Saturday, October 31, 2020

Charlie took initiative in placing Peter Townsend into bed(6 foot bellow) - zipped his mouths for good - wasn't about

Antony Armstrong-Jones who substituted decorated British Air Force veteran in life of Princess Margaret is only connected to words such as "war" via "awards"(he didn't give three s*** about British war efforts to stop nazism)....bye bye adieu for the last time in Pariiiii. Nothing like yahoo insists case was. 

Choice is yours


Gay marriages although completely normal according to sexual preferences of human being, are easy to retract - much easier than when compared to women's basic human rights such as abortion...

Its again also why you have chosen to give green light to gay marriages(that decision if even women's right to abortion is destroyed will be very easy retracted by some other Pope). while at the same time depriving women of the right to abortion. Its a tactic and dirty one. Tactic known as systematic implementation of FASCISM.

In solidarity with women, I will place my Christian crosses to drawer temporary - if things don't change really soon then permanently(will toss them into a trash bin where they will remain for good)

 This is not Christianity - it is FACSISM. Polish state along Vatican have clearly failed to act on time !!! Its happening again !!! 

Job of civilized society is to take care of human dignity and assure basics of health care to anyone (its human right and not what criminal Trump's cartel tries to sell to American taxpayers). With people like Kaczynksi/Duda MOrawiecki is necessary to do the same as was done with nazi collaborators - publicly trial and get read of(ditch scum) them just as was done via Nurnberg trials after 1945.

Andrej Babish / Babis - Babiš insisted will have police watch my finances and once I would accumulate money via work, Czech police

would follow up against me with extra extortions. Test subjects who would go for winter swim(the only exercise for broken spine) dealt with divers who would descent on our side of the river from the other side with idea as was told "to drown"(its what I was threatened with). Life jackets brought from US in 2006 were used lightly by test subjects - only tested. They insisted me on buying drybag/buoy(when brought to GB in 2012, compelled for a walk to observe group of winter swimmers), I remember winter swimming suits from ebay/aliexpress - most likely 2017 if not even 2015 and for one even was same with watches for swimming. 

As far as teeth they insisted me would portray injured tooth as the one to blame for sound in my head via blood contamination. William insisted them it won't be a problem as they DID pick me up as pleased.

So who is more credible/real now !!?????

 Myself or Putin/ Charles/ William/Harry/ Trump /Merkel/ Macron/Babis/ Morawiecki Duda etc. !!???? 

Compared to what you see supported with facts on this very news site and with what you see on front cover magazines/TV etc...who/what represents to you as fake news and who a real news !!????? 

What kinds of world do we subsist in !!!??? 

Who is running this world - normal or mentally ill people(politicians) !!?????

Friday, October 30, 2020

MK Ultra - Serbian friend from Belgrade city and her family identified at her restaurant in Ostrava Czech republic via memories on MK Ultra

Imagine the world without AIDS/hunger/wars - for that matter, you will all have to look into schweinegrippe society based behind Buckingham palace's walls

 and make final decision - either us humans or them(politicians) !!!

Not only should Scotland proclaim independence from UK, Britain alone should proclaim London as independent state apart, so London can proclaim Buckingham palace as totally independent state within London state

I would also place mental asylum warning sign from either way one would enter to Buckingham palace area from London...I think Irish and Scottish and British English etc. would get along with one another very well as long as those signs would stay in place in front of Buckingham palace...

Getting out of UK was first step and now lets follow through with other logical steps to free ourselves from total lunacy. 


It won't be only France. I told you about Poland what one will be used for(its now German "ante up" game), but go ahead and play...even child could figure out what goes on.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was along Bill Gates involved in MK Ultra - its not only US democrats that cover up for Donald Trump

 In know he is a great man who expressed support for China - but also know so great that I had to write previous post in respect to situation in Slovenia. What goes on for already two and half years or perhaps is actually impossible to tell(sound 24/7) - when governments are using even political asylums to access your body(no longer mental asylums which they have used twice to hijack me literately from mental asylum) physically for purposes of medical examinations and procedures and do with is as pleased, UN serves no purpose as human rights agency. Organization which smuggled to Belarus BOXES of money for so called "opposition" to start civil 2020 bloodshed.

It was not my job to go to Poland and Czech republic etc to identify anything - this was job from the police to investigate which had engaged in violence against me instead

 foremost domestically and when abroad in Poland/Czech rep. Things didn't changed except that I have proven there is absolutely nothing wrong with my brain.

Violence against me goes on.

Written in Slovenia on October 30th, 2020 - neighbor keeps coming into home to attack with directed energy weapons during sleep. For father who also appeared half dead today just like myself(I posted yesterday about Vladimir Putin), was told by neighbor alone under MK Ultra will be killed shortly upon my return from Poland - prior to my departure to Poland in 2018, he too fell on the floor when on his way back to room at night and ever since things went bad for him...

France NOT under attack by Islamists - France is under attack by a neonazi self elected president

 Mr. Macron insisted will use even own police force to behead people in order to get his NEONAZI agenda going - MK Ultra is being 100% used. ITS A FALSE FLAG ATTACK CONCERNING BEHEADINGS THAT SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BY REAL POLICE !!!

Mexico in Ostrava Czech republic identified via MK Ultra memories

Video can be seen also at

American DEMOCRAZY in Poland is already at work

London palace and Berlin told me once we get in, they'll never get us out. Yeah yeah...

