Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Directed energy game in Krka village was recorded already by Americans at bellow residence and declined to stop game by police officer(neighbor) Jerman Metod

Jerman Metod was one of the individuals who also delivered me very early on to Bosnia and had straight ties to Serbian chetnik Arkan - Željko Ražnatović. Željko Ražnatović with whom Slovenian police developed very affectionate(playful) relationship.

After local medical center physicians and head doctor in 1994 declined to perform on me medical examination for overseas work(I paid to center for examination out of my own pocket and they declined - was done instead in Austrian Salzburg) and have threatened me would even proclaim me as an insane if departing for work overseas, this very police 

Kučan Janšatova afera FINSKA Patrija v katero so me spet vpletli in ki je odletela Slovenskemu parlamentu pred očmi publike v vodo

Video si lahko ogledate prav tako na https://youtu.be/3-AkALE-_jQ


Michael Cohen: prosecutors could ‘indict Trump tomorrow’ if they wanted

Michael Cohen: prosecutors could ‘indict Trump tomorrow’ if they wanted

India joins China in supporting Africa to fight new COVID variant, to supply vaccines - China alone pledged delivery of 1bn COVID-19 vaccine doses to Africa OF WHICH 600 MILLION WILL BE DONATED

Great news lining up, one after another, for Africa.👍 Over half the world's vaccines have come from China !!!
Omicron threat | India joins China in supporting Africa to fight new COVID variant, to supply vaccines

The central government has cleared orders placed so far by COVAX for supply of Covishield vaccines to African countries such as Malawi, Ethiopia, Zambia, Mozambique, Guinea and Lesotho. 

Omenjena prodaja je bila uporabljena posledično za sicer nelegalno prodajo orožja prav tako v Nemčiji kjer so Nemci preko mene zaslužili menda toliko kot Britanci z trgovino naftnih derivatov glede Azerbajdana in Kazakhstana.

Nemški profiti z prodajo orožja preko mene osebno(RUSIJA JE BILA ŠTEVILKA ENA KLIENT - Vladimir Putin kot kupec številka ena - number one) so bili enako donosni kot trgovina z naftnimi derivati kakor je kanclerka Angela Merkel ustrajala - pričala. 

O orožju iz Slovenije ki je po Aleksandar Vučićevih besedah unicilo Hrvasko in Bosno

Ironija vsega pa je da se je gospod katerega je možno slišati v pogovoru z mano čutil bolj Jugoslovana kot kdorkoli upleten v zadevo MK Ultra. Poleg omenjenega denarja kateri mu je bil kakor sem slišal pogojevan preko dela(zavod za delo v Sloveniji je pač čudna žival), je gospoda gonila strast o pričevanju v bodočnosti saj me je vlekel in kazal v firmi z lesom kjer nikakor ni in nebi smel - uporabljal načine da bi mi vbil v glavo na vsak način za vrste orožja za katerega je šlo. Če ga je kaj žrlo je bila vest.
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/wvI79COPx7Y

Monday, November 29, 2021

Dokazi o MK Ultri med katero sem bil z težkimi tovornjaki odpeljan zdrogiran v Bosno zaradi prodaje ameriškega orožja med vojno leta 1996 1997 1998 1999 - Proofs about my being taken under MK Ultra to Bosnia with use of heavy trucks for the sake of American weapons sale during war in 1996 1997 1998 1999

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/T98m07KXKGA


Po prodaji sem bil samo sam kriv za vse. Gore denarja za druge in nula denarja zame...scenarij ki se je od tedaj neštetokrat ponavljal ponovil preko 29 let MK Ultre s tem da so mi razbijali in kradli vse kar se je dalo(več profita je pomenilo zame iz strani Britancev in Nemcev samo več kazni - kraja Ameriškega državljanstva osnovnih čoveških pravic), končno psihiatrija in z dokazanim primerom  na koncu še igra z hrbtenico in rakom ...res lepo. 

Proofs about my being taken to Bosnia(from 1996 and up - shouldn't be anywhere outside of USA between 1995 and mid 2006) also with trucks are here

 Coming next - audio from driver(heavy tractor trailer) involved in MK Ultra for almost 28 years. 

Queen Elizabeth has smartphone or whatever phone - family only yes, but does have one and it was Harry who thought her to use one


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Vas Krka - to je vas zločincev/ NESLOVENCEV PEDOFILOV(ne vidim vas niti za izdajalce ker niste vredni da bi vas primerjal s sabo kot Slovencem)

Tistih katerih nekaj je vozilo v Beograd(v Srbijo na pretepanja) prav od tukaj, kjer večina je grozila s smrtjo in kjer se je poleg 29 letnega zločina prikruivalo prav tako Balkanske množične morilce. 

In ti sem prav tako sam kateri vam pravi vaščanom ki ste meni grozili češ da bom moral od tu ko se konča da bomo še videli kdo bo OD VAS sploh bo imel pravico v Sloveniji ostati. 

NEIGHBORS METOD JERMAN(police officer involved since 1995) AND JUDEŽ GREGOR GUARANTEED SEEN HERE: Belarus Killer clown Sergei had agreement with local Italian Eurospin store in respect to items which I would purchase in the future and which he would destroy in-front of me to have them

afterwards replaced by my mother via neighbors. They hand her destroyed item after I purchased(just did sweater) on what she during my absence replaces new one sold to me via discounted rate with destroyed one. From Hofer Aldi to Lidl, Eurospin, Tuš, Mercator - Germany corrupted(financed crime) against me entire city of Novo mesto. Milan Kučan didn't object - you can imagine Slovenian patriot as one is. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/ursula-von-der-leyen-was-one-who-okay.html 

Sleeves on item I bought three days ago were tied - whole thing new. What you see is a product of sadistic garbage inside of the heads of my loving neighbor$$$.

