Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Americans cooked revolution in Belarus via blatant racism/division(used money issues as elsewhere do divide society) - Germans supported one at crucial moment via so called "human rights"

 @Lukashenko -You are irreplaceable leader of Belarus. The one who have proven politically what America/Germany(link between the two) are all about when it comes to eastern Europe.

Congratulations on reelection and may you stay in presidential seat as long as you live.

Amero German politic organized in a way to demonstrate from one side of the ocean how racism is okay and other(the one which got beaten up 75years ago and is now politically correct al he time on surface) how human rights issues can be used to support one and even cause bloodshed n foreign country.

American money hey may want to be carful with their investments wherever you are and even more with German(so called European as Germans love to hide themselves behind after burning one again 75 years ago) human rights.

The best is to keep them as far as you can. Outside of the borders that is and here is why Putin(forced Ukraine and Poland into American occupation and got for his son in law a Dutch boy) has to go.

Germany = drek standard(a f*** lie is all there is to it). FILTH !!!

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