Thursday, October 29, 2020

From Putin's daughters my wives to be to his own wife

Sexy 1.7 meter tall Putin first time jumped on American lady during trip to US in 1991 - it was with aid of American president George Bush and this despite presence of sleepy Putin's wife Lyudmila Alexandrovna. On next STATE trip for which I was told Putin stopped bye on his own, taste of Texas became n Putin's mouths even sweeter...his marriage on the other hand headed for a wrack. His brave penny no longer worked in wives' bed for at least 6 years prior to official divorce, but he made bloody sure Lyudmila Alexandrovna would be fulfilled by other men(this is one passionate and very needy lady I will tell you and wastes no time). In 2016, Lyudmila Alexandrovna as written in encyclopedia married Russian individual who would occasionally clown in MK Ultra scenarios and was once along me for entire week or two as a handler. Americans who previously insisted for marriage with Putin's daughters in 2008 certainly begun to again insist and insist if am sure since I rejected mom as well...its a story of total disgrace, but not for me... from average looking daughters who learned to lie from daddy(claimed I discriminated against them after they insulted on what I declined to have anything to do with them) to his own wife who insisted on something undesirable with 13 years younger male. Anyhow, Putin gave Lyudmila Alexandrovna some 300 million USD/EURO in cash and waved her goodbye with her new toy boy who scored his dreams I guess. A story if ever released according to a hero Putin that would as a result result in my being indefinitely rejected. Never assisted from his side whatever that meant anyways😂 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

MK ULTRA IN CZECH REPUBLIC: Self identified Old Bohumin residents and Greater Ostrava along Roma settlements identified via MK Ultra memories

Video can be also seen at

In 20+ years from today is what I was told, jobs will be gone - union jack will remind you where to get handouts instead

Everyone invested in something when in city of Novo mesto...words to Harry in 1998 were what will London come up with to "help Bobby"(also one of the names I used)...have you heard anything...

French fascist(royal proxy from France - neonazi collaborator) Emanual Macron doesn't have problem with Islam only - he has GRAND problem with French women too

On one side Erdogan and other what Macron alone reproaches to Erdogan. 

Getting read of royalism means one thing - its called freedom of humanity

 I am capitalist make no mistake, but under no circumstances a parasite that would want to feed itself on creating problems to others...just as they are trying to take away from us homeland after homeland, we need to apply same procedure against them to liberate world from evil for good. We don't have choice.

British crown preparing along German fourth reich a civil war in Thailand against Thailandese people - its not as German news outlets report about Thailandese crown

 German news outlets report Berlin's unwillingness for Thailandese royal support as no longer option where Thailandese crown could/can be hosted and from where war can be waged - its not like this. Germany along Buckingham palace according to my information instead well well prepared Thailandese crown for civil war against Thailandese free society known as beginning of the moral defeat of humanity. Thailand is where global royalism movement should in fact gain enough strength to rattle/scare rest of the humanity into the box one bye one and its also why I consider this crown as no longer beneficial for humanity - if there is one that should be considered as beneficial. Unfortunately those tend to support one another in war against humanity for the sake of enslavement -total  deprivation of human rights to which we have witnessed 103 years ago.

@Harry - no, ignorance is not an excuse(I never confused "recognized" with "admit" and "bias" with "criminal insanity" as you attempted to physically brainwash me via your torturers and yourself for no less than 23 years - whenever given the opportunity to lay your filthy hands on me in Poland/GB etc.).

You and yours historically didn't and still don't know about a lots of things because your kind becomes conscious once bombs land on your roofs and dead bodies are scattered all over the place(once you no longer see faces of those whom you killed/tortured terrified, but instead as written)

Such was the case during WWII and prior with WWI and so on and so caused harm time and again from beginning of this world and you will continue to do so to humanity for as long you will exist. After all, no criminal who left crime scene in hope to avoid consequences for his/her blunder ever voluntarily self confessed about his/her crime/crimes. Its genetical deed Harry(your DNA not your fold either, but choice for tolerance stupidity/your lies from our side is).

Roma FRIEND involved in MK Ultra helps me identify area and him in Ostrava Czech rep - I identify broader Ostrava area far to the past

Video can be also see at

and audio

Can be also seen at

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Trump didn't make mistake; people did - its more than just elections

卐 卍19 years of George W. Bush and Donald Trump卐 卍 - enjoy elections of 2020 !!!

The so called "conspiracy theories" intensified greatly during their presidencies - from 9/11 to almost total civil war supported by even Coronavirus :)))

Putin and Bushy met a lot in Slovenia "privately" - all normal !!????

What is "private" and what is public !!????

This is what United States of America via Polish collaborators attempted to do with me - this is what they claimed me for 20 years case will be

Breaking me spine with heavily loaded backpacks which I was forced to improperly carry in Poland and I am certain surgical procedures. Its now totally clear and proven abut what they had going on along electroshocks. I have described symptoms in details. Trump told me in 2005 exactly the type of spine injury I will have and its very possible that have one because of his son out of wedlock from Colorado(Chris) which might have demanded from one to cause me one as he alone might have suffered due to total stupidities(greed and ignorance) similar injury - demonstrated me exact corner of spine which will be problematic.

En Español: MK Ultra in Dallas Texas via George Bush latter Donald Trump

Video can be seen also at
Este video está en idioma español. Emanuel was involved in MK Ultra since 1998. He worked as labor worker all over Fort Worth area from almost day 1(early, but not total beginnings) since new money begun to pour into US economy FROM OUTSIDE - I have explained about trade between East/West where they had me participate as a human toy/slave. This was designed to be Republican election stunt via George Bush - fact of the matter is that Bush never had any honest intentions with me(LIED ABOUT BECOMING TIRED OR MY NOT PAYING ATTENTION DURING MK ULTRA FOR THIS VERY REASON - USED ME FOR TOTALLY OTHER REASONS) and have released his funds into US economy once money begun to circulate in one from outside - a classic counter productive parasite squeezing and sickening Americans is how I see it as...not even a capitalist, but hard core neonazi. 


Gheorgino told me(might have done it already) will send you excerpts for which you will not even know took pace ;) like a monkey on the leash

Texas guest Vladimir Putin was drugged up already in 2001 - placed on MK Ultra for evaluation by George W. Bush

In 2001 he had a sexual affair in US as one was with his now ex wife, but from 2001 - forget it as Lyudmila Putina stayed home in Moscow. Its when he was engaging and sexual acts with American women Bush provided and was also on MK Ultra for total CIA evaluation.