After I decided this morning not to return one and have thrown receipt away, mother acted fast. Lukashenko's personal killer clown never ever washed item and have told me will recognize one from pen mark as seen on sleeve...

Purchase was completed infront of Slovenian female cashier involved in MK Ultra and Serbian individual employed at Renault(lives along two other companions which were present at the time in apartment building). Mentioned parties all know one another.

Alexander Lukashenko is a neonazi thug just as Vladimir Putin

Issue of "working together" from 卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 in 2002/2003 explains all https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/ursula-von-der-leyen-resented-me-most.html 

Germany today just as Austria are two Hitlerianic states indifferent from 1940. History repeats.

Prince Harry and William's issues on how I have to drink pint of water every morning and go exercise after every meal is indifferent from 1996/1997 when brought to Miami by Norwegians and Germans and told at the entrance of the residence building at Miami Beach how they implanted me with brain electrodes and I must now run allover Miami Beach. Its the same s*** from same people except that their progeny grew and I have to deal as a result with those(with their crime) as well and they involved real cancer/broken spine issues for whole thing to be a bit more realistic...other than that same s*** - 29 years. 

Main purpose of beatings in Belarus and Russia was for Putin and Lukashenko to hide their faces infront of Russians for those not to see what truly went on. They demanded public abuse/beatings claiming my being nazi, but REAL nazi foxes you see today are still on political stages and are engaging in Nazism with nazi foxes from abroad clearly.

卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 was the one who okay-ed whatever abuse Slovenian criminals(neighbor Andrej Uhl as the most active) came up with

卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 pushed/compelled mother/father into crime against me. German state financed(they paid to Belarus criminal as well as to domestic thugs for crime against me) crime against me. Thats how close cooperation between Moscow and Berlin got. Will have video coming about it...

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš insisted on how discounted bred(walnut bred as they analysed everything a to z) from Hofer Aldo stores is covered with mold(cancer 4 issue they involved) and teached me to only eat ONLY whatever is inside bred not(avoid) crust - he actually wanted paranoia video on behalf of Berlin(Aldi - Hofer are from Austria/Germany) from me and I wonder how much they paid psychiatric assassin for schizophrenia torture...too much crime to count, but okayed and FINANCED by main CRIME BANKER against me 卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 on behalf of Germans state. Ursula von der Leyen a cash crime sponsor against me.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Here is physical proof about packages from China being opened and modified prior to my obtaining those

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/5QgMApoN7NA 

They are pushing NAZISM FORWARD with everything they have - for whatever cost(THEY ARE BUYING TIME)

 I called out Slovenian police https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/facts-about-slovenian-police-trigger.html, they went ahead and have pushed cover-up for one(and their Ljubljana bosses) from top international police dot known as Interpol. Wonder not about what goes on. 

WAR CRIMINAL: Donald Trump was a mentor(teacher) to Milorad Dodik since 1996 when Donald Trump selected one for job as the right one

Milorad Dodik had to prove Donald Trump as capable for job by having Serbian mafia hijack someone(they brought someone to Bosnia from either Austria or Germany) in Europe and bring one to Bosnia for Trump to meet him. Donald Trump is a butcher of Balkans just as guilty if not more than other war criminals trialed in Hague - violated treaties in respect to trade with Serbia when engaging actively in war and teached(gave instructions) chetniks in Bosnia on how to cleanse under socioeconomic circumstances. 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

I have no idea what year was(probably 2013), but Gen. Ahmed Naser al-Raisi to whom I was brought in his high-rise home claimed me under MK Ultra how he learned just what a swine I was

 Wife had child...young child he had taken care and he was about to get his doctoral degree whatever...that he made an agreement(due to staying home for studies one had according to him more time to interact with people globally) with others from Africa etc. about my faith...nice and thank you. What is to drug individual up and subject one to total human degradation anyways heh !!???? Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/facts-about-slovenian-police-trigger.html 

Slovenian police did counted on him as they made an arraignment was told with other international organisations about crime coverup against me...as no chance, but I tell you will drag you down into own 

FACTS ABOUT SLOVENIAN POLICE TRIGGER IMMEDIATE NEW OLD NEWS ABOUT ABUSE FROM INTERPOL ETC.(Buckingham palace comes to rescue to Milan Kučan very very fast): I am not surprised Mr. Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi of Interpol and of Buckingham palace(he is #1 at Interpol now) is accused of torture most likely because one gestured till 2015 with exception(briefly appeared outside of UAE was not) was on my side

The one who hated him and promised for Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi as a head of Interpol to have no future in organisation(short career at Interpol) was Vladimir Putin - within days as was told by British(and its exactly why I was told in our Novo mesto house) Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi will assist me in 2001/2003, Putin and his KGB team insisted me during MK Ultra 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Role of Slovenian police through Milan Kučan Borut Pahor in my MK Ultra case

Milan Kučan and his UDBA have had even SOME Slovenian police officers and members of Teritorialna Obramba(Slovenian territorial defense forces) involved in war for independence of Slovenia in 1991 rehearse incidents with their Serbian counterparts for which they had to apologize(were forced to regret infront of them) to them for.
Video can be also seen at 

Milan Kučan had Ljubljana police(older veterans whoever those were - 100% UDBA trained killers) handle Novo mesto police. They would come along Kučan and subordinate Novo mesto police around little fingers whichever way they wanted...I remember assassins very very well. Maribor police as second administrative unit(independent from Ljubljana) in Slovenia had to be resolved according to Kučan already in(since) 1995/1996 - they worked like 8 years actively before crushing one totally...I witnessed all.

