Thursday, August 31, 2017

Corrupt JudeoAmerican corporate agent Alexei Navalny(Rothschilds media favorite troll with John McCain's scenarios) "blasts" Putin with more of his stupidity....

When you thought that you have seen it all, Alexei comes around to demonstrate us all that there is actually even more to human confirm your retardness, all you have to do now is basically sign under the video(on the other hand, why should Russians loyal to Russia own Russia if there are many foreign investors that can pay off candidacy Alexei...isn't that right !!???).

Don't forget to sign in support of Alexei's candidacy(if you do, people seen here will appreciate Russian real estate one day soon...once you open state doors to money as seen here, you can't close them any stucks right in between door latch and entrance...your nation becomes just another one on the list of dead)...

I don't know about you all, but I love this guy...

He dealt for 40 years with what you are about to hear...cleaned up Philippines from drug cartels(saved millions of lives from own people) and got in the end of his career persecuted by so called "human rights agencies". You did very well in "democracy"'s(zoo world is what this world have become) Mr. Duterte. 

Better times(partners) are on horizon for you(your people) sir.

Have nothing but admiration for you.

Watch out "papa", they are trying to replace OUR "mama" !!! Meine Stimme geht an Angela

Germans never had "mom" like this before...Russians could say very(very very much) the same for him...together, the two make
adorable couple on political stage. Its is prestige envied by biggest government systems worldwide because Germany and Russia were meant to be married(sorry straight couples) couple...creating biggest and bye far strongest state merge in the history of the world with other European nations which are striving toward preservation of own unique cultures !!! This is project EURUSSIA about which I have already talked about and Angela is irreplaceable part of one !!! There is much we don't know(GOOD IS WHAT WE WEREN'T ALLOWED TO KNOW ABOUT OR SAY - I will give you a partial hint again today only that will remind you off prestigious
stuff that is happening behind scenes) about Angela and believe me, it is only that "bad" stuff(I contributed to that in the past heavily in case you remember Angela ;) off course my name is also "Angel") we know about this little German fighter who placed her own life on line for the sake of the German nation wayyyy tooo many times(she embedded herself in extremely hectic situation, but she did so with reason I am not allowed to even state here).
Most important project in the history of our existence right here before your eyes - envied heavily by few who hope that something could steer plans from what you see here...all I can say is that ever since(first mentioned posted on Monday, July 31, 2017 at, I am even more ambitious about this will be bigger than even what you see here !!! One reason for my increasingly ambitious attitude regarding this project is awakening of Ukrainian people who are realizing that apathetic European Union which is falling apart right before their eyes(everybody wants to get out of one incl. Poland, Czech, Slovakia etc. because they don't want to be turned into "Jumbalayka" states - not only half ruined Germany, UK, France) and whose "endless job search"(no jobs even for natives) visas Poroshenko offered to "his" Ukrainians as solution to 100 Euros per month monthly pay or horrific Ukrainian unemployment(a real famine) is nothing more than a dead end street used to enlarge foreign interests and crate out of Ukrainian people strangers in their own land !!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

No JUDEOAMERICAN presence, noooo problems !!! Tiny North Korea scores victory in a path for total freedom of the world

There is an old saying, "Don't start a war you can't win !!!", but ZIOFASCIST NATO organisation just didn't get one !!!

Today, America retreats AGAIN with tail down infront of whole world(how embarrassing, weak, and even self threatening experience for United States of America)...

Why such stand from my point of view !!??? Million reasons for one...primary, however, is what/whom NATO organisation serves to(Hitleryahu to make myself clear).....others are simple facts like on who created all conflicts since WWII...have created divisions worldwide(cut countries on half = include Korea alone and creates regional "nationalisms" to crack countries), and not the last perhaps a fact what Guam truly is(Guam is just a 210-square mile polluted/destroyed by US military island with lowest per capita in USA loaded with nukes capable to blow whole Asia).

Its not Kim Jong-un(described as war maniac by British tabloid) that is crazy(Kim Jong-un was also depicted by media that belongs to country which have ruled China with opium for centuries as a Mickey Mouse psychopath who gunned down his girlfriend etc.), its a bunch of ZIOFASCIST elites that can't deal with reality(this includes British ZIO Royals to make myself clear - politic of total insanity and road to nowhere for GB and world).

