Monday, April 19, 2021

For reporting myself as a person available for employment at local state employment agency, I was reminded instead of torture and threats at previous state agency location and forced to withdraw from evidence of active job seekers due to psychiatry

 Actually due to crime which Slovenian state created against me and on which one insists against me conditioned to either undergo medical examination(examination by psychiatrist) or report myself for financial support at social services as mentally ill and incapable to work - gestured to basically admit my being mentally ill. I identified girl involved in procedure as long time state employee beginning of her employment as a job advisor at this very location which dates exactly to 2012. Also pointed out she is of partially of Serbian origins as she alone told me during MK Ultra case is for what I actually feel idiotic(almost as if  alone am from Belgrade where primitive politic like this counts and not that politicians from there needed this type of hype for the sake of their insane politic)

IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE: Pogojevanje vpisa v evidenco brezposelnih na podlagi psihiatrije zavoljo četništva na zavodu Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje

Kdo bi si mislil da bo Zavod Republike Slovenije za Zaposlovanje uresničeval še naprej svoje propadle blodnje na podlagi psihiatrije in niti ne več same prisilne nezaposelnosti....
Video dostopen prav tako na kanalu.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Slovenian criminals contemplated on getting me back to Poland - contemplated on job/car crime same as was done to me in Poland/Czech rep. to be used against me in Slovenia for the sake of crime which took place against me there

 It won't happen. not any time soon and seems to me more and more as - not ever.

Yahoo asks what Religion Is The Royal Family? Understanding Trump a little better...

 From yahoo

Once I left home in Slovenia for US in the end of 1994, I was brought back from US for no less than 23 years of torture whenever possible - forced unemployment was used to accomplish stated when in US and this progressive/systematic unemployment rate which was increasing led into violent psychiatry, and "while in US" during torture my entire family in Slovenia was destroyed - its how I have encountered one upon my return(friends gone for good as they made enemy out of whole world out of me), I avoided quite a few indirect and what would otherwise count as assassination plots, and at the end stayed without everything which included according to royal prescription also health issues such as broken spine/cancer and so on - spent last last 10 years proving abroad using foreign languages to prove my not being insane as was rated on their behalf...splendid broken at age almost 50 now. But they did insisted me along Berlin/Washington DC and to others when brought on how they would pay $$$ if case ever proven as real when it all started and for good portion of MK Ultra, but according to their finances at the end(toward end of MK Ultra) it almost looked like as if I owe them money and would take German money to pay them off my debt...I rate them 10 out of 10 stars + concerning "professional liars/con artists" unlike any others world have seen.

The whole thing is so loathsome with Biden/USDemocrats that I came to conclusion on having far more in common with Trump(Republicans) for whom we all know is a lying psychopath(Rep. party a bottom of the bottoms in this globe) than them

 Because at least we know one is what I stated in title which is still far better than reading news from people who depict themselves as freedom fighters but are in shadow of their truth praying for death(in this case my own) which would bring them El Dorado LONDON treasure. 

Today "opposition" demonstrates on streets so newspapers can write(cover truth with b.s. for which they are in agreement with those who strike on streets so truth is covered up with lies)

 Perfect example is example of Navalny. People mentioned on this news site(Putin/Buckingham palace/Merkel - governments) don't bet on Navalny alone...they bet(they purchase them) on his deputy and 10 others which would take place a as a next in succession line after one is gone - not only him. Unfortunately the same goes for American "Black Lives Matters" movement(Mr. OBAMA) which even discriminated(persecuted) royal from London(Battenberger) came to support from United Kingdom in his yearn for equality. 

Something Harry stated me I wouldn't be capable to prove, but fact of the matter is there are abundant proofs laying around life(all over the place) he left behind in US prior to officially reporting himself via main stream media as new in US.

Harry became interested in BLM rights after my MK Ultra case didn't dissipate into oblivion and one kept coming back as many insisted one one - he immediately got support for his "human rights fight" at no wonder and London palace didn't object plan knowing how much Americans are stimulated in stories about equality - racism(it was a perfect plan for US to bite into neonazi London plan since US historically had problem with colonization issues)...

SI SE PUEDUE: Like everything - US Democrats' joke about US constitution/laws has also an expiration b.s. limit(DATE ?)

 Donald Trump as you see is making his comeback.

Navalny will not stop one...nor will other FAKE mechanisms(politicians/actors etc.) who made it all possible for him to become president on the first place.

NICE: Dasha Navany, a student at Stanford University and Navalny's daughter, says father needs Alexei Navalny needs a doctor walking is her father's shoes who received a scholarship to the Yale World Fellows program at Yale University in 2010...when someone gets to be treated like a s***, its because someone else took his spot - someone more convenient/more important for those who sold one...

Your totally FAKE BRAVEST ON EARTH activist journalist(Putin's partner) is about to become smoke on(in) the sky

 Russian state about to remove one away at any moment now....

Best part about him is ALL IS FAKE and you're paying price for it as Putan Putanowich(according to his own words) career will take off from here....

Psycho PETER KAPS insist on forced unemployment and on jobs for laborers - people who don't speak Slovenian language

 Police never contacted in respect to crime committed against me of which biggest one was creation of forced unemployment - issue such as "crime record" which they fabricated against me via father still persists. I got new job offer as school cleaner and the other to sell Slovenian food products with use of own transportation - jobs which all other MK Ultra test subjects were subjected to(don't even try cleaning as involves torsion was told by test subjects alone), however, without any knowledge of Slovenian language or level of education as is mine...