Wednesday, April 21, 2021

@Joe Biden - US president elect(also @ Zavod za Zaposlovanje Republike Slovenije ki podpira politični kriminal proti meni državljanu Slovenije)

You will not conditioned me(its you who insisted along Trumpet) with job in Slovenia where and how either. And second, you are a GANGSTER - NOT US PRESIDENT.

This job offer now followed up on me from factory where

This case already have paid off to those involved(and others) in one with idea to help from view concerning truth that came out about one

 Information I released will contribute to your better tomorrow. Nothing like I was told and have seen yesterday, "if you will talk negative stuff we will have students pose you as depressed next to school"(its high school I pass next to almost every day)


On contrary as for the stuff I explained, you will have better/safer tomorrow unlike case was with Pahor who paid occasion visits to sweet-mouth and pose in-front of students(biti baraba lažnivec z polno ritjo niti ni biti težko)...

PETER KAPS KNOWS IT ALL: Serb in Bosnia(where father would go with friends hunting) had two uniforms - one was Serbian and other Croatian

 I watched my father and his friends "moon-walking" - was subjected to MK Ultra(drugged up) during which as an old man just like others didn't know any longer what reality was what bad dream. In Slovenia psychiatrist Peter Kaps along Kacin followed up on one via also what appeared to me was MK Ultra. It was time for more brainwash. Peter Kaps was also busy in Bosnia on very location where these Slovenian pensioners commuted to.

Slovenian parliamentarian Jelko Kacin insisted my parents are alive only because Slovenian state holds them alive - keeps them in exceptional good health

 It is the opposite in my view. He had others from Social Democrats who exampled situation with their parents and even forecasted future death of their parents - with Tanja Fajon(mentor Borut Pahor) insisting me I cite, "it is question if my mom - what will they do to her, will they live her live that long". 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Ena stvar ZAME pa četudi je vsebovala nasilje kar se je zgodilo med MK Ultro - postopkom ko je prihajalo do ponavljajočega ga se družbenega psihičnega nasilja

 druga pa srečanje v realnosti. Zame dve situaciji ostajata ne enaki do končne ocene - se pravi srečanja v realnosti in sem pri temu odločen ustrajati.

Četnik na Zavodu za Zaposlovanje Republike Slovenije je včeraj imel zadnjo besedo kakor je obljubila

Citiram 1:52:00 "Jst sm morala takrat ko sem se zaposlovala morala pnest svojmu bodočemu delodajalcu potrdilo o državljanstvu, potrdilo o nekaznovanosti, " <== je gospa napovedala slednje besedilo v vnaprej(med njenim postopkom psihološkega izživljanja nad mano v čigar namen sem bil pripeljan v njeno pisarno) katermu je še dodala na moje vprašanje  kaj naj bi slednje pomenilo "citiram, ti ga pa neboš imel hahaha boš videl kako bo"...

Monday, April 19, 2021

For reporting myself as a person available for employment at local state employment agency, I was reminded instead of torture and threats at previous state agency location and forced to withdraw from evidence of active job seekers due to psychiatry

 Actually due to crime which Slovenian state created against me and on which one insists against me conditioned to either undergo medical examination(examination by psychiatrist) or report myself for financial support at social services as mentally ill and incapable to work - gestured to basically admit my being mentally ill. I identified girl involved in procedure as long time state employee beginning of her employment as a job advisor at this very location which dates exactly to 2012. Also pointed out she is of partially of Serbian origins as she alone told me during MK Ultra case is for what I actually feel idiotic(almost as if  alone am from Belgrade where primitive politic like this counts and not that politicians from there needed this type of hype for the sake of their insane politic)

IN SLOVENIAN LANGUAGE: Pogojevanje vpisa v evidenco brezposelnih na podlagi psihiatrije zavoljo četništva na zavodu Republike Slovenije za zaposlovanje

Kdo bi si mislil da bo Zavod Republike Slovenije za Zaposlovanje uresničeval še naprej svoje propadle blodnje na podlagi psihiatrije in niti ne več same prisilne nezaposelnosti....
Video dostopen prav tako na kanalu.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Slovenian criminals contemplated on getting me back to Poland - contemplated on job/car crime same as was done to me in Poland/Czech rep. to be used against me in Slovenia for the sake of crime which took place against me there

 It won't happen. not any time soon and seems to me more and more as - not ever.

Yahoo asks what Religion Is The Royal Family? Understanding Trump a little better...

 From yahoo

Once I left home in Slovenia for US in the end of 1994, I was brought back from US for no less than 23 years of torture whenever possible - forced unemployment was used to accomplish stated when in US and this progressive/systematic unemployment rate which was increasing led into violent psychiatry, and "while in US" during torture my entire family in Slovenia was destroyed - its how I have encountered one upon my return(friends gone for good as they made enemy out of whole world out of me), I avoided quite a few indirect and what would otherwise count as assassination plots, and at the end stayed without everything which included according to royal prescription also health issues such as broken spine/cancer and so on - spent last last 10 years proving abroad using foreign languages to prove my not being insane as was rated on their behalf...splendid broken at age almost 50 now. But they did insisted me along Berlin/Washington DC and to others when brought on how they would pay $$$ if case ever proven as real when it all started and for good portion of MK Ultra, but according to their finances at the end(toward end of MK Ultra) it almost looked like as if I owe them money and would take German money to pay them off my debt...I rate them 10 out of 10 stars + concerning "professional liars/con artists" unlike any others world have seen.

The whole thing is so loathsome with Biden/USDemocrats that I came to conclusion on having far more in common with Trump(Republicans) for whom we all know is a lying psychopath(Rep. party a bottom of the bottoms in this globe) than them

 Because at least we know one is what I stated in title which is still far better than reading news from people who depict themselves as freedom fighters but are in shadow of their truth praying for death(in this case my own) which would bring them El Dorado LONDON treasure. 

