Friday, November 26, 2021

WAR CRIMINAL: Donald Trump was a mentor(teacher) to Milorad Dodik since 1996 when Donald Trump selected one for job as the right one

Milorad Dodik had to prove Donald Trump as capable for job by having Serbian mafia hijack someone(they brought someone to Bosnia from either Austria or Germany) in Europe and bring one to Bosnia for Trump to meet him. Donald Trump is a butcher of Balkans just as guilty if not more than other war criminals trialed in Hague - violated treaties in respect to trade with Serbia when engaging actively in war and teached(gave instructions) chetniks in Bosnia on how to cleanse under socioeconomic circumstances. 

Slobodan Miloševič, Radovan Karađić etc. were friends of Donald Trump since 1995. Was in bed with them more than any other politician/businessman in the world. Don't even mention issue such as Trump/Vučić....

Trump the only president who was allowed to push Serbian from Montenegro in his presidential uniform infront of other presidents/politicians - a president of some kind...Montenegrin president goes on to display facial imitation of Trump what makes whole thing even comical...get idea about Montenegro Trump/Serbia !!????

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