And so who is Kim Jong-un...

Lets see this video first

Sounds reasonable !!??? Yeah it is too good to be truth actually...sometimes being reasonable ends as unreasonable...

Kim Jong-un is just a warning sign to the world about what is happening and where whole thing went because nor China or Russia(and all other sane countries) are willing to engage in Judeo "democracy"(denormalisation of society) war of words with great olle USA and also what is GB(its where Judeo Christianity have spread from after USA alone have lost freedom/liberty in a war with words to "God's chosen", but always for some strange reason persecuted/unwanted "people" - in reality demons)...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Online threats go on and THEY would want me to blame them all on Jews, but is NOT "all" like that !!!

I will follow up with detailed video on this subject.

First of all, I have made enormous mistake by taking side against British PEOPLE because of very progressive and well designed attack on me("I WAS WRONG - I APOLOGIZE" FOR MY STATEMENT REGARDING BRITISH attack was prior to real time attack supported by progressive MKULTRA brainwashing procedure and it did managed to finally cause as such a tremendous damage to me. Its okay because(if I use one of my own quotes), "it is not wrong to be wrong, it is wrong when you know you are wrong and you continue to be wrong". 

I no longer want to be wrong in this case folks ;) Again, my sincere apology to the British !!!

It is just how important it is to stay loyal to your own principles or one simply loses meaning of his/her life(not only for me, I - but "we, each, for everyone of us" is the same)

It's little things like this that have ruined our past and will continue to split our common interests(ruined prosperity for us granted to us by our own people and NOT kabbala team and their selected politicians who are using us to to give ourselves break from white genocide in the name of kabbala - ZIOFASCISM) if we continue to express any kind of support(or show weakness) for their manipulations.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Boer Afrikaner death threats and deletion of my 5 year work from Facebook

Video can be seen also at: OR OR OR OR OR
White Afrikaners Boers are taking world down with them for the sake of the enemy !!! For receiving "help" which they want so desperately from world(they claim how nobody sees them - right !!???), they pay back with insults, lies(slender), and even death threats. I explain in detail what is happening in South  Africa and across the Europe/America - rather how/why - because of whom !!!

Its time to unite and strike before it is too late for humanity !!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It is AMAZING how American JEW who is posing as whitey goes to publicly insult other races(the one insulted the most is white, but they are too stupid to realize) - watch this

JEW's name is Ari Shaffir and he loves to PUBLICLY play divide and conquer game with all races out there at expense of whites. Yes, folks...for what you and I would end on court(in jail and jobless for the rest of our lives) is permitted by US authorities to a JEWS as seen here...whites whose country was stolen by this very ZIOFASCIST scum get in fact even satisfaction from watching JEW performing all kinds of sick(sadistic) methods on people of other races(laugher and joy that supports myth about KKK, nazis, white hatred etc.) at youtube - even his "God chosen" race(small price to pay if you consider that we are 8 billion and Jews total 10 million - it works very very well for them)...

What the difference is between you and JEW to the "god" !!!

Notice that I did used proper writing in title as per low and high letters("you" and "God" vs JEW)...

This ugly creatures have a DNA of which 99.9% is composed of criminality...the rest doesn't matter to GOD !!!  

They are not white and they are not Semites(over 300 million real Semites will 100% agree with semitic nation in fact approves existence of this half white and half semite race...race that incites us whites in killing and hatred of semites and the one that is at the same time using term "semite" to accuse us whites of anti semitism when they are due to justice) !!! THEY ARE SEEDS OF SATAN !!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Young ZIOFASCIST thug(aka "Tommy Robinson") is proud to incite in hatred for the sake of ZIOFA$$CISM

One of the ZIOFASCIST thugs(mossad agents) is also Tommy Robinson from Britain with whom I have even sympathized due to mistreatment of his family(included children) when expelled from public pub place by police will now explain to you who he is and for whom he works for.
In my opinion he more than just deserves to be kicked out of public places in Britain...he further deserves to be kicked out of Britain as well !!! This is a devoted lunatic(one of them - he doesn't mind at all to be beaten up, spit on etc.) funded by Israel to bark like dog(basically uncovers for us attitude of imported Muslims in UK the way ZIOFASCIST would want us to see them as, but disregards facts on who imported them and why...disregards fact that his bosses are conditioning us with continuation of invasion on our countries or pledge to ZIOFASCISM) and promote ZIOFASCIST agenda in Britain for the sake of ZIONAZI state of ISRAEL.   