Today "opposition" demonstrates on streets so newspapers can write(cover truth with b.s. for which they are in agreement with those who strike on streets so truth is covered up with lies)

 Perfect example is example of Navalny. People mentioned on this news site(Putin/Buckingham palace/Merkel - governments) don't bet on Navalny alone...they bet(they purchase them) on his deputy and 10 others which would take place a as a next in succession line after one is gone - not only him. Unfortunately the same goes for American "Black Lives Matters" movement(Mr. OBAMA) which even discriminated(persecuted) royal from London(Battenberger) came to support from United Kingdom in his yearn for equality. 

Something Harry stated me I wouldn't be capable to prove, but fact of the matter is there are abundant proofs laying around life(all over the place) he left behind in US prior to officially reporting himself via main stream media as new in US.

Harry became interested in BLM rights after my MK Ultra case didn't dissipate into oblivion and one kept coming back as many insisted one one - he immediately got support for his "human rights fight" at no wonder and London palace didn't object plan knowing how much Americans are stimulated in stories about equality - racism(it was a perfect plan for US to bite into neonazi London plan since US historically had problem with colonization issues)...

SI SE PUEDUE: Like everything - US Democrats' joke about US constitution/laws has also an expiration b.s. limit(DATE ?)

 Donald Trump as you see is making his comeback.

Navalny will not stop one...nor will other FAKE mechanisms(politicians/actors etc.) who made it all possible for him to become president on the first place.

NICE: Dasha Navany, a student at Stanford University and Navalny's daughter, says father needs Alexei Navalny needs a doctor walking is her father's shoes who received a scholarship to the Yale World Fellows program at Yale University in 2010...when someone gets to be treated like a s***, its because someone else took his spot - someone more convenient/more important for those who sold one...

Your totally FAKE BRAVEST ON EARTH activist journalist(Putin's partner) is about to become smoke on(in) the sky

 Russian state about to remove one away at any moment now....

Best part about him is ALL IS FAKE and you're paying price for it as Putan Putanowich(according to his own words) career will take off from here....

Psycho PETER KAPS insist on forced unemployment and on jobs for laborers - people who don't speak Slovenian language

 Police never contacted in respect to crime committed against me of which biggest one was creation of forced unemployment - issue such as "crime record" which they fabricated against me via father still persists. I got new job offer as school cleaner and the other to sell Slovenian food products with use of own transportation - jobs which all other MK Ultra test subjects were subjected to(don't even try cleaning as involves torsion was told by test subjects alone), however, without any knowledge of Slovenian language or level of education as is mine...

About "war crimes" my father committed in Croatia and in Bosnia - psychiatrist PETER KAPS also "knows" everything

 A magic psychiatrist who knew all about everything in and about(around) family. He also knows some other details I know he knows about...


Since Tuesday, April 6, 2021(because it doesn't matter how evil evil is, side that presents itself as good and does same is even more evil), tolerance for their fuss/ turncoat wanderings/ pretense which lasted 26 years ended for me along attacks upon release of wanted by them alone MK Ultra truth(its what they demanded) - its the day they will remember...

One thing is when you threaten me, but when you threaten(condition them lives with crimes you committed against me and them in our homeland) my family with crime whatever is that crime is

Note, no email(contact of any kind) ever from individual and his family involved in this case for over 25 years - that's US president Joe Biden. Nothing up to date...

Sleep deprivation is now a new weight loss technique next to broken spine according to media and as seen here - I should consider this fact as helpful next to real poisoning, 26 years of MK Ultra torture, psychiatry, and forced unemployment so I can be more like Navalny because of whom politicians might have even turned my life into what you see on here with their human rights agencies/organisation....

My "momma" brainwash under MK Ultra laughingly with I cite, "we are gonna go to home for elderly - what are you gonna do about it !!??? 

With Warp speed(also I was brainwashed on under MK Ultra as per hurry with proofs) heh !!????

Others involved did too and they were all heart broken due to my disturbing "behavior" under MK Ultra

Saturday, April 17, 2021

SLOVENIAN POLICE INTIMIDATED my uncle for him buying Alfa Romeo cars - because of me !!!


Schizophrenics in blue uniforms claimed uncle(claim me - dared me buying German or Italian cars) that I got fascist ideas(NO SIGHT OF ANY FASCISM IN REAL LIFE YET AT THAT POINT AND DESPITE ALREADY WHAT WAS PROBABLY 13 YEARS OF TORTURE) also from cars and it did had to do something with schizophrenics also from Poland who brought schizophrenic idea from there...

Neighbor Andrej Uhl was a theft mechanic involved in MK Ultra - he ruined American individual as well as few others who purchased cars in Slovenia

 His car that is parked in our parking lot(in front of house), yesterday after I created video recording of cars involved in MK Ultra scenario disappeared for the day on what one returned one back this morning as told by mom - meaning that I am 100% audio(I certain also video) surveillanced.

When I told my mom on how  decided to but car few days ago, my mom protested and started to choke - cry. Citing me on how she had problems with car in Hungary(Uhl brought one from Hungary if you remember and car was stollen from FREE PARKING lot in Budapest). Father, on the other hand, told me under MK Ultra I cite, "just don't bring me at home car that was involved in MK Ultra as you can't screw me more than this".

Involved in MK Ultra and against for sale(originally probably in 2010 - repeated in 2013 but with different scenario about registration other all the same) car was registered for another 2 months - idea as car owner of car seen bellow insisted was to sell his car instead which would offer smaller engine(less registration fee) with all year long registration and newer for just a small extra difference...