Walked around like a monkey on the leash. Little ECT and one was good to go back to Russia as new. Bushy's quarters on his ranch are tricky - designed to get one in sleep - have seen room in which Vadimir slept. 

London Royals don't care about racial bias - no racist/neonazi ever did in fact and it doesn't get more racist than Windsors - THEY DO CARE ABOUT ONE THING DO KNOWING TRUMP LOST ELECTIONS ALREADY

Its called RUSSOPHOBIA - In this case using minorities to hide behind them is what Harry's relation is/will be used for - after advance across Poland/Ukraine is time to "stabilize"(place yourself on the seemingly right side of the history again and so it goes till time comes for next takeover - repeat Trump's cycle) situation and its exactly what whole thing will be used for. Its what Meghan Merkle was already and is and will be used for. Life lesson of super wealthy neonazi criminal who wore publicly swastika uniforms just 15 years ago don't take turn in one's life just out of blue - not because mommy passed away either as we are brainwashed on daily bases...the two brothers are born chameleons who don't mind "whatever" it takes to hide their real tendencies which in this case is plan for Moscow.

Not difficult to understand what is happening or is it

We have Morawiecki, Duda, Viktor Orban, Andrej Babis and few other hyenas hiding behind names such as Poland, Czech rep., Hungary etc. and we have AGAIN German aggression against eastern Europe(war on Russia/Belarus foremost) protected by NATO hiding behind EU where Poland/Czech rep./Slovenia are also members states so suspicion of attack(blame) can be redistributed...its a classic form of nazism/fascism we have seen in the past

Monday, October 26, 2020

MK Ultra participants long gone EX wife from 1995 to 2001 identified in Old Bohumin in Czech republic

Video can be also seen at


World as is, is coming to an end. For the difference of conflict from 75 years ago, numerous super deadly combinations for self extinction of this planet exist. Perhaps 10 + years ago when subjected to MK Ultra, someone told me that if he ordered for you Germans to be nuked out of existence in given moment, he wouldn't make mistake...I protested him whoever person was...It felt like nightmare...I warned him about reciprocal actions rest of the world would take against his nation as a sign of retaliation - he didn't backed down on my surprise. He told me either way, its just a matter of time when day like this will come as his own nation will be left with no choice AGAIN...for me it ended right there - almost....

If only I wouldn't find myself in situation your country created against me...

Joseph Fritzl just a classic German DNA - copy cat of Angela Merkel(DON'T THINK SHE LEARNED FOM HIM, BUT I WOULD AWARD HIM WITH NOBEL PRIZE ANYWAYS).

They lie and cover up even when corpses pile atop of their heads 😄 continue o lie and dig heads into the sand when streets already are covered with blood - see/hear continue to know nothing till bombs start to wake them up from XX?XX. 

A CLASSIC AND UNSEEN(totally unique) ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD HIDING ITSELF BEHIND NATO AND EUROPEAN UNION(using two as shield for MORE crime against world).

@BERLIN/WASHINGTON/LONDON: 31 years after Beijing's Tiananmen Square, WORLD IS BUYING LESS GERMAN AND MORE CHINESE cars - products and trend will continue

China still exists and so will Belarus where hopefully more Russian workers will obtain employment. 


I cite Angela Merkel, "we start in Belarus once we have Poland - once military moves across Poland" which it did as you all know....for money supplies financing Tiananmen Square #2 this time in Belarus, look no further than United Nations.

@Angela Merkel

 Soon, your "protesters" will be eating grass along cows

Possibility of United Nations running domestic terrorism(specially $$$ budget) in Belarus is great

 I do investigate that as well

French bandit from United Nations(the main one) I met in Belarus in 2017 is one of the organizers of what Angela Merkel believed will be Tiananmen Square massacre #2.

The key to Belarus protests is to cut domestic traitors from source of income - AmeroGerman "protests" in Belarus are financed from outside

Thats all that needs to be done. American machinery made agreement ahead of coup d'etat with key Belarus traitors about $$$$ distribution that will support crime against Belarus people on a long run. I KNOW SO BECAUSE I WAS TOLD SOME 10 YEARS AHEAD OF WHAT YOU SEE NOW. Research for source of income(incl. postal options), cut that away, take possession of private properties, charge with each with grand treason, and after serving sentence ensure they ever get another job - so they can go to those who paid them to kill own people. They murder on the West as you see(and even in eastern Europe already) by placing people on forced unemployment - and this people who have nothing  to do or want nothing to do with politics. Thats all - find out who financed or is even financing operation and cut that source.
Nothing to worry - they have where to go, but we who ran from West don't.

Polish Hitler declared total war on women's right to abortion - word is off course about Andrej Duda who is using COVID19 crises to even deepen one within Polish society with totally insane requests denying women basic human rights or visit 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Idea on breaking spines was born by Donald Trump observing either William H. McRaven(most lilley) or U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton in 1996 in city of Novo mesto - Slovenia

Either of the two has severe spine problems for you to note. This led most likely was Mr. William H. McRaven who would every morning RELIGIOULSY go for a swim even in a local stream not too far from our house in Novo mesto. As politicians observed man, they noted that his mental abilities wee connected with his attitude toward life - obligation to exercise daily to avoid further spine problems worsening. So now you know who the man was behind breaking spines/how and WHY(Trump is just a showman - he collects when you pay and gets others to also play) !!!

Coronavirus MOST LIKELY(what I was told case will be) disseminated via store outlets - ventilation systems - SPIKE HIKE goes on simultaneously all over the world

Just enter "coronavirus country"(for country enter wherever you are) and you will get data graph provided by google. There is something super duper stinky about Trumpsters - supporters of global neonazi movement. These "leaders"(although physically most of them nothing more than whimpets mupets one would clean away with pencil rubber) are also super resistant and in some cases their spouses/children not afected with virus at all - latest such case is Duda for example.

