Friday, October 30, 2020

It was not my job to go to Poland and Czech republic etc to identify anything - this was job from the police to investigate which had engaged in violence against me instead

 foremost domestically and when abroad in Poland/Czech rep. Things didn't changed except that I have proven there is absolutely nothing wrong with my brain.

Its the game THEY want because it will be more and more people exposed to this type of treatment - its a new regular/new normal. Nobody ever asked me if I am okay - how am doing....its only violence that goes on.

I have already video recorded about two other neighbors "died"(in their 50s and both very strong men otherwise) - one of the two practically from same household as stop individual who was in Poland already in 1995 and is using these weapons...

They want to be noticed...they don't mind to be unnoticed. Police never returned computer, but stack of letters from psychiatric institutions in Slovenia was awaiting me upon return home...police threatened during MK Ultra will arrest me in case I would decide to stop at the police station in Novo mesto Slovenia to collect my own computer. And so what the f*** is this good for !!????

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