Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Planted with open box of C vitamins which I purchased at DM store AND CLOSEST I COULD GET TO POINT OUT ABOUT spiked fruit treas as per who and how have done it during MK Ultra torture

These sales ladies were involved in MK Ultra - one of them gestured how there was 24 degrees cesium outside as the hottest temperature(without being asked) opposed to her predecessor who claimed 32 degrees Celsius and came out to clean mail box at Trska Gora to just tell me this....police director Ogulin involved some interesting characters  in game which could and would whole thing really fast if I would allow so...

Fruit tree I demonstrated is right next door of home residence of Anton Olaj.

Sugar am certain is not good for me, but truly is nobody's business if all help given is hiding and destroying property next to seen nothing heard nothing know nothing - pulling memories via rehearsal of MK Ultra torture during which they insisted me for 25 years on how to live with cancer and survive one long enough for case to come till last day of MK Ultra when they entrusted me with CANCER CAN ALSO BE KILLED...

MK ULTRA PROOFS - 2 of 2 About Princess Diana's death

Royals created also French racism issue(in England in Buckingham palace area) out of Princess Diana's driver during which they evaluated me as they claimed involving French on facial characteristics of French - crap with last Diana's driver went on between 2002 by using his doppelganger who supposedly was French,,,

Kučan, Pahor, Fajon and all others involved in crime on behalf of Belgrade and Moscow against me THREATENED me will go one by one even in "afterlife" options if necessary

I am stating this because it was anticipated due to MK Ultra brainwash for me in the future to wish those whom I would manage to identify but would signal me unfriendly attitude toward my political views "a condolences"(also a frequent sarcastic habit in Slovenia displayed to opponents teams due to losses of games, contests etc.)  in respect to their above mentioned patrons on whose behalf the acted...let me clarify, public hanging or execution DUE TO GRAND TREASON which repeatedly I requested to be done with mentioned since 1998(whenever subjected to MK Ultra torture) is okay - acts of terrorism UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.

Monday, July 4, 2022

REPEATED - MK ULTRA - Involved in MK Ultra residents from Home for Elderly People, staff workers, and their families identified(even deceased)



1 of 2 About Princess Diana's death

They signed extension contracts at the courthouse. Inside was dark wood doors, white old building outside...year most likely 1996. Driver from what I can recall got his first job as driver of Diana, but he occasionally did replaced main driver who I suppose retired or whatever is what I was told...

The work contracts royals do, are signed on a semi country side....RELATED TO PART 2 WHERE POINT BUILDING OUT TO YOU 

Ukraine fights copyrighted war against US/UK etc. technology - its also known as virtual/simulation war directed by psychologists and military strategists(heavily cost evaluated and paid in for including deliberate own losses whenever necessary by no other than Russia)

The countries that gave the most to Russia are countries which block the rest of the NATO members to look in-front of the world as good as possible. Just as case of Musk/royals concerning me...saving(FINANCING) and soon they hope for curing something that had no needs to prove itself to any of involved rather than preventing and doing what normal individual would have done on the first place....I smelled "cost effective" mischievous murderous backstabbing rat others have embraced already in 2004/2005 - 9 years after torture commenced...

Most important part inside of Russian made Saturn fighter jets engines is made in USA - Trump was involved and product sold/donated to Russia between 2004 and 2006

 This heart of the engine part without which Russian made engines would indefinitely fail made Soviet legacy technology again competitive. Done(signed) inside of my room in Novo mesto city. Part is probably a computer or special chip inside of the engine that makes engine again as competitive.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Abortion is a human right - women's right

 I side 100% with women. Absolutely their bodies and absolutely their right to either accept or reject. Rape must never become a weapon of pregnancy choice.

MK ULTRA - Involved in MK Ultra residents from Home for Elderly People, staff workers, and their families identified(even deceased)



Putin achieved his target as drawn on map with pan in his hand and this via mostly outdated Soviet "Jack in the box" tanks technology - West also got rid of old supplies, but while new Russian technology and cautious military advancement strategy already kicked in Ukraine, Ukraine must wait and hope instead

Drones now have a low effect due to modern Russian counter warfare, and Putin no longer is in hurry to waste his men...counteroffensive during further territorial losses(twin city of SevernoDonetsk known as Lysychans'k with over hundred thousand souls is now under offensive and so it goes city after city) and foremost human losses under circumstances as such should be postponed if ever implemented and its what I have stated you a month ago case will be after fourth month is at this point according to my view UNREALISTIC. 
Worry about stopping catastrophe first, establish conditions for counteroffensive, and then launch one. The worst perhaps yet is Russian tanks are destroying building after building leaving behind nothing but desert. 

My understanding of cancer brainwash was concentrated on maintaining strength - surviving till whole thing would come out as was brainwashed next to all other theories to see situation as

 No longer is - I am now concentrated into destroying cancer completely by simply maintaining presence of necessary food/vitamins while at the same time consuming garlic/onions(eat them even with bananas) and avoiding likely poisoned or cancerous substances. I learned to separate magnesium which I was told is missing a bit in my body and calcium. Magnesium before sleep and calcium in mornings or lunch as two conflict one another. I now also continue to consume food which I avoided for almost over 4 years DUE TO BRAINWASH(physical torture, not only MK Ultra brainwash) on how one is deadly and will cost me life. Food I avoided has a necessary properties for body necessary elements to strengthen itself(always consume everything with garlic/onions). They insisted me to avoid even bananas and non bio carrots which previously did made me sick when consuming them. They demanded from me to pay extra for bio bananas and carrots - insisted me on buying and eating mountains of expensive vitamins which I never did...  Because of brainwash crime and false hospital reports, it took me no less than 5 years to get to these conclusions.