Slavery(Russian workers' self grave digging procedure which went on for over century) ended with Romanovs

Going through internet which was totally modified according to American historian David Duke's instructions, you no longer can find anything useful about famous October revolution during which Russians gained again status of human beings in their own country. Along with them regaining status of human beings, other Slavs(from Poles to Czechs to Slovenes and Croats etc.) ceased to be slaves under Austro Hungarian German empires too.

Yes, internet stinks and also explains how history can be rewritten without people's consent. Russian workers used to eat one another to keep alive during Romanov's rule. Purges of Russian workers were unlimited.

Putin working with Merkel(BERLIN) via Navalny against Russia for global neonazi interests a fact undeniable

Putin gives about Russia as much as about last year's snow. He sees one through tsarist title and nothing more. His strategy is simple and indifferent from original concept. Will use Navalny to threaten/exhort(Russia is economically conditioned - extorted this way) Russia into global AmeroGerman neonazi cooperation for the sake of his tsarist title. Navalny NOT  a victim - just designated German Putin's agent. Nothing Navalny released to Russian public went un-noticed from Vladimir Putin's side. Concept used against me by British Royals, Washington DC, Macron, Merkel who teached me on how to stand up against them - teached me about their dirty little secrets so they too could condition own state apparatuses with denial of my case. Never made me sense per why they would drag me through all the dirt they had going, but my story was repeated throughout GB against numerous other Brits whom once my MK Ultra case commenced even introduced into one to BLOCK ME from assistance they claimed would offer me to all other parties involved(yup - they lied about everything since day 1 when whole thing commenced). Vladimir Putin is a criminal thug - a sellout bandit nazi colaborator who learned everything on how to from London alone. Is thirsty for blood like no one else. Russia in grave danger as no politician can stand up to challenges on is facing today.

MK Ultra in Old Bohumin Czech republic I identified even violent Andrej Babis's confident

Video can be also seen at

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Saw nothing, heard nothing, knew/know nothing - KILL A LOT is about to be reelected - people's fate is in hands of Orwellianists taking path of humanity down hell toward WW3 for the sake of racial cleansing


It started with when Borut Pahor warned me would do something idiotic to keep away from National Front resistance(partisan movement which part he was and believed still would be after global crises passes away - didn't want dark shadow to be casted on their shoulders, but rather on his) and it ended with <== not difficult to understand the only uncle from rear is Vladimir Putin on whose music Slovenian and all other Slavic clowns(incl. Warsaw and Prague where Duda, Morawiecki, Andrej Babis etc.) dance. 

Tweet seen above was recorded by every news outlet on earth...where are you from ? Slovenia...ahhhaaaa Slovenia I see - obviously Slovenians aren't asked this question in Slovenia, but abroad are...

These are nazi tunes which Viktor Orban and Germany not only embraced, but also played and play in the back of Slovenian compliance with nazi game against Slovenia alone(Zoran Thaler commited crime knowingly to protect interests of our tiny nation which prime interest is to be in the middle of all Slavic nations and even if only possible restore Jugoslavia once they realized in 2000 or so that there is no other way for any Slavic nation other that to remain as close as possible to other Slavs to avoid death - I agree with it, but this also clears doubt per who is behind it all).

I have already declined to have anything to do with Germany or with American/British nazism - its time for Putin to do the same and express solidarity with his own people rather than chasing his tsarist title which already deteriorated to lowest ever level inter Slavic relations.

Bangkok 2003

 Street in which King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn is big(VERY POPULAR) and where one took me personally with his wife. I can do this street and probably much much you see this is how it goes. I just looked into it briefly.

Here is what Buckingham palace counted on would happen to me in Poland

 And this in a place where sporadically tortured for no less than 21 years Mr. Harry and William talked/laughed about sanity issues that involved at the time also spine injury - the most painful ever thing in my life.

MK ULTRA: Hasselt completed/FINISHED(saw on Facebook someone posting "room 313" => went on internet to see rooms and found room that rang my memory then followed through the city)

 Probably 1997 if not even 1996 rebuilt - second floor repairs/remodeling....ALL THIS TIME IT WAS ECT, FORCED UNEMPLOYMENT, AND PSYCHIATRY THAT KEPT YOU GUYS ALIVE...

Friday, October 23, 2020

4 of 4 MK Ultra in Strykow Poland

Video can be also seen at

3 of 4 MK Ultra in Strykow Poland

Video can be also seen at

Trump/Merkel and others made agreement about US EU trade already 10+ years ago minimum

  told you about his pre-reelection stunts. Agreement only needs to signed and blah blah repeated.

Dortmund, Germany IDENTIFIED - There is only one thing I regret

Whole city didn't BLEW itself up(I estimate 1998 and up). Federal German police arrived from Berlin during MK Ultra and blamed me for civil war in Dortmund in front of Angela Merkel and her assistants, but seems didn't mind because regardless of what I have done - they never ever  interfered to do their job. Italian embassy, Bibi, Zara, Idiotes(named after myself as I would refer to locals as)...Dortmund identified.
It was so funny hehehe hahaaha look at him haha...but within few days it was fun no more😂😆😈

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Russophobia is real

That much about Russian meddling into whatever/wherever.

Petra Majdič involved in MK Ultra since 1997/1998 - involved a LOT in celotna zveza smučarjev Slovenije.

Polish government has a new crime to confess about


Police officer also stated that PEOPLE ARE ON THE WATCH AND WOULD BE A SERIOUS TROUBLE IF THEY WOULD SEE ME DRIVING ARROUND WITH THEM LIKE THIS <== its why we couldn't get into city centers...