Time to thank "BOERS" even more for their support ;) I am now blocked from posting on Facebook for 30 days...

Genocided "white" Boers(Afrikaners or whatever they want to call themselves - in reality diamond diggers who are in bed with Jews just as their predecessors were/are in Holland), have found way to retaliate against me...after numerous insults and threats that I received for posting the truth about them(they have actually posted one themselves do not know why they decline to admit who and what they are when they address their God even as Yahveh - go and see on Facebook if you don't believe me) people suspend my Facebook account for 30 days just like this:

But thats not get more for supporting Yahweh people...
My page with over 11k likes was suspended as well for demonstrating their own comments in respect to white human slavery concerning eastern European women(moms, daughters, and wives) that are abducted to Israel where sexually exploited till dead(abducted, beaten up, raped, placed in show cases for sale, beaten up and raped more if not sold, accused of prostitution when totally destroyed, and repatriated as such back to eastern Europe)...

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Is WHITE Afrikaner now just a Jew alike beast !!???? Time to thank them for their support...


Beast continues to roam the world and attacks most vulnerable and promi$$ing parts of the world to devour them(Minerals rich South Africa is one of them...from Joe Slovo to Geert Wilders and all the way to Donald J. Kushner Trump)...
Here is the list of ZIOFASCIST garbage(trash/scum/filth of the earth that is more deserved for what is happening with our white women than even criminal global kabbala syndicates that are all based in state of Israel - crime capital of the world) banned from page: Elsie du Plessis, Gina Nolazana , Antonio Tondeleir , Basil Smith , Kobus de Villiers , Jossie Kruger , Erasmus Johannes Francios Greeff , Pieter Du Plooy , Fletcher Brian , Margy Hayward , Brian Cloete , Michael van der Schyff , Tian Loedolff , Riana Fourie , Gert Joubert , Andre Kriel , Brian Weir 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

MADE IN ISRAEL: Over 100.000 white women(90% of them are of Slavic origins) abducted to Israel over last decade and whored till death !!!

Abducted are wives, moms, girlfriends, daughters...Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Czech, Slovak, Moldovan...

Raped till destroyed, arrested and "trialed"(accused to be whores), and thrown back to Europe to die in agony !!!

 Beautiful Slavic girls are lured to Israel every given year, under the false pretense of getting an improved standard of living if they’re willing to travel to an exotic location, only to find that their new employer is in fact a business man in the slave trade industry before it’s too late to reconsider. MANY OF THEM ARE ABDUCTED ON STREETS ALL OVER UKRAINE AND RUSSIA AND POLAND(ALL OVER EASTERN EUROPE - THEY ARE NOT EVEN LURED) !!!

MADE IN ISRAEL: Nothing in this world is like a Jewish and much more unmatched !!!

I love women myself...I adore them !!! For me, nothing is like woman...I could be given entire world(all the lakes, rivers, mountains etc...), but without woman - they wouldn't make any sense to me !!! I love woman being boss at home because I want her to feel free. I Want her to have sense of ownership(its okay even if she slaps me here and then - all is good !!! I am a grown up man and not a crybaby after all) in household and freedom. I love woman that is independent...I want her to be strong...makes me nothing happier than to see smile on woman's face(to make her smile - to place smile on her face is it for me - jackpot !!!)...want her to be comfortable around me as much as possible....WOMEN DO NOT HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS EVEN IN OUR SOCIETIES THESE DAYS !!! FAR FROM WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SATISFACTORY SITUATION FOR ANYONE OF US REAL MEN REGARDING WOMEN !!! MUCH MORE(almost everything) MUST BE DONE FOR WOMEN TO HAVE EQUAL STATUS IN OUR SOCIETIES(will make video on that as well - there is a lot I have learned about from Belarus that should be used as an example to improve our societies  and there is much that I feel as man was missing from my life due to women's inequality within our societies - what is stolen from women is what we men are also deprived off in another form)but what you are about to see here on this video - well, it is a bit too much even for is SICK just as crime factory known as Israel(crime factory is what Israel is) is !!! This is not feminism, this is ZIOFASCISM !!! Its this here that makes women ugly...its this here that makes this world ugly !!!

