Thursday, July 29, 2021

Too damn bad Russians don't own paypal neteller and cryptoealletsl

 Because I swear, I would think they blocked my donation accounts = zero $ support in 26 years ;) fact not fiction

There were quite a few that dreamed about my developing cardiovascular heart problems of which number one was/is Arnold Schwarzenegger ;)

 Ohh well Steven - although you could loose a few kg, I worry more about your mental state Involved in MK Ultra case yes, but you can feel how pathetic individual is.

Arnold Schwarzenegger insisted(guaranteed me) per his "genetic" resentment how I will end up in bed with bypass surgery just as he did - don't know how that would be possible since he never had any directed energy related or cancer related issues in his life time. Genius was also behind feet burns as was the one who insisted how was either him or Franco that someone have done something like this prior to competition...

It took about 5 years more for mother to get Aronia tree from or on behalf of Russians which freeloaded in our house for decade and half already, but Ruskies got Aronia trea just like everything else right through me

 It was Finland that gave Aronia tree on behalf of Sweden to Ruskies(to Russian freeloaders) in 1996. And just as I stated right through me Avsec Boštjan. Related to 

Just tried one for the first time and its nothing special as far as I am concerned...make sure to watch because next to at least one hour of daily walk and other exercise with proper food and with system topped well with water prior to food consumption as long as one is natural(also stay away from ice cream and other artificial additives - cakes/cookies etc.), you will be as god as new within no time....

HERE IS WHAT IS HIDING BEHIND BLACK HOLE: 'Warping space': For the first time, light has been spotted from behind a black hole

& Enjoy the light then(if you like COVID restrictions and joblessness won't be such a big problem after all and if not ohhh, well)...yeah, and for the "first time" imagine this...
Warp...must be truth if Einstein stated...

RUSSOGERMAN POST WWII PLAN FOR EUROPE AND WORLD: Dutch were very unhappy with Slovenia/Croatia in 1995 - its state existence ruined plans according to few who were direct with me

I cite what appeared to be Merkel(1997,1998,1999) alone,
"we will be deciding about issue in respect to agreement we had with Yugoslavia prior to its disintegration" - she meant global agreement to which Yugoslavia consigned just prior to war outbreak on Balkans. She referred to financial aid which "socialist" Yugoslavia was about to receive - money to which Slovenian statesman France Bučar still in Yugoslavia(in 1988 while article bellow can be seen United States even offered money once Slovenia decided to depart Yu for one to stay in US with Bush's father as main actor - no wonder his son proceeded politic as one of the top Putin's priorities was recreation of failed chethink state known as Yugoslavia) OPPOSED(something unheard off)
In the 1980s, he started collaborating with the alternative journal Nova revija. In early 1988, he was invited to speak at the European Parliament; he caused a scandal in Yugoslavia by proposing to block all economic aid to the socialist countries of Eastern Europe in order to force them to adopt economic and political reform.

Merkel further insisted under MK Ultra on how stuff is done to me from German side, so eastern European "leaders" would develop sympathy for me. Something I have to acknowledge as wrong and yet another malicious lie used as a pretext for torture and destruction(war) against my little Slovenia !!!

You can get article translated to understand what situation of Slovenian independence was during its independence process, but all in all - main decoding factor for West turning its back to Slovenia/ Croatia/ Ukraine was Russia which West needed to proceed with its global geopolitical plan.

IF THEY ARE SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS, THEN WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HITLER: From greater frame(zooming out), I concluded for thing to be nothing more than German politic

I don't think I would get to video record Chinese AliExpress violating laws/regulations, talk about Polish crime where Jesus Christ is for sale, nor would we witness under normal circumstances Lukashenko crises... talk all you want with proofs(the more about poisoning the better) at hand per what took place as there is someone who coordinates all this and pays for it all ;) 

Germany eventually implicated in its war black mercenaries(from Mike Tyson to Dwayne Johnson, Obama etc.) from lines of so called Black Lives Matter movement - meaning one is literately engaging in war via human rights issues against human rights issues and managed to trigger American minorities in taking political stands based on well aware lies against foreign nations - not only own citizens.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Upon partial return for totally useless tablet, Chinese AliExpress stole another 3 Euros

What is money and time anyways...

And I do not support racism of any kind - I met really great Chinese people and love(admire) Asian feminine Physique 

Chinese women are very beautiful.

CANCER END GAME: Cancer issues close to being completely eliminated in my case - I feel now as a result only 10% of what used to be the case.

 Add to stated here also real honey and thats that. Haven't felt as good as I did today despite very short sleep(will explain in coming video) in a while - not a single time within one year at works

Involved in crime with axes inside of our garage was also Milan Kučan

Related to

It was end of 1998 - Americans told me will install interior micro cameras for my sake - my safety because of mentioned incident. Just so you know how detailed my memory is.