Thursday, August 5, 2021

NOT ABOUT OCCUPIED UKRAINIAN CRIMEA/DONETSK ONLY: Strange(mad) Russian lawmaker Pyotr Tolstoy calls it mistake to stay in Ukraine for those who desire EU while threatening main Ukrainian city/Ukraine with yet another Russian war declaration

From Putin's private news outlet but before you take on Putin's article, have a close look about what truly happened with Ukraine over the course of the time....close look will tell you that since 1900, half of Ukraine was stolen from Ukraine by Russia via USSR...then 2014 came when Ukrainian jewel Crimea was ripped from Ukraine as well as another piece of land known as Donetsk region...Russia, however, wants more Ukrainian blood on her hands...notice Russian article is pushing forward lies about Ukrainian president Zelensky in respect to Russian minority in Ukraine and on occupied Ukrainian territories....

Here is ethnic Ukrainian map from 1900...

Radiation from bellow or above or where watch min 5 sec 20

Video can be also seen at 
Radiation from bellow or above or where watch(pay attention to) min 5 sec 20 of video when radiation explodes where there was none and is again gone...

Mosquito net hidden during Chinese tablet delivery period on what mother calls me today as paranoid schizophrenic for thanking her due to returning my net to which I have attached mash back in 2017 claimed me

Video can be also seen at 
She caused a lots of problems since my return from Poland alone - even if I disregard prior 23 years.... Followed word by word from whatever I was brainwashed with under MK Ultra.

Še posebaj ker je bilo moje življenje UNIČENO iz njene strani - ne samo ogroženo.

ISKRENO IN BREZ OBŽALOVANJA: Nihče nikomur od vas ničesar ni zabil nikamor - če manj pa v hrbet ker vam hrbtenica manjka(je nimate)


Ste(VI PETERLE VI) prikrivali izvajanje mučenja proti lastnemu Slovencu(IN LAGALI SLOVENSKEMU NARODU) za voljo velike Nemčije, Amerike in Zahoda pa tudi oziroma še največ pa iz strahu pred Rusijo. No stvar je pa takšna da je Amerika vseskozi sedela v postelji z Rusijo tako da vaše skrbi glede zamere Zahodu so bile odveč. Bojanške(pa direkt iz Srbije) kurbe v Beli Krajini in v Bojancih(na Hrvaškem kamor se je vozil gospod Igor Bavčar leta 1995/1996 "ribe lovit na Kolpo" medtem ko so mene četniki po mili volji zdrogiranega mikastili) pa prav tako niso obrodile uspešnih sadov v Istra benzu saj je bilo Pahorju Kušanu malo mar za male pokvarjene Slovenske osamosvojiteljne kurčke pripravljene sodelovanja$$$$.

HERE IS WHY THIS WILL NEVER BE ADMITTED AS NATURAL CANCER: My calf muscles NEVER sore for a few days - can't be overstretched - no coronary artery disease and/or cirrhosis - no burning pain in the back legs -

Related to 

Blood Clot YES - cause cancer for the last 4 years via radiation and poisoning techniques. Radiation was clustered in a fog of lies while normal radiation in this room or anywhere in this house is 40 - 50(45 to 50 with 95% of time to be exact) microteslas(occasionally exceeding 100+ microteslas due to furnace and heating and sun collectors installations as was "explained" is normal, but 45 to 50 is here day and night 24/7) used to remove suspicion for directed energy attacks via see through wall thermo technology...Dane Kolenc stated me under MK Ultra would go and set device according to my bed position then remotely operate one, but Achilles tendonitis WHERE I DETECTED BLOWING RADIATION AT 0200 AM BY COINCIDENCE SINCE THERE WAS NONE ANYWHERE ARROUNG ME IN UPPER BODY AREA WHILE LYING ON FLOOR was repeatedly done by individual(neighbor) on two legs and its something occasionally would go on for almost year since return from Poland - it started in Poland at individual who was involved and promised me such treatment in Lodz - dude affiliated to Buckingham palace who lived in Canada and then thanks

REPEATED - JOE BIDEN'S BERLIN PAHOR MOSCOW CANCER VIA BLOOD CLOTHS / NOT OLYMPIC GAMES ONLY: American MK Ultra staff member suggested under MK Ultra as first in this room(probably back in 2004/2005) that I will have lower legs twist(turn in pain feet) during sleep, but not muscles - bones related issue via directed energy weapon

Achilles tendonitis is what he stated will suffer and you can see his issue right here:

Disappointed to also say it was Biden who got exactly because of seen here caused by DIRECTED ENERGY WEPOAN who introduced me to US Olympic team via MK Ultra - not to help, but to cover-up here seen against  me via "help". It will NOT work mister ;) I will charge you with murder attempt just Donald Trump. 

Twisting muscles via contractions bordered on tears in sleep and its something Austrian Sebastian Kurtz gestured me under MK Ultra will be used to air globally also for people who disapproved torturing me under MK Ultra but have enjoyed to torture very much and for what they anticipated I would even apologize them(LIES MATTER MOVEMENT) to soften their stands against me(it appeared that perverso suggested me as if they have some sort of title of mine in their hands - as if I am their property and he meant foremost minorities in Germany and Austria which both countries effectively inserted in MK Ultra for me to be seen as racist and Germany/Austria as a lands of milk and honey) as Gestapo boy from Vienna expressed himself with...

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

@Janez Janša

 You are not even Slovenian to welcome here are a disaster - brain cancer of this nation. Related to 

Belarus athlete, who was abducted in Tokyo, would be brought to Slovenia by Janez Janša - the problem is not only she was involved in my MK Ultra case for last 6 more years, but she also is a spy who visited Slovenia via Lukashenko and Janez Jansa on dozen occasions already

The problem is that Janez Jansa who criticized Lukashenko insisted me for Kristina Timanovska to be the right match for me - even bigger problem is that Janez Jansa led Slovenian independence initiative in 1991 with as became evident few other TRAITORS to Slovenian nation. There is no difference between Janez Jansa and Borut Pahor...its a pack of losers which turned my home in Slovenia upon departure to US in 1995 into Guantanamo alike torture cell where crime went on against me without slightest regret for no less than 26 years. Slovenian patriots involved in case on other hand died en wonder why !!!
Kristina Timanovska is more than just athlete - she became over the course of the years Olympic associate with Olympic athletes fro many other countries(incl. Biden US team) who begun to blackmail me with MK Ultra "recognition" issue if not accepting her -  Simone Biles wasn't the only athlete involved in MK Ultra who ended up on Olympics in Tokyo...

The Belarusian athlete will apply for asylum in Japan. She was also welcomed in Slovenia.

About constitutional judges in Poland and EU Court for Human Rights conflict issue

Was told by Germans and Polacks on how conflict is used to bring about my case...

@Both - don't worry about it. I do not recognize either one of you other than ultimate evil which worked together against my existence since 1995(and you wanted me along American government to go against Chinese because of your criminal conduct in China !!????)

Nobody wants your help. I reject you BOTH on every level other than courts.

Izvajajo fizično in psihično nasilje nad našimi mladimi ljudmi - strupijo s čimer povzročajo rakova oboljenja / lomijo nam hrbtenice / pobijajo nas preko prisilne brezposelnosti

 Za cilje pa si izbirajo najmočnejše - najodpornejše izmed nas. Situacija je popolnoma enaka kakor je bila in bi bila v federativni republiki Jugoslaviji - veliki Srbiji...zagotavljali so mi skupaj z Američani da Sovjetska Zveza bo spet in nas v redu. Pri meni se je zgoraj omenjeno glede EU začelo pri 23 letih ker sem imigriral v ZDA...