Monday, September 28, 2020

Nobody needs compassion for violations of international laws/treaties/US constitution alone nor "dialog" after most criminal state acts become proven facts

 Just as I have stated, there are democrats and democrats just as there are US citizens and US citizens. Our job as Slavs is to foremost care about our own state of affairs(project our common interests also abroad in US which we have helped to build and where our culture almost disappeared entirely - not only at home) so we wouldn't contract virus which would CONTINUE TO create division amongst us as one did in US.

Proud to be Slav and no longer your slave is where dialog ends for me - either you are democrat or republican makes NO DIFFERENCE to me at the court where you will be summoned. as a state/country/nation.

Its called confession about crime not dialog nor conversation...torture is just as the word states - torture and not ice cream.

Respect, honesty, decency, truth, not to hurt not to confront but to make progress through humanity. It makes no difference to your uncle Tom(myself) whom you can place yourself even on a Dollar bill as far as I am concerned as I am not worth less than your millionaires/billionaires you have made in front of me I feel to even dedignify(humiliate me even more) me.

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