Thursday, January 31, 2019

Joghurts(450g each) and other food were bought outside of the center

Home made Jam brought straight home and tested before sleep.

Not good at all and I care less and less about it all to tell you the truth...

My health situation related more to cirrhosis than anythig else



I ate 5 jougourts within two days... sound in head disappeared for two days... I ate three spoons of old jam yesterday given to me by friend,  sound exploded yet again...

Those who do like tobtalk to me about MKultra,  please know that I will not sign any kind of document till cleared by physicians as 100% healthy. A smallest sign of problem with liver will land whole thing on court(will benonegotiations of any kibd in that case). Just need you to understand what have you created. For me,  urgency eqals to ZERO. If worse comes to the worst for me,  I will at least have people see what you(beasts in my eyes and in eyes if God who made my testimony possible)  are...

Updated on October 27th, 2020:
On October 27th, 2020 this very news surfaced up and I no longer am even in Poland(Immigration center Grotniki where this was written is now long behind me), but individual who brainwashed me on eating joughourt and drinking milk under MK Ultra seems to be very very concerned somehow - his name is Andrzej Duda to make myself clear. Why there was no pressure in head when outside of immigration center for longer time !!??? Because nobody sipped me in drink/food A RUST have used directed energy weapons as the case was with permanent lodging in Poland. Now you know. 

Gland nodes at one point all over my chest(Fujitsu) were bulged to the size of marble glass ball and yes - painful. Very painful.

Infected gland nodes I assume are sensitive to certain food elements/additives once damaged for a such a lengthy amount of time - lady who gave those home made goodies to me was involved in MK Ultra as one of the first people - she got them from Grotniki's immigration neighbor who was just like her involved in MK Ultra. I know both for over 22 years. Lady who gave me these goodies is related to Mr. Kaczynski and Duda - straight to Warsaw - those were frequent guests in her house and Kaczynski even assisted her cousin to retire well....

Thanks for bringing this up Mr Polish president.

Working my way straight to original theme

Completed tomorrow ;)

Who Matthew Whitaker is...

A neonazi criminal who participated in all dealings of Donald
Trump with Russians since sometimes in 2002/2003 

Was on every meeting(meetings behind the curtain) in Poland ever since.

I understood(was told) that Donald Trump alone feared him(is very aggressive) and was even assisted by Poles on occasion(probably occasions).

How is my memory Mr. Whitaker !!???

What friend is

Many on this world who would love to confuse one on this very issue, but here is what you should know - plain facts on what friend is:


A friend is someone you love and who loves you, someone you respect and who respects you, someone whom you trust and who trusts you. A friend is honest and makes you want to be honest, too. A friend is loyal.



By Bostjan Avsec

Even as a victim of mentioned politicians, I have learned to deal with one - accept one, they can't. 


Not only Serbian UDBA(KGB) via Melania Trump's father, but Czechoslovakia's KGB spy agency targeted Donald Trump in 1980s through wife Ivana's father as well, archive files reveal

And how not...he looking promising from the very beginnings...real pearl brainwise.
Irresistible bait for those which wanted to erode democracy - wipe country out of existence as is happening today. Related to
KGB figured out if anyone could ruin world(screw US and entire world), it would be self declared genouis from US...THE "ART OF THE DEAL" MAKER.

What about Polish workers which you have abused along Mexicans and others in Chicago !!???? You paid them way less than US workers and no insurance/social security and so on...

For Polish workers as little as $4 an hour while working 12-hour shifts without hard hats, gloves, or masks to demolish the Bonwit Teller building in 1980.
If US immigration services wanted to catch illegal workers, all they had to do was visit one of the Trump's construction sites or even home...criminal built his entire wealth on cheating US Government(US taxpayers) and undocumented workers(some went home injured even without any compensation for injuries suffered at work), today one is using  same system to kill competition. 

Chicago in 2008 which I saw with my own eyes not new in Trump's criminal career..
Meet the real evil

I have changed profile photo in respect to British Royals for now

You have taken Russian bait and one was very costly for Eastern Europe. If you plan on pursuing something like Brexit(Russian bait and dream of destroying EU), however, photo will be back.

