Thursday, November 11, 2021

EU Court for Human Rights DOESN'T SERVE AS COURT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS PER LAWS/TREATIES for citizens of EU members states, but instead as fictitious body of fictitious union which main agenda is to serve new German Reich at expense of those whose rights were violated lives destroyed

 And make no mistake - Germany if didn't contribute for your lives to be decimated on its task to befriend for the sake of special interests their new eastern European colleagues(doesn't matter if those are hiding behind red stars as long as they have monopoly in their systems) , it will decimate them through fictitious European Union Court once you submit complain to one...your case at EU court depends entirely on mood of those whom you most likely complain against in eastern Europe. Only if they signal their green to fictitious court in Strasbourg you will "be recognized"...everything but European. Germans if anything fulfilled Hitler's dream with mentioned court and fictitious union...bizarre bureaucratic nazism is what we have running in Strasbourg. 

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