Wednesday, September 30, 2020

卐 卍Kingdom of Buckingham palace卐 卍 places sanctions on Belarus Lukashenko not Putin + @Ukraine - "if you will keep silent and be good and if I win(says Joe) in US elections, you will get self defense weapons"

I was the first who revealed(POINTED OUT) that Donald Tusk and Andrzej Duda(Kaczynski and his students Morawiecki) are enemies on paper only

 They all together run AmeroGerman Berlin politic

99% Pollacks and Czechs wanted to help - but 1% hosted or found its way on picture someway somehow

Great people that can't be hold liable for 1% hired on behalf of few foreign Trumpets and domestic politicians. Disgrace that they agreed to demands/conditions of their politicians to the point they wouldn't' allow me to even leave on fenced properties three bags of personal belongings and I was instead forced to burry them(hide them) and drive with them in a vehicle already small in size, but still people who invested in helping me out during MK Ultra to recall helpful events in the future.

I want to thank again to Roma people on both sides of border of which some(involved in MK Ultra) opposite from Andrej Babish even wanted to buy me bus tickets !!! 

Just as if you would have - thank you for being normal human beings.

Polish psychologist Justyna for whom governments in multiple countries provided doppelgangers just an angel - I know so for 100%

 Know so because she became unlikely upset with Mike Tyson who participated in MK Ultra and around whom I only wanted to hang around. Unlikely because she has great connections based on real friendships within American minority circles and Mike is just that...the problem was Mike's language which I begun to use heavily myself(profanities). Its when she lost it(begun to protest) for the first time publicly. So I know she truly cared for me.

Police department Andrej Babish used to cause destruction and theft of property was involved in this case since early beginnings in Ostrava - goes back to 1996

 I know personal details of police officers and police station is located in area where heavy MK Ultra took place - Czech residents from apartment buildings next door to police station businesses were involved in MK Ultra off and on.

Czech police vandalized car in Ostrava but it was on Andrej Babish request

Video can be also seen at
Andrej Babish Czech prime minster used police to vandalize rob my car and his psychological methods were indifferent from those seen at Polish landlords and employers who also claimed were destroying my property using directed energy weapons for my sake and would help me only if I would keep mouths shut.

You will hear me bitch about Hollywood on videos coming from Czech republic - NOPE - OSTRAVICA LOCATION TEACHED ME THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WAS BRAINWASHED ABOUT ONE IN CZECH REP. AND IN POLAND


Have recorded video about here stated when in Ostrava where metal wire is still in the water

 They had me in shallow water(river Ostravica dam where car was broken) and played with electric current via metal wire which runs straight into water. This wire, I remember, is there already for many years...verbal threats on drowning which ranged from Krka river in Novo mesto, Slovenia, lakes on the border between Czech republic and Poland ended with real electric currents(low voltage, but still powerful enough to feel them in shallow waters before dam and understand points/lessons given to me on how I will be drown if I will swim

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Message from Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to me to you - to all of us and foremost to himself

Conversation was done with hahaha tunes loones infront of me(I often times faced complete lunacy attitude in the face - most of the time) when drugged up:

Whoever(appeared to be American) asked Babiš, "do you believe in Christ" ?

I cite Mr. Babiš, "no, but I believe in Bobby"

Whoever asked further Babiš, "why in Bobby and not in Christ" ?

Babiš, "because Bobby will redeem my sins and let me get away with it".

His plan according to Babiš and few other "heroes"(smartheads) was to simply sign up neonazi pact with Hungarians, Germans, London, and others through which they collected money at large - industry was brought to Poland/Czech rep. and then via mountains of crime which BOTH sides organized(they played war through to me as both sides hated me to death - couldn't see each other eye to eye, but have seen each other as partners in crime against me - this is what united both sides as common bond + corruption and investments) across eastern Europe to catch themselves into trap through which they would awkward admit crime against me that is as long as I would counter nazis agenda....

This is individual(Andrej Babiš) who organized attack on me in Czech republic and was also here in Slovenia - in our house/in Novo mesto

This whackjob was involved in my abduction along with US Government and other eastern European politicians since 1995 and got financial credit from European Union once for exactly if I properly recall 400 million Euros/Dollars(subvention/credit whatever via this very case - year most likely was 2002 or so). This maniac claimed me would just let local police in Ostrava(this very police department in Ostrava had total support from head police in Ostrava just as the case was with police in Poland) to do as they promised me would do if I would dare come to Czech republic. 

Clearly that BOTH political parties knew about Trump's tax returns - we are talking about years of non reported under reported tax returns to which no ordinary US citizen ever was excused from IRS

 This is politic fake as the causes they are supposed to be pursuing. US POLITIC NO MORE ON THIS SITE. This is a stunt saw nothing, heard nothing, knew/know remember nothing. A lie scam  kill a lot politic.

Monday, September 28, 2020

US politic nooo more

 This is a soap opera...a scam a lie used to avoid what I was awarded with as Slovenian Slav in USA. Admit they have interesting show going on, but I have more interesting stuff to pursue. Perhaps it will be next Trump's birth certificate they will release and one will demonstrate that he was brought to US at age 3 by mistake after parents' visiting his grandpa town in Germany or something...a soap opera cry me river when its time to admit crime known as money time. Queen from London I understand is also no longer as reach and Berlin is about to file chapter 11 for Grrrmany😁😂😃😃😃😃

With $100.000 haircut and free of US taxpayers duties(Trump paid paid $750 in federal taxes in both 2016 and 2017 and zero dollars in many previous years), Donald Trump is a Elvis Presley Mike Tyson of scam(a psychotic deluded menial king psychopath liar like world have never ever seen before)

 As much as I hate this individual , I admit to admire his defiance(contempt for law - a derision for law on such a high scale) in the face of laws/ justice/ courts/ police/ federal authorities...his haircut is totally unique(I think one is more national security threat that Trump alone) and scam style striking. 