More bizarre news from the White House: Son of KGB idiot in the White House calls for daddy to declare state emergency over border wall - "daddy just use executive power to build a border wall"


Have learned more yesterday about one(librarian) than under entire MKultra procedure + 5 months long stay here

She was deeply concerned(panicking mode that went as far as depriving me of almost one hour upon my arrival and even attempt for some more as 3 out of 4 computers didnt work - have spent day on the phone mouthing/loughing loudly with friends rather than to call for assistance)  about my earning any penny over online surveys...

No I don't care what she does... I just want to be capable to use public services after two phones were destroyed(one stollen) and laptop incapacitated... thats all. I prefer friends and its what hunted me big time in her case due to severe MKultra brainwash(they made whole thing in a way that would make you self doubt about who one trully is - see signs of friendship rather than reality).

No such thing... I have nothibg to do with her otger than stated above.

I have cancelled transfer request for another location and bureau(building office) suggested that transfer request was not even sent to Warszaw, but

Possible conflict with librarian according to MKultra scenario would be immediate reason...

Warszaw is affraid of my receiving potential information(for whom librarian works - Kaczynsky) from other residents and want to keep monopoly in this case at all costs... Time to give me whatever you have is now or never... 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

When brought to Poland in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 - I had a long hair(front) and name used was Bob/Bobby

Understand that governments implicated many situations with actors who would order me to approach them in future and request from them tapes... I can't do stuff like this because it would cause me a problem after everything I have gone through(they set you up - few recordings like thus abd you are ruined as they record everything) ... you on the other hand if interested to help can do so...

I do not have anything to do with female librarian from Grotniki(Ustronie) other than to use library services whenever library is open... I understandquite a few issues with her and her friends whuch were very problematic for people in vicinity after MKultra ended(would lure local people in respect to proofs in a trap and cause them problems to have exclusive rights to those for themselves).

There were Americans who at the end gestured on how will be between me and this group of whatever is thgat you do like to call them as... you can eat your proofs guys is all I can say to you - others are morevthgan welkcome to comne forward with and will be awarded.

Thank you

Video - TIME TO ACT IS NOW AND NOT TOMORROW: Where highest world politicians were hiding in Polish Lodz area

Video can be also seen at

I call upon Polish people who wittnessed ordeal to come up with physical audio/video recordings as soon as possible.  You see me,  you know me... Dont wait as longer we wait more we all loose. 
Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

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Use separate account for this online surveys(account where you can receive spam mail etc.) and not your main email account.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Иди на хуй ('Idi na hui') ГОВОРИТ РУССКИЙ РТ НОВОСТИ ПОСЛЕ ОФИЦИАЛЬНЫХ БЛОКОВ ПЕНТАГОНА РУССКИЕ ТРОЛЛИ: Pentagon ex-official Twitter-blocks journalists who point to Ukraine MP’s neo-Nazi ties

SAYS RUSSIAN RT AFTER PENTAGON OFFICIAL BLOCKS RUSSIAN TROLLS ON TWITTER...I will not translate words above nor did those officially appear anywhere, but I can hear then from the distance 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Yes it is: Morawiecki realizing energy almost as important as military security: Polish PM

But, you can't have one without the other is teh most important detail. Russians will not allow and others won't either. Related to 
I realize that for numerous this are unpleasant(heavy) subjects to discuss, but for nation's survival they are a must. Poland can and must...Poland owes to itself due to history which must not repeat. Ukraine and others in region must either follow or be swollen by evill from the past.

Russians concerned for Mr. Bitcoin and Western democracies - US Assange Treatment: ‘Extraordinary for Supposedly Democratic Nation’ – Analyst

No nono...not connected to Russia at all, Mr. Bitcoin rejects any kinds of relation between him and arrested Trumpist's pro Russian playboy Roger Stone.
Big time genious....interprenour.

