Thursday, November 11, 2021

MORE ON GERMAN FILTH URSULA VON DER LEYEN AND HUSBAND HEIKO(Merkel's students): When even low quality food has bigger value than as to what I referred to as cancer cure must to eat to survive

I am unsure whether mentioned on million occasions during MK Ultra brainwash cancer related issue has to do with my health problem of any kind. It appears to me based on cornerstones related to brainwash how there is something else that plays main role in all this cancer game - not so much food or coffee or even sugar related...
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However, I know for fact that German neonazi politic(London - Berlin) requires someone like myself to pick on per politicians from east for them to see themselves at negotiation table with them and if only possible to create desire in eastern European politicians for them to want to also obtain titles to themselves as to what consequently increases influence of imperial noenazi politic in new otherwise inaccessible regions ...using fictitious human rights courts(EU) as fictitious European Union union alone, German crime guarantees eastern European collaborators on stools to have nothing to worry about as long as they collaborate. Germans paid for crime to be played infront of my eyes(lets say latest car situation where I prove crime) for me to point at because elements such as urge to collaborate, share blame, profitability for treason, nothing to worry due to fictitious issues as explained above are the main German agenda....just as using black(bottom of American society - most disadvantaged/discriminated against) population next to Hollywood and world of sports to overthrow American republic, Germans are using Russian and Serbian issues ti undermine rule of law in proven fictitious European Union - Germans get this way their right right and regardless if right or wrong and other disadvantaged when compared to Germany parties get disadvantaged even a bit more...Germany sells our rights as to what fictitious European Union serves too - sells rights of European Union citizens to non EU member countries, so those of us(non German EU citizens) can fall more behind and depend more on German crime through our politicians...

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