Sunday, October 25, 2020

Coronavirus MOST LIKELY(what I was told case will be) disseminated via store outlets - ventilation systems - SPIKE HIKE goes on simultaneously all over the world

Just enter "coronavirus country"(for country enter wherever you are) and you will get data graph provided by google. There is something super duper stinky about Trumpsters - supporters of global neonazi movement. These "leaders"(although physically most of them nothing more than whimpets mupets one would clean away with pencil rubber) are also super resistant and in some cases their spouses/children not afected with virus at all - latest such case is Duda for example.

This sadistic photo tells it all...
Just the one laughing on one may soon no longer laugh(actions of Balosano are evident). Bizarre 

Public areas - stay away from ventilation systems even while walking on streets.

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