In respect to Alex Jones - Mr COINTELPRO

He was involved in mentioned MKultra opeartion all along...alll along. There was nothing major this individual wouldn't or that doesn't know about Trump/Bush and Putin's politics...

Is the fakes news reporter that exists today and knows about detailed public brainwashing in both countries much more than I do - he is part of the global neonazi takeover operation.

Serious question for Polish politics

How the hell do you see someone who is supporting at all costs Russia as your partner !!????

Related to Donald Trump

You are gonna have to draw a fine and clear line between what you see as your allies and enemies. Decide for the nation as per what one wants to become. You are pivotal for future developments in Ukraine on which you yourself depend on(both nations do) and therefore have to take a lead concerning the two.

KGB criminal in the White House lifts sanctions on Russian mafia - The Trump administration has lifted sanctions on three firms linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, an ally of President Vladimir Putin.

US Government so concerned for human rights and investigative about "possible" Russian meddling(Trump's personal involvement with KGB) in US politics sees/ hears/ knows nothing about anything that is happening(Nastya Ribka arrested and tortured for few days in Moscow in respect to Donald Trump before released - nothing was done for her on behalf of US Government when arrested in Thailand for no less than months) before our do have to be idiot to trust investigations at this point. Watch
What US Government is like at this point and time and or what is expected from us to belive in...we are investigating WHAT exactly !!????

NOBODY DESERVES RUSSIAN OIL/GASS - RUSSIAN "PIPE DREAM" DILEMMA IN RESPECT TO NORWEGIAN OIL/GASS ANSWERED: Poland’s gas pipeline ambition is just a pipe dream, industry expert tells RT

Everybody in this world incl. Russians deserves better that Russian(present) energy resources - more !!!
Russia has nothing to offer and even less to lough about to anyone...added Norwegian oil option to what you see here is a very positive one.

Putin gestores that WWII history of Leningrad(today's St. Petersburg) shouldn't be forgotten in respect to nazis, but forgets to mention who murdered 632,000 people of which nearly 4,000 people were starved to death on Christmas Day, 1941

Word "Gemany" or "German" before "nazis" doesn't come out of Putin's mouths...not easily and not at all...youi may be asking yourself why...
Not difficult to understad is quite obvious about who is financing war(was about 40 billion USD a year in 2016/2017 which for broken economy in which over 20 million Russians subsit on less than $140 per month is astronomical ammount of money) against Ukraine and entire Eastern Europe. It is evill and historical. Will Poland and Ukraine somehow manage to break away from abusive neighborhood's relationship is questionable...Russia and Germany will not let go easily.
Knows nothing about who did it and his tactics are no different from those in the past we have seen.

100 agree with Unian: Calling on Ukraine to compromise with Russian invader "strategically foolish" – media

How can anyone possibly call for compromise with terrorists that invaded your homeland(have stolen huge portions of one and are engaging in terrorism) and have even murdered over 15 milion citizens in the past via starvations is strategically smart move for agressor that is related to main stream media news on the West via Israel, but not for Ukraine. Ukraine need to arm itself to teeth and create comonwealth with Poland, Baltic states and even Belarus.

Just what makes you believe that you have the right to act the way you act because you are big and related to us...Poland, Ukraine, Baltics, and even Belarus should cut loose those who demonstrate ageression(and take) only and at the same time give nothing in return - what Russia does. 

Open up instead to those who give - act as eqaul partentners.

This is used yet as another MKultra proof for authorities. Facts undeniable

Related to This are facts undeniable and in no way would I know personal details about someone who worked for Schawzenegger(helper on ranch of Maria if I remember properly) if not for him disclosing me details.

