Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I will return back to Poland

 I wish Polish psychologist girl the best of the best. She had NOOO influence on absolutely anything at all. Based on what I have seen, she had the least to do with my misfortune. She was used as a scapegoat(pushed up front and as a female eager to help me out have had also exposed herself to others with idea to prevent hurting me - she feared for my life), but in the back it was American neonazi(Berlin - Trump) politic that played out.

No, I cant resent people EITHER - am not allowed like it or not. 

Pollacks/Czechs and others are our people regardless weather good or bad(for most part were good, but few politically controlled rotten apples tried to screw picture for everybody). What took place in Czech republic is a total disgrace worse than whatever took place even in Poland - even Skoda factory exists because of MY participation in business talks in 1995 - Milos Zeman who handled deal from Czech side can confirm, but still we are from same group of people and need to learn to play along with one another even for the cost of seen on my news site took place. 


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