Friday, October 30, 2020

Violence against me goes on.

Written in Slovenia on October 30th, 2020 - neighbor keeps coming into home to attack with directed energy weapons during sleep. For father who also appeared half dead today just like myself(I posted yesterday about Vladimir Putin), was told by neighbor alone under MK Ultra will be killed shortly upon my return from Poland - prior to my departure to Poland in 2018, he too fell on the floor when on his way back to room at night and ever since things went bad for him...

Just few days ago, however, he asked according to mother about work where he needed to return "tomorrow" - he retired 30 years ago and there is no work....violence goes on totally uninterrupted and thanks to United Nations totally unnoticed.

The only time sound in my head stopped during my month and half stay back home in Slovenia is when I mentioned sound in head(24/7 torture) on Auser Times's news site two weeks ago or so - and even that was again for a single day.

Neighbor destroyed already within first few days brand new electric power extension which I brough with me from Poland, have stolen brand new SD card out of my wallet the first day upon my arrival and so on...

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