Feel sorry for this Russian men...

Who needs lakes and rivers and one wife when you can have all this...all this - imagine folks...all this

NOTE: I have video file of above video, so if one disappears again just as the case was earlier about abducted women to Israel, I am going to post this video on numerous other video channels out there(not only Jewish youtube, but all over cyberspace).

Thursday, August 17, 2017

ZIOFASCIST president Miloš Zeman, sends Czech military to train with Kabbalah in the desert...Hitleryahu is searching for new HITLER to award him with presidency of Israel. To be considered, one must be white Christian...

COULD YOU BE THE ALL NEW ADOLF HITLER !!???? is your chance ;)

The purpose of such military training operation is obvious potential for Jewish state to use Czech soldiers for aggression(invasion/occupation) on new neighboring territories(Jordan/Egypt etc..) for the sake of greater Israel.
Bye the way for those of you who are interested in this very job, Hitleryahu is searching for new HITLER who will apologise Jewish genocide(extermination via multiculturalism) against whites and increase the size of Israel(via extermination of Arabs) even beyond of what you see here...THIS VERY JOB WAS OFFERED TO ME BY BINJAMIN HITLERYAHU PERSONALLY, but I "declined"(I am working in direction exactly the opposite from the one of Netanyahu - my goal is to clearly remove Israel from its existence as there is no place in this world for ZIOFASCISM -
it was this exact movement that have created NAZISM and as a result of one a WWII that costed lives of over 50 million people...after WWII, Ziofascist movement costed us whites additional 250 million lives in a form of forced multiculturalism) one as you know...this WILL be discussed in separate video where I will make verbal statement on Netanyahu's  criminality and criminality of people(criminal ZIOFASCIST politicians) who have encircled(ruined my life entirely to compel me to see things from ZIOFASCIST perspective) me with ideas as described here...they have used against me everything and anything that can be used in this world against individual and that included my own "family"(not Fritzl, but instead Fritzls !!!)...I will repeat Netanyhu's words to American MKULTRA torturers when they challenged him with what would happen to Israel as the president of the Israel in case I would do something deliberately wrong(idea was to remove in me subconsciously any resistance/willpower against total control in me - this is how deep MKULTRA abuse was folks), "It doesn't matter even if he f*** it up(sabotages one) because Israel is so powerful that mistakes can easily be turned in victories" "but I don't like Israel as one doesn't look like Europe" objection was answered with, "that is exactly why we need you...we also want places like is why we want to increase size of Israel..."...


This disgusting(and ugly and corrupt) clown creature(part of Visegrad group about which  I have talked about recently) from Czech republik associates himself with Vladimir Putin who have absolutely nothing to do with fact, ZIOFASCIST European Union is using Visegrad group to suggest ZIOFASCISM to us across the Europe and Russia as the way to go(exampling one via Visegrad) !!! IT IS A BLACKMAILING OF WHITE EUROPEAN NATIONS !!! IT IS A KNIFE UNDER THE THROAT TO WHITES ACROSS THE EUROPE AND RUSSIA !!! Message is clear, "Pick between continuation of white genocide via forced multiculturalism or ZIOFASCISM" !!! Disgraceful American ZIOFASCIST Donald J Kushner deeply involved(in everything stated above as well and everything I have stated previously) against Europe - Ivanka Kushner is after all half Czech !!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Trump will continue to condition his voters with ZIOFASCIST knife under their throats, "it is either ZIOFASCISM or continuation of death via multiculturalism" !!!