Got very very upset with the two yesterday, but they actually helped me out as I see, so I would like to thank both of you.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Two ex MKultra staff Members identified

Both were here in Poland. After identifying first one via friend's wall, things turn nasty as promissed would under MKultra in case I would cause problems - problems which they created me and problems which they have declined to resolve for no less than 12 years(since MKultra ended). One is few kilometers away from George W. Bush' ranch(Texas) and other is from Merced, California was like a chain reaction after I dared to contact one.
Have contacted one last night at 2335 hours as you see. Just wanted to say nice about it, but got in return reminded of not a very nice stuff I was threatened with under MKultra...that I would be evaluated and then given that last chance(change my logos of Facebook news site and so on, so those wouldn't touch elites who decide everything about me via human rights courts and so on) another words that Americans will decide all about me and others like Poland will just have to comply with it.

Poland removed from my genocide claim against Russia, Slovenia, and Serbia

The truth is that few days ago, I was hurt beyond what is known to any of you as beyond...the truth is that I do want my Polish angel more than anything in this world and truth is that no country can offer me more in this world than Poland - that is if we all do our parts.

I am becoming seriously tired of Poroshenko - Russia-Ukraine Enter Gas Transit Talks

His latest actions as far as separate Ukrainian church were encouraging, but what I see here is bad bad counters(destroys/kills) plane logic. It is related to
Why you want to give him as an Ukrainian other than rope arround his neck I do not know...perhaps Poroshenko can explain us. About 11.000 Ukrainians murdered and larg parts of Ukraine stollen from one...yeah, as well as mind give him more money(first you gave nukes away, then large parts of Ukraine disappeared/numerous people killed and numerous ran out of Ukraine for life, and for all you have paid for yourself - some things just never change).

HOLOCAUST was only a Hitler's pretext for real German goal(final solution which still exists), but Morawiecky either doesn't know or is just playing stupid - Polish PM says Hitler's Germany responsible for Holocaust, not Nazis

Either doesn't know(understands meaning of one itself) or perhaps(most likely is fact) have entwingled himself into AmeroGerman/ Scandinavian/ Israeli neonazi politic. Either way, his conduct is vey bad for Polish and other nations...related to or

What we have today in America since Georger W. Bush is not an coincidence....its where WWII started - its where technology and moral support arrived to Germany for new war.

ZIONAZI outlet Reuters calls a bundle of Polish traitors(sellouts) a far right "nationalists" who protested Auschwitz camp liberation ceremony

Thas right(truth is right/nazism is wrong)...bundle of criminals dressed Roger Stone which appeared for most bizarre ceremony were elevated by main stream media outlet into Polish nationalists.
ZIONAZISM is real...duty of Jews and Poles should be to fight one, but with leadership in our countries, we are loosing war against one.

Here is what real Polish nationalists look like
Eqauling victims with their assasins is wrong even that some of those victims today identify themselves with as neonazis due to own extermination agenda - best example is situation in Lebanon. And just because they identify themselves today with neonazism, it doesn't mean that we have to settle for their ideals and same goes for wearing red uniforms as the case is in Moscow(parading in those while standing up for something totally opposite).

Sunday, January 27, 2019

I retract my statement in respect to Polish psychologist which I posted the other day On my news site

Only if I make it through. 

Politic is dirty/filthy game...I would have never ever get into one if not compelled for the hell of are too precious to dirt your hands with one.

UPDATE: Will update my claim tomorrow as there are too many issues with tablet

Polish amblem found its way back on my cap - Dont allow your country to die with Adamowicz funeral

Dont allow tragedy of national hero become funeral of your beloved homeland Poles... freedom is worth fighting for and die for !!! Funeral of hero was touchy as it should be,  but dont be carried away with one.  We mourned yesterday,  but today is the day again for struggle(what life is).
Best way to fight depression is not to fight with one on the first place,  and instead ensure that you rather invest in productivity - work. 
You owe to your children and ancsetry who relentlessy fought for your freedom. 

When it comes to crime, Warsaw doesn't know what is too low

Warsaw gets my "roomate" steal from my wallet Polish national emblem after even anesthetics were used to vandalize my belongings during sleep

Video can be also seen at
Not hard for you and for yours alike Mr. Morawiecky... traitor is your proffession. 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Adamowich was from Gdansk

Not Warsaw...totally different political was time to whack him too !!!