Trump pointed out Obama's spenditure$$$ on personal golfing(not that he would care about even hundreds of thousands lost American lives which he undoubtedly caused afterwards - it was jus about Obama's golfing having somewhat normal life that disturbed Trumpet)

Amazing world of Trumpets for which yahoo reports I cite, "With 200K Dead, Trump Spews Lies Then Golfs for the 298th Time During His Presidency". Source

His response is epic - its why I sort of think some dems(many dems) are in bed with republicans in respect to many issues <3

Crises in US might have been TOTALLY ARTIFICIAL DUE TO THIS VERY CASE for which Western governments insisted will pay 200 - 300 billion Dollars in 2006 in CASH IF PROVEN

 I WAS(no longer am but was) in shock when I observed Hollywood/NBA etc. famous collecting awards, major film roles, buying discounted real estate properties, collecting Grammies and even gesturing own people whose civil rights were(I understand) under attack during Trump's administration as solution to leave country rather than stand up for what they claimed to be part of !!! These people were ALL INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA along with Trump's republicans(not only administration, but all heads of the state affairs senators etc. and bellow were are very well familiarized with what wen on in respect to my case).

Here are my tickets upon arrival to Croatia on 19th(Sept, 2020) from Poland(transfer via Katowice to Vienna and from Vienna to Zagreb on which bus were people involved in MK Ultra whom I have not held interview with as I had nothing to record with - I was further angry with what happened in Ostrava)


For the same reason I refused to interview people also in Croatian Savski Marof - village heavily involved in MK Ultra where Polish multimillionaire just as agreed according to MK Ultra scenario even begun to build/construction - develop city. He had his board with name displayed at the rails station, but as I stated - I was in no mood to bother with anyone/anything(I too get moody like weather sometimes - beautiful Croatian cat at the rail station was of my highest interest this time). Rail lady s the same and so are two rail workers...

Nobody needs compassion for violations of international laws/treaties/US constitution alone nor "dialog" after most criminal state acts become proven facts

 Just as I have stated, there are democrats and democrats just as there are US citizens and US citizens. Our job as Slavs is to foremost care about our own state of affairs(project our common interests also abroad in US which we have helped to build and where our culture almost disappeared entirely - not only at home) so we wouldn't contract virus which would CONTINUE TO create division amongst us as one did in US.

Proud to be Slav and no longer your slave is where dialog ends for me - either you are democrat or republican makes NO DIFFERENCE to me at the court where you will be summoned. as a state/country/nation.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

US Government would love nothing more than nazism, but Americans as nation reject one - Unimpressed crowd in Portland unloaded fists on a "Proud Boys"(regular fascist thugs supported by White House) of which some came to express their issues with "freedom of 卐 卍speech卐 卍" carrying ninja swords on their backs

There was and is only one LEGITIMATE US president that I know of and his name is Barak Obama - Black Lives Maters and ANTIFA a legitimate human rights groups which this site proudly supports !!! As far as nazis well - they ended on repository of history 75 years ago claiming up to 85 million lives and its our duty to keep it that way(send them where they belong).

Średnia roczna pensja netto nad Wisłą to 10 355 euro, czyli 863 euro - Middle pension in Poland is 863 Euros - 3930 Zloty is what Polish MSN concerned for VW Golf Purchase claims when comparing itself with other European states


The truth about Polish pay can be seen at There is no need to lie and average Polish pay for physical worker in impossible three shift per week system(3 brygadowy system) ranges between 2000 and 2500 up to 2700 Zloty per month. This accounts for pay between 430 to 530 Euros per month if you don't mind spending time 3 times maximum a week next to your spouse and kids. Just clarifying this issues for those targeted by Polish lie machine about pay in Poland and in EU. At Fujitsu a top employer in Poland, pay was 3000 Zloty netto per month. That is 660 Euros per month. No medical assistance whatsoever when it came to injuries endured at work and one month of social security stay at home(pay yourself be tourist other 10 months for stay at home and forced job search to recover at least somewhat from injuries - this is real Poland) for life time disability - broken discs. This is reality about Poland, so think twice before committing your people to VW Golf the Polish way.

If they could, they would have murdered every single Slovenian, Croat, Ukrainian, and Czech and Pollack

 I see nothing wrong as seeing myself as Russian therefore. In fact, we have much more common with Chinese than Germans. That much about your EUROPE.

@European 卐 卍Union卐 卍 read again

With Russia yes if we have to let Russian tanks inside, with so called European Union NEVER EVER !!!

With Russian tanks entering Belarus, I will also change table in respect to Putin and begun to openly bargain instead for his side as a result

They don't care about us inside of European Union as a human beings. They in fact hate us to exist and yes, there is a way to stop spread of German disease to eastern Europe.

