Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Sebastian Kurz and his politics through my MK Ultra case - here is why Sebastian Kurz entered the world of politics

Video can be also seen at 

@Sebastian - Good morning. If you can influence please do and if not then don't but in my eyes and in eyes of my Croatian colleagues restrictions are most severe violation of human rights which never ever were part of Austrian tradition. Thank you

Prince Harry(my baby #2 - the mental expert) claimed me to have inspected that Sebastian Kurz of mine and have seen nothing wrong with one...well, thank you...thank you very much Harry. 

@Harry - and yes, people are in Holiday mode at this time of the year - I knew immediately something was coming my way.

@Sebastian - How about Mitsubishi Pajero(do you still use one in N.M. ?)...

Regards to Joseph Bueno ,) my baby #4(William #3)

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