Monday, December 6, 2021

@Main stream media - world of Western freedom

 Go ahead now - you can release all about secret marriage between Spears and her "new" boyfriend(US Gov. was on DESPERATE search for SUITABLE one per politically necessary since 2009 - They know each other since 2010).

@Britney - not about your not knowing(even as you insisted would get hurt again because of me) how I would react to you as per my rejecting you in the past(who wouldn't since your approaches were based on abuse), but idea to brain cluster 

WAY TO GO: U.S. announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics, China threatens repercussions - Due to as Psaki stated, "ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang,"

All I can say is good for the "greatest of the great" - USA and UK off course

Ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity ? Aha, okay then.

U.S. announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics, China threatens repercussions

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced on Monday that the Biden administration "will not send any diplomatic or official representation" to the upcoming Beijing Olympics. 

I charge Jamie Spears and Britney Spears due to 2004 sexual encounter under MK Ultra with use of MK Ultra drug type 2(hard drug that causes severe friction) with RAPE

 In addition to rape charge, Spears family(Britney and her father) exercised against me barrage of physical and mental torture for which memories they anticipated would be trigger via mainstream media tactics during major crises - cancer 4 and severe sleep deprivation next to forced unemployment in 2020/2021 as the main issue. Drug type 2 raptures brain - feels as if one would be rubbed against surface and is due to potency even painful.
Drug type 3 was introduced into MK Ultra in 2015/2017 - just as potent if not even more 

Sunday, December 5, 2021

WEST SEARCHING FOR NEW CHRIST TO MAKE TRILLION DOLLARS(will give you a green card in exchange to move in your house from country you are running from): And the fucking Christ according to the holly bible was known to lift dead from graves cure sick from worst and take responsibility for all crimes of worst criminals on his shoulders heh !!????

MY HOLLY SAVIOR$$$: Thanks to Joe Biden is what Joe Biden told me SINCE IDIOT BROTHER(MYSELF) no longer could function with type 2 MK Ultra drug(regular temporary lobotomy drug which I anticipate causes even seizures), I was taken off drug in 2015

 The truth is new drugs replaced mentioned drug as was explained by few other American killer clowns as mentioned drug OHHHH MY FUCKING gOD NEWS caused most severe problems to those listed as good to be murdered. But electroshocks(perhaps even more so) still had to be used because as Schwarzenegger stated it would be too easy for me...I hope you get real taste of United States of America. God in America is a helpless Christ - a deity used to accent in the name of hypocrisy/crime not because any of sooo godly people would believe in one for that matter. Ohhh, I am so apologizing for using profanities on here...dirty me. 

My mother(saldomly if ever) insisted yesterday to me also on having unbearable acid problems during which simulated open heart surgery(MK Ultra rehearsal) moves infront of my nose

Related to because I am just waiting for MK Ultra parole - for my "rescuers" from West to bail me out very soon as heart problems via sleep deprivation were last Buckingham palace, Hollywood, NBA USA, sports KILL THE GOBLIN wish list items 
Mother simulated me zipper - very entertaining...

Even sex with what I was told was with Brittney Spears in 2004 /2005 felt like squirming(BRUISING PAINFUL EXPERIENCE - EXPERIENCE AS IF ) brain task thanks to father Jaimie who insisted MK Ultra drug type 2 must be using due to "safety reason$$$$" ;) Cash from hell, however, had/has early beginnings which went to Poland all the way to 1995/1996/1997 with nicest of the nice people such as Mark Hoppus, Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezosos, Elon Musk, Charlie Sheen, Steve Bannon, Tom Cruise and thousand others who just couldn't do due to mounting problems against me is what they claimed once they collected $$$$ - people who loved me soooo much that knew not what to do to rescue me after claiming me from a to z(each one of them) with I cite, "as soon as I make my $$$ I am rushing to rescue you"...

#1 Man next to Trump over the years(over two and half decades),however, was no other than Joe Biden - the two under MK Ultra were

 inseparable for 27 years - since 1995 like shirt and pants. 

THE MONEY GAME - Donald Trump was/is just #1 advocate from abroad for Balkan butchers known as chetniks. A tireless supporter of genocidal ethics on Balkans against 4 nations which included Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians, and Kosovo people(Albanians)

 To put it in plain and simple understandable to everyone language.

Investor UDBA megaloman invested also heavily in Slovenian Krško area with idea to accommodate Baron Trump as much as possible. 

Due to severity of crime against me, Donald Trump Junior brought me drugged up inside of the Trump's household and claimed have hurt Baron Trump on my behalf sometimes in 2015/2017 I belive

 Asked me as per why I don't like UDBA, related this to father of Melania, and verbally ensured have done something to Baron FOR ME. He didn't answer precisely on what one have done to assure Ivanka Trump and others made weird gestures toward me under MK Ultra afterwards and how not - related to 

The one who insisted and realized will be seen as number one suspect in Plavšić's crime despite US DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS INSISTING ME IN 1997/1998 MY BEING WAR CRIMINAL WAS DONALD TRUMP WHO BAGGED ME IN 2017 TO NOT MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT Plavšić and Karađić. Whilst Karađić claimed me since 1997 on how he will be forgiven for his crimes as I will become liable for them.

The biggest Balkan butcher was/is no other than Donald Trump whilst one of the first investors to Serbia during war time in 1998(probably not 1999) still came from United States of America and was no other than Kamala Harris who wowed retaliation against me for rejecting to have relationship with her. She eventually begin to date in Belgrade - its where beatings took place infront of her(it was no longer only about her incitements in crime against me whenever brought to Slovenia with "go ahead destroy him nothing to worry" as with what she insisted to UDBA, but real torture infront of her in Belgrade). Kamala Harris served as a #1 bridge between republican party and democrats in respect to chetnik issue pertaining to Balkans.

Vinko from psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje(ex employee) is a key witness to everythig that went on in Slovenia with me in respect to "car seller locations/hiking trails" which were used for UDBA to ransack entire Slovenia

 From one house to another and FOR UDBA(Milan Kučan) to find and secure proper locations for their associates(politicians and their relatives) - all under disguise of MONEY GAME initiated against Slovenia on behalf of Russia and Serbia by the West. 

As an example - In town of Mozirje as an example, Milan Kučan's associates would set police on certain locations on what one appeared right under the spot light challenging locals - harassed them for days to get wanted feedback on what police followed up destroying everyone who would display a problematic views on Milan Kučan.