It has proven itself upon yesterday when meeting girl(Novo mesto Simona) involved in MK Ultra since 1995 that everything I stated about her was a lie

 I have explained about west efforts to get me publish about deaths and accidents which were unreal - I avoided them all and as I write this, I am almost still convinced in scenario which I have published on this news site in respect to her 

I proudly will state this case as the only successful lie that Belgrade/Moscow managed to present me with in respect to assassinations/accidents and they attempted with it on a more than dozen occasions right here in Slovenia.

I still think they set her up and her husband as soon as they learned about her involvement in MK Ultra case with doppelganger(husband was in Slovenian military)

I apologize her as I called her a liar at the end of the conversation with her.

I am no spy, but Navalny was taking orders from West during which he also abused me(tortured me on their behalf) and believed will profit from case from within

 Navalny created me enough problems for me to assume his involvement in case supported by Western neonazi mob was perhaps even the main cause for this case to last so long and that one spinned in a such a wrong direction. They just wouldn't let go and begin to extort with more and more demands on what I am supposed to(was expected of me and how I should see things as and so on)...

DUH doesn't want to play spy so WE WILL just have him die away: Navalny's case shows us even closer on just how much US and deep Russian state are in bed with one another

Since I published , things went from bad to worse for our hero Navalny 

Sorry - no commis$$ion for mister Navalny(dreamed about one since day one of his involvement in this case, AND turned consequently into "journalist") either.

Now about me serving as some sort of spy...

Obama insisted to have my case's handling jurisdiction - that queen Elizabeth deputized him(that he made an exclusive brokerage agreement with her) about revelation of this case insisted that he has people inside of United Nations

Threatened me if not compliant with him that nobody would smell my case ever again and that one would block my case at UN. Threatened that I would never be entitled to work in special business circle throughout USA he and few others are involved in and involved issue of Polish psychologist in it. Harry and William both claimed on how my commission in case I would disclose here stated would become much what exactly are we dealing with here !!????

Thursday, April 15, 2021

They gave clue here and chance for proof there and so on - and its what you follow into the grave

 26 years it matters to them not - not in any hurry to comply with their promises(pledges) and after-all(at the end), for them better dead than alive.

Joe Biden insisted me on how I have to write about whatever news Navalny releases from jail

 Therefore this whole thing is ALSO used for extortion of Russian government via this very case !!??? Why do I have to talk about Navalny's whereabouts in respect to my case and not instead have US Government issue me official apology for crime committed !!????

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Special thanks to psychiatrist Peter Kaps who demonstrated on behalf of Moscow Belgrade on how its done as the last resource when rejecting their agenda

They gave themselves(Joe Biden stated has Putin for problems like mine although I don't think Putin/Vucic mind - fact of the matter is that United Nations did more to cover-up this case than all governments together as they failed to stop torture in which their officials were involved straight time and again) a bit advantage against me by causing me more trauma based on past during which I experienced MK Ultra torture, but its okay.
Here(can be also seen at) seen video part 3 of 3 for which they bagged upon my releasing <== always done to interrupt/disturb work process and to kill(damage as much as possible as Ljubljana, Moscow, Belgrade all knew I will get truth out somehow).

Black Sea tensions(amounted Russian military in occupied Ukrainian territories next to Ukraine) are only used to seal the deal with Ukraine - negotiate new border

 Its all fake and I know so as Vladimir Putin had his colleague convey message about tsunami radiation across the USA(2015) which nuclear torpedo explosion would cause according to his words - Americans then(upon visit to Moscow where demonstrated how "it would") confirmed me news as acceptable excuse for future non intervention in Ukraine 

Slovenian chetnik Borut Pahor(president of Slovenia) during his visit in Bosnia campaigning against NATO presence in Bosnia - pushing for termination of Bosnian state

 News for today - April 14th, 2021

Completely same situation developed with Slovenian Janez Jansa few days ago when also in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Slovenian politic is a chetnik politic inside of EU on behalf of Moscow and Belgrade and thats a fact. FASCISM/NAZISM.


Although they VIDEO recorded me next to Bernie Madoff and his wife inside of their home and insisted me inside of this very house at late stages(after 2010) on how this is how money for my case would be collected

 Madoff didn't serve as anything other than cover up for US Congress in respect to promises/commitment one made in case I would ever managed to prove this very MK Ultra case. Lets talk about top senators, US presidents where - not  Bernie Madoff 


Here is original post

He apartment location most likely was in area as seen here:

Place of accident took place at:
and its what almost 100%(if one took place here) makes it a political crippling. Interesting is one is experiencing balance issues as explained above(what is the probability car would hit her in a such way that one would suffer such issues and keep in mind this is main street to school in highly residential area for something like this to almost impossible to happen as accident) what throws a dark shadow possibility even onto hospital where she have undergone medical procedure...

REPEAT: Gland nodes cancer(lymph nodes) poisoning of my cousin Tomaz from Bela Krajina

My cousins warned me about mentioning anything in respect to political in video and during MK Ultra have protested/objected stating SERBIAN ISSUE on here, but facts are facts. Local Serbs in Slovenian Bela Krajina life threatened me and my cousins to the degree that my own cousins life threatened me if I would dare to tell whole TRUTH.
Video can be also seen at 

Upon releasing above seen video, I had to deal same day with issues they have AGAIN violently interjected in my work social services cluster with idea to disrupt seen above and my work which includes job search. 

All(buying them time via violence) seems okay(inline) with official protocol of United Nations/Amnesty Int. and others who obviously lobby since this story have repeated over course of the years so many times before - are lobbyists for seen above and seen bellow...

