Warsaw where I do not want to go(was the same as here - its from where main KGBs/Russian and Belarus as well as few Chechen cookies) followed me to this location and were in fact transferred the same day as I was.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Bluetooth wifi tablet ready for erase delition lockdown at any time

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/__zbWUK2iAE or 

Obviously software was totaly modified for perpetrators to use either tablet's Bluetooth or WiFi to do as pleased whenever. Erase lock function was also triggered whenever you would open any program...there was no need to even reset tablet... As Ame as the case was with blue tooth.

Can you work on tablet like this

Yes, if you are willing to get more pen drives formatted. So far information on 4 pen drives was formatted.

One stop will be police station for me tomorrow.

1 of 2 My tablet became a guided self destructive tool in hands of Russian terrorists

Video can be also send at https://youtu.be/rJfDdlcC9Ss

Attempt to kill tablet via battery hack

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/LsEFBzGAY2g

I have never seen anything like it...related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/04/i-practically-was-without-tablet-past.html

This happened on Saturday

Poland is European Christian country(no doubt about it and it should stay this way), but

As an ambassador to whatever country you serve, normal protocol would be to follow by host state designated hollydays first on what honoring others could possibly follow as well(9 years old child knows it Ms Mosbacher), but must say to both parties that there is no need to push forward in addition to awkwarded(because this is what you created out of one) protocol also inappropriate language concerning both sides(Polish and Jewish - home in Poland and abroad for both) for the sake of German neonazism. Unfortunate is fact that Mr Kaczynski with his self destructive neonazi agenda is not only dividing country by targeting certain population in one(we all know whom), but is with division of one creating also pool of Poles which will increasingly see themselves rather as Germans(I stated self destructive) and no longer Poles.

I practically was without tablet past few days

Two new power banks(together 55.000mah - both open and batteries switched with old used garbage before I even opened packages) don't give as much as 2500mah old power bank...and on Saturday they almost destroyed tablet by crushing battery via hack(I attempted to uninstral certain system programs via superuser/root option, but was denied while they gave themselves such rights) which can totally deplete telephone...it went from 60% charged to 1%(when I quickly turned one off) within less than minute...

Related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/04/attempt-to-kill-tablet-via-battery-hack.html

What my underwear looked like for last 9 months

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/FKRGl30zvJQ

1 of 2 Three pairs of shoes cut with knife and burned by cleaning liquid

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/lzfw-aFDClA or

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/FKRGl30zvJQ or

Sunday, April 21, 2019

MKULTRA Troll didn't survived top secret but I did

More and more proofs are pilling up atop of mountain of undeniable proofs in respect to MKultra case to which I was subjected for no less than 24 years.
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/ii-Y9epC4-c or or

Milos Zemans limousine still arround

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/K4BGsPFPq68

Burning the witch for this hollydays in Poland to award Donald Trump and his team

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/Ly7QGBarJgw or 

Since I started interesting subject this morning....

In respect to American racism mentioned in video

Related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/04/strange-stuff-starts-to-grow-on-my-leg.html

It was foremost Swedes(SCANDINAVIANS who incited them in one) and have even conditioned presence of Jewish DNA in Poland with investments(that Polish DNA in this part if Poland is non European and as such doesn't fit into Poland).

Something that Kaczynski swallowed up and begun to even contemplate on how to get read off.

Scandinavians which along with Germans started this bounty game(they placed cash prize on my MKultra case and handed me to eastern European leaders by brainwashing them on money issues through to me after I assisted them with greatest economic and beyond deals), also gestured on how there will be nothing with investments in Poland till my case is completed - they gestured to me on how it is beneficial for me such stand(it would save my life and not kill me even that myself was listed by them on a death list) as all the money would go through to me who would support their great neonazi cause.

There was no real investments in Poland till just recent(some medical firm was told in2015 will move in here and losos farm, but nothing big).

But there were on the other hand heavy investments and money loundry for the sake of stated above right here(Russia) https://www.aljazeera.com/
where about 40% of young people https://www.dw.com/ would love to run from very today

New German problem is much more than just problem / it is a real threat to our lives/existence.

In no way would I swollow racist MKultra brainwash into reality after seeing with my real eyes what I have seen in Poland(these are very beautiful women/people here and what makes whole thing beautiful is Polish diversity)...Germans played filthy from very beginning and have believed their diareah will increasingly become part of my new normal. Not so. Germany I know off = death(more and more nothing more than necessary by technological evill -  POLAND MUST BE COMPENSATED AND FOR WARSAW AS WELL AS FOR STATED HERE AS YOU HAVE DONE IN THIS PART IF THE COUNTRY NOTHING BUT EVILL).

