Sunday, September 27, 2020

Średnia roczna pensja netto nad Wisłą to 10 355 euro, czyli 863 euro - Middle pension in Poland is 863 Euros - 3930 Zloty is what Polish MSN concerned for VW Golf Purchase claims when comparing itself with other European states


The truth about Polish pay can be seen at There is no need to lie and average Polish pay for physical worker in impossible three shift per week system(3 brygadowy system) ranges between 2000 and 2500 up to 2700 Zloty per month. This accounts for pay between 430 to 530 Euros per month if you don't mind spending time 3 times maximum a week next to your spouse and kids. Just clarifying this issues for those targeted by Polish lie machine about pay in Poland and in EU. At Fujitsu a top employer in Poland, pay was 3000 Zloty netto per month. That is 660 Euros per month. No medical assistance whatsoever when it came to injuries endured at work and one month of social security stay at home(pay yourself be tourist other 10 months for stay at home and forced job search to recover at least somewhat from injuries - this is real Poland) for life time disability - broken discs. This is reality about Poland, so think twice before committing your people to VW Golf the Polish way.

So I se nothing wrong with Dacia Sondero or Skoda even if only a used car for time being...wish for yourself only that none of you would end on a wheelchair for life time without any income at all as a result of insane Polish propaganda and you will be okay regardless of wherever you are - Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and so on...keep it real in another words.

Real question here is only how much Poland collected and collects $$$ for lies which is disseminating across the Eastern Europe while shipping for work own people across the border(they import foreign workers to perform job in Poland due to low wages) on containers to Germany and all over the world. Poland - the most dangerous criminal country in Europe and a real threat to normal way of life of every European citizen(not only of EU member states) including to people of Poland alone.

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