With total commitment to sell out own people and even steering revolution next door in Belarus

Morwiecki, Duda and others became nothing more than marionettes on AmeroGerman chessboard FOR LIFE TIME. SOLD OUT FOR GOOD WITH POSSIBILITY OF NO RETURN. I anticipate therefore a super sharp raise of state crime against Polish citizens inside of the Poland in coming years. Hosting them elsewhere is like inviting accident into your own state and this is how Slavic unity became a crack - is becoming wider and wider. Donald Trump in fact was/is extremely effective in destroying one. $$$ did and does wonders in eastern Europe...

Polish troll(German servant - slave boy Morawiecki who paid respect to SS in Munich) accents Belarus's right to live in independent state as a free nation - talks garbage about solidarity after pushing Ukraine on brink of existance

How much Polish war on Lukashenko will cost Ukraine alone as strong possibility of union with Russia now exists for Belarus is unclear for now(we will soon know what will take place), but to push own people into total slavery of the West and turn half of them into homeless wondering European nation looking out for jobmarket scraps/leftovers from those who try to enslave us Slavs, use own state as a buffer zone for possible war between Russia and West on European soil, and to use words "free, independent, solidarity" toward someone against whom he(Duda/Kaczynski) cooked civil war is a bit too much for even super healthy stomach

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Joe Biden pushes for greater neonazi plan - gives Lukashenko a great reason to step on the side of Donald Trump

Lukashenko much greater patriot that Vladimir Putin(ANTI UKRAINIAN WAR AND ANTI NEONAZI WORLD ORDER) now pushed against wall by number one US democrat running for presidential seat in US. Biden accuses Trump of silence on 'dictator' in Belarus|1

Most sincere condolences to victims of Ukrainian plane(Antonov An-26) crash in which 26 died

There isn't much to say here. Ukraine is fighting for bare survival and aid from West(eastern European countries alone - Slavic solidarity is as dead as ever was) is scarce.

I will now continue with posting proofs about MK Ultra - in Czech rep., Poland, Ukraine, and even elsewhere

 You Mr. Borut Pahor and your lapdog Janez Jansa, however, will become my prime target for genocide against me accusation. None of you have the right to treat any of us the way I was treated. Even less to push us out of our own land out of our own homes for the sake of nazism - on behalf of Berlin even at special requests of other Slavic states such as Russia is. You already know what today's announcement(MY PLEDGE ON HERE) means for you to the END.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

I am extremely worried for mentioned Polish psychologist girl - they talked to me during MK Ultra about afterlife in respect to her

They followed up on MK Ultra with issues I don't have with me any longer...don't have any longer because Czech police organized theft of telephones and SD cards just day prior my car being smashed/vandalized. Its this same police that presented me under MK Ultra with complete lunacy scenario related to psychologist that went as far as placing work hat at the bank of lake where I bathed and have burying under one papers where was written how she is under - all video recorded and stolen. Upon arrival to Slovenia in city of Brezice, however, a restaurant where they had me and have insisted guests were Pollacks along mentioned psychologist another surprise awaited me(not the one they presented me with would be if I would manage to get there on time as music blasted through the night two kilometres far from one at almost 2200 hours with idea to get me there to meet her, but instead a farewell from deceased Joze whose family seems hosted goodbye party for the last time and where all were greeted with sign, "Relax, you are free in your country, have a glass on me for the last time)....etc.." <== sheer lunacy yes. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Americans cooked revolution in Belarus via blatant racism/division(used money issues as elsewhere do divide society) - Germans supported one at crucial moment via so called "human rights"

 @Lukashenko -You are irreplaceable leader of Belarus. The one who have proven politically what America/Germany(link between the two) are all about when it comes to eastern Europe.

Congratulations on reelection and may you stay in presidential seat as long as you live.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

In Slovenia not interested in any war against Pollacks/Czechs

Interested in helping them only. I am here to help not run German neonazi politic Donald Trump and his helpers from US cooked. Good people all welcome- bad never existed if you ask me.

Zivljenje je vojna - borba za obstoj

Tisti ki se je boji se na njeni poti izgubi.

V vsaki vojni se dobijo praske in zaradi tovrstnih prask nebom vodil politike proti lastnim ljudem(Cehom/Poljakom) kakor so si in si zelijo nekateri mehkuni.

Germany demands NAZISM - not "solidarity" again

 Country on whose behalf US and few others bombed Mideast and impoverished African continent is again demanding according to Swiss media a solidarity with countries which have nothing to do with it(eastern Europe). In fact a solidarity with countries which opposed bombardments of Mid east/Africa. 

Germany which turned citizens of Syria/Iran/Lybia and numerous others into homeless "refugees" in fact demands acceptance of more refugees into their environment for the sake of the extra costs(eastern Europe is struggling with impoverished developing economy) and division of society alone via crime - joblessness and racial differences(immigrants without wives etc.).

I didn't go into total war in 2018(you all declined to admit delayed crime which I claimed and pointed at for no less than 7 years) to lose one after winning one


You want to make money - earn one like I did !!! That is if you have balls to even thing about doing something I have actually realized.

Finally - Go to Germany if you like one, but leave our people and their children grandchildren at peace. 

@Germany and others...ohhh, you will pay for what you did with what you claimed deal was. Your coin(side spinning - lies atop of lies) game came to and end.

