Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I was wrong

Its the same thing as was in Poland. They don't want us(the world - the people) to get along. I was wrong to respond to selected few with such anger. This butcherous tactic that was used on me(I alone feel became a destruction tool), I am afraid, will be used to divide world yet again. Its why I am ashamed I failed at latest test and responded with such anger. For cold war tactics look no elsewhere than into White House, Buckingham palace, Berlin - not into people. World(people) must unite against evil of the past on all fronts. I apologize.
Its why I left Poland temporary...toxic atmosphere created through selected few by Duda/Morawiecki there made me realize that is not worth developing hatred against whole nation and life itself for the sake of foreign political agendas they serve. 

We as a people must detest hatred as such...we must make them face justice - hold them responsible for their crimes or we will fail as the world.

I sure will return to Poland and in Czech republic. I love both.

People who hate are ruled easily and anything can be done with them - just remember this wherever you are. In search for evil look no further from those whom you can see shake in anger or pose with smiles on front covers of magazines while covering up past crimes against innocent people.

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