And you will investigate his case !!???

Genocide claim against Poland will be removed tomorrow

If I don't see you Poles move your butts in rights direction; however, it will be back !!!

Related to

Now you also understand why Adamowich was murdered

Warsaw is EVILL !!!!

My friends, we have a work to do

I do begun with handcuffing Duda, Morawiecky, Kaczinsky and so on.

I have proofs of what was done to me and we can all see why it was done to me !!!!

Now you understand why Warsaw did what they have done to me in Poland when filing for Political asylum there in 2018

Related to

@Kaczinsky(host of Italian fascist Salvini) and his students...

You never ever looked smart to me to be honest...I have realised that something is very wrong(you only lied and lied) with you already under MKultra. With me, you will learn how to dance.

Thank you retards

I call all Polish patriotic people on war against Warsaw

I knew answer to my genocide claim against Slovenia and Russia would get fast answer once Poland would be added to one

This are people who hate me and all are also traitors to Poland...

Kachinski and his students Morawiecki, Duda and so on...Poland was added yesterday to other two countries, news seen also was released yesterday. My idea of Poland is a total independence if one, theirs is a servitude to Moscow.

I cite Kachinsky, "we don't want nukes and other weapons of mass destruction because someone could trigger button against Moscow...its better to stay never know what could happen if radicals took over in Poland"...

We know the truth now...I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE...will stay right here in Poland and also call Ukraine and Belarus for assistance in this matter. And Czhech rep. and Slovakia.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Screen recorders used to transmit my information via WiFi or bluetooth

This is nothing more than Islamo(related straight to Afghanistan and Arabia where Al-Qaeda was/is based) Russian terrorism on a large scale. Russians gave them toys and assured them safe play in Poland via Polish state.

While these issues may be repaired even easily for some, know that all appeared at the same time with other cluster.

Video part #4(the most important one) is missing because one needs to be repaired(one wouldn't either play or even upload).
Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

xxxxxx(must be repaired)
Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at 

Ivanka Trump not even Russian and look what she accomplished for Russia

Czech/ doesn't matter. Results are visible.

Political asylum option in Poland worse than prison

You can at least read books and study inside of the prison. Something I was not allowed so far in Poland when filing for political asylum. I would have learned more Polish language if having two full time jobs abroad.

Video can be also seen at 

Video can be also seen at 

To the genocide claim against Russia and Serbia, Poland was also added

Poland have done and does it, because one doesn't care...and one doesn't care because one never was held responsible for its criminal deeds. Held responsible translates into a heavy financial fine. Related to

I hope to receive positive court justice decision as soon as possible(for murderous KGB criminal and his family be removed from White House) and return back home

To US(only once I receive court compensation as I wouldn't dare to step on American floor otherwise) but to the place of my own choice. 23 years wasted on nothing but torture.

@Trump...You are a cancer to America - everything normal in this world.

Transfer request for immigration facility submitted

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Have successfully blocked virus from telephone which is used to turn your screen recording software into web transmitor

Whenever I would use camera or other programs, screen recording programs would be trigered and this way all my information was observed via Wifi or Bluetooth by residents of this Russian Al-Qaeda center in Grotnikih.

Would love to turn for immediate attention in respect to this issue to police, but where is police when you need one(over 20kilometers from here and they would also confiscate me tablet just as was done in Slovenia with new laptop)...Russians have armed their partners very very well.

This is by far worse than keylogger...

Beside Islamic Chechen Russians we also have at least two Islamic Russians from Tajikistan. Its the same thing. They are all confused(alarmed) today because of this issue.

Russia is not choosy in respect to partnership concerning crime...this place overly stinks

Here is my driver's licence, so you can compare one with information about Melania

My birth date(age), my birth place and so on...

When you change food menu after being accused of creation of cirrhosis case

What do you if not indirectly admitting guilt in crime. Related to

If you had nothing to fear, you wouldn't change food menu in any way.