I identify police officers as well as police station during what should have been my absence anywhere on European continent during 11.5 year stay in USA(1995 - mid 2006) - WHATEVER YOU DO LIKE TO HAVE IDENTIFIED !!! 

Sebastian Kurz and his politics through my MK Ultra case - here is why Sebastian Kurz entered the world of politics

Video can be also seen at 

@Sebastian - Good morning. If you can influence https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/20/world/europe/austria-lockdown-vaccine-mandate-covid.html please do and if not then don't but in my eyes and in eyes of my Croatian colleagues restrictions are most severe violation of human rights which never ever were part of Austrian tradition. Thank you

@Michael Cohen

 Same people Michael. Same people. Team up https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/main-i-will-hire-former-trump-attorney.html

MAN(#1) I WILL HIRE: Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen is a free man and vows to cooperate with law enforcement

Involved in my MK Ultra case, Mr. Michael Cohen knows about me AND ABOUT DONALD TRUMP WHO HIRED ONE TO ALSO KEEP ME HELPLESS as much as very few - Mr. Cohen had a straight view of my case for over 20 years and I deem is a man with a great moral character who found himself in a very very wrong circumstances.

Man for whom Donald Trump even stated(claimed me) me will get him killed. 
Lets see about that...

Monday, November 22, 2021

Pope Francis in fact several Renault 4 cars before one in 2013 - also in Argentina he had Renault 4s(he had Renault 4 cars even before year 1995 as was told)...

Had them before I was anywhere on MK Ultra picture is what he told me...go check with him if facts. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/long-long-before-pope-francis-became.html 

Pope Francis whom I couldn't understand in respect to his passion for Renault 4(nobody did to be honest - others asked him same as I did as were concerned for his safety), however, trusted us is more motivated in safety of others...Pope Francis donated(or made one affordable) in fact a Fiat Freemont van to group of priests in Šmarjeta in 2013(just 15 kilometers from my residence) and have with his presence normalized entire area for what everyone(incl. and specially myself) is grateful to one. 

Long long before Pope Francis became Pope, he had Renault 4 already(1999/2000 - not only in 2013) - car model was his passion I could never understood

I had no idea who this man was - what he wanted from me. At times, I didn't get sleep for two days or even three when meeting him and I was not nice at all. Still busy as he was(he worked night and day and slept in a very modest but bright accompanied with nice fellows place), he would drag me along on most likely Saturdays with him to his friends(house attached to other houses in a busy street) whom he religiously loved. Francis took me each time to same place in Rome where nice family(specially lady) received one and then others arrived for a visit throughout the day :)))) - I love both Popes, but must say(although its a 

Novo mesto police officers(at least three of them) took me to Serbian front lines in Bosnia - into trenches to Serbian chetniks in 1996 and 1997(obviously present in 1995 also next to Serbian chetniks who handed me from dot to dot all over Biosnia and even occupied Croatian territories)

 Two were reprimanded(yelled at infront of me in 1997) obviously by chief of police and Ljubljana. My promises to them that I will demolute(tear them apart alive) them once I get hands on them in real life didn't come truth as wall between law and crime was just overwhelmingly high, but I can point on photos what those looked like - who they are...many other police officers who visited Serbia Bosnia met war criminal Željko Ražnatović Arkan who was very playful. Even far less insane lets say than Dragan Vasiljković https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragan_Vasiljkovi%C4%87 a war criminal involved heavily in my MK Ultra case also released far prematurely from jail just as Vojislav Šešelj.

TRAINED INSIDE OF THE LOCAL POLICE STATION IN NOVO MESTO(FROM 1998 ON - WITH KAPŠ I KNOW FOR FROM 2001) NOT ONLY ON THEIR BEHALF: Police involved told me under MK Ultra that psychiatrist Peter Kapš had my mother watch videos of Targeted Individuals, Mind Control, MK Ultra, Directed Energy Weapons victims with IDEA FOR HER TO USE EXACTLY SAME FRANTIC BEHAVIOR IN-FRONT OF ME whenever I would object to her attitude

Attitude like from my example:

Myself to mother: I took product back and got complete money refund without being asked
any questions. Cashier at the register was very nice. 

Mother to me: You have the right to complain call boss if they give you hassle...

Myself: What the hell are you talking about !!????

Above scenario was a trained next to other scenarios answers(always play me down) to me whenever I attempted to engage with one in normal conversation on what it was time as stated in title to play victim and express impulsive injured with yelling frantic attitude in my face. Close to 20 years of this.

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš played this types of videos and did brainwash on parents at the local police station which premises I remember - not only with permission of police but on their behalf. 

I was told for here seen to be statue dedicated to me - is about 11 kilometres distanced from my home

For directions to location Draga Draga, Novo Mesto - google maps refers to "Europe" and this post is related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/i-was-toldwhen-subjected-to-mk-ultra-to.html cash for lies culture.

I WAS TOLD(when subjected to MK Ultra) TO TELL YOU FOLKS THAT: IF THE Wuhan lab Covid outbreak theory FINDS ITS WAY BACK on front pages - I hope you know its all over

Ask stupid(those whom you obey okay) why your Kamala Harris and those that let Joe Biden seat long enough to get us to Wuhan is why. Just so you know how...I tried, China and few others gave chance...