It is also fascinating to note that David Duke arrived in aid to Donald Trump after white nationalists have condemned him across America and this prompts me to wonder more about real David Duke...

David Duke just a heavy duty criminal or perhaps even undercover Jew who had his play going all along, so he would obtain full support for power from Israel in crucial moment !!! How much is Israel desperate in this moment !!???? A lot !!!! Netanyahu is drowning in crises...after all, I pulled his mask down before entire world and is desperate to make any kind of deal with anybody willing to bail Israhell out of biggest crises Jews have faced in entire existence !!! Jews are proven killers of whites...Jews kill, physically torture, ban whites from employment, and even prohibit them return in white homeland from where they have expelled them with aid of corrupt traitors !!!

Strange fact is fact that David Duke was involved in abductions and MKULTRA torture along with Netanyahu's Jews and his helpers...have David Duke used me to negotiate with Israel and others !!???? I have absolutely NO doubt on my mind !!! He blocked(killed) my name within white nationalist movement for entire 11 years and that is basically everything one can do to kill real(uncorrupt) white nationalism(white resistance against ZIOFASCISM) !!! His deal with Trumpists and Netanyahu is a likely one....sieg hail Hitleryahu !!!

This is what real David Duke looks like...looked like before he changed his physical appearance via, I am not bothered at all by physical trades on individual as seen here - I am just horrified(alarmed) about this individual's level of criminality and do wonder about who else is real David Duke beside the stuff we already know about him...

Will David Duke march for the sake of ZIOFASCISM !!????? To answer this question entirely, it is hard to say, but there are few indicators that may suggest stated here...most concerning to me is that Duke viciously fought against Zionism, but at the same time have compared over and over again in his writings our situation with Israel - I cite, "what is Israel...what would Israel do...what if Israel...if this and that would happen to Israel...why Israel doesn't do same as they do to us..." <== this is predominant psychology in David Duke's writing and due to his personal involvement in my case against me(he totally sided with Jews as I explain o my videos), we may expect Duke to show sooner than latter his real colors !!! NOBODY GIVES SHIT ABOUT SAVING ISRAEL DUKE EXCEPT THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO SELL OWN PEOPLE DUKE !!!  BASICALLY YOU DUKE !!!
This man screwed(destroyed and even murdered) more promising white nationalists in America than Mossad alone

ZIOFASCIST Vampires have removed videos about Eastern European women who are frequently abducted and sold into a sexual slavery to Israhell !!!

Russian/Ukrainian/Baltic and other Eastern European women abducted and sold into sexual slavery till destroyed(over 100.000 per year !!!)...trialled in Israhell for prostitution(after abducted and exploited for years - even decades) and thrown back to their countries to die in agony !!!

TITLES OF THE MOVIES DELETED FROM YOUTUBE WERE "Jewish Smuggling and Sex Slavery Of Young Slavic Women In Israel "(Part 1 and part 2)...

Puppet Donald J. Kushner Trump using Charlottesville tragedy to campaign for his ZIOFASCIST owner Hitleryahu and Hitleryahu signals(confirms ZIOFASCIST program via his son) simultaneously to America from other side of the world...

Donald Trump is desperate for ZIOFASCIST recruitment of people who joined left and right...he strongly condemns left and right, but is more than willing to pass their recruits to his boss from Israel who transmits his news to America(world) simultaneously....

Donald Trump still conditions genocided white world with "pick ZIOFASCISM or continue with multiculturalism" !!!


Not far left and far right(you have created both - over half a billion of whites have died throughout the history because of your criminal DNA), its you who doesn't belong in Europe and and USA !!! Nobody in this world likes country approves or have ever approved you !!! You are most hated species in history of the world !!!


They move in and suck souls of our nations dry...they kill everything that counters them and move onto another...its a beast...a disease that have murdered numerous lives and continues to conquer the world...


Free news(they charge himself for articles otherwise) from Zionazi newspaper

Netanyahu's Son: Neo-Nazi Scum Belong to the Past, Far-left Thugs Getting Stronger

Yair Netanyahu says 'Antifa and BLM who hate my country (and America too in my view) just as much are becoming super dominant in American universities and public life

Yair Netanyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's 26-year-old son, posted on Facebook that he is more concerned with far-left "thugs" rather than neo-Nazi "scum," arguing that "the latter belong to the past."