@John Andrew Boehner

 You stated good about Trump/Cruz - just want to add that you all together are a lying psychopaths which

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Buckingham palace upon realizing German police sting on Balkans via Croatia, took credit through me - saw themselves in a spotlight thoughout entire eastern Europe demanded glory

 Croatian police on the other hand obtained one of the most modern if not most modern state of the art police surveillance systems in the world. Very similar situation followed through me in Serbia where again I was used in almost identical operations involving police...I on quite a few occasions drugged up next to worst Balkan gangsters face to face with death withing milometers. In Croatia, Croatian police was asking me to keep calm just a little more - do it one more trip and it will be it - I was scared to death as lunatic who had me inside of his place was shifting loudly upon realizing that he is been tapped on either killing me on the spot or still wait a bit was 50/50 and he decided to not yet - some beautiful Croatian girl(will not name her yet) involved in my case since day 1 told me she was unsure weather I would made it alive on that Poland, however, I met Ukrainian of Russian origins(involved in case since 1995) who took wrong turn after involvement into my MK Ultra case and learned from Belgrade mafia about easier way of making money... it was disaster waiting to happen as one was intercepted by Ukrainian police during gas station robbery during which one was armed with AK47...

Monday, April 12, 2021

From 1996 to 2003: Croatia is to issue me a public apology for using me as instrument of mass Balkan crime bait - I was landed to Croatia as human bait by German Angle Merkel government for no less than 7 years on the row

 My life was on thread each time whenever brought to Croatia just as the case was in Serbia. Example

Slovenia involved in it up to throat knew nothing about it - up to today when I alone reminded myself about what went on.

They are BUYING time only nothing changed otherwise under Joe Biden

 People still get killed left and right and unemployment situation is increasing equally across the globe.

Its where Germany next would like to exit so called "union", but where production of weaponry spiked as Pope Francis stated. We are at mids of what will become known as 3rd WW in case there is a major global player that didn't signed global neonazi pact.

MK ULTRA REMINDER: Looking back in time(William guaranteed me), princess Alice was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia so will you be....

Year was 2002....he apologized latter, but I never ever accepted(or will accept any of it) his apology as is whole family I deem criminally insane. William insisted on "sexual frustration" already at his age 18/19 disregarding me totally as human being - Harry did same. These are beasts ladies and gentlemen. My life(it doesn't matter how much they had to do with stated here) did turned via chain of violence against me in direction stated....for things to be even better, he told me so in our Novo mesto house as a guest after asking me drugged up what my opinion is about what you see on photos

REPEAT: Gland nodes cancer(lymph nodes) poisoning of my cousin Tomaz from Bela Krajina

My cousins warned me about mentioning anything in respect to political in video and during MK Ultra have protested/objected stating SERBIAN ISSUE on here, but facts are facts. Local Serbs in Slovenian Bela Krajina life threatened me and my cousins to the degree that my own cousins life threatened me if I would dare to tell whole TRUTH.
Video can be also seen at 

Upon releasing above seen video, I had to deal same day with issues they have AGAIN violently interjected in my work social services cluster with idea to disrupt seen above and my work which includes job search. 

All(buying them time via violence) seems okay(inline) with official protocol of United Nations/Amnesty Int. and others who obviously lobby since this story have repeated over course of the years so many times before - are lobbyists for seen above and seen bellow...

I remember Andrew to sleep(having sex) with Ghislaine Maxwell on several occasions - it wasn't Epstein only although she liked him for what one have done for her

 Related to they don't mention this very fact anywhere.

From what I remember Phillip stating me personally face to face was that

 he(other elites have same habit) prefers to see what his death would look like - observe reactions from around the world and/or his servants before real(actual) death takes place - not that I am saying he is indeed alive hiding in hole somewhere. I am just repeating as to what I was told case will be by him personally about decade and half earlier.

MK ULTRA: Identified yesterday was a girl involved in MK Ultra since 1995(Simona) and her husband

Updated on April 17th, 2021

Again identified in pitch dark night on my way to Trška Gora, but yet have to get confirmations about it...

Didn't get any confirmations, but you were hit by the car(you only mentioned car accident, but it was car that hit you when on your way pick your children I think) in 2001/2002 in vicinity of school - I think Gimnazija and the one who made problem with this portion of memory were Russians who learned about you as your husband was career soldier. 

MK ULTRA: Identified on April 10th, 2021 was ex state employee from Novo mesto city

 At Otocec I identified lady involved in MK Ultra since 1995/1996. I pointed out and obtained her confirmation about her location(I missed to obtain her confirmation about view from her home office which is located in the rear of the house with view on kindergarten area), her sister and her husband as per when two got together, what husband of her sister looks like, her education, and pointed out date when two moved out of house to new location and with difficulty exact location of their new home....I have also pointed out date of renovation of the state building where she was employed and what renovation of her building looked like - but still don't know as I didn't even bother where her location as a state employee coming.

Harry talked about helping me through his "new" mental health position, but you know what

 He already helped a lot.

I'll take care the rest.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER ALGORITHM: Harry's combating America’s urgent mis- and disinformation challenge + his mental health CEO position in mental health company which he established("helped to establish") since decade and half earlier adds up to all RACIAL TENSIONS IN USA FOR WHICH BUCKINGHAM PALACE BELIEVED AMERICA WILL SETTLE FOR

Entire Donald Trump's presidency was based on fake events for the sake of American takeover by Buckingham palace. As Battenbergers(Windsors) claimed me, "Americans believe in racial justice more than in anything - its the fastest way to gain sympathy power takeover" - not that Americans didn't suffer or don't suffer one - what bothers me is that it is done to conquer United States of America of which citizen I am.

