Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Germany openly calls for civil war in Belarus - demands bloodshed without mercy just 75 years after Hitlers' tanks ran over one on its way to Moscow !!!

Belarus opposition to call country-wide strike if President Lukashenko doesn't resign

Its a shame for Poland, Czech rep. and others to bow down infront of nazi swastika which never ever since the end of the WWII was as evident as is today.

I call for German puppet states what EU is to become independent countries again by placing on a first place their own interests rather than servitude to German Reich(jail of the nations what EU is) for the sake of the human slavery. 

@Poland/Czech rep. - I hope you understand Germany wouldn't even think about causing bloodshed in Belarus without your membership in EU and worse your Duda/Morawiecki and Andrej Babis's involvement straight into German corruption involvement in Belarus via which one anticipated to establish just like in Russia a new neonazi supportive state !!!

Don't you see that via Belarus(NOT ONLY CARELESS ACTIONS OF MORAWIECKI WHO LAYED ON HIS KNEES AT GESTAPO SS GRAVEYARD IN MUNICH TO PAY THEM RESPECT FOR THEIR WAR CRIMES AGAINST US ALL), they are vindicating own history from blunders they caused to Europe/ world and foremost Slavs which plan was to exterminate us just 75 years ago !!?????
Take your heads out of German sand and start using them. They don't serve as decoration as German teach you...

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