Strange stuff starts to grow on my leg just as I was told it would under MKultra

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/T0t3MjuG8Xs or or

Related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/04/in-respect-to-american-racism-mentioned.html

Its called child out of wedlock and Mr. Trump has one as well in Colorado.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Radiation goes on here

Regular two hours after going in bed(0100am is standard) and then again at 0600....its a standard that goes on for months.

My Belarusik roomate was buisy with snapping doors all night long again as he knew I would go again to Zgierz to complete task...

I was collecting information about MKultra from store to store throughout entire Zgierz I promised I would do

Despite Russian cluster in 2017, I am pleased to say that case has more than enough background to be recognized as factual and not product of imagination. Some people gestured heavy presence of Americans in Zgierz(2005/2006) and have also given me signals of recognizing me what case is with whole Zgierz...Russians made bad favor to themselves only in this case as not even psychopathic Belarus instigators(both involved in MKultra and both used as roomates - both agressive - one physicalky attacked/boith verbally and present one ended cutting me with knife two pairs of snickers) who had few Chechens engage in beyond crimiminal behavior(terrorism) could do anything about it...yes my friends(2.5 hours walk away from city), poisoning, radiation, sleep deprivation, starvation, humilkiation, and total destruction of property(deletion of data etc)...physical and verbal attacks :)))) and through it all, I did it all !!!!

Will go Monday to office and ask them about total three pairs of snickers which were cut with knife as I will have nothing to even wear very soon...psychopaths.

Feel very good tonight because I completed the task entirely without getting my hands dirty with filth. Far from being exhausted in any way...I am charged well and will start with job search on Monday.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

In Poland, everything on sale

First who offered via MKultra life in prosperity were Scandinavians and Germans(1995/1996)...Putin(pigeon on chessboard) broke pact and have insisted on Russia till he handed case to Israelis who placed themselves in the middle by insisting it would be Israel my future homeland...then Kaczynski came on picture and I finally got my pay 23/24 years latter which is known as Fort Trump.

With a love like that

Replace "glad" with "dead" and you will get how I feel about it...You know walking down the Zgierz the other day, I have seen so many beautiful moms...some with children and others pregnant...watching this beautiful angels spurred in my head frequent(lately) question...is it possible that man can just give birth child by empregnating woman...is that all that it takes(is it really so easy to produce something so beautiful)...could I even produce child...

You have no fucking idea what you have done in this case do you...not a slightest one.
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
You think you've lost your love
Well, I saw her yesterday-yi-yay
It's you she's thinking of
And she told me what to say-yi-yay
She says she loves you

Fort Trump will give birth to

Fort Satan(you can void that country's name you used to have in the past as whole world including Americans can see what you do and have done).

Great idea Kaczynski(Duda/Morawiecki).

Birth of Fort Satan; however, will not see me

World must understand what you represented and whom you stand for.

In that case, Warsaw will celebrate Adolf Hitler without me

If Fort Trump at my expense(they lie to you as whole thing could be done without what you see here) can compensate for neonazi membership in all new Poland, so be it - but without me.


Wish you all a lots of fun. I will continue with genocide claim against your great friend(not even Hitler did stuff that was done to me in Poland) and your country as whole. Probably not in Poland, but it really doesnt matter where either. We both dont fit with Trump into same country/not or even world(Warsaw worked hard to defeat itsef and in the end won).

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

They talked something about injecting into

Bone area...besideccancer theory they suggested it would be same injury as vitamin deficiency or injury which would grow into bone deformation...

Fact is that they never gave exact diagnosis of what they created, but have instead highly gestured all types of possible scenarios to irrate and make one state things that would self discredit him...

Atvthge same time no right to physicians/examinations is ever offered and those are instead used for terror related to psychiatry...I am still half blind as we speak...

Off course this is insane...but who is insane here !!!????? Who created and is doing all this !!????

Donald Trump also dreamed about causing me bone cancer under MKultra which I possibly even have now

Have brought me to American physicians who conducted tests on me for whatever reason...his explanation was, " we found out they will cause you bone cancer which will be first evident on knee"...

From Polish(if from Polish and not Russian on the first place + beast Kaczynsk is worse than any Kremlin lunatic, so you don't need Russian side in this case) side they gestured I cite " it will make them really nervous but will only be a test"....

If you see my knee today which seems is bone deformation, sure you would all get nervous about it too...it became deformed like this already 4 months ago, but I first ignored one totally as I thought it would go away and once in this room which is bright, knee deformation became very very evident...this is not a poker game guys...its real. Will release video

I worked hard and got to the point for which I was told by UN people who watched ordeal that one will be stopped as no longer made any sense

More stores identified...I did enough to close deal and according to words of some officials from UN who watched ordeal, its where whole thing ends....Russians ruined in 2017 whole MKultra by creating unprecedented net of lies(total cluster supported by electroshocks and so on).

