Saturday, November 13, 2021

American svinja sswift latte drink for sale at Star bucks now - big success brainier entrepreneur Taylor Swift

What drove me insane under MK Ultra was frequent get in my face of Donald Trump next to Taylor Swift for whom Trump claimed without Swift's objection was female version of him - demanded from me answer whether I like her looks and then complimented my drugged up taste by literately exampling(comparing) her facial features to his. Never answered per whether she was or not his daughter. The two presented opposite from one another views, but often times participated together so I figured out both are two different faces of same coin. 

@folks not into Trumpet - Watch out for this obnoxious female version of swine so you don't get accidentally in trouble. A sexy brain-dead's(her - not her possible dad, but she) only worry in life time was calorie count and I bet she had others do even that for her. 

@Taylor Swift - just watch you don't drown in your own cop of shit. Mr. Karma is a tricky dude.

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