Monday, August 14, 2017

I can't be nice and I have to know my way(road)...Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy....

I removed quotes away - suspended them temporary as I realized many didn't truly project my real views - rather anger which I rejected my entire life. Quotes will be updated and I will have them posted back online...

Born in 1971 and song was made in 1975...loved one ever since. First songs I remember are Pussycat - Mississippi, Tina Turner - Proud Mary(I was crazy about Tina Turner - learned about Beatles years latter)....crazy song of Jani Kovačič - Na Škoflco(I was probably 4 years old too and scared of this song and thought this guy was a very bad person indeed, but since they played one night and day I eventually learned song and started to sing one on my own)...

I may loose(definitely did) some political points here and there due to what some say is "controversy", but my direction is clear to me...feelings of being terribly wrong in the past shun me here and there(I was) like arrows, but thats okay too because person without strong past doesn't have strong future...I never ran from anything in my life - its just the way I was/am and how it will stay...

BY MEDIA HIDDEN DEATH OF ERNST ZUNDEL: From secret state trials that followed with expulsions and imprisonments(as an old man in his own country) to desperate attempts to kill him because he wanted to set our race free !!!

Left without any arguments(proven wrong time and again), criminal mainstream media controlled by the Rothschilds
committed last hateful act against our giant who fought for existence of the white race against criminal cabal by hiding his death(perhaps more than natural death if his life massacred by ZIOFASCIST persecution wasn't enough) from public !!!

While I can no longer entirely agree on Hitler who went way too far in totally wrong direction(20/25 million Russians was killed as a result of his lunacy in a country where president was Stalin - read HERE and HERE - they have murdered their savior and host as well) and because of whom price we are paying very today, I will admire Ernst Zundel as long as I am alive for showing us what post WWII "democracies" truly were/are and what their plan(progressive extermination of the white race via forced multiculturalism and ZIOFASCISM) was/is for us on a long run if indefinitely entrapped in ZIOFASCIST world of lies.

Rest in peace Ernst may doors of heaven stay open for you for ever....

2 of 2 Failed Rothschilds takeover attempt of Russia via Visegrád Group and Polish retaliatory German WWII compensation demand due to plan failure

Jared Kushner decides to ban me(white US and EU citizen) in the Netanyahu/Trump's(international Jewry) name from returning to US in 2003/2004 by issuing me torture warning under MKULTRA torture("if you will dare to return to the US, unemployment and MKULTRA torture will continue")

What really happened to Polish plane crash near Smolensk(were 95 Poles sent from Poland to Russia in 2010 to attend own funeral !!???) !!???? How about 2014 plane crash in Ukraine(are two related) where almost 300 people died and Russia was guilty for it all(in both incidents) !!??? 

Leaders of the pro white parties across the Europe(its same in ZIOFASCIST USA where Donald J. Kushner Trump is the president)...who are they !!??? Do they condition us(our forcefully unemployed and raped/beaten up/killed children/elderly) with either multiculturalism or ZIOFASCISM !!???? YES THEY DO !!! SIEG HAIL HITLERYAHU OR DIE BY MULTICULTURALISM IS THE THEIR SONG TO US WHILE BLAMING IT ALL OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES !!! It is the biggest betrayal of our white race that world have seen !!! I expose corruption on highest level...domestic and international...Israel is praying on economically weak European countries and aims through them to take down entire world !!!

Video Part 1 of 2 can be also seen at: OR O

Friday, August 11, 2017

To help NATO and American democrazy, I suggest Russia and China to perform on Cuba same as US have done to Europe via Israel

Found THIS to be truly "inspiring" article(also seen bellow)... it will continue to be like this till world won't express real concern for safety of American people.