Despite here stated, I did very very well...very very well is when you demonstrate certainty(drive) throughout the case despite cluster and manage to hit certain details with precission as I did.

Donald Trump violated Poles as well as myself. Russians didn't do dirty stuff as they gestured to possibly protect him and his yelling(what I was told he did on Poles in Zgierz once he learned about Russian interference in 2017 as Russians were allowed to brainwash inside of stores where owners tried to help me along Americans) was a lie translated to me via various channels...Donald Trump was and is in bed with Russians....brainwash vwas used to yet again split me - push me from Poland...fact is that Donald Trump had American Russians guiding me under Mm Kultra to Russia and Belarus...fact is that you have Americans which stayed in Belaruys and Russia today...fact is that when in Belarus during 2017, Americans were used from Donald Trump team to engage in malicious wrongdoings so I would turn as much as possible against US...fact is that some Poles paid dearly for supporting me under MKultra...fact is that Trump drwamede and more about getting me one way or another from Poland because he feared world would found out who he is(if I do listen his advice's, I be out of here already 3 months ago....I cite '"if you see nothing happens and MR Kaczynski can do this and that to you blah blah")....videos are coming as there is plenty material and I truly hope for UN assistance...

Donald Trump = deeply in bed with Kremlin...and I can't judge nation according to his filthy lies....how can you judge anyone if you take away from him or her the right to judgment !!???? What were they supposed to do...on one side You(Russian agent) Trump and on other Russia...do what/ pitch what !!??? Pathological liar...a low life friminal for whom I hope will be seated on electric chair. Traitor to US and world.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Historical MKultra clothing on sale

If willing to purchase via Ebay/Amazon, we can make an arraingement to do so(contact me via email and I will offer item on ebay for sale)...if considering paypal transaction, buyer covers conversion fees...items will be sold in a state as they are(about same for both items) without any warranties. Personal pickup and prior inspection are welcome. Items will stay on sale for about month on what they will be destroyed if not sold. Thank you for considering much more than purchase.

It is authentic and each is on sale for less than 10% of the price(€300.000) for recently sold tuna in Japan...

Handpicked by Borut Pahor(student favorite of Pahor), Slovenian Stasi/KGB/UDBA assassin Marjan Šarec not happy with European Commission - I cite Šarec, "We need a Commission that obeys rule of law"

Goes same as for Orban - you no longer are needed.
@Marjan Šarec...As far as Brexit only that it is you who ran entire European Union insane with your non human Nazi KGB Stasi policies(just look what you have done out of my life since you mentioned European commission), so it was time for British to reconsider the whole thing...you either stay in club which became over time KGB stall or you move out of one to preserve sanity. 

Slovenian ministry replied to the Hungarians by saying that "[we] strictly respect the freedom of speech and freedom of the press and would never interfere in any of the media's editorial policy,"

@Orban...now you got what you were asking for😁😂😂
Slovenia(Kaliningrad#2) and freedom of the speech are two different things as seen from example of my own, but some get it only after they taste reality on own skin(example of my own didn't bother Orban in 2017 even a bit). What goes arround comes arround. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

RELATED TO DESTRUCTION OF MY DATA AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: Slovenia(KALININGRAD#2) sends terror letter related to what went on(destruction of data from pendrives as well as lock/erase button guided by bluetooth/wifi on tablet)

ILetter delivered on Friday April 12th, 2019(in the middle of the above stated terror) states that individual who sold me computer as renewed didn't violate any laws.

After destroying me two computers in Slovenia, it was time for me topurchase third one for 400 Euros...computer was planted as renewd by Slovenian state via seller who lied(all audio recorded and avail. on video) about product - Lenovo even explained that computer was already year old and had nothing to do with program known as renew, Slovenian police to whom I have made report have required computer as a proof on what one have confiscated one from me by sending me instead again psychitrists at home(kept one for month two at police station - never nothing happened, but this is the same situation as was with money for car parts ordered from Germany) and forced me with such action to run from country yet again. Insane...yeah beyond insane and related to my situation when I should report crime to police station(submit them tablet as proof am sure). Two other androids destroyed as you know and so on...

MKULTRA - RECOGNIZED LIFE STORY OF MAN IN THE MIDDLE OF NEAR FOREST DEBAK WARSZAW(one of the first MKultra proofs which must stay visible - was uploaded today to multiple sites).