POSSIBLE BEZOS CONNECTION: Polish government hijacked me from Grotniki(possibly even twice - also in hostel) and took me for a problems ride in 2018 - idea was to disrupt memories via fake update and more electroshocks

Almost(When questioning, I was in 95% or more correct about my statements) the only mistake I have made in respect to business were giant warehouse projects which came to life in 2018. in respect to this statement, I have made mistake with three giant warehouses raised in 2018 and 2019 and a single store. Remembering the situation, I was taken out at night(I remember night ride and remember driving back and forth in Strykow's business area) and we were as first on the way to city Strykow - business area. Farmer audio/video recorded who attacked me with hoe base might have even SOLD LAND to Bezos for new warehouse !!! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I also apologize to mentioned psychiatric staff at Queen Elizabeth(Dr. Heather Keizer and minister Mr. James Aylward) and specially to Ellen Taylor WHERE HELD AGAINST MY WILL WHILE ABDUCTED(hijacked) REPEATEDLY FROM USA AND EUROPE AND TORTURED ON BEHALF OF BUCKINGHAM PALACE

Related to

Ellen Taylor involved all of them into MK Ultra am certain with idea to help <== seen here are her friends(they became her friends through this case) whom she knows now for already well over decade. 

I was wrong

Its the same thing as was in Poland. They don't want us(the world - the people) to get along. I was wrong to respond to selected few with such anger. This butcherous tactic that was used on me(I alone feel became a destruction tool), I am afraid, will be used to divide world yet again. Its why I am ashamed I failed at latest test and responded with such anger. For cold war tactics look no elsewhere than into White House, Buckingham palace, Berlin - not into people. World(people) must unite against evil of the past on all fronts. I apologize.

Monday, October 19, 2020

MK ULTRA Identified last remaining resident from Steigert residence next door in Lodz Gorna involved in my MK Ultra case

Booom !!!
Video can be also seen at

I call for >>>>Workers of the world, unite!<<<< again - regardless of your religion/race(two weapons they use effectively against us as you see)

Call for world to REJECT COLD WAR ERA ATTITUDE(refrain yourself to return with hatred Trump projected into own domestic US population and into global Asian African Latino population) brought to us AGAIN by neonazi leaders/elites of USA/GB/GERMANY against China/Russia. Its what Coronavirus, US elections meddling while spying on entire world via NSA and occupying Ukraine and Poland are...unite but not against capitalism - unite against nazi crime which is taking place against all of us.


Many involved in MK Ultra(in last stages of one and it was order they picked from West) insisted that I will be diagnosed with minimum bipolar disorder before they would let me walk away...that in fact I WILL HAVE TO ACCEPT ONE for them to see in me if nothing else...

NOPE - THERE IS ZERO OF ANY KIND OF MENTAL DISORDER IN ME. But I do need urgently year/two of vacation with moderate involvement of work activities. Before vacation, thorough health examination as I suffer for over two years already from high blood pressure alike sound in my head(24/7 - sound is like if you would let air out of balloon) - for this I was told 10 years ago surgery will be necessary and has something to do with blood issues via poisoning and use of directed energy weapons. 


Delaying justice in my case is the most severe crime - as simple as stated.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden who both had my car destroyed and things stolen believed and incited(brainwashed) under MK Ultra for me to relate to Bidens as in same situation

 It is a CIA operation just as entire US elections are. The core was for me to see myself in Bidens who may/may not become US president. Further to push away from me if declining Biden other democrats. and off course to see Trump as brutalist who just goes out there and steals property infront of one's eyes...answer to Bidens and Trump is a NO. No more MK Ultra brainwash approved here. No more of your violent political shizoa.

Why would Biden with illegal stuff on his laptop wait for one to get taken away from him is probably related to attempted hijacking issue of Gretchen - both are in my eyes indifferent from one another. Simply entertaining and designed to foremost entertain(make us forget about written bellow) and possibly favor via self sabotage who else than Trump.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

REPEATED: MK ULTRA: More on Sergei from Belarus involved in MK Ultra - and on Belarus state where brought abducted from Miami since 1995


Sergei(Sergei from Belarus as I have another one coming from Ukraine who does - is also Russian) doesn't have sister, but instead cousin(adult established family oriented female located also in his area was NOT his sister, but instead his cousin). This case in contrary to as Trump insisted to all parties involved is not about recognition of one, but first of all for us Slavs to see ourself infront of the world as human beings - its not about me only; it's about all of us.

Nobody can dispute from here on in ABSOLUTELY any way my presence in Belarus since 1995(even military facilities in Belarus get identified this time) - USA/EU can continue to see/hear know thing about what they have done, but they will never ever be capable to claim on how seen was not their crime(they hate us Slavs to exist).

 Next video will be about Tanja from Belarus - also same city as Serghei(Brest) - will talk about Lukashenko also in Slovenia, Germans/Americans in Belarus and so on.

According to MK Ultra scenario(specially since Polish uniformed criminal whom case was given over half year ago never ever contacted me in respect to car Skoda nor would one bother to reply my message to him few days ago in which one was informed about my stay in Slovenia via sms), one would surrender NOW case against me on behalf of Czech police to Slovenian police

 and its how I would get in trouble. Via MK Ultra, Polish police officer communicated in this very room in this very house via Skype with test subjects, but if I wouldn't see his way he would just ignore my replies and give case to Slovenian police with whom Poland and Czech were in crime agreement against me from day 1. this is how this works now.

In 1996/1997 when brought to Belarus, Lukashenko had escape plan for me but he got himself almost in trouble because of one - this was the only realistic(something I alone agreed upon back then) escape plan that someone brought to my knowledge

Tanja Tanjushka from Brest got her first apartment rental in vicinity of her job...Lukashenko decided to just dump me into her life to what I didn't objected - this was probably most beautiful girl in entire Brest if

not in entire Belarus...but we got in arguments with one another - real Lukashenko's plan to get me out of AmeroGerman madness failed even more after they found out about plan and Moscow was contacted...his plan included a sum of 15.000/30.000($?) of something that would be enough to get both of us going forward with life...This is the very girl I met at the bank where she receptionist where she worked as receptionist 6 months ago or coming next(know her since 1995). Video in which I tell more about Brest since 1995 and on...

16 days to death

 Its what your "2020 US elections" are. At least you are getting real feel of what I have gone through over the years specially in Poland/Czech recently.