In Slovenia politic is politic of Visegrád Group

 Both individuals(Jansa and Borut Pahor) are UDBA members, however, Janez Jansa was always used by Slovenian system as a safety valve for external pressures(challenges) which country would find itself in front of. This very party member(seemly pro German enemy of the state who also was FAKELY prosecuted against in 2018) took negative role in eyes of domestic pro Jugoslav people during war for Slovenian independence(nope - he is just totally controlled opposition) to coverup bare socioeconomic necessities(challenges) in 1991 during Kosovo crises and is being now again used as a negative troll to payback German POLITICAL debt which Milan Kucan/Borut Pahor(officially known also as good people - representatives of of bellow seen OF) leased to Germans for the sake of German investments(investments made between 1995 to very today) into eastern Europe.

Jansa was designated by mentioned to play foremost negative role against me with idea to portray himself as agent of Strasbourg(BERLIN) infront of which I should bent one more time to lead war against undeveloped world(against minorities and ex colonies) on behalf of Visegrád Group and several other states while Pahor retained comfortable public image as positive normal individual.

I do place every Belorussian protesting president Lukashenko on permanent job search track

 Its obvious on who organized bloodshed in Belarus

It is German/American way - its how they do it(enter you social security number into computer and no employer except one willing to break you spine offers job), so I don't know why "DICTATOR" Lukashenko couldn't use the same instruments.

European Court for so called Human Rights a GERMAN CONTROLLED court of DEATH.

Why I returned back from Poland to Slovenia

 because upon return to Poland from Czech republic, Pollacks(older) started to talk to me(remind me of MK Ultra threats on how they will...if I) how young Pollacks burn several cars in vicinity just recently and this for fun...didn't stop there and even continue to with "burning clothing" scenario on what there was nothing left for me other to do than impossible to withstand this degree of violence/ financial breakdowns. This is why - told day prior to departure..

No not recorded as I had nothing left to record with...

I will return back to Poland

 I wish Polish psychologist girl the best of the best. She had NOOO influence on absolutely anything at all. Based on what I have seen, she had the least to do with my misfortune. She was used as a scapegoat(pushed up front and as a female eager to help me out have had also exposed herself to others with idea to prevent hurting me - she feared for my life), but in the back it was American neonazi(Berlin - Trump) politic that played out.

I returned to Novo mesto Slovenia(arrived to Slovenia on 19th in late evening hours from Zagreb city Croatia) yesterday on September 20th, 2020 in early morning hours I made it

 via bus to Zagreb from Katowice and then through Zapresici, Dobova, and Brezice. No phones, not even with light of any kind, but with help of good strangers(even police).

Military helicopters searched for refugees today 200 meters from house in Novo mesto and I was told military helicopters now even land in near field - not even 100 meters away from house...I have no clue what goes on. Laptop battery have fallen me out of bag and laptop upon arrival home, new 32GB card bought day earlier stolen from wallet, headphones destroyed, and screws taken out of one of the hard drives - not bad welcome at all(over 30 Euros of damage upon arrival).

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I am asking United Nations to step in and stop Polish Czech crime against me immediately

Accusing both of most severe genocide - denial of longest lasting torture in history of world(almost 26 years ruined - lost), exploiting politics to hurt even more since 2018 when two should come clean about crime - used instead time to play double game => support Donald Trump by creating impossible obstacles(TORTURE - HURT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) and insisting me that it is a form of help - selling me proofs of torture for the cost of spine injury and according to my memory(ability to recall one)...

 Video can be also seen at

I have sufficient amount of data about what went on - AND EARNED IT via broken spine, joblessness, paying landlords who tortured for no less than 23 years for additional torture via rentals. 

I am shocked, traumatized, and foremost disgusted with Ostrava(also Poland)

I was told(they brainwashed under MK Ultra) this will be to s as I will secure my data as I will travel home via Austria/Hungary, told where going all will be stolen away from me so as well as Czech rep. keeps it, told how this is the way it works in Czech rep. - will be used to copy data and return and even blackmail with it other governments. 

Stolen Novy Bohumin Lidl area identified - entirely

Stolen police station in Novy Bohumin where police gave me green light about entrance change in 1996/1997

Stolen Novy Bohumin library data where I have identified old entrance to one as I arrived to one from different street. Pointed out area of old library(also upstairs) and got confirmed data by teacehrs near bye.

Stolen data about identified area in Novy Bohumin where main library bureau(not library - Americans used to have special privileges) was located.

Stolen data about flea market in Chalupki, Poland where I identified flea market people all the way to 2005.

Stolen data about POLISH police officers abuse priort o departure to Czech republic which went as far as draining me car battery, so they could organize show p[rior to my departure during which I was heavily insulted - compared to homeless criminals.

Owner of vehicle who sold me one also told me about future coming to Czech rep. to retrieve one from Czech side so attack was Polish Czech attack - coordinated robbery.

Attacked by Czech(Ostrava) police first day upon my arrival.

Telephones(both - all) stolen along with 5 memory cards with data on them(from audio recordings to passwords, photos, videos) and at night physically assaulted when inside of my car. Eventually rear glass was shuttered by police associates wearing civil clothing. I know these people since 1996(police and attackers) when brought ever since(since 1995) for physical torture to Czech rep. / Poland.

Police accepted first complain and have filed police report, but declined to provide me with second police report claiming that windows needs to be repaired first - prohibited me from using vehicle till one is repaired - physical assault on me didn't matter to them. Description of attackers neither.

Telephones, cards stolen in front of my eyes at approximately1300 hours and attack occurred between 2030 - 2100 hours(know all police officers and can give private details on them - area of police station and so on).

