Sunday, September 27, 2020

Polish troll(German servant - slave boy Morawiecki who paid respect to SS in Munich) accents Belarus's right to live in independent state as a free nation - talks garbage about solidarity after pushing Ukraine on brink of existance

How much Polish war on Lukashenko will cost Ukraine alone as strong possibility of union with Russia now exists for Belarus is unclear for now(we will soon know what will take place), but to push own people into total slavery of the West and turn half of them into homeless wondering European nation looking out for jobmarket scraps/leftovers from those who try to enslave us Slavs, use own state as a buffer zone for possible war between Russia and West on European soil, and to use words "free, independent, solidarity" toward someone against whom he(Duda/Kaczynski) cooked civil war is a bit too much for even super healthy stomach

Since Poland along with other Visegrad member states are campaigning for global war, I wouldn't be surprised here seen is in fact in complete agreement against Belarus and Ukraine with Putin. 

Ukraine can't and Lukashenko even less, so I will call out whatever is evident have developed and is at this stage and time probably unstoppable thanks to Poland which screwed up world already before.


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