Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Putin up to no good - his lapdog Satanowski praising Stalin for what he alone regreted - killing of Polish soldiers in Katyn

In return, Stalin returned Poland her historical borders. I regret anger from the other day. Unemployment extremely sensitive issue for me specially when when considering circumstances I found myself in here, but my desire to help Polish people in hope they will help others(so we can all grow together) still deeply prevails. https://www.msn.com/pl-pl/wiadomosci/opinie/rosyjska-kampania-przeciw-polsce-się-rozpędza-józef-stalin-miał-rację-nakazując-mord-w-katyniu/ar-BBZbMQO?li=BBr5MK7

Without two bikes, and car

Just remember this because I am heading to court with whole thing. Ja bike's chain was destroyed when in Kaufland store some three weeks ago.
Court costs money and its why Duda/Kaczynski keep me rather unemployed(appointment with court is unavoidable do regardless)

Yeah many jobs(specially when you are half crippled you need job like this) require car ownership.

Believe me, I have entire Lodz in a little finger(not only area near bye)

Forget about hostel area...too easy.

YESTERDAY: Was recognized by people on both locations

Supposedly I was not in Europe between 1994 and mid 2006...officially in Poland only for one day in 2007 when visiting Krka factory in Warsaw - never before and never latter till 2018 when I came to film Nowy Torg/Zakopane via claim for political asylum in Slovakia.

TODAY: Main Postal office identified 100% probably all the way to 2004/2005

Have audio recorded proofs for it. MKultra.
For everything stated and for much not even stated as I dont have time - physical proofs in audio recording forms are on hand. Yeah, recognized by people alone. This one was done today.

AJA TUTAJA(Ali Khamenei) is willing to buy penthouse to whomever is willing to commit suicide in Trump's vicinity

Its like shooting fireworks on Israel, but lets hope Irani people get away without becoming homeless.

My advice(and my advanced knowledge on how from first hand) to Iran and world about AJA TUTAJA - Trump has a plan for Iran. Pln is not immediate boots on ground, but instead nuke major metropolitan areas and then bring boots on ground. Make nation as homeless over night practically and begun real estate on newly acquired land.

Trump's NEONAZISM in Poland claimed lives - Polish people(I bet not alone) in some cases died

@Mr. US president business man - whole thing will come out.

Zgierz area - Ivanka Trump locations(horse riding hysteria)

Behaved like a Queen in Poland. When Trump demanded to treat me as insane(he tried on several occasions but was rebuffed on each occasion is what I was told - he even tried to humiliate me at the entry into the cathedral along with Ivanka/Eric/Jr. known as Sanktuarium św. Antoniego Padewskiego - when I saw one last year it angered me tremendously - Trump adheres to what is known as Odinism and not even Christianiaty if he was going to use this for his commercial in any way - Christ was a dissident in his eyes, he is using Christianity as a form of dissidence against Polish and other Eastern European governments), Poles declined so. They instead corrected(reminded one) criminal about his deeds.

Trump's preferred Zgierz location

I also know about his all private locations.

10 minutes from hostel hotel where Donald Trump lodged occasionally wanted to offer me work via test in the kitchen which would require from me 4 hours of work for free

Will list all other locations where Trumpet lodged with his team. He often times lodged in private residences as well. Hotel staff would be either used temporary(ghost workers) or one would lie about lengths of their employments.