Incapable to even log myself into blogger without telephone I finally got one of hard drives to allow me login into one.

Damage caused is huge, but biggest one is police conduct. I am in shock and will leave Czech rep. as soon as possible - will not return to Poland as planned on either(was and is involved in attack).

Is impossible to spent destroying yourself wasting energy with job search(90% of time), repairing and paying for repairs(eating total garbage food so they can destroy more) and spend 10% of time working.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Ukrainian test subject who drilled me on job in Czech republic appeared as promissed me would at money exchange

 Shop at the border either on Thursday or Friday. Drives dark blue VW Passat 6th gen and is a total lookalike of the one  at Gdansk a 10 in Lodz who also was involved in MK Ultra. Even is as tall, but did managed to preserve lean figure for his age - all as he stated would. Another I individual used was Belarus guy.

Cat at the gas station for which I was told was brought from Lodz. Sure also looks like.

Didnt go this morning without Trump

 Break in a the car cost me 1 hour of time this morning as charging adapter for 17" laptop was taken away from me ahead of local flee market show. I cite local police during MK Ultra,  "all will happen is you will have to find another location".

Saturday, September 12, 2020

NEW BOHUMIN MKULTRA: This is from Today and I have numerous recordings like this

 They are all backed via additional audio recordings(even when video recording, nother voice recording device is on, so it can confirm 100% legitimacy of everything

I forgive everything to Justka Kedzierska

 I will head to Czech republic due to employment issues, but you are welcome to stop bye or whatever. Would even head back to Lodz, but one is a Disney a Neverland where Trump is a Snow White ballerina at the moment...

Whatever...I am not perfect myself and girls will be girls.

Polish and Czech kids from 7th grade up should visit compulsory Slovenia Croatia as we grew apart as nations too much(more than I suspected case was)h

 All the way up to age 18(completion of high school they should be obligated to spend one month and no less on Balkans).

I believe Soviet terror and conflicts in region alienated them enough to want to believe are part of something, but unwilling to try in real life what causes us to grow apart even further.

Friday, September 11, 2020

How American billionaires made 650 bill. during Coronavirus - answer is they didnt, but I know someone who did

 US Government equals "billionaires" as those are nothing more than clowns used to poke idiotic tweets at each other and pose with gaffes via main stream media outlets who attempt to portray them as filthy wealthy SPECIALLY DURING HEAVY ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL BEATING which resulted from economic war declared on China. This self US Gov. proclaimed(made - crowned if you like)


 Read this lyrics to understand what your politicians attempted with me. This is why. Ja related, but Putin claimed same Russian DNA with Ukrainians when/while killing them...think about what(not only whom) you voted in 2020 for. Its many in this world who would like to be brothers or sisters this understand Slovenian language am sure.

Hodil sem po zemlji naši
Srečal dobre sem ljudi
Skromni majhni a pošteni to smo mi

Že stoletja tu živimo
Se z viharji bijemo
Bratje sestre ne pustimo da izginemo

Samo milijon naš še živi
Na svoji zemljici
Samo milijon nas dobro ve
Da dobri smo ljudje

Samo milijon naš še živi
Na svoji zemljici
Samo milijon nas dobro ve
Da dobri smo ljudje

Majhen narod vedno kriv je
Kdor je majhen je vedno kriv
Če si majhen bodi srečen, da si živ

Bratje in sestre
Zdaj stisnimo dlani
Dokažimo da veliki smo mi

Samo milijon naš še živi
Na svoji zemljici
Samo milijon nas dobro ve
Da dobri smo ljudje

Samo milijon naš še živi

Americans claimed discrimination against Roma people in Slovenia(there was and is no doubt), but in Czech Ostrava which city they broke appart with discrimination against Czechs alone a portion of city was renamed into MEXICO because of them

 We will have a lot to discuss about America where blacks are considered as unfit to live...where Asians are unwelcome and where Latinos should be shot in legs when approaching border...this is a country which has nothing to tell about human rights to anyone.

Mentioned Polish psychologist still bares no fold fold for whatever took place - was instrument in hands of politicians in my eyes just as Polish people alone

 I sure font want her to loose her license(she was worried about) and wish her best in her life despite all. I would be interested to hear her side of the story - if you ever...

Either way, this issue will never be reduced against her alone. She was a tool who saw in case something - what exactly is only whatever she can tell. She is she and you ladies do whatever heart tells you to(often way to often times).

Just what Donald Trump needs

 Self foretold death by "Antifa thugs"

Don't remembered anyone ever touched KKK DAVID DUKE OR KKK DON BLACK let's say...they grew old in America. Why the "Antifa thugs" would be after useless fox news idiot, however, he and his master know best☝☺😂 idiot stays idiot. You can't fix idiot. 

Anyone has idea what kinds of memorial(Antifa thugs post mortum) we would dedicate to this American hero !!??? Someone ask him what he would like please...

Library(old and new) in Old Bohumin was identified on day I mentioned would pay visit to one

 I even remember interior if one upstairs - renovation of interior on what was done inside girls and do on in cade you wonder...Ostrava how can I say...I have one in a little is just few photos.

Brought from Italy for my Czech friend in 97 who as a result of throat cancer can't go even for a swim with me to his most sacred place on world - two lakes on a backyard. 