In case you have forgotten, I have even recognized pensioner's life story from USSR times(not only him). I never ever was suposedly in Europe between 1005 and till mid 2006...I never ever was in Poland till 2018 when I applied for political asylum other than for a half day truck ride to Warsaw in 2007 via Krka farmaceutical...

Knowing cities and random people in Poland was not and is not a coincidence.

Video was previously uploaded to only one Japanese site due to internet issues, however, one deserves very serious attention.

You be running on foot between cities as I do and expose your sanity(audio recordings that you somehow manage to obtain) at will of the Russian terrorists at your home

you do have issues to deal with too. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/04/just-to-make-myself-clear.html

Nope, you didn't go too far because those who didn't go anywhere in life(have tries ZERO POINT NOTHING) know not what/where too far is.

Just to make myself clear

Immigration Center
Two pen drives wipped out(ZERO INFORMATION RECOVERED). = only essential life saving 25gb files

Other two pendrives loaded and locked by antivirus in library as soon as I returtned from one with virises at local print shop(32 gb locked and possibly destroyed).

Grotniki Library Hard drive partition(about 50/60gb size of data) disapperead from one TB external hard drive when visiting library in Grotnikih as well.

And android can be locked and data erased from one at any time.

Thats all.

Russian father who escaped Sweden with daughters allowed to stay in Poland(title changed from misleading "Father who escaped Sweden with daughters allowed to stay in Poland")

His case resembles in a bit on mine as one was subjected to Muslim environment in foreign country where he lived...he also declined for whatever reason to return to Russia once in Poland...but then again "whatever" as we know close to nothing(is he a journalist/involved in politics etc. all remain open) who/why and only what case shouldn't be on the first place.
Don't know anything about who father was when in Sweden(was he a spy or just a Russian individual against whom racism took place), but know for 100% that news as seen here doesn't contribute nor to Sweden not to me or those of us who would like to live in normal world as human beings(for me this is a real problem as it doesnt reflect my values - I am determined to destroy Kremlin's terrorism with facts and not destroy myself with by racism as Kremlin and some others have anticipated heavily when pushing me into discriminatory environment in the middle of the Poland - will not allow for RACISM TO BE USED TO DESTROY MY WORK in another words as seems is the case with this very Russian Swedish Polish case)

Video - American couple did managed to leave me mark of their presence in Grotnikih

MKULTRA - ★In Zgierz minimarket, I recognized family which was in our house in Slovenia

Video can be also sen at https://video.fc2.com/content/201904154m7a6XKb or https://youtu.be/Wu9tgpN796E  or https://dai.ly/x8kbx2m

Big thank you to beautiful family.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Two USB pen drives formatted(you plug one in tablet and bingo) and tablet is even blocked from using USB

All documented(I have video recorded whole thing) and will be submitted to police as early as tomorrow.

Tablet is WiFi as well as Bluetooth controlled and as such can't be used.

I have nothing to use in another words.

Someone told me today on my everything is possible that

That everything is not possible...

Everything is possible....it is possible with God(taken from state of Ohio's motto).

And the only thing that is impossible(if I answer her question) is to become one.

This is part that some who accumulated wealth and begun to act as one(act as God) before total failiure somehow just didn't understand.

Shopping center was also done with exactly ZERO mistakes and we are talking about some

20 + stores or so...

Within all stores opened in 2017(I did get others opened earlier with okay timing, but 2017 when brought from Belarus was issue) where Russians brought me to confuse them with 2015, I have not fail to recognize single one !!!

The only one I didn't recognize was store that opened few months ago and that according to MKultra standards is 100% correct legitimate answer(again SUPERIOR answer) - irrefutable proof All audio recorded.

My little Zgierzans were a but nervous as I walked back and forth and have confused dates also because of Milla store which was also built in vicinity(just perhaps 5 min walk away) much earlier and because Germans planted before Mila major Polish store inside of this store....

So calm down my people 😂😂😂 its all good

I🐰 💟Polska

On this news(written few minutes on latter) my Belarussin Jurij(involved inMKultra brainwash along with his Belarus KGB camrade on first floor) became very nervous...as he would lost his mind.

I cite Valerio now in center as a refugee in 2017 when brought from Belarus...make sure you tell him this and that on what American told him "only if I am allowed tovtel him also this and that"...

@Angela Merkel and her team

What you insisted on( it turned into along with Kremlin in latent stages as Kremlin was more than willing to betray and kill for the sake of money while you wanted money to become tool known as "devide and conquer") case would be under MKultra as " you will get paid based on your memory about one, will be turned through reality into paid based on whatever was deleted from my memory via electroshics and heavy Russian MKultra brainwash which was used specially in 2017 and for what I have proofs as well(documentary about shopping center us coming where I recognized all stories except the biggest German Mills store and small store which was opened few months ago and which one will be used as ultimate fact about above stated).