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Bulgarian president Rumen Radev(involved in MK Ultra) stressing division among countries in the region with idiotic historical hysterical claims in respect to occupied Ukrainian Crimea

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/t63lTgDS5DI
I would go as far as expanding Videgrad group on membership to next to Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia to also Romania, Bulgaria, and TURKEY - its how UNIMPRESSED I am with fictitious European Union...

I personally WITNESSED AMERICANS PARTICIPATE new business trade agreements during bombing of countries - it was either republican or democrat side that set at trade deals during country's bombardments blaming the other one for war, but outcome alway$$ was AND IS the SSame

Those didn't only sign business contracts, but also middle into "peace processes" against American side which took blame for bombardment(intervention) in-front of country bombarded. And so it goes from scratch up case also was with Ukraine https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/the-question-is-how-i-knew-joe-bidens.html 

And once you compromise yourself as an individual(PERHAPS EVEN A CITIZEN OF NEWLY ACQUIRED CITIZENSHIP OF COUNTRY WHICH YOU PLEDGED ALLEGIANCE DESPITE TORTURE ENDURED AS WAS MY CASE) or country to support your new founded allies, know that you are a figurine on a chessboard that can be resold by your allies at just about any time to your  worst nightmare if pay for you from the other end is right. UNDERSTAND GERMAN EUROPEAN 

Russians destroyed all mercury thermometers(probably 5 of them) by measuring temperature of river where they would go for a winter swim

Never bought replaced a single destruction - they came here(literately in this house) to vandalize, engage in torture, support crime...Milan Kučan was in this very house on numerous occasions - it wasn't that I was brought in his Murgle house only...they turned our house in Novo mesto into UDBA Fort Knox. 


@Joe Biden - Keep laughing as is what you do whenever PROVEN DEAD WRONG LIAR, but I was 100% correct about everything stated on this news site and you miserably failed after already ruining me 28 years of life https://www.yahoo.com/news/hunter-bidens-firm-helped-secure-162018644.html 

United States of America was the best country in the world - world(you wherever you are 

Kamala Harris a very good friend of Donald Trump

 She dated Serbian chetnik for about two years(1999 to 2001/2002).

I FEEL BETTER THAN AT ANY TIME WITHIN LAST 4 YEARS: All about food poisoning which took me 4 years to understand what one was all about

Donald Trump went ballistic in respect to poisoning game("game" in Trump's head) issue, but not for my sake. Psychiatrist Peter Kapš incited father next to bad behavior also into spending shopping spree(drove mother insane with this very issue).
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/8CcU8SGlQ-0 

As I walked down the road(105), I recalled vivid MK Ultra memory on an individual who likely was(perhaps is) Slovenian minister and claimed me will get me a container home(Prefabricated or whatever homes)

Memory was triggered by several heavy trucks which pulled mentioned cargo(container homes) most likely in Ljubljana direction(naah,I rejected container idea at large)...I was also told by mother during MK Ultra that MK Ultra rehearsal in my case will end before my birthday on Dec. 9th...will see.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Cancer issue with me NO LONGER persists(BY BYE)

The words of German(citizen of Perversia) Ursula Von der Layen to third person(indirectly blah blah under MK Ultra) how I will lift myself from dead and walk away from all as soon as I will follow all the brainwash in respect to food DESPITE AS SHE ACCENTED WILL BE RADIATION AND ALL OTHER BLAH BLAH will this way stay with her and her husband only. 

Ask Kamala Harris about dating in Belgrade in 1999/2000(sex and physical beatings tapes)

 It wasn't only Trump's crazy sexual tapes - she was just as insane if not insaner. United States of Sodom and Gomorrah(I have absolutely nothing against homosexuality as those should be treated equal infront of the law and have in this case alone fell pray to Putin/chetniks).

Kamala Harris was a Belgrade darling since 1995 - stuck paralyzed with her decisions pertaining even to ethnic cleansing(this isn't about myself only - forget it) on Balkans in time somehow

 Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/i-demand-milan-kucan-and-borut-pahor.html 

Pitanje kako se Slovenija upetljala u sve ovo

Melania’s Dad, a New American Citizen With a Record in Yugoslavia’s Secret Police Files

PONOVLJENO:Zakaj bosta Milan Kučan in Borut Pahor odpotovala v Hague(tribunal za vojne zločine) z lisicami na rokah

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/0DOzdI-FSGU 

@Slovenskemu narodu - branjenje vojnih zločincev pred resnico čeprav iz lastnih korenin ni v redu stvar pred mednarodno skupnostjo. Majhen a kriv narod ki je sam sebe še kako izdal da bi lahko šel na kolena in prosil za odpustek tistega od kogar se je odcepil leta 1991 s puško v roki.

Al Yankovic - involved since 1995 / song I was told to play you all by American psychologist Daniel Rex Smith(song written for me as was told)

In our Novo mesto house on God knows how many times.

Brand new(used on 20 occasions IF) power bank purchased in carrefour(in Poland)

Has no ability to fully charge itself any longer. Was destroyed upon return to Slovenia(was told case will be) or perhaps battery was replaced from one with who knows from whom what...

Neighbor Andrej Uhl continues violent exchange of new products(with full support of police) via my parents

 Has a storage of products(at his whomever as he alone told me case will be) which is using to exchange with whatever I order from China. Does(sure did in past as was told case will be) through my mother or my absence if I leave stuff at home
This is a special 10mm extended fast charge cable from smart watch - cut on two locations as you see. 

