Saturday, October 17, 2020

Keith Rainere involved in MK Ultra till one opened his church - Its when I was told he will be off the picture soon

Since George W. Bush's family was involved, royals, and numerous other top heads - they wouldn't allow whatever Keith granted himself on his own. It presented too much risk for mentioned and its how they got him off the picture. Just so you know how/why. I was in his church during MK Ultra - they brought me in where numerous beautiful women attended and I decided to just remain there, but handler Daniel Smith decided to drag me out so bye bye...little I cared about what went on when drugged it went for no less than 23 years. Talk about it if you dare specially after you were told(before they came to pick me up in reality|) will be taken to a mental hospital for repeating allegations. No, you have nooo idea about hell I went through. Those from West who claimed were doing it all for me, crossed me as good as dead on a day 1 when whole thing begun. Twilight zone multiplied with 1000.
They got him by using one or two females from my MK Ultra case which they attached themselves unto him - its how they begun to collect evidence and upon decent time lapse handcuffed one.

Not to be mistaken with Frederic Laroche WHO ALSO WAS INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA, and who on my disappointment disappeared from Facebook once I attempted to talk to one without even saying goodbye to me - after so many years he had access to appear in MK Ultra...did nothing bad, but nothing good either. Saying this because two are somewhat lookalike I don't want anyone to gesture mistakes on my behalf. This case involved thousands of people and thousand of business in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, etc...even in China and Japan - globally.

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