No one has doubt wheather MKultra was or not as too many proofs about one was already submitted(my memory despite everything very very good preserved - my self confidence powerful enough) it is time to eat her determine what have RUSSIAN TRAITORS used for the sake of German money to save one from liabilities.

It was in Belarus when brought back that Belarus UN lawyer asked that I am not treaitir and would not betray Russian people...I never felt betraying anyone , and it never ever crossed my mind I would do such thing in a country which part I wanted to become in 2017....so question melted in my head for quite some time ...now I understand the answer to one. Whohoho brainwash of millenium.

Who Elon Musk really is

Will create video on this subject, but here are few facts...

Car technology supplied to Elon Musk is entirely GERMAN technology. Technology is given to him by German companies on behalf of German politic whose idea is to create super trolls and all sorts of other controlling mechanisms(politicians and so on) rather than just selling products to the world.

Second about who man truly is...

In the room where I am at present, Elon Musk have personally chosen flooring to install(this is not permanent type of flooring and room was remodeled yet again just prior to family departure) and on how to rearange one so one would look more positive(walls painted white, windows etc). Musk was part of Trump's team in Poland on all other locations where politicians and buisenes people used to meet...long before he even became what he became he bagged me on his knees give him a high as possible rating(when it all started and for many years down the road, Mr. Trump was actually a very nice man and staff members were rated, but the more deals were done and the less he needed me the he liked me as well - eventually time came when was best to get read of me) as a MKultra staff member, so he won't have to go through what others were subjected to(similar but not anywhere even near as they had plenty money) treatments as was mine.

Before I will be out of the picture


Every Russian( and Pole and Ukrainian and Czech etc.) will know what exactly you mean as "Russia"(Putin and his family will either run to Germany or face justice in Russia).

What she means as " Russia" is today about 10% of the Russian population the most.. on a long term, it is zero of Russian population as ultimate German goal is to exterminate Russians via social engineering. Key top figure which will represent foreign interests is replaced first, that figure replaces whomever he deems will be unsuitable to represent interests of few(interests of those who placed him in chair to represent foreign interests - in this case Aryan interests), and those continue to replace others bellow them via social engineering(you and your families search for job or even obtain forms of cancer etc. they have created in good old USA one million and one way to discourage you from life unless they can use you for their own interests - you are either controlled or destroyed and most likely destroyed as most of us are not needed on long picture - in final one destroyed 100%). TOP JOBS FOR 100% RUSSIAN WHITES ONLY WHATEVER THAT MEANS FOR IDIOTS WHICH WERE LUSTED FOR EXTERMINATION JUST 70+ YEARS AGO(over 27 millions Ruskies were sloughtered and ad to that another 13 million Ukrainians, Poles, Slovenes etc.)...

Vladimir Putin is a traitor to Slavs as well as to Russia...nothing is over yet !!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Opened already prior to delivery new power banks now seems to operate

Video can be also seen at or

Both units same situation as if only one battery would operate in each power bank till the day before yesterday. Same symptoms for both power banks which off course were opened prior to my even opening packages.

Open modify prior to delivery to have person state condition of item and then again open modify to possibly make person look stupid in front of authorities not new...they tried this system along the Slovenian police(not same as Polish police and most important must not be allowed to become the same) already in Slovenia.

Still interested very much in psychologist mom

Yes her child is half Russian, but

One wouldn't be if it wasn't for me(Remember this Poland because it did happened right here before your eyes that she found herself cry a lot)...they had me in Belarus with her and her husband and we were in Russia, but that's okay too because all I care is that she is doing okay today.

Remember to judge person when person is given equal opportunity and not when compelled to trade what should have been her life with views of few privileged.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Poland is number one priority for me

If you don't somehow understand written here or are on different wavelength, just turn arround.

If you were part of this MKultra operation and you would like to get compensated, you will desplay same respect toward me as is given to you from my side(unpleasant MKultrpast doesn't bother me unless one is used to support Moscow today - you can even buy your way out of stated here by submitting video/audio etc. or by giving solid confession of one as Moscow conditioned participants with work which those would have to perform for one, but do not count on how you can use MKultra brainwash and semi useless info to play with trust issues here while disrespecting all of the above) and by actually giving something(MKultra blah blah does little for me - I care about today, now, and not what could be - do not expect I will tolerate lies, so you can freely perform against me your game till you are gone as some anticipated greatly case would be).