Where boys near Ostrava would bath - lodged...where memorial was dedicated to Paul Walker - Walker was a Trump's prelude needed for igniting war in Hollywood - used to split one as Paul was popular on both side yet very very proud of his heritage...Trump needed him DEAD. Both sides grew to close to one another = Paul Walker's funeral fixed just that. What followed Walker's death in 2013 was seen on obituaries(massacre of left Hollywood/NBA and business people). Clearly is who, how, and why.

Demolished buildings along rail identified, lifted rail identified, repositioned rail at the beginning of rail identified..two now non existing lakes at end rail identified - one according to Trump's words in 2005 could perhaps still even be saved, but other one not...another Ostrava area where industrial park was built and Trump active...I built spider web through and around Ostrava from undeniable 1996/1997/1998 memories....Ostrava library and her area identified - knew where old Ostrava library was and so on...

I do thank Roma people as well as other minorities on both sides of the border for coming out and meet me/kindly greet me

 Show me the face of real humanity - no self deluded shizoa as many Pollacks/ Czechs insisted on along their political owners who wanted to position themselves in retrospective of tortured victim as the one hurt in process through fabricated lies. Have involved racism/discrimination issues for their own sake $$$$(lied for the sake of jobs,  money/deals) while completely disregarding laws/treaties engaging in those.

Sure was experience and I learned from one.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Donald Trump had two offices where people waved their rights away for overseas missions and have made me sign his agreement during MK Ultra(drugged up)

 One was inside Hollywood, and another on opposite side of US - Tennessee area.

I  saw old Czech friend from Old Bohumin with hole in his throat - he couldn't go for a swim with me...he escaped cancer somehow, but many from UK involved in MK Ultra didn't. From beginning, this method(doing something to tang in throat area tissue) was a popular way to get read of people during their sleep on the West ONLY, but one eventually made its way to Czech re./Poland as well...WEST HAD DEATH LIST TOO AND ONE WAS 10 TIMES AS BIG AS THE ONE FROM USSR - just that people died of cancer related deceases there in front of our own eyes while we were paying attention to their cars/biked etc...

American test subjects staff didnt collect discointed rail tickets only(was same in Poland), but I was used as donkey to transport their loaded backpacks.

 While Dorseys Cryers etc. cried, I paid astronomical cost already during MK Ultra. Chris would have me carry backpack loaded with apples for staff members/test subjects...

Americans collected discounted rail tickets from Czech rail system

 I was taken to this building to second floor during MK Ultra where I observed collecting them. Also remember reconstruction of building and owners. Identified today in Ostrava.

I as golden donkey and the nature of horrific crime itself - poster demonstrated to me in 2015(perhaps 2012/2013) already at main Ostrava library

 To remind me of who SHE is and who created all. What my purpose was/is as in whole....its not so simple. Czechs were gonna give me away to Poland with smile on face, but they forgot I am no Czech.

Seen here was only anticipated for me to continue with personal struggle - continue convincing myself to see whatever I was even asked too...Trump is a hard core criminal sure(everyone figured out I will know who was behind nightmare in US) - animal when compared to human beings, but she is far more - did things I can't even blame her for as is female....golden donkey not - she bargained way out as whole thing was designed to get read of me gradually.

On frequent Polish(was already asked same in Czech) question where am from and if Slovenia is in EU already

 I will answer just its not about where you are from but instead about what you are. Yes, you too will be like Slovenia is today in next 50 years. 

Note pay is in Euros - not Zloty

And why am I here and why I don't go there - its because I have the right yo be and because your criminal conduct concerns entire Slovenian nation safety wise. I have more respect for Roma people than for what I have seen in 50% of Polish population. Not so much about where you are from(EU and this and that), but who you are.

Talking to Belarus I have no clue about what exactly. Lukashenko is 100% more Russian than Putin and you can't blame one for Putin's games(extortion which brings cist of oil in Belarus to same level as us the one in Germany - its Putin who cooked all this not pro Slavic Lukashenko).

The total stocks of investments in the Poland stood at USD 236,5 billion in 2019, an increase of 26% when compared to 2010 level. Poland is the first largest recipient of FDI inflows in Central Europe. The majority of stocks are held by Germany, the United States, France and the Netherlands with investments directed mainly to the manufacturing, financial and insurance activities, and wholesale and retail sectors. 

Double standards of refugees in Poland

 I got what I got in a country where US alone already has 70 billion Euros worth of investments(Germans own one 100%) Belarus Chichanouskaja, however, a very different treatment beginning with free palace as gift get to know Poland...real Poland.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Donald Trump winner of 2020 ready to collect his Nobel prize and surprise prior to elections with Coronavirus antidote

 Has several other tricks in his sleeve, but best one is controlled his presidential second round is when he collects back Grammies, money for film roles/music/sports, business contract awards, real estate deals etc. from those whom he paid to play stupid saw nothing/ heard nothing/ know nothing game :)))) fun fulfilled with lots lots of obituaries of people you knew from big for wealthy less for targeted population and big big war...Russia is on knees in front of G7 as you know(Navalny's poisoning a German gift to Putin or if you like Putin's gift to Germany - revolution in Belarus, US troops in Poland, Ukraine, Czech etc.) and Slavic brotherhood as good as dead - non existing.