Dwayne Johnson didn't come to Slovenia for other than signing contracts with Trumpists - it was same with other Hollywood clowns and many sportspeople

In USA(did happened here too), a humiliation atop of humiliation or if you like LIE A TOP OF THE LIE. 26 years no less and so this is what American pay looks like because someone has to be guilty $$$$$$$$$


 Trying to meet my sanity ends for no less than 26 years via forced unemployment along most severe psychological and physical torture one possibly can be exposed to(psychiatry included) and get served at the end of the road(upon collection of MK Ultra abuse/proofs) with cold reality like this will end in premature exposure of corruption.

@Dwayne Johnson/Hollywood

 I will destroy you just as I have Donald Trump - wipe you out of face of the earth with law suits. Annihilate you.

46%(according to pole) Of Americans Would Support Dwayne Johnson Running For President but I never ever will support one again because he teamed up with Joe Biden and his sons to extort me

 It should have been Dwayne Johnson whose turn was to run for US president and it was instead Joe Biden who was given advantage with idea as seen so many times before - "rescuing me" once again while pushing me further down the mud - Joe Biden's sons participated in Poland(its also why Biden sicked for 26 years inside of the US Government) with idea for me to collect enough proofs about MK Ultra case on what those would be used to exhort US government financially. Dwayne Johnson with huge international support(specially India UNLESS they implicated fake government officials that would pay visit to this very residence in Novo mesto) implicated in post Biden's presidency to either negotiate 200 billion Dollar cash deal promised to me by US Congress in 2001or to simply destroy me....I am not happy about wasting 26 years of my life on something I have never ever gave green light to out of my own and have proven stated by immigration(attempted escape where I would establish new life via hard work) to no less than 12 countries. JOE BIDEN COVERED UP THIS CRIME FOR NO LESS THAN 26 YEARS WITH IDEA TO FINALLY SILENCE ONE AS EXPLAINED HERE.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

In respect to independent state of Slovenia, this MK Ultra case have proven to be engineered(guided - led by people) with idea to deprive Slovenian nation of its independence

 Chetnik Serbian state have along Slovenian traitors from Ljubljana conditioned involvement of Slovenian people in this MK ULTRA case often times with death - if patriotic and close to me, one was listed as good to go. Every individual who got opportunity to participate in case was thoroughly checked by Borut Pahor&Co. personally.

Far more than Ghislaine Maxwell's personal website, I find as bizarre for Epstein to be murdered inside of prison cell during investigation while Andrew Battenberg WOULDN'T BOTHER TO even respond(IGNORING) to FBI investigation inquiries

Ghislaine Maxwell(involved in my MK Ultra case since 1995 - know her residence in Paris and give account on stated) is not even British/American native - she is French woman/female who did have many goals in her life just as her website suggests, but seems like NOOOO way to escape paedo elite ring. They held her just as SERBIAN CHETNIKS have hold my father in their hands and have even claimed for me on how I have chetnik tendencies in me - that I already demonstrated them under MK Ultra therefore that this is what I am...lets slow down a little because world is spinning for some people in certain aspects a bit to fast and for other a bit too slow. For one thing, I was pro Slovenian independence during Serbian war on Slovenia - my father too !!! What happened - why I/my father and not those who cooked all this !!?????

It wasn't only I that was drugged up - they drugged up my father too and I bet Ghislaine get it !!????? They pushed my father against me into extreme for no less than 26 years and are now once case is proven with facts pushing me against him....why us and not politicians/elites who cooked all this !!????

Russia KILLS/EXILES/IMPRISONS Ukrainian nationals(or Ukrainian Tatars) out of occupied Ukrainian Donetsk/Crimea - clearly engaged and is engaging in ethnic cleansing/genocide/extermination for the sake of lebenraum

 None of which Ukraine have done to Russian minority in Ukraine. It clear/obvious on who neonazi/fascist is specially if we consider latest development on Ukrainian border 

GRAND NEOFASCIST GLOBAL PLAN GOES ON: Gov. Greg Abbott wants facility housing migrant children in San Antonio closed after reports of abuse, understaffing - BUT DIDN'T PROPOSE WHERE NEW ONE WOULD BE OR FOR FUNDS ONE COULD USE TO SUBSTITUTE EXISTING CRISES

 They all knew(including Joe Biden who served via this very MK Ultra case as a top US Gov. official for 26 years before becoming a US president) about it two decades ahead 

And I will it a go - make no mistake about it: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson calls poll showing support for his potential presidency 'humbling'


Friday, April 9, 2021

DECIDE ALREADY: They first claimed it was weight loss due to sleep deprivation - its now hunger strike, but memorial dedicated to one was completed already in 2010

 Putin critic Navalny says Russian prison guards are trying to break his hunger strike by frying chicken in front of him 

I think Navalny will be gone within even day/two or very very soon as they insisted in 2010/2012 with don't even think about saying anything blah blah there is people who will go after you otherwise if you do you will have to go to Moscow and so on and so on...


Blocking every dime/cent(every chance for employment - don't even think about asking them for disability status or cleaning crime record which THEY CREATED me via lies and crime setup/plot) and even going after mother/father via blackmail them through social services.

Its truly impressive that Biden acknowledged Putin as a "killer", but one is not objecting to partially seen here either as I stated - despite his and his family involvement in case for over 26 years as top US official, I have not received from one a single communication(no email/phone call whatsoever). He's got important work to do....
Part 1 of 3
Video can be also seen at
Part 2 of 3
Video can be also seen at 

Part 3 of 3
Video can be also seen at


If you abuse drugs whatever(they go after strong healthy men like myself never using any drug/alcohol substances or smoking), they notice and will get you killed at one point

 It happens ALL THE TIME !!! Watch what you do and where/when because they are watching you.

