Sunday, November 28, 2021

Alexander Lukashenko is a neonazi thug just as Vladimir Putin

Issue of "working together" from 卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 in 2002/2003 explains all 

Germany today just as Austria are two Hitlerianic states indifferent from 1940. History repeats.

Prince Harry and William's issues on how I have to drink pint of water every morning and go exercise after every meal is indifferent from 1996/1997 when brought to Miami by Norwegians and Germans and told at the entrance of the residence building at Miami Beach how they implanted me with brain electrodes and I must now run allover Miami Beach. Its the same s*** from same people except that their progeny grew and I have to deal as a result with those(with their crime) as well and they involved real cancer/broken spine issues for whole thing to be a bit more realistic...other than that same s*** - 29 years. 

Main purpose of beatings in Belarus and Russia was for Putin and Lukashenko to hide their faces infront of Russians for those not to see what truly went on. They demanded public abuse/beatings claiming my being nazi, but REAL nazi foxes you see today are still on political stages and are engaging in Nazism with nazi foxes from abroad clearly.

Whatever goes between Lukashenko and Poland and Putin and Ukraine is well planned plan ahead of COLONIZATION IN AFRICA/MID EAST/ ASIA. Its mutual. That much also for see nothing, heard nothing, know nothing United Nations.

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