My doppelganger on political platform, Australian KGB asset known as Juluan Assange does yet another shadow copy of my case to silence me

They censor you(turn video view numbers 1000 or more into one), ignore you on courts and police, and even shadow you.
With a KGB asset in the White House and even with what you see here, things can become very very complicated.

Each and every time governments took criminal steps against me, this very individual surfaced - is used to steer attention from real case into a artificial issues created by US gov. alone with idea to destabilise world for thgecsake ifvthe Russia("new normal is abnormal" recepe used to drive world insane, so one would tolerate somehow whatvwevwitnes is on political stage)...Julian Assange was involved in MKultra along with Donald Trump(this criminal who is a very close friend of Slovenian KGB philosopher Slavoj Zizek assisted Trump in elections), got extremely well compensated for his work via Russian crypto currency known as bitcoin.
Slavoj Zizek who was involved in MKultea case against me is also from Slovenia just as Melania Trump is.

Food menu changed in immigration center since my complain about possible cyrhosis

Video can be also seen at
Here is what food service(where food is given out) area looks like:
 It is actually illegal to serve food in immigration center from behind bar area as seen here as people don't even know what was thrown inside of their meals or drink.

In Poland, I should spek either Serbian or Russian to communicate with police

Two ununiformed individuals unexpectedly(no prior announcement or anything) arrived from Zgierz....I would say for what I do not know since my situation in respect to safety was not their concern, but what they have used as an pretense for a visit. Male after my declining to communicate in Polish wanted to communicate in Serbian language primarily...or Russian or even Czech or Slovak would go....

Another two headphones destroyed

Video can be also seen at 

Examination appointment with neurologist, source of viruses and anesthetics

Video can be also seen at 

Within first two months in Poland, I have suffered no less than 4 heavy colds - more than in my entire 10 years combine. Fifth one came due to use of specific cigarettes inside if the room to which I am allergic.

Use of anesthetics in my case and its consequences for Polish state

Video can be also seen at 

Learn about role of local facility physician in mentioned deeds...this individual have also disregarded repeatedly(for 5 months) my need to replace glasses since they were destroyed upon my arrival to Poland.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Warsaw locks down library yet for another two days

Its real - the closest library us distanced 21 km walk (both ways).

Polish consul sent home from Norway...

I would like to yell its neonazi/fascist way as I did in the past, but real question is what is happening in Poland and across the Eastern Europe..."take and give" goes both ways, but this will never become clear in heads of people who make important decisions on behalf of people across the Eastern Europe.
Those who consequently suffer are on the bottom of the societies - defenceless Polish families who run abroad for piece of bread and people like myself(politically persecuted people) which are sold and resold by both sides.

Truth is I have lost totally interest in Poland and no longer want to even

walk distance of 100 meters to immigration center where they give out lunch.

Have not felt like this yet in my life time.

From being eager for life to loosing interest in life via physical torture...

I requested(have asked about only) transfer to another safer location, but

was told that only 30% of immigrants in Poland are non Russian(Chechen)....70% are Russian citizens.

And there is no immigration location on the West side of the Poland...all locations are located near Russian(either Kaliningrad or Belarus) Border.

Video - Shirt known as 911 from Caritas finds its way back after my suggesting future departure from Poland to Sweden

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

The most cynical(criminal and sadistic) political asylum procedure ever. Learn Polish language what for...
You can see the date when news in respect to Sweden was published clearly

Money for the trip to immigration center in Warsaw finds way back to me after one month and three days of wait

Photo was taken inside of the office at the immigration center in Grotnikih.

 I almost left without any proofs for anything, but you can see(given to me upon request) time and date received on lower right corner... 

As far as Polish politicians and their blah blah in respect to Russia

Actions talk louder than words. And anyone could abd can see what your actions were/are in respect to my case.

My next stop will most likely be Sweden

Eastern Europe won't see me any time soon(most likely ever again).

Don't plan on going through immigration procedure again, so I will most likely end up doing some busenes while here and Poland till established enough for Sweden...get work permit in two weeks or even less(foreign employers as well as females welcome).