REPEAT: Gland nodes cancer(lymph nodes) poisoning of my cousin Tomaz from Bela Krajina

My cousins warned me about mentioning anything in respect to political in video and during MK Ultra have protested/objected stating SERBIAN ISSUE on here, but facts are facts. Local Serbs in Slovenian Bela Krajina life threatened me and my cousins to the degree that my own cousins life threatened me if I would dare to tell whole TRUTH.
Video can be also seen at

@Neighbor Ales Berger

 Just tell your wife and your daughters about siblings you made in Belgrade - otherwise, don't worry about me.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Navalny in fact was one of the first on mission in Poland - totally unfit for such service without any work, he developed serious problems with spine what prompted in upper crazy political circle retaliatory measures

  against me since I dismissed(drugged up and under MK Ultra bullied, but guilty yes) any empathy for people who reported themselves for such service, but have failed for whatever reason to complete one. 

Just two years earlier(assuming Navalny completed Poland in 1997/1998 - perhaps 6 months thats all and the easy way, by lots of complains crying complains and am not saying he didn't suffer as he wasn't used to it as a city boy or fit due to physiological issues), I completed contract with Celebrity Cruise Line which required 20 hours a day work(at times

Navalny too had second woman, but not in Moscow(possibly Perm city in Russia)

 Yeah, you get it Moscow also followed up with scenarios for which they knew(they heavily evaluated me on them) on how I will react. This translates that whole thing was used to discourage real people(frustrate - morally and ethically kill). They did all this with full pact of journalists/politicians from West - it can be clearly seen what media represents these days. Trump/Putin plan goes on make no mistake and you will feel it on your own skin like it or not...well evaluated and well calculated.

Its bigger - something like this but better more modern.

Putin/Trump are marching forward: Lawyer: Russian opposition leader Navalny has spinal hernias

 You will see him for a little more and he will be gone. They will remove him...Thas all.

Was MK Ultra scenario(will take place with 100% certainty) about which I care as much as about last year's snow.

Spinal injuries IF REAL indicate possibility he was in Poland about what I also DO NOT CARE despite MK Ultra theorists(bullshit resume writers because of whom I have lost 26 years of life) insisting me on how one could confirm this and that...this is yet the biggest scam in the history of the world. Ruska bajka.

Family helps me understand things clearly real fast(but you will remember April the 6th in years to come) as per where my place is - They set the record straight real fast

Since Tuesday, April 6, 2021(because it doesn't matter how evil evil is, side that presents itself as good and does same is even more evil).

Note, no email(contact of any kind) ever from individual and his family involved in this case for over 25 years - that's US president Joe Biden. Nothing up to date...

Sleep deprivation is now a new weight loss technique next to broken spine according to media and as seen here - I should consider this fact as helpful next to real poisoning, 26 years of MK Ultra torture, psychiatry, and forced unemployment so I can be more like Navalny because of whom politicians might have even turned my life into what you see on here with their human rights agencies/organisation....

My "momma" brainwash under MK Ultra laughingly with I cite, "we are gonna go to home for elderly - what are you gonna do about it !!??? 

With Warp speed(also I was brainwashed on under MK Ultra as per hurry with proofs) heh !!????

Others involved did too and they were all heart broken due to my disturbing "behavior" under MK Ultra

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Amnesty International says Russia may be slowly killing Navalny

I FEEL AM WASTING BRAIN ON MAIN STREAM MEDIA / DEMOCRACY: Trump will be back within no time - back any day now and this time for good along his Putin buddy. I, on the other hand, gone for good. My days are counted now...good luck with "Navalny".

Any photo(video/voice recording) of me on my way to Mary's Birth on Trska Gora prior to 2021 would be an MK Ultra photo

 Never ever went up there(higher/above than Kmetijska Sola - school of farming which also was involved in MK Ultra case since day #1 in 1995) between 1995 and 2021. Any photo etc. of myself between 1995 and 2021 in this very area would therefore constitute as yet another indisputable MK Ultra proof.

Chocolate made Kinder eggs are healthier than regular chocolate stated me under MK Ultra a niece who carried out with her husband via my father a chemical poisoning attack tho days ago

Are healthier because its kids who eat eggs for the most part...considering third day after I attack that I feel finally much better and number of experienced incident that developed in exactly same way and play under MK Ultra in which these were involved, I decided to keep away from much recommended by my niece life saving vegetarian only food and expensive life saving vitamins for which she figured out wouldn't help me in the end... any change I made as brainwashed under MK Ultra too, lasted positive on my body at my surprise only for two days at most. Then everything went back to normal including with boiling water which I never ever did in my life time. Related to <== basket is filled with chocolate kinder eggs.

100% chemical agent was used to harm against me two days ago. Ales Hojs who played with it under MK Ultra would know exactly what type.

Donald Trump Putin(Krka Pharmaceutical) Pope Francis' scam

 Trump in 2003/2004 and for the last time 2005, "I do not allow priests to join hunger games in Poland - I am against that but church insisted me for him there is nothing I can do at their request" <== its what appeared Donald Trump answered to Polish colleague in Poland in respect to what latter turned out to be Pope Francis... 

In 2007 this "priest"(I am still in disbelief about Pope Francis's involvement into Polish hunger games) rushed me alone during weather snow storm on a hill of church of Mary's Birth on Trska Gora(MK Ultra snow rush to church of Mary's Birth on Trska Gora repeated on several occasions also during winter time with others) - church of Mary's Birth on Trska Gora not too far from our house in Novo mesto and on the day just as was yesterday for which I was even certain once I headed to church of Mary's Birth on Trska Gora that we haven't had any snow at this time of the year and like this for the past 45 years here in Novo mesto ...

