Monday, October 26, 2020


World as is, is coming to an end. For the difference of conflict from 75 years ago, numerous super deadly combinations for self extinction of this planet exist. Perhaps 10 + years ago when subjected to MK Ultra, someone told me that if he ordered for you Germans to be nuked out of existence in given moment, he wouldn't make mistake...I protested him whoever person was...It felt like nightmare...I warned him about reciprocal actions rest of the world would take against his nation as a sign of retaliation - he didn't backed down on my surprise. He told me either way, its just a matter of time when day like this will come as his own nation will be left with no choice AGAIN...for me it ended right there - almost....

If only I wouldn't find myself in situation your country created against me...

The day like this will come make no mistake. Rather sooner than latter. Today, I know so.

You are not normal as a human beings. There is something terribly wrong with you. If it wouldn't be, you would have learned from history or/and act according to laws/treaties you signed. The tragedy is you will take rest of the world to THE hell with you.

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