Most of them are pointed in Europe and not Iranian desert. This program goes way back - earlier than 1967 when Arabs(forget about Iran whose Monarch at the time was Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Iran a country almost no different than democratic European states) didn't even know what nuclear bombs were(with exception of few who were able to afford radio - just being sarcastic here, but Arabs didn't have any nukes till recently) !!! IT IS ESTIMATED THAT ISRAEL ACTUALLY HAS OVER 400 NUCLEAR BOMBS(you can READ this estimation on Jewish Wikipedia alone) AND NOT 200 !!! It was on July 12, 1955, that

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Crazy ZIOFASCIST WWIII warmongering rant on Alex Jones' channel goes on....

Wait...were "Japs" a nazi collaborators in WWII !!???? Trump, "Well f*** that entire region up together with them"....

Jones goes on more insane rant to give "president" a boost for WWIII...

I also see nothing funny(minute 26:53) with what Hiroshima or Nagasaki looked like...nothing funny about today's Western Europe or US alone....perhaps they fear your

ZIOFASCIT attempt for takeover of the world failed totally, and now nuclear option is on the table because American Jew won't back down from his international positions....

Jewish takeover of the world failed entirely. Mask was taken off the face of America on time and doors closed in his face simultaneously worldwide(from Russia and across the Europe)...but he won't back down because he knows that without leadership, he is nothing and nobody(international merchant is now thing of the yesterday in a country where people are totally aware of one - actually its American majority placed in front of the fact before entire world which expects of one to act appropriately).

ZIOFASCIST clown(self admitted Jew) Alex Jones who is leading small group of people(journalists) that are totally different minded(those actually are real Christians) have had turned to Christianity in most deceptive way possible and is using one as ultimate support for WWIII(he knows logic that is written here). He is using one to uphold its Jewish global position(totally hollow at

American Kim Jong wanna be, Donald J. Kushner Trump is a violent mental patient who seats on nuclear buttons and have surrounded himself with like minded lunatics...

Morally broke country that lost its grounds first as legitimate state of American people(eaten on in and out by ZIOFASCIST lobby) and worldwide as one is rejected across entire Europe, have lost also economic and military importance, America is economically broke(without any prosperity whatsoever in a world where real superpowers like China, Russia have begun to enforce their existing possibilities - left to America now. is dark future known as "Make America great again via made in America and buy American" <== it will be so since nobody wants to be either American slave or American product purchaser anymore) drunk trying to desperately hold on to his free assets(positions)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Last post was error due to my updating search preferences of each blog for this news site

Please disregard one....thank you for that you might have seen was a draft prepared to be published in emergency when under extreme circumstances in Belarus... 

1 of 2 Failed Rothschilds takeover of Russia via Visegrád Group and Polish retaliatory German WWII compensation demand due to corrupt plan failure...

Criminal ZIOFASCIST Kushners and Trumps cartel revealed....diabolic Jews didn't only tortured and ruined my life in USA and EU(Jared Kushner who was involved in my abductions threatened me with MKULTRA if I would dare to return to US since I declined over and over to engage in torture), but have also planned on using Poland(Visegrad group) to take down entire Russia and other European countries via corruption...sad to note is that Poland have attempted to even retaliate against Germany for my disclosing diabolic Rothschilds' takeover plan on August 2nd, 2017 !!!

Video Part 1 of 2 can be also seen at OR OR OR    

Part 2of 2
Polish police(well acquainted with written here) which was involved in my abductions(Polish police was also hosted in Slovenia with Novo mesto police), have brainwashed me on how important are ethics and patriotism for Europe in Polish people(more than willing to assist me if I would "support

Friday, August 4, 2017

ZIOFASCIST EP President Schulz: Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the Jewish people.


Martin Schulz has been active in European politics for almost thirty years, and so he is a person who does not need an introduction. His position however is not one that is understood very well by normal people, because a lot of people don’t know what the roles of the institutions of the European Union in the post-Lisbon Treaty environment are.

In his role as President of the European Parliament, Schulz would be responsible for the overall direction of international relations, and also is the custodian of the fundamental values of the European Union. The European Parliament is the first institution in the European Union, which prior to the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty had been seen as a mere talking shop, but subsequently developed into becoming one of the most powerful legislatures in the world in terms of both its legislative powers and executive oversight powers.