I am happy to be here and grateful to Polish moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas, and their kids/grandkids for help, truth, beautiful smiles, and all in between. Plan to keep it that way too.

video - IT EXPERT SAYS TABLET MODIFIED AND I TRACE MODIFICATION TO BE FOR PURPOSE OF PUSH ON THE LOCK ERASE DEVICE BUTTON(also to be used as very decent MKultra proof as I recognized store and worker)

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/CB5pTKD2X54 or https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm34974164 or

This was done as well by individual across the hallway(Warsaw already had him with his family as well as few others disappear weeks ago) and "roomate " Hassan who assisted one.

Store well recognized as well as employee = both all the way to 2010. 

Original audio recording for police records


Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/3aO1cp4D2NE or https://video.fc2.com/content/20190412HxCgpED7 or

I recommend one only if you speak Polish as is only used o prove legitimacy of Trip in Lodz


Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/G5ybo3-m8wI or or

I recommend one only if you speak Polish as is only used o prove legitimacy of Trip in Lodz

Thursday, April 11, 2019

"Very limited" technology yes - very limited and used to deceive

Real people...real case, real scientists, and real investors. Will explain in details.

Poland is okay...

Just not around fricks and their pricks(owners).

I sure want technological investors in Poland and am here to embrace technology despite pricks(global and domestic liars/deceivers who did nothing but pulled few dirty tricks with their very limited technology along the nasty radiation and sleep deprivation procedures) and their fricks involved in my case, but that I would misuse one against people, doesn't even crosses my mind.

Video coming about Polish God and his frick whom he sent along KGB to assist me

Poland commited in this case atrocities which WAYYYYY superceede those of Adolf Hitler.

The only way out for one would be for me to accept what I am about present in video.

Fact is that I can(you should too) only accept stuff that benefits me and is obviously the unavoidable(technology is the future and one is part of us - believe me I understand this issue more than Elon Musk), but under no circumstances a work of conman who attempted via violence and with his frick to deceive on past in Poland(basically what case was/is all about, created jam rather than solutions with his very limited technology, and have misrepresented whole thing to the world with lies). Related to https://youtu.be/fIY16K2UmEI Well, you must be GOD then Musk...not mine, but sure of some ;)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

More likely Hitler #2 - not communist as he depicts himself as

Communists worldwide should look closely into this Russian spook and Russian communism as there is nothing communist about the two. He is using even Nazi language when referring to Ukrainian military(calls them bandits just as Germans used to call partisans in WW2).

117 days of see nothing hear nothing in US Congress - don't even mention me White House

I don't find words for what I see under case of Mr. Sensov https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2018/09/07/with-oleg-sentsovs-hunger-strike-history-repeats-a62811

Hijacking of journalists and their torture in front of international society - a new normal. Freedom for sale, and not United Nations.

Lifeline of the Poland, teachers with university degrees earn minimum wage here only

There is nothing without education...no physicians, no police officers, and no physicists and all in between...this fine men and women; however, are subjected to humiliation via minimum pay regardless of their stage(doesn't almost matter how long they serve to public, they all are binded/doomed close to minimum wage for life time) in the system https://www.politico.eu/article/teacher-strikes-causes-problems-for-polands-solidarity-labor-union/

What top Jews responsible for the state of the Israel think

about me/you can be seen in this case very clearly. Holodomor was just sport for them. They recognized own ordeals only and demand me/you to recognize them, but not those caused to others by others or by Jews alone.

Main international genocide CENZORSHIP tool in thus case seems will remain PM of Israel

Real owner of Facebook, blogger, google, youtube will seems like remain pm of Israel https://news.yahoo.com/benny-gantz-benjamin-netanyahu-both-192106122.html

I don't know about you, but my stomach on news like this turns around when word Israel is used only...the filthiest country in the world.

No appologee and no accountability for crime...


It was HOLODOMOR/RODOMOR - EXTERMINATION via forced unemployment along which MKultra was played  to depict me as insane via constant psychiatric terror and torture.

This is also what I charge Donald Trump and Moscow/Belgrade/Ljubljana with.

With ladies at what used to be +(Plus right next to Empic) store in shopping mall

mall security will have to deal with via security issues as lady I have seen last time in store might have not been the same as when there in 2018. They used variety of females here and I would like to identify the right(exact) people. Wouldn't want question to stay open for anyone.

This is the question I still need to answer.

9 of 20 MKultra in Poland

Lidl store in Lublin was the one and not in Lodz - used on way back to Belarus. Russians alone admitted MKultra crime as final act if I would ever mange to get to one.