REPEAT:Zakaj bosta Milan Kučan in Borut Pahor odpotovala v Hague(tribunal za vojne zločine) z lisicami na rokah

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/0DOzdI-FSGU 

@Slovenskemu narodu - branjenje vojnih zločincev pred resnico čeprav iz lastnih korenin ni v redu stvar pred mednarodno skupnostjo. Majhen a kriv narod ki je sam sebe še kako izdal da bi lahko šel na kolena in prosil za odpustek tistega(od Moskovsko Beograjskega satana je od koga) od kogar se je odcepil leta 1991 s puško v roki.

Friday, November 19, 2021

YOU GUYS ARE A SPAWN OF SATAN: @Instructions from police officer to me were DO NOT SHAKE MILK BROUGHT TO YOUR HOME(let one seat upright and then use) and do not consume last bits of coffee or chocolate from jars - don't eat cookies that contain Sodium carbonate / sodium bicarbonate - BUY CHOCOLATE BARS WITH HIGH AMOUNT OF COCOA RATHER THAN USED GRIND(dust) ONE

There is nothing here for me to say other than I did even added water to empty battle of milk to rinse(use one by shaking for consumption...
"Natrijev karbonat" related...

STOP COVER-UP OF UNITED NATIONS/ STOP WHO: United Nations acting completely unaccountable in respect to latest Austrian(Hitler's homeland) COVID19 measures

 AUSTRIAN STATE(homeland of Hitler) CLEARLY IS COVID19 BOOSTER - WANTS TO EVEN LOOK LIKE ONE(wants credit for one as this isn't about "if we can" any longer, but who will look more deserved for crime) OF THE MAIN ENGINES BEHIND ONE.
United Nations(and its WHO branch) SIMPLY DOESN'T CARE https://www.yahoo.com/news/austria-reimposes-full-lockdown-makes-094059729.html about citizen's rights violations in Austria. Agency which was established for UN's primary purposes as "promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion"(the number 1 was/is actually for WWII to never repeat - its more than about virus crises), acts with exactly opposite of stated as its main purpose https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations 

Sebastian Kurz will have to explain himself to me if he saw himself under MK Ultra as he stated me in respect to photo bellow as a part of Serbian chetniks per Russian trade or was it because he had some deeper mentally related to me issues he suffered from

Asking because Sebastian even claimed I disliked him based on his looks - lie. Never did.

@Kurz - I met yesterday infront of Hervis Sports/Interspar in SuperNova center when waiting for COVID19 test results your sort of doppelganger you introduced me in MK Ultra claiming I don't like you based on your looks.

Even in Poland on hunger games, I liked Sebastian's stay in our house during 2005 despite my being subjected to MK Ultra and wished one was longer. Has a daughter as was told in vicinity of Novo mesto. Because of extremely unpleasant runabouts with Sebastian also infront of what became his Russian colleagues when I was brought to Russia and his claims even to Ursula Von der Leyen(guy met me yesterday just as Ursula promised me case will be to see I have nothing against one based on his facial looks) on how I don't like one based on his looks, I alone would like to obtain some answers for which I deem is a matter of hypocrisy from both. 

Trade is trade, but I lost 28 years of life - and truth is just what it is...

@Sebastian Kurz - you are welcome to visit if you have nothing to hide. I am not and will not serve the purpose of some buggy man against your daughter, you, your family...

Not as Borut Pahor instructed me to see one as Kurt Waldheim while insisting publicly for French German train, but rather something else(sounds more like young man thirsty for money and fame than anything else but there is a line to everything)...

I DEMAND Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor arrested indicted to Hague Court for war crimes due to atrocities on Balkans two caused through this(myself) case

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/dxayxS4Fiog 
Serbs tortured on front-lines of war in Bosnia and Croatia with idea to get worst feedbacks from me - to see through my being tortured a Croats and Bosnians. War criminal psychiatrist Radovan Karadžić was my personal case manager whenever brought from USA to Serbia and I believe case manager on greater scale than just Serbia.

Zakaj bosta Milan Kučan in Borut Pahor odpotovala v Hague(tribunal za vojne zločine) z lisicami na rokah

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/0DOzdI-FSGU 

@Slovenskemu narodu - branjenje vojnih zločincev pred resnico čeprav iz lastnih korenin ni v redu stvar pred mednarodno skupnostjo. Majhen a kriv narod ki je sam sebe še kako izdal da bi lahko šel na kolena in prosil za odpustek tistega od kogar se je odcepil leta 1991 s puško v roki.

Thursday, November 18, 2021


Think blood cloths. Don't even think a about it if experiencing cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart - blood related issues. Just saying. I didn't and most likely will not vaccinate myself. 

In Adolf Hitler's homeland(just for amusement sake), however, they now lock people who refuse to vaccinate.

German French train proving deadly for Georgian Saakashvili in his own Georgia where French Salome Zourabichvili became appointed as president - I told you all about German Russian politic already

@Ukraine - Saakashvili needs your help and you need Georgia more than Germany/France at this point.

On 9 November Amnesty International has uploaded statement on Twitter, about Saakashvili: "#Georgia: ex-President #Saakashvili (5th week of hunger strike) violently transferred to prison hospital; allegedly threatened; denied dignity, privacy & adequate healthcare. Not just selective justice but apparent political revenge."[156]

Kamala Harris is in no hurry - Taiwan about to be gone Africa next(little Slovenia arming itself with equipment VERY UNLIKELY to come as handy within Slovenian terrain).

Its not first time Slovenia is buying more and more arsenal that rather fits category of invasion than defense operation purposes for small territory.