KILL COMMENCED: Closer to US elections(the play with hope waiting game in which you the people will die), the more governments insist on explosion of Coronavirus - you don't have to be genius to understand why - record 400,000 new cases in a single day

Why such hive !!????? What are elites afraid off !!!????? What are they up to the waiting game the play with hope tested me in Poland time and again to endup in Czech with destroyed car...its your government designed path to hell my dear...enjoy elections 2020. Still remember when I told you to enquire about arrest of Donald Trump rather than engaging in mental game with one !!????

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Keith Rainere involved in MK Ultra till one opened his church - Its when I was told he will be off the picture soon

Since George W. Bush's family was involved, royals, and numerous other top heads - they wouldn't allow whatever Keith granted himself on his own. It presented too much risk for mentioned and its how they got him off the picture. Just so you know how/why. I was in his church during MK Ultra - they brought me in where numerous beautiful women attended and I decided to just remain there, but handler Daniel Smith decided to drag me out so bye bye...little I cared about what went on when drugged it went for no less than 23 years. Talk about it if you dare specially after you were told(before they came to pick me up in reality|) will be taken to a mental hospital for repeating allegations. No, you have nooo idea about hell I went through. Those from West who claimed were doing it all for me, crossed me as good as dead on a day 1 when whole thing begun. Twilight zone multiplied with 1000.

Since I pointed into crime of Czech PM Andrej Babis(known also as 'Czeski Trump'), Czech republic became a volcano(epicenter) of new COVID19 cases in Europe - Daily new COVID-19 cases exceed 10,000 in Czech Republic

From Slovenian RTV Slovenija reports 11.000 per day :))))

There are only 11 mil. people in Czech rep. 

CIA's(LONDONIA IN THE NAME OF BERLINIA) CORONAVIRUS WAR ON HUMANITY: How Thomas Cook, a 178-year-old British travel company and airline, declared bankruptcy on one early Monday morning in September of 2019 months prior to CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK <== ITS HOW "DEMOCRACY" WORKS(not the only company)

I don't have time to argue with Hitlers any longer on Coronavirus issue due to my own MK Ultra issues, but read this news and do your own research on who knew and sold what ahead of pandemic to understand where whole thing is coming from and why. 

Understand what suffered the most during so called "crises" for which China was blamed for and go back in time to see who sold what in 2018/2019 in

respect to coming crises in which poor lost their homes while numerous were killed, so WWIII war agenda could march on.

It is blatantly stupid to assume even for a second that anyone out there wouldn't know who is behind it i stated no time to dirt my site any longer with COVID or even US elections cluster(I DON'T BELIVE IN DOCTORS THAT CREATE DESEASES TO CURE THEM - WHAT TRUMP AND HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY TRADITIONALLY ARE - its how from public education to police and everything in between became destroyed and is in process of replacement via private theft/robbery - it helps when you know with certainty government made catastrophe is coming and when to purchase it back at the right time if anything is left for purchase - perhaps take insurance ahead of event - we have seen this process time and again).

Black people despite disproportionate poverty issues didn't suffer during COVID crises anywhere even near on African continent as much as they did in US is yet another factor to consider when deciding on who/why.

For this stage, they claimed me would become evident as per who/what but won't be possible to stop mentioned above any longer....I think time to stop WWIII still exists, but not with Orwellian saw/heard and know nothing game. Efforts(choking brainwash) for me to take side against China during the course of MK Ultra in respect to coming COVID crises were almost endless.

Roughly 600,000 travelers are stranded around the world after the British travel provider Thomas Cook declares bankruptcy

I call for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to recognize this case as factual and step aside

 This case can be resolved in peaceful(friendly) and productive manner for all sides. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

BRUTAL REALITY FOR SLAVIC STATES: In a shadow of Crimea/Donetsk failure, British take another cornerstone in direction of Moscow

Future of Slavic states looks bleak(doomed to dead end) is all I can say. Russians wouldn't even cover here seen news as was/is best to pretend to not see one.
@Ukraine - its occupation not help of any kind. @Russia - was Putin worth price you paid and what is coming next !!????

CZECH CRIME(from Andrej Babiš): My youtube account from Auser Times was hacked - main video changed to the one against UN from many years ago

Can see someone follows my activities very closely and has more than what I do. Video is now unlisted. Its Andrzej Duda and Andrej Babiš who have problem with United Nations and law itself - not myself. I like UN. 

STRYKOW, POLAND: Belarus Slovenian couple involved in MK Ultra also come forward pointed me out own spine problems

Thank you very much to couple. Regards to whole family in Belarus 
incl. grandchildren. Hope to see you again and soon.
Video can be also seen at

COVID 19 - CORONAVIRUS now scientifically proven a intergovernment cleanup of public(war on humanity) operation

Why have they CLAIMED OUT LOUD for months that number of infected was reduced when one was in fact increasing itself according to new statistics - governments alone removed restrictions for people for months !!! What happened in meanwhile !!???? Detectors used in process to detect virus lied and now are working again !!??? Acceptable theory !!????

Vsi imajo probleme s takoimenovanimi strici iz ozadja

Jst pa ne. Glede na število bedarij v mojem primeru nikakor ne more kriviti oziroma še najmanj lahko krivim za njih takoimenoavne strice iz ozadja. Dejstvo je da je bil Milan Kučan daleč najbolj trezna glava ob razpadu Jugoslavije in še dolgo po njem. Glede Danila Turka prav tako tukaj ni več obstoječih zamer ker sam nevem kako bi odreagiral...malo me je sicer ujezil Drnovšek ker se frajerja delal - češ da je cool in mu je lahko(vseeno) ampak iskreno mislim da se je znašel tudi on v situaciji ki so pogosto zahtevale njegovo celotno psiho. Slovenija majhna kot je nima kaj dosti vpliva na tuje politike katere se je še Rusija otresala od strahu pred smrtjo - sej je blu hudu ampak v vojni z celotno Nemško nacistično državo ki je imela-ima podaljšek celo v ZDA - Londonu in drugje ni možno da bi bilo lahko oziroma sploh kakorkoli drugače. 

