Sunday, May 16, 2021

Obama supporters UNDER NEW ADMINISTRATION shrinking fast - with nobody exempted from "COVID19"

Not so much about Trump or was/is it...

My veins were BURNED by laser sometimes in 2013/2015 by a Polish individual who came to Slovenia and performed work on the side

Work to harm was performed in a house in vicinity at request of perhaps even neighbor Dane Kolenc(with total approval of Milan Kučan and Borut Pahor who mouthed afterwards) always complained about his varicose veins...they now hurt sure.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Priest Janez Cerar involved in MK Ultra - theory about Pope Francis now valid as he called one to Slovenia(its why I know Francis was real Francis)

 I never ever make assumptions. Each step even if logical when it comes t mater as seen here, I double check. This parish(church) was given(assigned) to Mr. Janez Cerar as permanent station bye Pope Francis after renovation probably sometimes in 2003 - renovation finalized(he might got one even in 2005, but was completely renovated in 2003 - @Pope Francis...not 2005 as you proudly announced me during your visit there).

MK ULTRA - Worker, his ex boss killed with cross bow, AND company where the two used to work identified

Identified and confirmed are: Description of company interior where gentleman and his boss used to work and type of work he was employed in, important years for company, what boss looked like, pointed out man has a family...
Not confirmed yet: gentleman has wife and two sons now about age 20 and 18, description of house of his wife(I think he moved to her), renovation year of house and what house used to look like in the past, 
Video can be also seen at

Dead because one was unfit to face public scrutiny according to Agata Kornhauser-Duda and her hubby Andrzej Duda - such a big case

 Agata Kornhauser-Duda had her ways with mother - mentally tortured my mother with issues as per whether she wants to help me or not and conditioned mother with her views(what embarrassing not embarrassing is etc.) life of my father.

FORT CRIME: Trump's new add points out again at China - well, Donald Trump involved in hunger games in 1996/1997 also Chinese president Xi Jinping who since had his spine broken just as the case was/is with mine



Fort Trump(Poland), on the other hand, brokered(literately extorted foreign governments worldwide into NEONAZI cooperation and this included China) DEAL$$$$ based on Donald Trump's HUNGER GAMES in Poland.

Polish presidential couple Andrzej Duda and Agata Kornhauser-Duda both DEMANDED my father DEAD prior to public revelation about MK Ultra torture concerning my case

I take my words back in respect to Agata Kornhauser-Duda as is indiferent from her husband Andrzej Duda whom she alone acknowledged as insane at one point in their lives.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Milan Kučan(in my opinion) wouldn't be as efficient and HONEST with me at times as one was if he too wouldn't lobby for Putin

 He is one of those dudes I cite, "we had no choice but to cooperate with them against you since he tralalala against us"....related to 

Joe Biden already set trap for himself as I told you month ago case will be - he covered up for 26 years and got chance to finish final act known as END OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

 I told you one will drag US on its knees and step down

My case was pushed aside - sold out(reserved for final fall of America) by those "democrats" who collected lucrative contracts/deals and not only in Hollywood/politics/sports, but also in minority rights movement....tactic was simple yet effective - delay justice for so long that truth finds itself in a dead end street REGARDLESS EVEN OF HOW EVIDENT ONE BECOMES(once ability to use effectively justice system is gone, it doesn't matter how truthful and horrendous truth was/is because justice no longer can be implemented - tactic accomplished by involving via corruption most prominent figures from Dem. party used to condition corrupt views to broad party as in its best interest for one) to the degree when even I alone couldn't save country any longer....yup, we are waiting for Trump's return thats all.

For the same reason Milan Kučan stated me in 2003, he no longer would even attain public parties since

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