Monday, August 14, 2017

2 of 2 Failed Rothschilds takeover attempt of Russia via Visegrád Group and Polish retaliatory German WWII compensation demand due to plan failure

Jared Kushner decides to ban me(white US and EU citizen) in the Netanyahu/Trump's(international Jewry) name from returning to US in 2003/2004 by issuing me torture warning under MKULTRA torture("if you will dare to return to the US, unemployment and MKULTRA torture will continue")

What really happened to Polish plane crash near Smolensk(were 95 Poles sent from Poland to Russia in 2010 to attend own funeral !!???) !!???? How about 2014 plane crash in Ukraine(are two related) where almost 300 people died and Russia was guilty for it all(in both incidents) !!??? 

Leaders of the pro white parties across the Europe(its same in ZIOFASCIST USA where Donald J. Kushner Trump is the president)...who are they !!??? Do they condition us(our forcefully unemployed and raped/beaten up/killed children/elderly) with either multiculturalism or ZIOFASCISM !!???? YES THEY DO !!! SIEG HAIL HITLERYAHU OR DIE BY MULTICULTURALISM IS THE THEIR SONG TO US WHILE BLAMING IT ALL OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES !!! It is the biggest betrayal of our white race that world have seen !!! I expose corruption on highest level...domestic and international...Israel is praying on economically weak European countries and aims through them to take down entire world !!!

Video Part 1 of 2 can be also seen at: OR O OR OR 

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