Turkey and Iran against tiny Armenia - I feel for people on both sides, but Turkish and Irani politicians are extremists(vicious haters)

I will not condemn Azerbajani or Irani or Turkish for a simple reason - don't want them to feel them uncomfortable if worse comes to worse God forbid(situation could well develop into Syria #2 as Armenia is not a single Christian state on this globe as you know). Why not trade lands on both sides and seek peaceful solution for both parties now when its time before it gets too late !!???? Turkey genocide Armenian people historically - Its how half of Turkey came to life today known as Turkey. Iran too became upon death of Shah Pahlavi nothing more than radical state incapable to handle even own state affairs with peaceful calibrated moderate diplomacy and this in worst since WWII times(during well prepared global nazi triumph). Horror. People get killed on both sides daily and you all know we will have to talk about it sooner than latter. Hundreds of tanks on their way from Turkey to Armenia - hi-tech drones massacre of Armenian armored vehicles bombing of civil population on both sides - death soldiers left and right...conflict which is increasing and not about to stop at any time...whatever is that you do, just stop it.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

MK Ultra - Jennifer Teege(Göth) visited me numerous times to Miami/I met her in Germany where brought for Merkel's camouflage purposes

She should be(if you ask me) a German president, so country would have something to offer to itself and to the world vs hatred which is based in Berlin. She is German version of Obama. Hope vs HATE !!!


To make it look as we don't prejudge against Slovenian minority in Austria since the whole GERMAN crime against you is about to come out on a bright daylight

What our view will remain on Slovenian people "IF YOU"

More "IF YOU" countermeasures - Austria Will Keep Border Controls with Slovenia to May 2021

Turkish drones a FREE GERMAN gift to Turkey for the sake of the war on Russia

2008/2010 - Inside of the Turkish drone command center where brought by Germans in presence of Angela Merkel where on my where/what question I was answered with was I cite, "this is weapon which will defeat Russia"...drones back then were rated by Germans as the most lethal weapon in German arsenal in service of them all. Yes, German Turkish crises, yes Canada stop sales of weapons to Turkey, yes Trump hails Russia but real answer to above is hiding in raising demand with which Russia will be conditioned....weapon sales can be reopened tomorrow or can run underground, Trump is tarnishing Russian reputation(numerous accounts from MK Ultra gestured he is actually hard core anti Russian enemy), Macron dreamed about protecting Polish airspace with nuclear capable Dassault Rafale planes AGAINST RUSSIA already in 2005/2006(not selling them, but again option to use their services above Polish sky) which he did offered to Poland in 2019/2020....Germany called for civil war in Belarus and so on...Tikhanovskaya and Navalny(they go both back to 1997 if not even 1996) are both products of DIRECT German assembly line manufactured to create state crises and the same thing was preparing for Caucasus...a bit here a bit there - new pipeline via Mediterranean...what do they want !!??? 

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 If you recognize my MK Ultra case as factual presence in Belarus, I will charge Tsikhanouskaya and Navalny with murder attempt as they presented through me views that weren't mine(BOTH ALSO POSED WITH ME IN GERMANY DURING MK ULTRA WHICH WS USED TO SHADOW ME WITH LIES EVEN MORE), but instead those of whom they serve = Germany. 

What bounds us Slavs more even than DNA

This here for what we have to thank foremost Germany for as there is something be thankful about one....

Germany openly calls for civil war in Belarus - demands bloodshed without mercy just 75 years after Hitlers' tanks ran over one on its way to Moscow !!!

Belarus opposition to call country-wide strike if President Lukashenko doesn't resign

Its a shame for Poland, Czech rep. and others to bow down infront of nazi swastika which never ever since the end of the WWII was as evident as is today.

I call for German puppet states what EU is to become independent countries again by placing on a first place their own interests rather than servitude to German Reich(jail of the nations what EU is) for the sake of the human slavery. 

Slovak Boris Kollar is a good and great man.

He have done what others were/are hiding from. What others shamed to admit, he and his women DID !!!

If I ever make it through on time, Amazona will be on the list of my biggest projects(total rehabilitation of one) - Brazilian government burning jungle deliberately and foreign governments doing nothing to stop lunacy

For foreign governments, political agendas come first - but they don't realize their political agendas are going against earth's rules. They talk talk and never do anything about it. Some of them even own pets at home. What for, I don't know.

I removed some stuff

Don't push, so you don't have to go to jail as this time you are proven on the wrong side of the table and once I start if you do get me into the right mode(you are very close now) I will not get off your backs. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Nope, in 2008 huge construction went on as if they would build brand new house(cube was gone for good)

 Related to

In 2008 as if from scratch as told.

The last changed on this property was rear...

We will add to video about Kurdish friend data as following(IN CASE SOMEONE WANTS TO ARGUE WITH MY MEMORY)

Building seen on video(crossing point between Belarus/Poland) was just dressed into wood - covered into wood. Cosmetically rearranged(dressed in wood as I stated). Last portion of building was remodeled in the back of the building...this was a cemented - greenish colored building(light green - pale color)...cube alike building with another entrance in the rear - adjacent to one was some kinds of trailer or something(another smaller cube in the rear) the back once remodeled all went under one roof and possible is that portion of rear was even removed such as little long cube along which was entrance into the building....last remodelled was portion of whatever is in the rear...We would enter through here into Belarus from Poland since 1997 or even is remodeling over the time which even guards probably remember no more(rail attendants in Poland didn't any longer but I did - it pays off to play stupid at times - I was questioned on what I remembered and if I did remembered electroshocks most severe with all kinds of fake scenarios followed up on me).