This priest  who got involved in Poland insisted me on the side he investigated Trump's whereabouts per Vatican and would help me - he deemed despite my extremely childish attitude under MK Ultra that I am good person and for Trump as "not so good"...berated me all the time to get serious already - word "serious" was a number one prohibited word on my MK Ultra menu as I would be destroyed withing one or two MK Ultra sessions the most if I would even seriously consider one(there was almost nothing but trauma and lies involved in one and "serious" never ever was affordable - the more un-serious the more sane afterwards in real world when it came to MK Ultra)...

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Father who acted totally demented individual have had ready with police dangerous scenario - play with car keys

 Not capable to operate car as was told by mom and others, however, he asked for keys today on several occasions(according to MK Ultra scenario if I would turn against one despite hundred manipulations involved in it used to soften my stand toward abuse - not even him as one is used to drive insane only) as they even extorted me under with my publishing audios about them about b.s. they created. You say how is this possible, well they told me that

First proofs about domestic abuse on here

 Lots of audios and few videos for you to understand more about what went on since my return from Poland. 

I was concentrated on my stuff(my work), but since family had and has other plans - I will redirect from MK Ultra work into closure of the deal that should have been done when I was 10 years old(should have called police 39 years ago at age, but never is too late)

 I didn't even start conflict or anything(was ready to even let them get away with it) - treated them with respect since return from Poland, but since they insist on this  - THEY WILL GET MY FULL ATTENTION. None of them can ever redeem themselves for their crimes against me as those were acts of pure evil(sadism and interests of which some beside torture involved financial) - not ignorance. 

They can't serve two either since I rejected them long time ago by causing me more evil on behalf of someone else as they insisted till they catch themselves in it...if I did worked according to this logic and even regard one as they demanded, lots of people would caught themselves voluntarily in net but due to amount of abuse I would be destroyed regardless - my spine suffered general health too, but they want all.

I will not do job search, no longer publish and collect MK Ultra evidence, and play at the same time with their violent b.s. any longer - lets complete "violent" and then move on.

Mitja Veber and father based on trauma from Bosnia and Serbia where torture regularly took place, traumatized with Veber's Trebnje residence(house) and most likely his brother(brother's wife) location where they filmed funny situations with idea to depict as a possibility whole thing as a joke

 I repeat Veber's words to father during MK Ultra, "lets go to Serbia, we are ready lets go we must go now" on what I would hear "ready lets go"...ride was noticeable shorter than rides to Serbia in which Veber and father were involved and where death threats/beatings were regular...idea !!???? Veber involved neighbors of his residence in it as a pleasant people and whole thing as much as pleasant as possible - it was to serve both as a cover-up.

In Serbia two claimed me(and niece and mother), three houses were ready for them to move in whenever ready...planed to ran together if necessary. His 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Aleš Hojs(Slovenian interior minister) was with Borut Pahor aside from work inseparable during MK Ultra like shirt and pants since 2010.

 Aleš Hojs insisted not only on my getting involved myself into world of Serbian mafia as how one distributed me via his own individual to EX WIFE OF Željko Ražnatović since 2003 TIME AND AGAIN - OVER AND OVER AGAIN(Aleš Hojs became a #1 link with Belgrade), but further created DEADLY PLOT AGAINST ME IN WHICH HE INVOLVED MY FATHER BY SUPPOSEDLY(I have no proofs and no proofs were ever presented to me about stated - its what possibly even Serbia chetniks involved in MK Ultra made up) FILMING ONE IN BOSNIA ALONG CHETNIKS INCITING IN ETHNIC CLEANSING - NEXT TO WAR CRIMINALS WHO BROUGHT HIM IN THERE WITH IDEA TO SET HIM UP(INCITED HIM IN WHATEVER AND FILM ONE) ON WHAT THOSE DISTRIBUTED MATERIAL ALSO TO SLOVENIAN GOVERNMENT - TO ALES HOJS/BORUT PAHOR AND OTHERS TO BE PRECISE.WITH IDEA TO BLACKMAIL ONE INTO CRIME AGAINST ME PER ALEKSANDAR VUCIC AND VLADIMIR PUTIN - EITHER HIM OR I TO STATE IN A PLAIN AND SIMPLE SENTENCE.

Aleš Hojs(Slovenian interior minister) also threatened with future persecution(from mental hospital to compelling me into another run for life across the border and even "kill") if I wouldn't see it his way. See his way was to simply see nothing. 

About chemical agents(poisoning) and its more

 Sergei from Belarus told me that if I will mention anything I would use in my room, they would go as far as using poison(chemical agent) on it - such was the case with his blanket one used to support arm during sleep due to pain in his arm(bulged gland node) and such was the case with box I used to support mine - once I mentioned how I got read of pain in arm, the next day box would give me terrible cough once I attempted to use on(I knew immediately what happened and don't use one any longer)....inside of Renault factory in 2006 even that smoking is prohibited with signs along assembly line, workers involved in MK Ultra begun to smoke Marlboro cigarettes of some kind(IF those were Marlboro cigarettes and not some other agents inside of tobacco) what causing me choking - supposedly same type of cigarettes truck

Donald Trump's legacy will have as a result of MAGA f(r)a(s)cism explosion a dark spot on American society for many many decades to come

Americans of Asian descent attacked all over the USA each day healing won't be easy....

Sunday, April 4, 2021

MK Ultra: On my way to Virgin Mary Church (Trška Gora), I identified against at night yet another individual and girl because of whom we two gout into most severe fight in 1998

 One of the nicest and first involved in MK Ultra Virgin Mary Church (Trška Gora) area was man whom I identified yesterday in pitch dark. It was all good till damn Tanja(Tatiana) appeared on picture. Her parents have either had a weekend house up there or have inherited or purchased one from uncle/relative/friend(she wouldn't give details on it) - they started to remodel one in 2001 completed work in 2003...he didn't get any(I even less and its why he got a lot from me for playing with me under MK Ultra) and Tanja got married to a Slovenian(I even think blonde light skinned guy)

Slovenian CHETNIK Aleš Hojs involved in MK Ultra torture was also a great friend of Željko Ražnatović - Arkan

 It was thanks to him Arkan and Ceca would get my visitations to Serbia - fun. So I do like to thank him for that matter on behalf of the two. He used special individual to transport me down there. This CHETNIK is now a minister of the Interior. It will be a Ražnatović that will save you according to his own words - no one else...very nice yes.

