Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Young ZIOFASCIST thug(aka "Tommy Robinson") is proud to incite in hatred for the sake of ZIOFA$$CISM

One of the ZIOFASCIST thugs(mossad agents) is also Tommy Robinson from Britain with whom I have even sympathized due to mistreatment of his family(included children) when expelled from public pub place by police will now explain to you who he is and for whom he works for.
In my opinion he more than just deserves to be kicked out of public places in Britain...he further deserves to be kicked out of Britain as well !!! This is a devoted lunatic(one of them - he doesn't mind at all to be beaten up, spit on etc.) funded by Israel to bark like dog(basically uncovers for us attitude of imported Muslims in UK the way ZIOFASCIST would want us to see them as, but disregards facts on who imported them and why...disregards fact that his bosses are conditioning us with continuation of invasion on our countries or pledge to ZIOFASCISM) and promote ZIOFASCIST agenda in Britain for the sake of ZIONAZI state of ISRAEL.   

Similarly to this suicidal lunatic that does enormous harm to British, South African whites sacrifice theirs(about million of them are right now stationed in white concentration camps known as squatter camps - stationed in barracks, corrugated shacks, and even tents...no running water or electricity..food as leftovers and so is clothing...no government assistance of any kind and no right to work due to what they claim is color of the skin - IN REALITY ORDER TO INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY FROM HOLLAND IS THE ONE THAT BARS THIS WHITE PEOPLE FROM FUTURE FOR THE SAKE OF ZIOFASCISM...JUST AS THE CASE IS IN EUROPE, SAME SONG REPEATS ACROSS THE SOUTH AFRICA !!! PRAISE YAHWEH OR YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE SLAUGHTERED - OVER 90.000 OF THEM ALREADY SLAUGHTERED IN SOUTH AFRICA !!! DISGUSTINGLY, HOLLAND IS THE NUMBER ONE PLACE IN THE WORLD WHERE HUMAN RIGHTS AGENCIES ARE BASED - SINGLE PHONE CALL FROM THE RIGHT AGENCY WOULD STOP ALL, BUT NO...NOT TILL ZIONZIS ACROSS THE EUROPE AND AMERICA OBTAIN ENOUGH SUPPORT FOR THEIR TRIUMPH ON THE REST OF THE WORLD...THEN YOU ALL WILL MURCH UNDER NEW HITLER AND HIS NAME ALREADY IS HITLERYAHU).

Someone should confront Mossad agent Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson and thank him in face for contributing greatly to white genocide across the Europe and world !!! You do deserve BIG "thank you" note Mr. Lennon !!!

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