Monday, March 8, 2021

A failed YUGONOSTALGIC Grandfather and uncle from my loving niece(on her father side) - Lojze Golob and his son Matjaz Golob - were first to welcome Slobodan Milosevic and his team of serial killers in Novo mesto, Slovenia since Slovenian independence and this in year 1995

These two were a ultra violent schizophrenics who didn't only incite in violence against me, but also engaged in one. So you can understand why niece was so prone toward chetnik regime in Belgrade all this time. The two changed mind about Milosevic/ Karadzic and all other serial killers they hosted inside of their home after Milosevic was found guilty of genocide on international tribunal in 1999.

It doesn't get more disgusting, but this is truth which I hope will also find its way to Belgrade city/not only Moscow.

Aleksandar Vucic(now Serbian president) for story to be even more horrific as he will testify if caught alive, INCITED IN HATRED AGAINST ME IN YEAR 1995 IN CITY OF NOVO MESTO WHERE HE BROUGHT ME EVEN VIA MY EX GIRLFRIEND - not only community(God help you if you didn't see his way - horrified Novo mesto people had to lie or otherwise - they basically had to believe in own lies and lie or simply DIE its how violent chetnik show with Ljubljana's assistance was in Novo mesto city in 1995).

With stated here, I hope to have cleared every suspicion about myself as per the type of person some tried to depict me as.

Slobodan Milošević

The Core Message of Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Interview: Racism Drove Us From the Royal Family

There was one clear thread throughout Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s dynamic interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night: They believe they were driven from the royal family because of racism.

It was explicit in perhaps the most shocking allegation: that a member of the royal family came to Harry while Markle was pregnant with their son Archie with “concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he was born.” Meghan is American and identifies as biracial.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Lets face it and be honest and admit that what started 75 years ago started in the past(before WWII) time and again and its what we have seen surfaced AGAIN in 2020

Nor would Austria, nor Hungary, nor Romania, nor Bulgaria, nor Croatia or Finland joined axis of evil during WWII if it wasn't for pressure from direction of Germany and Russia. Our human DNA is bound into Polish Ukrainian/Czech/Slovak category - and its what we are made out of and its what our existence depends on. I would go on to expand Visegrad group unto new member states in which I would include everything stated here to form economic military pact with whom nobody would dared recon with.

I LOVE AUSTRIAN VIENNA FOR WHAT ONE DEMONSTRATED: Vienna openly demonstrated not only against COVID19 lockdown, but FOREMOST neonazi Sebastian Kurz per whose agenda "lockdown" took and is taking place against normal society worldwide

Thank you Vienna.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

IDIOT CULTURE IS STILL IN FASHION: After "Moon-landing" and "breastfeeding" hysteria conspiracy issues, we get to ponder about DR SEUSS KARENS - next wave of idiotic conservatism launched at US population

What would we do without stable geniuses who learned best for life from Dr. Seuss and self made conspiracies for which they hoped would led country(consequently world as even China was on the table) to its knees !!????

@Russian people(friends) who know me in Russia

 Please stay out of troubles with Putin and let this case be handled by our countries as it hurts you in process only. You are the most valuable there is in Russia to Russia.

There is NO Navalny and there is no Putin as crazy as it may sound to you all. Putin and Navalny are one. 

MORE COVID19 MUTATIONS: This virus alone is about to become a huge business boom as I explained and one reminds me of Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact more than anything

Related to I would go as far as sealing airspace(prohibit any Russian airline from using one) for Russian airlines over Poland, Ukraine, Czech etc...Russian Putin/Navalny/Sputink5 bajkas(ска́зка/ба́сня) based on wars/terrorism/ abductions against rest of Slavic society are not for me and they shouldn't be for you either. When Russian state acknowledges no one considers one beyond whatever is written above, one will quickly strive back toward very much needed normatives of normal societies.

Nope, Germany which is behind destabilization of the world(Putin is not acting on his own - he has Russian state behind him and not only oligarchs) yet again doesn't understand any of these as one got away with WWII damages(for everything one caused to Europe and continues to cause as this case alone was created via Germany which assisted Russia on foreign American soil via Buckingham palace) practically for free.

Scientists in Oregon have spotted a homegrown version of a fast-spreading variant of the coronavirus that first surfaced in Britain — but now it's combined with a mutation that may make the variant less susceptible to vaccines.

Jobs aren't bouncing back for Black Americans — and it could be worse than reported

 I am certain it is much worse than reported and what is reported anyways !!???? We live virtual reality but hey its you that needs to figure out where whole thing is heading. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

@Poland, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and all other eastern European states

 I wouldn't buy no Russian COVID19 vaccine if it was the SAFEST claimed by Western  media in the world....well, Russia sells us same as West does in case you are asking yourself why and its why. 

What boiled water in home looks like now - is this okay ?

Video can be also seen at
Tested for three days only - did what you see here had such a severe poisoning impact on a physically damaged gland nodes(I think one) ? I also boil milk and I commenced with water boiling due to milk(I would boil milk first and add cold water from sink, but now I even boil water along milk).

Father no longer buys any water from stores(it was strange ridiculous to observe him in the past buying all water from stores - he appeared to me paranoid, but seems knew very well what one was doing) - father(since my return from Poland) , however, gets tea only for which preparation water is boiled and same is with mom(its what raised suspicion in me in respect to milk).

I drank lots of coffee just to test new boiled water system and previous sound is almost gone to zero. 

#1 Water used to be packed with chlorine till year 2013 so bad that clothing would bite once one would shower with one - chlorine deposits stayed on skin and could be observed.

With chlorine gone - replaced by another chemical, still large calcium deposits still stayed on the bottom once water was boiled...

#2 2021 Even water deposits gone if water was boiled, but what you see appeared on water surface....must be chemical which replaced chlorine, but it appears to be tremendously lot of one.

Next day, only 1/5th of what I have encountered the day earlier was detected inside of boiled water.