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/6eoRp48BVYI 

8 of 9 MKultra in Poland(Zgierz , Lodz)

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/BltgGUvcRzU or https://dai.ly/x8kd28k

Monday, April 8, 2019

Jean-Yves-Bouchardy was the one who took my case against me on behalf of Moscow from Mr Martinetti - he is UNHCR-representative-in-Belarus

He met me in Vitebsk's immigration center in 2017 without any shame. And there were others as well whom I can point out.


Mr. UN lawyer in Vitebsk can give all names involved in my case as he was involved from day A in this case. Easy to say, impossible to obtain as Belarus is as isolated from civilusation as North Korea is.


Mr. Alexandre MARTINETTI who was involved in MKultra case since 1999 and perhaps even earlier have one day in 2093 randomly bumped into young student eager to learn French(this happened in store in Minsk near University in which vicinity Mr. Martinetti resided).

Pleased with his French skills and need for assistance in case, Mr. Jurij soon became persecuted individual who found his way to Grotniki, Poland(2004 and on).

United nations provided Jurij with some extra help last week as few French speaking individuals from Africa arrived - all involved in MKultra in late stage. 

Here through/via whom Mr. Jurij from Belarus(present roomate) got involved in this very case

Related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2019/04/how.html


Ambassade de France en Arménie

13, rue Louveau

92438 Châtillon Cedex

Tél. : +374-94-54-11-97

Courriel : secretaire_general@ufar.am


1998 –

Maîtrise de russe

(Mention AB) Université d’Aix-Marseille 1

1996 –


(Anglais/Russe) Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis


Depuis octobre 2008 : Assistant technique du Minist

ère des Affaires Étrangères et Européennes,

Secrétaire Général de l’Université Française en Ar

ménie (www.ufar.am), Service de coopération et

I encourage UN officials to send me bills(charge for personal services to actually see this complain)

Which I will pay as soon as settlement is reached and that's that.  Not being sarcastic here as they dragged on future paylist entire team of starved KGB criminals involved in case against me.

Just visit me with bill, and I will sign you contract. Not kidding...

24 years lost on torture is nothing and crime pays well is today's UN's message to the world.

Not only every psychiatrist/psychologist or law enforcement official will tell you that

Based on my testimony(as weird as one may sound due to caliber if politicians involved in one) one is 100% factual, but not even a single proof exists that would suggest the opposite.

Age 47 with almost 24 years of life ruined due to MKultra, and organizations such as UN(Amnesty) that are super closely watching seen here are still observing whole thing only....regratable. If so much eager to ignore situation much worse than cancer, we the people should in that case simply void concern for human life...because this is where whole thing is heading.

7 of 20 MKultra in Poland

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/hyzC_Eg71mw or 

6 of 20 MKultra in Poland

Video can be seen also at https://youtu.be/S9IZUd-Z-vQ

I feel just great this morning

Got a good night rest and am ready to complete whole thing.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Super maga neonazi garbage from Norway gestures Europeans to give in their right to existence to Kremlin's death

This despicable Norwegian human disgrace who alone was involved with other Euro treaitors in my case alone desplays total disconcern(scorn) for situation across the entire eastern Europe as well as Russia alone https://www.ft.com/content/8158d52a-5496-11e9-91f9-b6515a54c5b1

His name Thorbjorn Jagland - Secretary-General of the Council of Europe who feels have the right to spit on our lives and do with us along with Putin as pleased. EVERY UKRAINIAN/POLE, BALTIC CITIZEN AND SO ON SHOULD KNOW NAME IF THUS NORWEGIAN NEONAZI TERRORIST.

Thorbjorn Jagland didn't mean "Russia" as main title suggests, but instead Putan Putanowich - NAZISM !!! BRING FASCISM BACK AGAIN!!!!


You were sold bye your Kremlin's owners who have traded tears of your ancestors from WW2 for what you have seen in previous news.

Heil Putin is in fact new Heil Hitler !!! You are becoming nation without homeland as I have predicted case would become more and more via social engineering.

Just as French LePen's party(and Italian Lega Nord), German neonazi AFD is financed by Russians

I have well pointed out who Putan Putanowich is a and where whole situation is taking multycultural Russian nation alone https://thepublicsradio.org/article/russia-puppet-rumors-dubious-donors-plague-german-far-right


If I were Ukrainian voter

I do cast vote for Poroshenko...I like latest development in Ukraine where strong stand was being taken to preserve(prevent continuation of certain nations' death which beginnings go to Stalin's era) national souverenity.

Trump whom Poroshenko glorified on several occasions, however, is NOT deserved for Ukrainian well being - is deserved instead for fall of Crimea as well as Eastern part of Ukraine and even effort to place Baltic states on trade table with Russia for the sake of NWO.

Trump(a sellout) = enemy !!! Not friend !

