Sunday, June 20, 2021

COMING CIVIL WAR AGAINST SLOVENIA: In Slovenia, 5/6 years old on Chetnik side are even trained on MK Ultra issues

 The youngest I have seen trained on MK Ultra was a brilliant daughter of Polish psychologist - probably she was 4/5 years old. Situation appeared to me indifferent with children from Russian immigrants I have seen at Grotniki's immigration center. My prognosis for the future of eastern Europe is a bloodshed via civil war related issues.

@Milana Kučan - Borut Pahor

 You and your families will pay for your bloody deeds too.

You murdered my moral character with lies(you committed character assassination via torture) while even using your own personal body guards for beating purposes, then you followed up against me with surgeries, poisoning, and other health related issues of which main instrument was psychiatry. Regards to your daughter who threatened me so much with legal issues...

Milana Kučan - Borut Pahor well prepared to face truth which the two silenced for 26 years while using every repression tool accessible

What disturbs me the most is filthy hope the two and their supporters carried on despite torture proofs I submitted publicly...they believed in poisoning/torture to somehow(IF ONLY LONG ENOUGH AND WITH TRUTH SILENCED) turn into one of the common diseases of modern time. Local pharmaceutical claimed me how I will never ever be capable to prove reality from created.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Once Germany handed me via MK Ultra to Poland in 1999, I knew will be killed

 They damaged surgically one of the main gland nodes to me under MK Ultra already in1996 when brought to Belgrade for didn't have to be genius to realise even drugged up on what will follow. 

Their human rights(LIES) were/are my death.

According to Milan Kučan in 2013/2015/2017, it's a deadly injury because it's where lymph nodes connect with spleen - super delicate

 Russians and Serve butchered me with assistance of United States of America which brought me to Europe for exactly here stated. Throwing American citizen on a Russian/Serbian surgical table to have one chopped as pleased and complain about being discriminated against by me drugged up and tortured...

@USA - I don't believe in any of your human rights claims. You used fake death certificates to inflate Covid19 and you use fake concerns to cover what otherwise should be media's real space in news concerning real victims of this case genocide your country orchestrated. You use fake human rights concerns  as well as  scream to out scream cry for help from those truly in need. 

THIS WHOLE THING DONE ON ME WAS A MASSACRE/NOT MK ULTRA OR WHATEVER: Sergei from Belarus realized in 2005 once I started to exercise next to him under MK Ultra that I suffer from sharp pain on the right side of the body(close to center)....

It was doctor Igor Kotar(neighbor) who told me a must surgery sometimes in the future and to not do any pull-ups - told me this under MK Ultra and it sounded horrific whatever told me(another nightmare and reason to disbelieve MK Ultra if willing to function normally in normal life). He resolved cancer related problem(yet another location of the body and found at age 34 - weird for what used to be top athlete to suffer from so many cancer related issues at that age) and what he referred to as temporary issue with injection used, I believe, to decrease swallowing in that part of the body and ordered Sergei to no longer push any exercises other than was more than funny to m when Milan Kučan knew all about my problem laughing at me along Pahor in respect to spleen and lymph nodes...

The biggest problem is everyone knew about it and some even pushed issue further(increased chances of cancer) via poisoning example Is Poland where I was poisoned to beyond toxic, Buckingham palace who knew totally everything about it never reacted/acted...

This is not my body lol - just as an example.

Friday, June 18, 2021

SOON NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT: If China’s top spycatcher has "defected" to the US, whole thing is nothing than a matter of formalities

Fri, June 18, 2021, 9:18 PM <-- yesterday's news

Rumours swirl that China’s top spycatcher has defected to the US ( 

The insanest from Biden under MK Ultra I heard was for me to

 wait till he talks with Putin since one is Irish...I, US CITIZEN, WILL WAIT FOR BIDEN TO TEA WITH PUTIN...

RETURNED WITH MOTHER AT 0310 HOURS: Taking father to hospital, local Serbian girl with group of young people even waved in the car like crazy in Kandija intersection in Novo mesto

 For that matter I was told father will be gone for good...few days ago, mother begun to worry about winter heating of the house or rather what I was told will be purchase of briquettes. Its how far father would be with us according to MK Ultra...

Nevertheless, I told mother that I will transport father to hospital any time she wishes, however, will not hand around him or wait for her all night long any longer - not even one single hour. I cited her example of father who wouldn't wait either for her or myself even 5 minutes. Advised he in case she would like to stay with him next time to either call taxi or have him return with ambulance vehicle(didn't go as far as farther did/would, but what normal people would do).

Joe Biden spent in this very city of Novo mesto over the course of 26 years for over

 few months of time...came right here from overseas on at least 100 occasions before one became a president. He is not a newbie here...