I had impression in late stages of MK Ultra whenever she was present next to Biden that one acted like a toy. Obedient to the end - humble...

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

NATOv let is Italiaje nad Beogradom 1999 in moje ime na zlatih bulijonih kot mi je bilo rečeno od kar nekaj temnopoltih oseb

Video je prav tako https://youtu.be/4YI_J4DBgb4 

Dovolite Slovenskemu vragu ki je uničil svet da vam plača za novo Jugoslavijo 30 srebrnikov katere sta vam je obljubila Milan Kučan in Borut Pahor

UMAZANA IGRA VON DER LEYNA, TRUMPA, MERKLOVE, LONDONA, WASHINGTONA NA POBUDO PAHORJA IN MILANA KUČANA(Moskve/Beograda) PREKO TRUGIC/ZDAJ TUDI SLOVENSKIH TRUG: @Slovenskemu narodu - pomagajte z odgovorom na moje uprašanje je ali se je Slovenski narod prodal / na pot suženstva podal za 30 srebrnikov zaradi tistih(MENE OSEBNO) katere je kot narod kolektivno označil za vraga z namenom uspostavitve nove Jugoslavije preko pomoči TISTIH kateri del zla sem bil sam kot so mi trdili Pahorjevi in Kučanovi privrženci v Sloveniji ali pa gre za pri stvari za zahodno politiko kjer sem bil prav tako osovražen zaradi močnega čuta Slovenske identitete. 

Zame Jugoslavije nikdar ni bilo in nebo kot nekaj med čemur bi ponovno zbiral(med samostojnostjo sem jasno zagrabil v roke puško kar sem več kot pripravljen ponoviti, vendar samo pri tem da bom vedel natančno zakaj pri stvari gre/je šlo - situacija v katero so nas pripeljali ostanki udbe v Sloveniji preko Pahorja/Kučana je popolnoma nevzrdžna ostalim pa kakor se zdi - vam ni mar).
Video si lahko ogledate prav tako na https://youtu.be/dYsqXkmZsxc 

Ker so Zahodnjaki trdili češ da bojo podprli ponovno zgraditev velikočetniške Jugoslavije z miljardami in ker so menda Britanci celo dobili od Slovenskega ljudstva DA za pomoč izgradnji slednje v zameno zame(denar katerega sicer so obljubili če dokažem primer kot resničen kar sem storil), bi želel zaradi znašanja nad mano med katerim sem bil ožigosan kot izdajalec nič manj od 28 let in predvsem življenjepisa na katerem piše sem rojen Slovenec v Sloveniji, pravico(zahtevam) do resnice....

Jama pri reki pod hišo kakor hiška iz stiroporja na posdtrešju spanje v podzemni kleti ali kurji šupi kakor mi je bilo naročeno - zame preprosto ni. Prosim pa za odgovor ne poleg bedastega vedenja sramotno molčanje ki je vse bolj in bolj glasno - tisti ki molči prikimuje/prizna z molčanjem...sorodno https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/i-suspect-dirty-von-der-leyen-play-in.html  in pa g. Lojze Peterle https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/donald-trump-pledged-to-borut-pahor-and.html 

Za mojo pritozbo je kljucnega pomena dejstvo Ali gre po 30 letih za nameren razpad Slovenskega naroda oziroma drzave Ali pa za kaj vec

Nadaljnje sprdovanje namigovanje kot pomoc pod okoliscinami katere so mi se dodatno unicile zivljenje bo bilo oznaceno na pritozbi kot DRZAVNE SAMOSTOJNOSTI SLOVENIJE ZARADI NOTRANJEGA IN ZUNANJEGA DOGOVORA O USTVARITVI NOVE VELIKOCETNISKE  DRZAVE JUGOSLAVIJE NI VEC - PRITOZBA JE BILA PODANA POD OKOLISCINAMI DRZAVNEGA RAZSULA(izvajanjem prikritega nasilja nad Mano po uporabi postopka MK Ultra, psihiatrije, in laznivega sodstva) CEMUR SLUZI SLOVENSKO NOTRANJE MINISTRSTVO KAKOR SAMA SLOVENSKA POLICIJA https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/umazana-igra-von-der-leyna-trumpa.html?m=1 Vem razumem da je zahodu Malo mar za SLOVENSKI narod - da mu je Malo mar za obstoj Slovenske drzave kot naroda(se bolj so sovrazili Samo Jugo katero so vam razbili) a vendar na pritozbi se Mora utemeljiti zakaj Tako nizkotna podpora samemu sebi. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

If China lands in Taiwan, withing 14 days I was told NATO will march on with military boots all over Africa

Within two weeks. I can only speculate on news given to me by Biden under MK ULTRA.

Donald Trump pledged to Borut Pahor and Serbian chetniks will rebuild Yugoslavia via his billionaire club

 Claimed me in Smarjeske toplice over the course of decade that he has absolute positive from several American investors. Trump used for pressure on me also Joe Biden. Both, however, were taped according to Lojze Peterle who ensured me will take action against mentioned parties once my case comes to an end whenever that will be according to Peterle(if ever - I would die 1000x times so far if waiting on his and others' help).

Joe Biden = Donald Trump

WESTERN MAIN STREAM MEDIA CLAIMS OUTRAGE(is in shock/total disbelief): Calls for IMMEDIATE Investigation are Triggered as OWNERS OF GREAT BRITAIN, AUSTRALIA, AND CANADA GET $2M Loan(who else than Andrew who already settled lawsuit on court with his paedo accuser Virginia Giuffre)

But blood stains around Andrew's mouths remain in place https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/united-states-of-america.html and this regardless of Western god known as main stream media.