It was my own father who carried out per Moscow/Belgrade everything what possibly could have done to stop MK ULTRA INVESTIGATIONS on which West insisted over the years

 Prove it was a task impossible because of my father(family), but West which insisted on it knew it all - they had and have a total agreement with Moscow/Belgrade in respect to one. Found shoes chopped(same almost new shoes and after I already repaired them) for the second time yesterday...doors unlocked two days ago and hi making fun out of same key which he have hidden yesterday prior to what should have been a fishing trip for which mother cried me is needed due to "poor father"'s mental health - he have hidden one inside of the fishing room. Not a night went bye without someone(father) attempting to force his way into my room at night or is chemical agent one is using to block me from sleep. Once niece left a huge dish of chocolate on table yesterday, I knew what night already will be like prior to departure to sleep...

After not even two hours of sleep, I am ready to go for the day - got my daily dose of radiation

 And trust me, with average of 4-5 hours a day sleep(or less) during last 4 years I know what sleep deprivation does. I am not as lucky as Mr. Navalny contrary to whom I gained weight via one. Sleep deprivation leaves you brain dead for the rest of the day and makes you talking to yourself when exposed to one on a long term. Main stream media con-artist hero Navalny was trained to loose weight during sleep deprivation and also subjected to test prior to one - I know so because I was in Moscow when he went for such evaluation. According to his own words, "its easier to gain weight than lose one" - its truth 

Pope Francis tells as is(what others know very well and what some fear to even hear - the truth): Pope, in Easter message, slams weapons spending in time of pandemic


Did Hunter Biden wanted to become a drug addict !!??? Who needed Hunter Biden to get "job" in Ukraine !????

 I think Donald Trump has a lots of answers in respect to Biden's family including about death of Beau Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin and vice-versa. Trump is not done yet. Bidens are just dot on picture - the real question is who the painter is...Cohen is also not white supremacist as I was brainwashed under MK Ultra - Hunter's South African wife is of Jewish origins. Trump used his staff and so did Putin to confuse on Bidens - Hunters' imitators. Biden family do(including family of Hallie Biden) - was involved in MK Ultra case since 1995.

FATHER'S GAME OF DEMENTIA: My father played demented individual 40+ years ago with everybody - situations one created at fishing trips with his closest friends bordered on physical confrontations with one often times

 He enjoyed playing demented individual to the point Crtalic Joseph, Miso Andrijanic, Bulc, Pokorny, Oblak, Sonc, and many others would threaten one physically. Its not new what he engineering along mother niece for my return from Poland...God forbid do if I would cough at the table at the kitchen during lunch as I would get even death threats as a 8/9 years old boy - same whenever watching TV inside of living room...something I must say some have forgotten about it - I didn't.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Gland nodes cancer(lymph nodes) poisoning of my cousin Tomaz from Bela Krajina

My cousins warned me about mentioning anything in respect to political in video and during MK Ultra have protested/objected stating SERBIAN ISSUE on here, but facts are facts. Local Serbs in Slovenian Bela Krajina life threatened me and my cousins to the degree that my own cousins life threatened me if I would dare to tell whole TRUTH.
Video can be also seen at

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic did claimed to have a nuclear bomb one would use against Zagreb or even Ljubljana(mentioned Ljubljana, but back down on Zagreb) if needed

 Just passing on, so you know what Putin probably did gifted Serbia over the course of the years

'Time off from what?' Prince Harry sparks ridicule after announcing 'long holiday'

 Harry wakes up at 05:00 am sharp every day or even earlier. After his daily gym routine, he goes about stuff you red on this news site and his family(for the difference of politicians who in 99% go after mistresses and then families) - main press media mentioned little about his employment, but nothing in respect to NY stock market exchanged along London Stock Exchange...he does much more than those asking silly question or those questioning his life decisions inside of palace dream about is possible(are not even up to his knees, but became judgmental in respect to his whereabouts due to racism since he took his own course of life)...just so you know from what.

If you want to question, question mentally ill politicians who spent paid time at taxpayers' expense on physical/mental torture of even own citizens(FOR FUN OF IT, SO YOU CAN WATCH/PARTICIPATE IN IT TOO) for you to keep silent or thanks to you since you keep it "confidential"...


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle "will both take some proper time off" in the coming months, according to a source close to the pair. The source told Vanity Fair's royal correspondent Katie Nicholl the couple wants to spend "real quality time together" after the birth of their daughter in the summer. Charlie Rae, who is the former royal correspondent for the Sun, simply remarked: "Time off from what?"

MK - ULTRA - Identified(at 2040 hours - pitch dark last night) was lady involved in MK Ultra since 1995

 Teased me with marriage issues in 1995/1996, but was sister from man whose farm(house next to one) was sold I think in 2012 - her brother lived with mom on that farm, but because one didn't take proper care of one he was removed once mom passed away(politicians who would commute to this church of Mary's birth on Trska Gora eyed house and its how one easily can become permanently jobless is what I think happened). Her house to where no one can come  because one is fenced is brick made but surface covered I think with wood - very special house. Her daughter got married in 2005 I think and she did something to her house(added t one something - but balcony is covered with wood according to my memory) in 2003 even she denied do...