Nothing changes in respect to courts. Will continue till I get compensated.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How live streaming was done according to my American friends....


This is what I was told, but internet streaming option is more likely.

Way to go Trumpy.

Complain against EU Court for Human Rights which was submitted to European Commission on January 17th, might have been modified via hacking into my blogger(gmail) account the very next day...

Poland knows no borders when it comes to crime.
Is complain still the same or not(was one modified the very next day by Russians), I do not know.

More...out of three USB cables which can connect or charge tablet with computer(transfer files), none can transfer files to computer(to any in library) any longer. They are good for charging only and charging is probably twice or even three times slower than what normally the case would be.

How have I detected one

I am not hacker, but hackers did disconnect yet again my wifi from network by deleting me password...this happened frequently on both telephones and also on tablet. I was left without ability to connect to internet as they don't delete only a password, but jam via this immigration center entire wifi adapter on phone/tablet somehow, so phone/tablet has to be restarted or one can't connect to internet...I restarted one and then downloaded program which allows you to repair wifi(adapter - so tablet doesn't have to be restarted each time when they cause damage) issues as well as to demonstrate you who is connected to  wifi router. Program can be downloaded  Name of the program is WIFI Signal strength from North Bridge.

Causing me a problems ended for perpetrators with problems.

Can you see it

Yes you can

Cought Apple device last night(in kitchen) which used my passwords to blogger(gmail) and who knows what other sites - WIFI BENGAL BELONGS TO IMMIGRATION CENTER

There you have it.

This morning

I am not a happy cat

Use of anesthetics against me after compelling me in rooms with ex MKultra staff will cost Polish state big time

Much worse than physical assoult in my eyes. This is where all ends.

Will create video on this subject. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Ukraine arson attack’ leads straight to German neonazi

Its more than just pipeline(German $$$ for war against Eastern Europe from Russian direction) in case is not enough...

There is a long and distinguished history of German statesmen cosying up to Russia for geopolitical comfort.

Pippi Longstocking homeland loosing its charm: Russian activists denied asylum in Sweden: 'We can’t go back'

Are you serous Sweden !!?????
Question is not why...
Alexey Knedlyakovsky and Lusine Djanyan say they fear being arrested and beaten if sent home...

You do be lucky if only arrested and beaten up is how I see it as...

Two Russian opposition activists denied political asylum in Sweden say they fear being arrested and beaten up if they are forced to go home.

Putin's psychosis not a secret: Ukraine could soon cease to exist and Russia sets up NUCLEAR MISSILES near Ukraine border

His mental condition is developing for quite some time. Latest not a surprise, but it should be a stern warning to a healthy human mind. 
Not only insane words, but also actions suggest that Moscow lost touch with reality 100%

Lukashenko denounces(doesn't want anything to do with it) further aggression of Putin on Ukraine - Russia, not us is at war with Ukraine – Belarus president

Poland and Ukraine(West) should make move toward Belarus as the opportunity to libertate Moscow from total lunacy.


At today’s meeting dedicated the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian diplomatic service, Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka has provided a response to those who blamed Belarus for supplying Ukraine with diesel fuel that is then used for military purposes.

Two neonazi idiots met for well anticipated meeting celebration in Belgrade, and instead faced thousands of angry Serbian protesters on streets of Belgrade, other cities

Happy days of CRAZY COUPLE came to and. People know.

US Government wins BIG TIME against 100% legitimate witnessing of Nastya Rybka vs Donald Trump - Putin, "lock her up and torture her - nobody sees, knows, or hears anything".

Fat cat in Washington DC known as pathological liar is sleeping well and other "BRAVE" cats along one as well.
And where are the human  rights activists when you need them for the most legitimate cause !!????

Model who alleged Russian meddling in US election tells Moscow court she will not publish Deripaska recordings 

Anastasia Vashukevich, the model who recorded a former employer of Paul Manafort allegedly discussing US relations with a Russian deputy prime minister during the 2016 election, has promised in a Moscow court not to release any further recordings.