A truth investigation and truth coins....30 pieces.

Prince Andrew's $2M Loan Repaid by Banker, 

Monday, November 15, 2021

@United States of America

 This is a spawn https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/slovenian-police-next-to-sirens.html of satan. It doesn't matter republican or democrat - their lord master(bosses in London, Washington DC, Berlin who still have red stains around mouths - red stains since time of Christ same people and those of you who pray to stains to apologize what they claim is their religion) knows no limits when it comes to human soul. F*** your Christian(satanism) values. Yeah you understand where I am coming from because I see through you - I suppose he wanted someone to witness with his own eyes about what and who have done to his son and brought me to the right place...

SLOVENIAN POLICE NEXT TO SIRENS ENFORCES CRIME AS SEEN HERE: Hearing aid like this and police sirens 24/7...Whenever they hit in head with whatever or use whatever to squeeze arteries here is what my father comes up with as instructed and as tested prior to torture via torture by psychiatrists and police

Hearing aid like this and police sirens 24/7...Whenever they hit in head with whatever or use whatever to squeeze arteries here is what my father comes up with as instructed and as tested prior to torture via torture by psychiatrists and police
Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/Fk36QUuUhac

They evaluated just how powerful this sound can be and came to same conclusion as I did - it can drive you insane over the course of time if one is exposed to it 24/7. This goes on since my return from Poland and despite my being 70% def on right ear, I can hear this sound on distance of 10 meters with doors closed from father's room at night. The thing is that he also walks around with what you have seen attached to his ear to harass also in day time all over the house leaving hearing aid outside of the ear to bang noise...

Britney Spears is a US Government bride - not mine(will charge you with rape, torture and contempt for justice/human dignity with attempt to kill individual who moved back to his European homeland to avoid more crime against one from US Government)

 Was used a time bomb due to coming China/US meeting for which I accent from my side as a NO to USA whatever outcome of one will be. US Government anticipated will awake b.s. sympathies in respect to her. US Government claimed me that she will not be capable to help me till she is cleared from father. This took place few days ago, so that much for Britney Spears and her violent hubby from Iran https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/repeated-britneys-spears-is-great.html 

@Britney Spears and your ex husband - will charge both with hijacking/torture/ human trafficking.

You are all one of the main(core bullshit on my resume of abuse since 2008) reasons as per through which US Government and Great Britain and Germany pushed more crime against me. Western Nazi$$$$ queen king pinss.

Kids on the other hand if really are mine are welcome to visit - never is fold of the one brought to the world under mentioned circumstances...


 THEIR FINAL GOAL. I CALL UPON HUMANITY AND IN KIEV AND ZAGREB TO STAND UP AGAINST MENTIONED BY CALLING NATO FOR WHAT IT IS https://www.msn.com/en-xl/europe/top-stories/nato-warns-russia-over-ukraine-troop-build-up/ar-AAQIGj0?ocid=msedgntp 

Local psychiatrist Peter Kapš bragged with file demonstrated his accomplishments(abuse/crime) to Germans and British on how he will with me through family

Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/slovenian-psychiatry-police-encouraged.html

Lets see how that goes.

SLOVENIAN PSYCHIATRY POLICE ENCOURAGED THE WORST IN MY FATHER WHY: Father is not in need of assistance but in need of servant per Slovenian police psychiatry

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/9yHO0WCKYdg 

@prince Charles/Harry, William - what are you hiding from the world !!???????


America no home of brave and free - regular neonazi shithall just as UK/Germany are

ROYAL Windsors/Battenbergers from Buckingham palace came with plane along Germans from Berlin even on how abuse has to be added to my resume so they could ransom own government which according to their words don't pay them money - that I would pay them money from my part instead once they would exhort own governments enough for it...regular drek - not leaders of the world. They must yet learn to flush toilet behind to become certified as semi normal https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/i-suspect-dirty-von-der-leyen-play-in.html 

I SUSPECT DIRTY VON DER LEYEN PLAY IN MY CASE: We will handle him alright, but don't know yet what how will correct her my niece is who as entire family was is nothing but mentally ill portion of Slovenian society

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/rHNbGIdPDxc

With ability to engage body in extreme exercise all day long day after day and for years, without any health symptoms whatsoever than those for which I was told(pressure in head reduces sleep quality and as a result one becomes exhausted due to sleep deprivation) will be the case because of my even over drinking liquid(prince Harry who was heavily disturbed my RIGHT to even drink coffee or milk while my niece had the biggest problem with sweets), I came to conclusion about body implants which are reducing blood flow into my brain area as everything else is OFF THE TABLE FROM NOW. This is also I was told case will be by several people who went ahead to gesture on how they will make whole thing look as if I suffer from cancer or related(brainwashed under MK Ultra for 25 years on how I have one) and make me systematically disappear. Even Aleksandar Vucic insisted in 2015/2017 how I will be observed and diet that I will have to use to survive while they will laugh...

