Sunday, September 27, 2020

If they could, they would have murdered every single Slovenian, Croat, Ukrainian, and Czech and Pollack

 I see nothing wrong as seeing myself as Russian therefore. In fact, we have much more common with Chinese than Germans. That much about your EUROPE.

Rather than to worry about republicans and democrats, we have to pay attention to our super shrinked Slavic community in US which was and is decimated by the day while they keep very much alive their own. This is why in such challenging times, we Slavs need real leaders and not whimpets sellouts as we have..

We need politicians who will support our efforts to survive abroad and not to choke us abroad and even at home for enemy's sake as was my case.

We need leaders who can seat talk with our people communities to explain make them understand and foremost help them - not politicians who keep hands in pockets and go with a flow(collecting $$$$) smiling for damage they cause us. It will be extremely difficult if possible a all to repair trust in our people caused by mal-attitude of our politicians that went on for decades.

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