Thursday, September 10, 2020

Donald Trump had two offices where people waved their rights away for overseas missions and have made me sign his agreement during MK Ultra(drugged up)

 One was inside Hollywood, and another on opposite side of US - Tennessee area.

I  saw old Czech friend from Old Bohumin with hole in his throat - he couldn't go for a swim with me...he escaped cancer somehow, but many from UK involved in MK Ultra didn't. From beginning, this method(doing something to tang in throat area tissue) was a popular way to get read of people during their sleep on the West ONLY, but one eventually made its way to Czech re./Poland as well...WEST HAD DEATH LIST TOO AND ONE WAS 10 TIMES AS BIG AS THE ONE FROM USSR - just that people died of cancer related deceases there in front of our own eyes while we were paying attention to their cars/biked etc...

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