Britney Spears due to her real looks, asked me NOT TO TALK ABOUT HER REAL FACIAL FEATURES which are more brown than what Milan Kučan insisted(till they shut his insane mouths) was Aryan white

Insisted me to NOT talk about her cosmetic surgery. Video I produced today therefore is not to glorify any Aryan female beauty, but instead to protect my Slovenian identity from views of people who demonstrated any issues pertaining to me from outside of the Slovenia to Slovenian natives as Aryan related issue - Milan Kučan rated any female from outside of Slovenia as Aryan nazi related into the faces of foreign politicians/royalties as if one was my owner and I was his private propery. Britney just so happens to be of Belgian origins is what I was told and nooot so Aryan as some would love for their political reasons and have also shut mouths of some Slovenian politicians on opportunity as was told. https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/from-your-creep-about-my-children-with.html

Sam Asghari(fiance of Britney) is of a noble Iranian family is what I was told as I knew him and his family before one immigrated to Iran

 Is it political or more I do not know, but Iranian regime somehow opened him and family way out. I remember his home in Iran where they had me - his family involved in my case since 1998 or so....I remember him since one was boy. Saying this because its all about him since I released video today https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/from-your-creep-about-my-children-with.html 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

REPEATED: Britney's Spears is a great friend of Taylor Swift(BOTH WORKED FOR THE MONEY VERY VERY HARD) I have forgotten to write about in my previous posts

Britney Spears involved in my case since her high school years also knew everything about my cancer related issues and have always protested - objected to my being mistreated(on every occasion when in our Novo mesto's house). She was always soooo concerned for me and have once even saved my life(appeared in Novo mesto in 2012/2013 as my main advocate - thats when I was hospitalized, but the one who gave green light to hospitalization and have greatly contributed to hospitalization via torture alone have had also appeared next to her at the opportunity anywhere from Buckingham palace to top US Government officials) - is what I was told and demonstrated under MK Ultra. Well - its how it went. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/11/american-svinja-sswift-latte-drink-for.html 

Tisti kogar jasno in glasno obtožujem poskusa umora leta 2007 je gospod Bout Pahor


What part do INTERNATIONAL investigators police whom I contacted(Interpol as well as Int. police association) not understand I stated on my news site - I told you about United Nations' WHO chief involvement in my case since 1998 and what United Nations(those who run United Nations) is using one for

Police/investigators ruined me 28 years of life with cover-up for government agencies and even United Nations alone. Not okay. STOP POLICE CORRUPTION

--Prime target of Donald Trump via this very case was United Nations - specific target years ahead of his presidency was Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus(WHO Director-General) https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/07/prime-target-of-donald-trump-via-this.html

--Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was along Bill Gates involved in MK Ultra - its not only US democrats that cover up for Donald Trump https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/10/tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-was-along.html

--Tedros Adhanom (Tedros Adhanom Ghebre Jesus) made possible to be today where I should never ever even be on the first place https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/11/tedros-adhanom-tedros-adhanom.html

--ERITREAN Isaias Afwerk(THE ONE WHO FINANCED/MENTORED TEDROS ADHANOM) got his hands on me already in 2002 - named by Bill Clinton alone as a "renaissance African leader" ERITREAN Isaias Afwerk(THE ONE WHO FINANCED/MENTORED TEDROS ADHANOM) got his hands on me already in 2002 - named by Bill Clinton alone as a "renaissance African leader"https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/11/eritrean-isaias-afwerkthe-one-who.html

--By CIA appointed Tigrayan separatist who assisted his Eritrean mentor Afwerki in a war against Ethiopia even across the border NOT supporting new war https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/11/by-cia-appointed-tigrayan-separatist.html

--ETHIOPIA POINTS FINGER AT THE MAIN TIGRAYAN CIA FASCIST ASSET: Ethiopia accuses WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of supporting Tigray region https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/12/ethiopia-points-finger-at-main-tigrayan.html

--By CIA appointed Tigrayan separatist who assisted his Eritrean mentor Afwerki in a war against Ethiopia even across the border NOT supporting new war https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/11/by-cia-appointed-tigrayan-separatist.html

From https://www.msn.com/en-xl/news/other/who-chief-says-his-home-region-in-ethiopia-under-systematic-blockade/ar-AAQEPKp?ocid=msedgntp 

WHO chief says his home region in Ethiopia under 'systematic' blockade

GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Health Organization's chief said on Friday his home Tigray region in northern Ethiopia was being subjected to a "systematic" blockade and people were dying because of a lack of supplies.

VIDEO ABOUT YUGO UDBA WRITING ABOUT ME IN SLOVENIA IS IN ENGLISH: Da gre za bujno domišljijo in češ da sem se preselil v Lodž da so preverili - ja, samo ne z mano /UDBA LAŽE

Thats also myself you see and I am back in Slovenia -  in Novo mesto city in fact ,) come and get it / I will love to meet you greet you.

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/hIiqe5-IenE

Nikogar od ljudi https://www.dossierkorupcija.com/novice/?p=19209 ki so me omenili sem kdajkoli srečal in bom zadevi podaril pozornost tudi z kazensko ovadbo po potrebi.

Prokrivanj - laži proti meni namreč nebom dovolil saj jih je bilo preveč.

From https://www.dossierkorupcija.com/novice/?p=19209

torek, 8.januar.2019 - 16:50

Primer gospoda Boštjana Avseca: Direktor novomeške policije, Janez Ogulin, bo moral podati odgovor na obtožbe.

Boštjan Avsec je močno obremenil direktorja novomeške policije, Janeza Ogulina.

FROM YOUR CREEP: About my children with Britney Spears and Western lie turning faster than mouths can talk

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/3TXQeDdDwU4 

In 2010 when it comes to Iran, these criminals who initiated crime didn't realize(they more than realized - you have never ever seen people as violent pushy as people I mention on here - they act on camera as one thing, but in reality a human being to them is just a number/nothing is what I was am) it was 15 years of most severe abuse behind me already - they went on to write more and more abuse against me on my resume with support of United Nations(Antonio Guterres personally involved since 1995).