I wish her all the best of the best

 She has a great moral orientation. In line with my own political views. Did worked hard in her life and interacted with people on all levels of life in style. But as far as myself she is past. She had hundreds of impersonators(because she needed them not because it would be from scamming her perspective - when you screw badly its only impersonators than can save you), and I often could feel(saw her) her presence few meters on side/back(darkest times - ect followed and so on) - even when she supposedly wasn't there if you understand me...she is great awesome but not for me. Very talented and wish her best of best. She deserves it. 

The hatred went across the borders of Poland all the way to Czech rep...enough is enough. Didn't have a face to meet me - talk to me in private as human to human, apologise, be a human enough to face her(her own) what appear to be her deepest fears - conscious...prefers to watch from distance use codes shirts mob etc...

Last two years dedicated to e. European politicians infront whom she placed herself

 People were just used as figurines. Asylum in Poland was dedicated to Walesa, Kaczynski, Andzej Duda, Morawiecki, and criminals from West who sponsored crime financially. Not to me nor to people...idea was to cause as much harm as possible incl emotional and place her in front of mentioned politicians on what to reject entire case in her name - dismiss me as no good/traitor.

Biznis po Polsku - knife in the back and even accuse stabbed one with knife in the back while bleeding  knifing those who knifed one(its how I was seen and gestured by certain people while walking to Czech rep. in hope for job - they had audacity to do this as well)...

And what did I stated year and half ago live on camera I cite, "Andzej Duda told me Poland will try to cause as much as possible damage/harm and even fight me at international institutions to delay truth as much as possible".

From demolution of aged betonarna(cement house), huge tree log stucked at the bridge accros the Oder river, chain saw near car, tourist young tourist found dead in Tatras

 Huge color red truck parked in front of my car to collusion of two black holes and a corpse of woman found inside of water fountain at William/Kate. Repeated log was removed with chain saw and area for which I was told will be used to replace old cement processing facility with restaurant a bright viola color...ohhh my God what have I done. Moved on with my life. Yes, she loved Tatras and had several scenarios of disappearance if worst would come...the truth. I sure dont want anything bad for her, but we are done just as I stated - if afterlife whatever life good luck. It was on both sides of border.

I having no respect for people incapable to face with truth for what they caused. People incapable to look in eyes and issue apology. No respect for people wearing black glasses to hide truth but hind them...and mine is an ugly one. 25 years of life went down river just like smoke from cigarette...majors and politicians loved her in Poland Czech rep. elsewhere...that's good because I will be more than glad to leave if like her have her make her your Queen, but don't condition me and keep in mind I never ever wanted to be here on the first place. Hijacking, abductions, renditions, human trafficking, physical torture, forced unemployment, psychiatric hospitals, beatings...

For swimming in next door lakes on Czech side of border, I was warned to be possibly drowned

 No better exercise than 6" tall and 70/71 kg of muscles, I can hardly imagine drowning of someone like myself who would go and swim 12km at the time regularly in 13 degree temperature water in my home town Novo mesto, Slovenia but anything is possible ;) I do fraction here and love freezing water temperatures, but again...its what I was told for best exercise concerning spine injury.

Bloodshed in Belarus created by Poland

 This I was told case will be - first one of the Baltic states for suspicion to be directed away from creator of crime and then stay here in Poland. Very very nice. Poland = Amero German tool searching within Slavic states for anything that can be sold.

@Poland ==> For the same reason you created massacre in Belarus, you have claimed to West was necessary to kill your own people who participated in MK Ultra. I counted some 200+ people whose lives were destroyed via this very case...why if you have caused in Belarus same as you claimed was necessary to fight against !!??? You crossed border to Czech rep. where compelling Czech gov. doing same. Killing Polish Czech people who saw themselves in my suffering under fascist claim while supporting Western fascism in neighboring Belarus. Very very nice. Double not, triple/quadruple standards.

@Chichanouska - enjoy Poland. Now you are free. You did your job well. Morawiecki wasn't the one who paid respect to SS graveyard in Munchen either, not at all.

There will be no videos on mentioned Polish psychologist I have posted few videos on Facebook. I am without electricity keep in mind due to "Koronavirus" and am busy with whatever Trump designed via his controlled opposition for me.  

Spend life next to someone who was giving me advices also on what too and what not under MK Ultra in respect to

 Broken tooth and painful spine issues which they have presented me with already under MK Ultra !!??? She was very resourceful on "what they will do to you" already during MK Ultra. Good luck to anyone with that much self confidence. Don't worry. They have 100+ backup options ready for her. Its what I was told and I really don't care for her taking orders from politicians on what to do to me whenever brought here(she had too)...its a woman and probably not even bad one(women are women and think different), but was in a wrong company and once subjects cross criminal line, they have tendency to repeat same in the future thus presents to me a high risk. 

23 years of beatings in foreign country

 Helpless watching their barbaric acts against me...warned by MK Ultra staff members on now one day will suffer stroke and stay here in wheelchair till my last many of you would like to marry person who witnessed such accounts... person who watched what went on...get old next to one !!??? Think a bit....use your brain. What about on post MK Ultra period...what have they done with me in Poland !!??? Funny its Buckingham palace worrying about such issues who also financed crime against me in Poland via Poland also in Slovenia and Czech rep.