Made about 3/4 hours video about MKultra in Lodz

Need to burn one into film and post one to internet which however will not happen today😴😄😴😊
Then barage of other irrefutable proofs will follow...

Friday, April 5, 2019

MKultra I point out ex apartment location of attorney whom I have identified in distanced Zgierz library

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/s0GikevCqNs or https://dai.ly/x8kd2ad

Russians have utilised under MKultra even issues such as "you will have to help me out move to new location" and "but don't you remember I moved to new location what is wrong with you you will never make it" and so on....variety of lies that involved wide spectrum of human immotions was used under brainwash to confuse on location.

FIRST REAL POLICE ASSISTANCE IN POLAND - Stalking report was not against me, but instead for my sake on behalf of Zgierz police departament.

Video can be also seen at  or 

Part 1 https://youtu.be/Bar85Qhlvbg
Part 2 https://youtu.be/CauiyQ-gzp0
Part 3 https://youtu.be/lbUmMOfVqnw


Why internet/library etc. problems at this point

Not only did internet had problems(is still super slow), but browsers(would ongoingly be crashed) and files as well. Idea is to transfer me out of Lodz area. Guess why...have numerous audio recordings related to MKultra ready to release - I am capable to pinpoint entire picture about Zgierz/Lodz, but will most likely disappear from here...

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Library in Grotnikih will be closed entire week(already was and I see sign was posted today same for the rest of the week).

Obtained my first OTG/USB cable that actually works

My items were destroyed by roommate and his associates so violently and frequently that I didn't even dare to think about buying another cheaper option...first multiple OTG cable was destroyed even prior to first use(have never used one and one being destroyed even prior to first use in life time left me with impression that one will not work even if I buy another one).

OTG/USB cable is a wonderful thing. I can now work even here in center assuming that internet would be available(they did worked on "repair" yesterday - internet didn't work because of electricity issue is what I was told, but am sceptical about truth).

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Internet hip hup hop :))))

Library was closed in Grotnikih today, video file size 12 gb somehow stopped from working seconds away yesterday in Zgierz library....I am asked ongoingly how much longer as I indicated job would be done within week last week, but with stuff like this work can take years. Every effort to get things done is deprivation of much needed sleep and disdain for will/sanity...whatever.

Troubled "Interprenour"(has biggest lawsuit hovering above his head) Elon Musk makes with his gorilla a song about issues that evolved around his entire life

2 Days ago - South African child of failed apartheid system makes his best ever(according to his own words, and I agree as one truly depicts his real inner in.

Well, let's just wish Tesla(that name is stollen too) owner to make lots lots of money for the sake of future litigation costs, so space exploration can continue also on eart(Trump troll entertainer created to cloud real matters that are happening)...

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Belarus's criminal(roomate Jurij) doesn't allow sleep

Must be at the police station distanced two and half hours away of walk at 830am, so sleep tonight not allowed. They target cardio arrest since this ordeal begun in 2018 - banging with doors on hallway was also present up to now 0130am. Terrorism goes on.

Monday, April 1, 2019

I am sure they will come with more problems

And I will continue to come with more solutions till international institution finally steps on their miserable tail. Warsaw is mad and there is no doubt on my mind about stated here.

5 of 5 MKultra in Poland



You will also have to try harder as I decided to stay right here.

4 of 5 MKultra in Poland

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/_jQmEBMa4Yw  or https://video.fc2.com/content/20190402SSLhM0Tt  or   

I continue to bombard with MKultra proofs 

Pan Kaczynski with his lapdogs Morawiecki/Duda fells of tires at this point because there is more to Poland than fifth column's pro Kremlin garbage.


Belarus Jurij is a KGB parasite who dreamed about staging future events already under MKultra(remember his appetites very well)...he didn't save your life. He staged incident to gain your trust in your case and with friends like this, you don't need enemies.

@police - You will be asked following questions

Why have you not investigated my case

Why have you not ensured I had a safe place to stay

If you will fail to answer any of above questions, I will ask you to hand me either passport or accept whatever issues you have in your head in respect to stalking on what passport option will be exercised. 

One way or the other, you are most likely finished(in 99% I guarantee you that you have no excuse which will be acceptable from my side).



There will be a trial tomorrow. Not against me, but against Polish police and against Polish state as whole

Yesterday, Belarus terrorist who is still with me in the same room stroke for the last time by deleting me(video wouldn't even save during recording) during my work most important part of video documentary where I submit audio recorded proofs about MKultra in Poland. In fact, deleted videos concern portion of work where I point out with recorded proofs about what political asylum in Belarus during 2017 was used for. 

Internet is 200/300kb per second for the past week(if you would want to upload, but fast at 2/3 mb/s if want to download)...