Tuesday, September 1, 2020

If things wouldn't work out in Poland - back to America

Stated American female to me under MK Ultra along several other MK Ultra test subjects/US Government workers/ Amer. psychologists. She kept word from what I see.
Have not applied for any seen here since 2010 or at least not since 2016...
I have a huge problem with America and will also get one out of entire eastern Europe.

Just because I was awarded in 2000 with paper which indicates US citizenship via ceremony, it doesn't mean I am American. Unless you think slavery is citizenship - not acceptable for me.

Either democrat or Republican - you are up for a huge surprise from these end. I am Slovenian not from Slovenia.

I will explain you soon where your place is and why so. 

I have also never ever used this email for any job in US and email is not year old.

May sound a bit strange, but I am looking forward to war with United States of America. Regardless of whom they pick to coverup crime - its called genocide. Germans have more rights in US than in Germany you see...we Slavs have none not in US and seems not even back home. I will destroy you. Just like Pollacks, you too will clean your swine stall in US before any of you will be back to eastern Europe.

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