Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hear Poles will now be capable to enter US without visas - great news for


Genetic purification of Poles will this way enter the accelerated mode. Of families which are offered new financing per additional child will get to chose between life in US(done via employment and other issues) and stay in Poland if classified as appropriate. Same was already done with Roma people in Czech rep., Slovakia, and Poland and so on...nothing to worry about employment statistics and low wages either. Nice 500+

According to Kaczynski, plan is to make Poland totally blonde so Jews which travel to Poland would feel alienated here....

I have no intentions on leaving Poland any time soon and likely EVER

Just to answer speculators from abroad and domestically. Nor are US or London of any interest to me. At least till US of which citizen I am, proves world that I(my life) matter - basically thaat I am more than a slave certificate(known also s US citizenship) given to me in 2000 for purpose of most severe torture that ended depriving me off 25 years of life via forced job search and psychiatric torture...

Complain submitted yesterday on 12th to inspectorate for work in Lodz, Poland

Will repeat this post as is very important for me / Dont't want modified mainstream media junk to cover one.

Download complain at

or see one at

Old picture in this(present place) room already am certain at least for 9 years

Dont need to tell you of what one should remind me off and does.

STRAIGHT OUT OF GAMBINO'S BOOK: We were just a nice real estate family

But then again I don't know IF any gangster with whom justice caught up in the past have/would differ from Eric Trump's view on himself and his family as NICE. We were just a nice real estate family

I wonder what minimum wage paid mexicans whom Trump would shut in legs to have them ran back across the border and die in suffering(agony) there or in desert think about their KKK boss..."nice" definitely became the wider option of use when seeing themselves infront of mirrors on daily bases for the worst of the worst under Trump's presidency, but don't know about women whom president would just grab for the pussy, minorities on general, Slavic people from whom family demanded to open to neonazi ties and so on...and why not, Lucifer was/is "nice" too. Mr. Nice sees nothing wrong with pedophilia(raping even underage boys and not only girls), rape on general, curruption theft and even torture of American citizens for the sake of the personal interests. Reality show in which people really get hurt and killed. Cool family if ever was anything worse in US.

Hospital identified as well as two physicians of which one was retired in either 2005/2006 or perhaps 2008

Exact timing is a problem when MKultra lasted for no less than 24 years...I also remember now stuff members(nurses - the one who was there also for the day in fact told me they will place her in hospital perhaps two years before we will eventually get into personal contact). The present doctor is from Lodz as I reminded myself of...older doctor who no longer is there I can point out from photo + contrary to present one, he was leaner, has worn frequently ironed shirts and pants(black/brown ironed on edge pants)...Its the same with the registration office of Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Marii Skłodowskiej Curie w Zgierzu and mental hospital attached right next to one out of which psychiatrist came out with gray hair - he was my first psychiatrist in Zgierz(year 2002).
Recognized doctor without doubt(from Lodz and had nothing to do with what Russians brainwashed have worked in an imaginary building located next to lake and where now parking lot is)...I remember changes done to hospital sometimes in 2005/2006...modification of side entrance into bigger one...SPINE INJURY A PLANNED EVENT !!!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lasted on this job so all that wanted this to happen

can sleep in peace. Foremost to award Zgierzan community...Lodz. Share with them painfull past( many are crippled in Zgierz) and to remind of importance Zgierzan sawing tradition.

Opposite of Kaczynski who argued with Netanyahu a coming monument which is standing next to library in center of Zgierz(McDonalds), when conditioned by Israeli investments if not dedicating one to 5000 Zgierzans/Lodzans whom Hitler murdered, I praise exustance of DNA which persists in about 80% of Poles...I love Poland for what it is and for the way people look. And you Poland have to love yourself as such as well or you will not exist. Cleansing presence of any DNA from Poland(what Kaczynski does) is a crime and ultimate betrayal of all others. It shows weaknes to the outside enemies at the top of the state.

Love yourself Poland.

I have no regrets...I would have done it all over again. Am glad I did.

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If I am the worst Poland have seen, then

Poland is a fortunate country.

Never ever had a single bad intention for her people. Exactly the opposite. Incl. after all here mentioned.

In respect to car assasination plot in 2007

My cousin from Austria was in ind. Boruta park...I remember where and so on. Was his mother that Pole from Germany begun to exhtort for more money after stealing from me $500 worth in car parts.

Kaczynski sells election lies in same fashion as time share is sold in US

Gets paid group to cheer him for others to learn on how one should be seen with his Gestapo party

Happy voting Polska