Thursday, April 15, 2021

They gave clue here and chance for proof there and so on - and its what you follow into the grave

 26 years it matters to them not - not in any hurry to comply with their promises(pledges) and after-all(at the end), for them better dead than alive.

Joe Biden insisted me on how I have to write about whatever news Navalny releases from jail

 Therefore this whole thing is ALSO used for extortion of Russian government via this very case !!??? Why do I have to talk about Navalny's whereabouts in respect to my case and not instead have US Government issue me official apology for crime committed !!????

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Special thanks to psychiatrist Peter Kaps who demonstrated on behalf of Moscow Belgrade on how its done as the last resource when rejecting their agenda

They gave themselves(Joe Biden stated has Putin for problems like mine although I don't think Putin/Vucic mind - fact of the matter is that United Nations did more to cover-up this case than all governments together as they failed to stop torture in which their officials were involved straight time and again) a bit advantage against me by causing me more trauma based on past during which I experienced MK Ultra torture, but its okay.
Here(can be also seen at) seen video part 3 of 3 for which they bagged upon my releasing <== always done to interrupt/disturb work process and to kill(damage as much as possible as Ljubljana, Moscow, Belgrade all knew I will get truth out somehow).

Black Sea tensions(amounted Russian military in occupied Ukrainian territories next to Ukraine) are only used to seal the deal with Ukraine - negotiate new border

 Its all fake and I know so as Vladimir Putin had his colleague convey message about tsunami radiation across the USA(2015) which nuclear torpedo explosion would cause according to his words - Americans then(upon visit to Moscow where demonstrated how "it would") confirmed me news as acceptable excuse for future non intervention in Ukraine 

Slovenian chetnik Borut Pahor(president of Slovenia) during his visit in Bosnia campaigning against NATO presence in Bosnia - pushing for termination of Bosnian state

 News for today - April 14th, 2021

Completely same situation developed with Slovenian Janez Jansa few days ago when also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Slovenian politic is a chetnik politic inside of EU on behalf of Moscow and Belgrade and thats a fact. FASCISM/NAZISM.


Although they VIDEO recorded me next to Bernie Madoff and his wife inside of their home and insisted me inside of this very house at late stages(after 2010) on how this is how money for my case would be collected

 Madoff didn't serve as anything other than cover up for US Congress in respect to promises/commitment one made in case I would ever managed to prove this very MK Ultra case. Lets talk about top senators, US presidents where - not  Bernie Madoff 


He apartment location most likely was in area as seen here:

Place of accident took place at:
and its what almost 100%(if one took place here) makes it a political crippling. Interesting is one is experiencing balance issues as explained above(what is the probability car would hit her in a such way that one would suffer such issues and keep in mind this is main street to school in highly residential area for something like this to almost impossible to happen as accident) what throws a dark shadow possibility even onto hospital where she have undergone medical procedure...

REPEAT: Gland nodes cancer(lymph nodes) poisoning of my cousin Tomaz from Bela Krajina

My cousins warned me about mentioning anything in respect to political in video and during MK Ultra have protested/objected stating SERBIAN ISSUE on here, but facts are facts. Local Serbs in Slovenian Bela Krajina life threatened me and my cousins to the degree that my own cousins life threatened me if I would dare to tell whole TRUTH.
Video can be also seen at 

Upon releasing above seen video, I had to deal same day with issues they have AGAIN violently interjected in my work social services cluster with idea to disrupt seen above and my work which includes job search. 

All(buying them time via violence) seems okay(inline) with official protocol of United Nations/Amnesty Int. and others who obviously lobby since this story have repeated over course of the years so many times before - are lobbyists for seen above and seen bellow...

@John Andrew Boehner

 You stated good about Trump/Cruz - just want to add that you all together are a lying psychopaths which

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Buckingham palace upon realizing German police sting on Balkans via Croatia, took credit through me - saw themselves in a spotlight thoughout entire eastern Europe demanded glory

 Croatian police on the other hand obtained one of the most modern if not most modern state of the art police surveillance systems in the world. Very similar situation followed through me in Serbia where again I was used in almost identical operations involving police...I on quite a few occasions drugged up next to worst Balkan gangsters face to face with death withing milometers. In Croatia, Croatian police was asking me to keep calm just a little more - do it one more trip and it will be it - I was scared to death as lunatic who had me inside of his place was shifting loudly upon realizing that he is been tapped on either killing me on the spot or still wait a bit was 50/50 and he decided to not yet - some beautiful Croatian girl(will not name her yet) involved in my case since day 1 told me she was unsure weather I would made it alive on that Poland, however, I met Ukrainian of Russian origins(involved in case since 1995) who took wrong turn after involvement into my MK Ultra case and learned from Belgrade mafia about easier way of making money... it was disaster waiting to happen as one was intercepted by Ukrainian police during gas station robbery during which one was armed with AK47...