Monday, August 7, 2017

1 of 2 Failed Rothschilds takeover of Russia via Visegrád Group and Polish retaliatory German WWII compensation demand due to corrupt plan failure...

Criminal ZIOFASCIST Kushners and Trumps cartel revealed....diabolic Jews didn't only tortured and ruined my life in USA and EU(Jared Kushner who was involved in my abductions threatened me with MKULTRA if I would dare to return to US since I declined over and over to engage in torture), but have also planned on using Poland(Visegrad group) to take down entire Russia and other European countries via corruption...sad to note is that Poland have attempted to even retaliate against Germany for my disclosing diabolic Rothschilds' takeover plan on August 2nd, 2017 !!!

Video Part 1 of 2 can be also seen at OR OR OR    

Part 2of 2
Polish police(well acquainted with written here) which was involved in my abductions(Polish police was also hosted in Slovenia with Novo mesto police), have brainwashed me on how important are ethics and patriotism for Europe in Polish people(more than willing to assist me if I would "support
them" in Europe is what I was told), but in reality was/is even main criminal concept creator of retaliatory diabolic plan against Germany and other European nations(I was told, "we need ZIOFASCISM via Trump/Kushner because of Rothschilds who would invest money in Russia via Poland rather than other European nations since Poland was financially exhausted under USSR...Netanyahu would be warrantor for such plan obtained via above mentioned criminal cartel if I would also somehow agree to become ZIOFASCIST myself - supporter of Israeli "Alternative Right" just as the case is with other right wing corrupt political parties across the Europe...Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian government excited about plan which I have rejected even when totally drugged up under MKULTRA) !!!

Its not Germany that owes to Poland for WWII, its 40% of Poland that seats today on stolen German land !!!

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