If you will speak about her(psychologist), they will remove her - make her disappear

 I will only add to that either 2010 or 2012/2013(most likely) attempt to break my spine via backpack which was loaded and placed on my back sideway on what I was forced to march with one prior to return to mental hospital in Ljubljana for about several hours. Spine pain was sharp afterwords and satisfaction from Pollacks who witness account tremendous. They have examined my spine afterwards and I can confirm effects of numbness as well as pain. Kate and William both instigated with news as seen here that one will be ultimate warning to me before they will remove her, but both had a great idea about other stuff I would most likely open mouths about her - I didn't....I rate both(Kate and William) as psychopaths who enjoy nothing more than human suffering. As far as mentioned psychologist, I don't want anything against her, but also nothing to do with her. Pollacks voted in 2020 for Andrzej Duda - she has nothing to be ashamed for and I have zero expectation from them as a nation/people. Its all clear. Nothing to worry from this end - I am angry enough to not even run immediate evidence of destroyed property any longer in respect to Poland...go figure out why.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

2020 elections !!???

 Trump won already. The rest will be circus only. Deep US state is interested in one thing only...confirmation from Kremlin which is guaranteed. Along with dedicated Poland and humiliated exhausted Ukraine, there is no one nothing that can stop deal. Extremely hard two years in Poland for me this way came to an end, but its also like this thanks to saw/see, heard/hear, knew/know United Nations. And there you have it.

Putin did poisoned Navalny, but Putin is a German card inside of the Kremlin

 Poisoning was done in 100% agreement with German destination....

Putin will be more than happy to comply with German orders. Russian "Nord Stream" already on hold and there you have it along with broken Slavic unity. As far as Navalny I wouldn't even waste words. It was John McCayne who got him scholarship at Yale university.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Slavs in hands of Germans - this time entierly and its all thanks to Putan Putanowich

I will repeat repeated to you time and again in the past when O wstned and warned. They gave Russia bombs to bomb Ukraine(steal Crimea and Donetsk) and occupied for cost of those bombs(modernized weapons financed by German oil purchase) both - Poland, Ukraine and more(didn't sell them weapons, but instead occupied them). As a result of politic like this(they now control Russian existence entirely as all it takes to get Russia on knees is to cut economic relations with one via Poland and Ukraine), entire Slavic world turned into servitude of the West.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

A fine piece of transport equipment knifed either in Strykow or Chalupki Czech Polish border crossing


No longer can be repaired I think. They always do it in repairable. After initial chopping at either Fujitsu or Gdanska 10 hostel, bag was in my possession 24/7 and as good as new for 7 months, but 5 days ago spine pain exploded and I no longer could carry with me 8kg of equipment. Left it in the car.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Trump's main problem are GI Joes - Antifa(totally legal antifascist movement) just a pretext for war against US constitution

He planted his nazi thugs into Antifa to portray one as "violence thugs", but his main problem with Antifa can be seen here - he pulled US troops out of Germany too.

Donald Trump clearly is a neonazi bandit seating inside of the White House - calling for broad civil war in US after one already ignited US via violence by burning star spangled banner...

Go to library in old Bohumin now for which I was told will be closed

During Covid...this is old building - white color on upper floor is where is located. I sure creme be supposedly I never was there. EU borders even that open between us must not become for us German prison system.

I volunteered myself to Belarus army in 2017 when there and defended Ukraine from Putin's agression

for no less than 10 years publicly because ZI believe we Slavs have more common than just borders which divide us. Democracy(equality) for our people must come from here to USA and not the opposite.

The friend who wouldn't sell me arms to defend myself but who wants to guard me in my house only is not a friend.

Goes both - for Poland and Ukraine. Its called occupation.

Possible relationship with mentioned psychologist ended thus time and on this border crossing either way future rolls out

Not interested in any personal relationships with anyone involved in this case. Friendship okay, but nothing more.

Pelosi's visit to hair salon in details on why

Supposedly that she is a friend of mentioned psychologist girl who also according to MK Ultra visited her at US and stayed also at her place...she did walked streets of Ostrava, Prague and other Czech cities along Chuck Schumer...met with Trump but always gave impression to be separate from Trumpet - disliked him in every sense....

Ostrava - this is Pelosi/ Schumer were big

No need to ask about Trumpet...will not forget when we walked streets of one as well as Prague..

Original architecture of this torture was to get via one Poland, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia, and PERHAPS EVEN BELARUS AND RECOGNIZE CASE WHILE BLAMING IT ALL ON RUSSIA

Ohhhh great America you are. This was the master plan of both political parties which main goal is promotion of greater German appetites on global map.

For me MK Ultra matter simple Not welcome in America - We don't want you in America any longer

Not interested to be a political tool of anyone. Neither of Democrats nor Republicans as they both lie and cover one another in affairs as this one. Truth seldomly escapes from America as they want to control both sides of pond. If they can't control, they use bribes to kill - trade talks, and everything else to accomplish their dirty murderous goals.

Trump's victory guaranteed by US democrats Nancy Pelosi's contribution. You will see a lots of these now from top democrats. US elections a waste of energy/ time on this site.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

German politic wants us to see US as black and white - see one as two party system DEM vs REP) while forgetting who we are and where we are coming from

Donald Trump and his Bezos alike cronies murdered hundreds of Pollacks, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians and Belorussians - divided cities and broke countries while doing businesses here in e. doesn't work like this. Democrats; however, were interested in stunts - stunt politics and coverups. See nothing, heard nothing, know nothing politics.

If things wouldn't work out in Poland - back to America

Stated American female to me under MK Ultra along several other MK Ultra test subjects/US Government workers/ Amer. psychologists. She kept word from what I see.
Have not applied for any seen here since 2010 or at least not since 2016...