I cite AmeroGerman brainwash, "if Russia makes it into UN, you are as good as dead and will never make it - its Russia that want you dead - its Russia that holds you back as good as dead"

Russia was my closet, under the bed, inside of the fridge, and watching me under the water whenever swimming in Miami...It was about Russia and China - still is from what I see China was worse according to AmeroGerman neonazi bandits...

Stollen telephone used along SD cards to browse my online accounts thanks to Czech police

Its a waste of time and space on here to comment totally mindless acts(not incompetent, but instead criminal) of Czech police.

Monday, October 12, 2020

MK Ultra - Recognized yet another Kurdish friend and his family involved in MK Ultra and this via Facebook

I met gentleman few days ago. He liked my videos and commenced innocent conversation via messenger with me which one led into my identifying him and his entire family as well as Belarus crossing point....If I was brought to this crossing point, I could give detailed description of how one was remodeled from older model - step by step over time remodeling. Was finished I believe even in 2011(certainly in 2013).


Czech terrorist Andrej Babis(Garbich) planned on creating a cluster via issues seen here for which I now realized already took place in the past

Andrej Babis is an animal - hyena in human body who had and has nothing other than the most malicious criminal indents against me. He insisted with "few days after breaking you car to help you out"(even with "to help you out") video about him resigning - blaming into hisopponent would be released +  that he is the only politician in Czech rep. who cares about Slovak people and would use against me his call to Slovaks to gain their sympathy prior to breaking my car. He released his call prior to breaking my car and replicated by one of his supporters an "resignation" scam on Sept. 21(5 days after my car was vandalized, and my being robbed even of telephones) while pointing at another to Slovakia acording to him because Slovakia that was extremely supportive and could cause Poland/Czech rep. a problems....

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Throat cancers most frequently are given as was told

 at dentists. Was told they drop something unto specific area and cancer grows out of it lie mushrooms after the rain. 

Better version of throat cancer presented me Heidi Klum who often hosted parties. I cite, "its where people have one night stands even cheating often on spouses and end up waking up with most severe problems"(obviously she doesn't have anything to do with it, but warned me on how its done). Whoever gets ahold of one via MK Ultra its lie holding title to individual's life. Its been like this for ages now on West.

CORRECTION: Tanja Fajon was involved in my MK Ultra case since 2004/2005 and know her husband since 1998 when one was not officially even a "leftist"(leftist career was chosen for him by Merkel alone)

While I am very concerned for Tanja's well being, I do not want to know about the rest due to above explained facts. Tanja blamed me for inability to have children(even that she will destroy me if I wouldn't give her chance to get involved) - that something was done to her(pregnancy related) when on mission abroad on which she departed according to her words because of me - to help me out. None of which I am disputing and due to what I will never turn back on her, but as far as her hubby its a no no. She alone had no clue about 1998 as stated above. 

German neonazi Veit-Ulrich Braun(involved in my MK Ultra case some 16/17 perhaps more years) now becomes one of the most influential people in Slovenia through his spouse Tanja Fajon(ALSO involved in MK Ultra case but not anywhere even near as German neonazi now her husband Veit-Ulrich Braun).

Tanja Fajob became as of today a president of social democrats in Slovenia of which long time leader was current president Borut Pahor.

In the book of scams/crime/violence psychologists prepared via MK Ultra in respect to my case for Donald Trump - Trump has nothing to look forward too any longer

 its all behind(hardest political issues finished - my trust based on nothing but AmeroGerman betrayal failed indefinitely) and brutally points in his direction as the source of crime.

MK ULTRA AUDIO - 2 of 2 - I identified even first van of Czechs friend in Old Bohumin brought for him from Italy by friend via Italian delegation in 1996 1997

Video can be also seen at
On this video I have also recognized another individual whom I have never met during my entire stay(ITS WHEN I SUGGEST AS CAN BE HEARD ON AUDIO A SMALL HOUSE BEHIND ANOTHER HOUSE RIGHT NEXT HIS NEIGHBOR'S DOOR WHERE THEY HAVE A SMALL NOW OLD DOG) and that is because one turned at one point even against his own community for the sake of Berlin's America...this is yet another neighbor from friend(were all same age and know each other since same time - 1996) whom you can hear if you speak Polish or Czech confirming me my MEMORY about his Fiat imported from Italy in 1996/1997 - this is all boys from the same street closest to the lakes which we would pass since 1995/1996 numerous times....I have also identified tree passage from the past used on creek....

Saturday, October 10, 2020

1 of 2 - I identified even first van of Czechs friend in Old Bohumin brought for him from Italy by friend via Italian delegation in 1996 1997

Many others I have met over the years(they met me under MK Ultra not that I would met them) either died or became crippled - Eddie Van Halen died of throat cancer just this week for example...Probably 30% of people that would bump into me during MK ultra would endup either dead or crippled of which some 15% or so(I estimate -  Dan Smith would be and hope is proud of me) had throat cancers...I explain in details what caused and who a death/devastation in Czech republic - further in Belarus. I explain to Slavs(remind Pollacks and Czechs) where our place is on earth, so there wouldn't be any mistakes about who and what we are. The October month surprise Donald promised you on the side is here, but not quite according to his forecasts. Andrej Babis, Andrej Babiš...Andrzej Duda - Morawiecki...
Video can be also seen at


I helped him save your Skoda factory by insulting Russian delegation in the face(drugged up during MK Ultra) in 1995/1996 when brought to Czech Rep. for economic summit. They wanted entire industry in Russia and I loudly protested what got large attention from observers and what eventually landed you jobs...Milos Zeman was extremely concerned for all of you and is a very patriotic pro Czech individual. He saved you more than just Skoda and got you huge market also in Russia, Israel and elsewhere...most important, he is a real Slavic figure I do not want to recon with. Wish him only the best.

@Putin/Lukashenka - OPEN QUESTION FOR BOTH

 Why do you allow to be called "communist dictators" by Western main stream media and Merkel politicians when neonazi war clearly(one must be either blind not to see it or simply a collaborator of one) was waged against people of United States of America and freedom oriented societies on the West !!?????